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This video is brought to you by Storyblocks Hey guys, it’s Jordy here for
and welcome to a rather different video. Today we are going to review the cheapest
camera that we can find on Amazon and this is not because
we’re out of ideas, guys, I just really want to do this,
I just think it’s a lot of fun and I want to prove a point here that
you don’t need expensive equipment. So, don’t buy a RED camera, that is
just money thrown away. We can make awesome video
with any camera, let’s check it out. I’m on Amazon right now:
“Make this your year”. I will definitely do that, let’s just
type in ‘video camera’ on top, there we go. and I’m going to sort it by price,
low to high, there we go. That’s 30 bucks I was at least expecting
something around 100 bucks, but okay. Not too good reviews,
that is unfortunate. I mean, what do you expect
for a $30.00 camera? All right. What do we have right here,
it’s the Vivitar camera. Look at that! For 30 bucks you get
yourself a full HD camera, that just has to be good! All right, 4x digital zoom, I was not
expecting an optical zoom anyways, but I want to see the reviews,
what are people saying, why are people rating this camera so bad? It’s good for doing YouTube videos,
look at that! We’ve got a positive review,
if you were doing YouTube videos then this one is good! I want to see the bad reviews
so let’s just filter on that. Why do people hate this camera,
come on, guys, it’s the Vivitar camera. I was given this camera
as a Christmas present. I have played with it and
try to get the quality of the video and the pictures to improve. Every setting looked the same,
grainy and unwatchable. The person that bought it for me
also bought one for themselves, both of us have been greatly
disappointed by this product, do not waste your money
or time on this product. Well, on the plus side, you guys
are camera buddies right now. Bad camera buddies. William: change it back to 13 dollars! Was this once $13? Am I being ripped off
if I buy this for 30 bucks? Alright guys, let’s just buy this camera
and see what we end up with! Fast forward! [Cinecom’s intro music] Storyblocks video is an online library
packed with studio-quality stock footage, video effects, transitions, After
Effects templates and so much more. We’ve been using it for a long time and there’s always something
where Storyblocks can help us with. The amazing thing is that there’s
only a fixed single price per year which allows you to download
unlimited video assets. For more information make sure to follow
the first link in the description below. Here we are, a couple of weeks further and an extra 40 bucks for
the import charges here in Belgium. So, this camera almost
cost me 100 bucks, and I think I could have gotten
a better camera with that money. Anyways, let’s open up the box,
it’s an envelope, a plastic bag that’s what it is, let’s
open up the plastic bag and see what the Vivitar
is looking like. Ta-da! Vivitar DVR 508 NHD, is that
the one that I ordered? I’m not sure anymore actually,
it’s been too long. Alright, we’re gonna need a scissor here. Yep, be careful that
I won’t cut into the camera. There we go! Wow, this one is tiny! Look at that, how small is that camera! Well, it does fit perfectly in your pocket,
so it’s definitely travel friendly, that’s for sure. Damn, this is tiny! I can’t even fit my entire
hand through it! Might better just stick in two fingers. Sorry! Alright, let’s power it on! how do I do that, right here? Nothing happens, and it
probably needs some batteries. Where do we insert the batteries? Aha! I’m guessing this thing
has an internal battery, so that means we’re going
to have to charge it. Let me just grab a power bank. Here we go! Hopefully the camera will boot up once
we have it connected to the power bank. I’m really curious to see
what the picture quality shall be. Yes! look at that! It is working, that is nice. I can’t flip the screen, this is
the only thing that you can do. You can’t rotate it this way,
but okay, it’s 30 bucks. Look at that, look how tiny
that screen is, that is super tiny! Now, I can’t really judge
the camera off this monitor, so, I’m just going to take it outside
shoot a bunch of clips and see what we end up with. [Upbeat music] All right, 35 bucks, is this
camera worth it? Let’s power it on now, let’s go
quickly through the menus, ‘cause I’m really curious to see
if this can actually… card error, yes, card error. Okay, take 2. The camera is booted on
and I’m really curious to see if we can actually shoot in HD,
so I’ll just go into the menus. I see that we have a bunch
