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Blockchain Demo with IBM z Systems

Blockchain Demo with IBM z Systems

This is a demo of IBM Blockchain running on IBM z Systems We’ll show how blockchain can be used to optimize trade
finance and logistics also how to integrate blockchain in with your existing business
processes. I’m Donna Dillenberger and I’m an IBM Fellow. The demo is going to show an
exporter of Supply Corporation shipping parts to an importer. The parts have to be approved by the customs
authority which will use the blockchain to sign its approval, the Port Authority
which also use the blockchain to sign its approval and finally a
trucking transportation who will also use the blockchain to sign that they have
received the parts and delivered it to the importer when all three legal
entities have signed that they’ve approved and delivered the parts and a
million dollars is going to be transferred from the importer’s bank to
the exporters bank distinct and this transfer will also be initiated it from the blockchain.. Without the blockchain how this is normally done is that there has to be
multiple parties and involved over 30 physical documents and this whole
process takes weeks if not months but the blockchain would be able to
optimize this process. So, the blockchain is also going to show an application
that calls out to IMS which is an existing business process that the Port Authority
uses this to keep track of what is coming into the Port Authority . There will also be a blockchain application that called out CICS it which will also be used to track the parts coming into the customs authority
and finally there’s a trucking service for this blockchain application that calls
out to the transaction processing facilities which is their existing
business process that their truckers you to scan the parts coming in with ioT
devices. Finally many banks use DB2 on z/OS to execute financial transactions
and so this blockchain application will also call out to DB2. So let’s show the demo.
So what we have here is a Linux Window. and this Linux Window is connected to the
IBM z System. So I’m just going to start the blockchain. And what you see is a blockchain peer
starting up, the demo server starting up and now we could use the browser to
query the blockchain. So I point my browser to the URL of the Linux server on IBM z
Systems, that I just started up and I’m gonna log in as the Import Bank.When I
login as the Import Bank I see that there’s a smart contract waiting for me
to publish onto the blockchain that says that some parts are going to be
delivered from the Supply Corporation. when they’re delivered the
Supply Corporation is going to receive a million dollars in from the Export Bank’s bank accounts and for this million dollars to be transferred I need three
approval on the blockchain from the trucking service the Port Authority and
the Customs Authority. Down here in the lower right hand corner we see that the number
of blocks on the blockchain is currently two. choose when I published a smart contract
on to the blockchain then the number of blocks is and commented from 2 to 3. This view here queries from the smart contract on the blockchain so I can see that there’s a smart contract with the name of parts
delivery on the blockchain and it requires approval from the trucking service, Port Authority and Customs Authority. And now I’m going to log on as the trucking
service and when I log on as a trucking service you see that I have a different
view from what the import bank CDs flight tracking service doesn’t see
what’s more contracts have been published it doesn’t see the status of
smart contracts it does say that some parts have arrived and it requires my
signature on the block chain so remember the trucking service has an existing
business process and the transaction processing facility so blocked an
application called out to pts PVS verifies that the parties had been
scanned in bio three devices and when the application comes back with this
result I sign on the block change that the parts has been received and fill the
status here goes from tending to sign now long gone as the Port Authority and
when I log on at the Port Authority again I have a different view from the
trucker and also from the Import Bank I feel some parts have arrived for me to
approve and remember the Port Authority calls out to kick their existing
business process so just watching application is going to call out the
kinks to verify that the parts have been entered into the tix best and when I do
that the number blocks is gonna be implemented from four to five on the
block chain cuz I’m gonna find that yes the Port Authority and I have received
the parts n approved it so the blocks have gone from four to five o’clock
chain and finally I’m gonna find on and the Customs Enforcement and Customs
Authority also uses an existing business process enough so the Fluxion
application is going to call out to unmask to make sure that the parts have
arrived I’m just transaction is there five so I’m gonna sign on the block
change that the parts have been a number of clocks go from five to six and so now
all the parts of the of the legal entity and the smart contract have signed and
so now if I log on as the Supply Corporation what I should see is a db2
transaction which the bank my bank uses to execute a financial transaction
transferring a billion dollars into my bank account holder is a db2
transactions has transferred million dollars and my balance went up by
another million so I went from 1 million to 2 million dollars so you might have
to write lying why would why one should be run block chain on a visa stamps well the food chain software stack and
these systems have a lot of hardware accelerators for the operations and supply chain blocking
operations uses a lot of hashing for example for verification and see as
accelerators for hashing also these systems have a large memory space 10
terabytes and when you’re doing these operations its best if we don’t do all
in a lot of Ohio to reduce memory latency also block chains are required
crypto protocol and we have got to accelerator sun sea and also to verify
a.m. customs authority I am the Port Authority as he has hardware
accelerators for elliptical curve digital signatures which is used to
verify my identity my identity and finally you saw on the demo that block
chain applications calling out to kristin existing business processes for
settlement for payment for inventory for supply chain that are already
threatening kicks on earth DPF BBC or fees if you have the piano’s sitting
right next to your existing business process you get to optimize network
communication to 80% eighty-two percent faster response time and seven X 13 put
this holds true also if you use yours these systems to a host of multiple
watching pornos the communications between them will be faster and you’ll
have more to cut off rosie is enterprise PK fearful of and compliance and also
5142 compliant these are global security standards required for many financial
were closed this is a graph of a hashing so blue is our the system and yellow is
the other platforms and why access is Asha operations meant bytes per second
so the taller the bar the better and you could see that because of the cargo
accelerator konzi we have about seven times faster than other platforms the
sousa encryption so why access is encryption of data that device for
second Luis Arce system and yellow or other
platforms and we are about the six times faster than other platforms with respect
to encryption and so no black chain running on on visa stamps you get to
optimize communications between peer nodes and also between blocking journals
and your existing business applications these systems is known for its
availability we have all these hardware accelerators we’re hashing signing and
security we are global security standards compliant our cookies could be maintained and tamper-proof
quick note cards and in the firmware and also using these systems you get some
time management and energy saving so blocking on these systems makes so
you’re watching more secure and what that extra much


Donna- thanks for the demo. Question- BCAAS on Bluemix, is that Backed by Z on softlayer? Can you run this technology stack in the cloud or is Z in the cloud only a CMS service?

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