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Bing partner JumpFly makes it rain for clients in the Windy City

Bing partner JumpFly makes it rain for clients in the Windy City

[MUSIC] JumpFly is located in
the Chicagoland area, we have about 350 clients. And we cater to everything
from little local plumbers all the way up to huge
ecommerce companies. Take care of
everybody in between. We only do paid search,
no SCO, nothing else. We help about 300
to 400 clients. And mostly small to medium,
we have some large, but we just really fill that
hole that agencies have. A lot of the companies
don’t have the time or money to hire somebody in-house. And they really rely on
an agency to help them, somebody like JumpFly
that has the experience. We try to help them figure out
what they need to do on their website to close more sales,
to get more leads, to get more phone calls. Just depends on what they need. Bing has changed dramatically,
especially in the last year. They’ve really become
more responsive. They’ve really become more of
a partner with our agency. And we can help our
clients better because of the relationship
we have with Bing. They’ve really come so far. And I’m really impressed with
the changes that they’re making and the vision and
where they’re going. From our account executives,
our account managers, all the way through to
the engineering department, they’re just really responsive,
and really helping us a lot, making us a better company. What we’ve been seeing lately, especially with e-commerce
clients, is the cost for acquisition is lower, and the
order value is usually higher. So they’re getting more bang for
their buck. Sometimes we have to
convince them to try Bing. And when we can show
them the results, they’re pretty happy with it,
and they’ll increase their spend. So it really makes
a big difference. If we can get for lead gen,
we can get a lower cost per acquisition, they want more all
day long, so it works great. Google’s the big name, but Bing
has so much value that we can introduce our clients to that,
and then bring them into that. I don’t wanna call it a family,
but into that environment. And there’s more than 30%
of the search market. If you’re not on Bing
you’re missing out. We have the relationships with
Bing, that if you were trying to do Bing Ads on your own,
you wouldn’t have that. You wouldn’t have that one
on one relationship with the account executive or
the account manager. And we can get
answers a lot faster, we can solve problems
a lot faster. And that’s what being
a Bing Ads partner gives us. One of the key things about Bing
that makes them different from the other players in the
industry is they are responsive. They are really, really listening to what
their customers want, and they want to give them that. [MUSIC]

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