of picture style settings. Resolution, 1920 by 1080, we actually
have that option, that is pretty cool. So, I’m just going to select that. Quality, let’s put that on Super Fine. We even have the quality
controls in here. Anti-shake, so that means that
there is this stabilizer inside. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be
a digital stabilizer, though. White balance, we can set
that to Auto, Daylight, Cloudy. Look at that, you just got
a bunch of color effects! Sepia, Monochrome, Vivid,
Sharpness, Exposure, ISO. This is a manual control camera, we are looking here at
a professional camera, guys. With full manual controls,
how cool is that! -And Lorenzo, can we do
a comparison video? [Music] I’m not sure this is the display, but I just found out that when I change the
resolution back to 1280 by 720, or 720p, that my frame rate seems to be a lot
better than if it would take Full HD. So, my guess here is that
when you select Full HD that your frame rate is dropped
significantly. So, I’m just going to set it back to 720p, hopefully that is going to
give me some better results. [Music] Dammit, the battery just died! And now the camera died. We’ve been filming like half an hour
and the battery already died. I’m gonna try to get a final
juice out of this battery and see of this camera
is actually waterproof. The final test, let’s see, is the
Vivitar camera waterproof? Let’s find out now! Damn, oh no! And there it goes. I thought it was waterproof for
a second but it’s not. Vivitar, you really let me down. After we stopped filming, the camera
actually felt out of my pocket as well into the water, so it was
going pretty deep and now it is absolutely soaked,
it’s not looking good. Anyways, I’m going to try
to add new batteries, this thing actually works
on AAA batteries. We just have to take a couple more with
us, we didn’t do that, unfortunately. And I’m just really curious now
if we can boot up the camera still. But I’m a little bit afraid because
it went pretty deep. Alright, let’s try this. Ah, damnit! The Vivitar has died! So, that means it is not waterproof. Don’t buy the Vivitar if you’re
planning to shoot underwater. So, as far as image quality goes
I’m actually pretty surprised, for 35 bucks it has some decent quality. It is actually true Full HD
that you get out of this camera, but, as I thought, it is
at half the frame rate. So, if you are shooting at 30 fps,
you get 15 fps in Full HD. Luckily, we switched to 720p
which is like not really true HD but half HD. We did get 30 frames per
second, so that is great. I do actually like that you get a ton
of manual controls with this camera, unfortunately we don’t get any manual
controls whatsoever with the lens. That means it has one
fixed focus distance. If I want to film something up close I’m
just unable to get that into focus because it is just one fixed focus. It is a pretty wide angle, so you get
pretty much a lot in focus, and it’s probably a super tiny sensor, so I’m not worrying too much
about it having a shallow depth of field, but that’s about it for the Vivitar camera. Unfortunately, we can’t do any more
tests because, well, it kind of died. I can try to fix, it open it up,
dry it, who knows? Maybe it will work back in the future. But I’m not really planning to shoot
anything more with this camera. Since we all have a smartphone
I think that is the better way to go. This is 35 bucks thrown away, or actually 100 bucks, if you count in
the import fees that I had to pay. So, final conclusion: should you
buy the Vivitar camera? It is pretty small so it fits in any pocket,
but is it worth it? No, don’t buy it! Seriously, it’s really bad,
it’s not even worth 5 bucks. All right, now let’s do a drop test. All right, let’s do that drop test, we are
at about 6 meters high right now, no idea what that is in feet, but
we’ll put it somewhere around here, and before I’m going to drop the Vivitar
I’m going to try to power it on one more time.
It’s powering on! It’s working again! All right, this gives us a great
advantage for this drop test because if it will still turn on
after the drop test, I might be able to recommend
this camera, not sure. All right, let’s do it, guys! 6 meters, everyone ready? Yannick, is the camera rolling? Okay, here we go, 6-meter
Vivitar drop test, go! Drop test failed. Thanks a lot for watching, guys, thank you Storyblocks for the support,
thank you Yannick for that slow-mo image, but most importantly, Stay Creative! Now let’s go down here, pretty high. So, the entire screen just broke off,
I just put the batteries back in, let’s see if it works. It’s working! Nice! Okay, now I can recommend
this camera.


