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Celebrate our clients: Threadz Culture & Fashion

Celebrate our clients: Threadz Culture & Fashion

Yeah that’s a big thing about us, like it’s good to just come say, “What’s up?” Like you never know what that
conversation will spark. Resources are limited. If you’re in, you’re in. But if you’re not then, you know, there’s nothing. If you keep pushing it, Oakland will support you. Threadz Culture + Fashion as an entity we sell urban fashion: backpacks, jackets, hoodies. We definitely specialize in the exclusive stuff that is hard to find elsewhere. A lot of people come in, they don’t know we got a full recording studio upstairs. We’re young new faces in this industry of urban fashion. We know how to dress. Yeah we know how to dress! It will slow at first. We would be here, and it’d be crickets. The people who’s been in the game a little longer you know, they would talk to the vendors like, “Oh no, you can’t sell to Threadz.” That was the biggest challenge I think. Just getting vendors and getting more people to know us. Main Street Launch kind of found us. It sounded like too good to be true. Main Street Launch really showed us
how to do business. Have you done your profit and loss? Have you done your business license? Your 12 month projections? Yeah, the projections and all this. And we were like, whoa, what is all this? You know? It really showed us how to put things in perspective. Yeah they’re showing us how to like roadmap it. Our view was that this was tied to our mission. It was part of an investment that we were making in the community. And we realized that they were making the investment. We always believed that they could be an anchor for that neighborhood, and that community. I’m from Oakland. Just growing up in this city, I’ve seen a lot of independent hustle. That’s the culture of Oakland. People around here, the community, this Fairfax business district really want to see us win. We got a saying around here: Are you the MOB? And MOB meaning: My Own Boss. Keep pushing and keep going forward keep believing in yourself keep believing in your dreams every day because every single business everybody started with their dream!

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