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Cara Bodoh Budidaya Pembesaran Ikan Lele

Cara Bodoh Budidaya Pembesaran Ikan Lele

Okay good morning Fellow colleagues where ever you are right now i am in the jungle because my house is indeed in the mountains or in the forest The air is pretty cool Sorry this is a little sweat after exercise Okey answered Questions from friends Work-related This is wa Mas abhy I’m still confused about my work, I’m still unemployed where do you want to work? then Brother, can you find a job? Okey, I immediately answered related to work matters Maybe we can not deny or already become many problems that occur at the time we are school luylus or graduate from college is still unemployed because that is in his mind in their minds it’s looking for work Whereas if you ask me where do I want to work? Different from my mindset My mindset, I will never look for a job but I will create a job That’s actually it Peer questions have all been answered So the mindset of looking for work We change by creating jobs And how? creating work of course all your colleagues I believe I have my own interests and talents Now empower that talent! Create a job From the slightest job From the slightest job Do it ! Because there are many Lots of choices huh … What do we want to do The key … one of the easiest jobs for you to do From the easiest business you do Do it ! Then the second one you must like Towards that job! Now if our minds have led or our mind set or our mindset already leads to creating jobs That’s where we begin to empower ourselves Maybe there are more questions for example Want to venture or do a job or creating jobs Do not have capital Now that’s a question you shouldn’t ask Because both hands, both legs Our tongue and mind is a priceless capital Empower it! Okay, get on with it I began to be like maximizing my mindset towards self empowerment to all sectors First maybe because I’m in the village or in the village or in the mountains I empower myself in the world of agriculture or cultivation related to plants my fruits are empowering then my plantation will empower then fisheries, fisheries, I cultivate catfish enlargement Well at the beginning I like to grow catfish I do not know anything Do not know the technique how raising catfish or raising catfish or catfish farming I don’t know that After I do that Then I get experiences In the cultivation of catfish enlargement We get knowledge Now that’s one Our mind step creates work which later I will share with all my friends hopefully can be useful one of them is empowerment in the field of fisheries Okay, we will go to the location soon Yes, we’ve arrived at my garage this is my place for raising catfish I start from my garage we will see first we feed it because what time is it already it was already afternoon, a little late to feed it we prepare the feed don’t forget to prepare the machete then saws … then hammer … well, there’s a sickle Then this … what is this name? what kind of cameraman is this o this is a fork … and then peck … yes we prepared all this but this is what we carry because the fish are still small Okay… Well here’s … eee Now this is my place or pool With the aeration system yes Where is this water … this water change it can be done from the bottom of the pool, this is filtering fiterisation regarding water because here water is very difficult then here I use the aeration system Circulating water so that the water goes there there is a filtering system then this is our aerator, use aerator as oxygen supply because we use a method Stocking solid It’s around … I fill this pool 2 meters in diameter, and 80 cm high I stocked up 3,000 contents Now this is healthy, healthy, all but still small I also fill 3000 tails the pool with a round 2 diameter pool about 80cm high These fish are all healthy Okay we go to the fishery over there who are ready to harvest who are ready to harvest the pond over there Yes, we will feed my pond which is over here Well this is crop cultivation too there are durian, rare bamboo I planted too This is Brazilian wine, this is a rare plant Then this white bidara tree This is the kanthil tree Okay, let’s feed the fish … Now I fill 3000 of this I filled 3000 with the same system as the circulation And also the filtered water … there is a water filtering process okey go to the pool here It’s ready to harvest all this This round pool is 2 meters in diameter and 80cm high I fill 3000 tails yes go to the pool there well, healthy and big-big all then we don’t need to change water frequently because there is already a filtering system then use an aerator as an oxygen supply This filtering is useful for ammonia that is in this pool can be Probiotic ingredients So usually if there is a lot of ammonia content Catfish mortality rates are also many huh Well it’s ready to harvest Last month, 4 ponds could reach 700 kg, the target was 1 ton but it was not met feed it doesn’t need much Yes this is the catfish pond that I developed with circulation systems and methods And also we activate probiotics To save on feed costs Usually the catfish farmers That he lost … or only a small profit Because of the high cost of feed Surely we must have a solution to that so that can suppress the death rate of catfish Well later in the next video I will publish How should we reduce the cost of feed by up to 45% So the feed will only be a little … give the feed only a little I see … hopefully this video can be useful For all of us and for all of you colleagues Just wait for the next video How do you save on feed costs by circulation system or activate probiotics in the pool Thank you … Happy greetings!


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