How to destroy anything battery related; Drop it.
That was a bad idea for the powerbank.

Also… 30 euros, ah well… I mean… You're better off buying a second hand smartphone.

It's cheaper to just visit your local china megashop and pick these and less expensive cameras up there. No taxes and fees and shipping costs and whatnot.

Give me your WhatsApp number… I asked for last 50 times… Is this what you do with your buddies who like n sees your every videos

— you could have been cleaver, imaginative… creative, but no,, we got an idiot,,, easy to be an idiot.
if it has an SD slot,, combined with one of the 25 million Chromebooks used in USA schools
either running WeVideo cloud editor
or Android

I have you beat. Got an $8 One that actually has a pretty decent picture. I managed to get some good shots of my dogs.

How to make a video about a guy who got obviously too much money throw a camera on ground and soak it in water… spent 70 usd when you could have used that money buy hot meals to poors….

You think that one is bad!? Somebody gave me the generic version. It was so cheap and poorly made I tossed it in the trash. Nobody deserves quality that hideous.

This video is totally pointless and not even funny… The reviewed camera model is ancient and you should've picked something more modern in similar price point.

You can get pretty decent quality from a $30 dashcam at least (Xiaomi 70 Mai).

time to drop and water test the red camera. this video implies that it should be indestructable due to its expense and picture quality.. ; )

Okay, so what other cameras at that price point are better?

Seems like something for $35 would be great to give a small child who has an interest in videography. If they break it, so what.

Ok… But can you color grade the footage? Does it have a log profile?

Every professional knows… You can ALWAYS fix bad video in post.

It’s always nice to see a creator successful enough to be able to just throw their electronics around like they cost nothing.

Ah yes, put a webcam sized and quality tiny sensor beyond a piece of plastic, not glass, and do everything in software…badly.
That is Vivitar!
There is a reason even half decent ones still cost over 100 euro/dollars. You just can't make those things too cheap.

This was a pretty annoying video to watch.

To be able to capture things like full-hd was something no mere consumer could imagine just a decade ago. Now this kind of tech, however raw, is available for less than a week's worth of coffee, and rather than marveling at the all you can get for that amount, you just abuse it.
When I was kid I would've killed for ANY kind of video camera–there were a couple of times I rented one for $50/day.
I bought my first digital camera 11-years ago for $50. It was a lot like that $30 one, except it only shot 640 x 480 at 16-fps. I edited the footage I shot on a 1-g.b. laptop using $50 consumer NLE. A couple of years later was hired to work in TV–though I had no college or other conventional training in the related fields. Won some awards, made 'enough' money to invest in real estate, and then moved on to more-lucrative video work.
I'm not bragging of my 'success', here; I'm just keeping in mind everything I can attribute to some crappy little camera I was happy to own and use, while watching some dude go, Damn, this camera that I bought for almost nothing sure is shitty. Aren't I witty pointing that out?"

Well guess what I have a camera that was with me since I was born (no joke my cousins used it) and I bet mine cost around 10 dollars for it's quality 😀
Edit: gosh that's tiny, I now thing differently :/

Hey, camera still want to work! You tried to kill her a few times, but thats high quality handycam still works )

you know what – this camera is perfect when you need to shot (old 1980s scary novel mode) – new high cameras cannot do this mode in that same feelings.

For 30 bucks i think it looks pretty okay. It has a lot of functions and is super cute 😂I wouldn't buy it because there are other things for that prize i like more, but it's a "good" buy if you don't have much money and really like to make video's. And those reviews: what do you expect for 30 bucks? Cinema-quality? yeah, didn't think so. Well, that's my opinion, have a nice day!

i paid 15 $ – picture looks good on the small screen. i have trouble with the micro controller – seems to malfunction or have a game maze – I dislike microsoft. there is no " Atari , Texas Instruments , Sinclair , IBm , Commodore " Microsoft is way too heavy for me.

I bought 2 more cheap camcorders – 8.88 $ used – 11 $ with a cd – have a bid 6 $ (with postage) – a lot of neighborhoods are just not going to produce anything at all – not computer camera kits. just crappy microsoft programs in san jose ca

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