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CHRISTMAS HAUL 2019 // Amazon Haul // Shop With Me

CHRISTMAS HAUL 2019 // Amazon Haul // Shop With Me

Hey guys! It’s Jana! And today we’re gonna
do our Christmas present haul I want to show you everything that I got so dear family do not watch this no peeking so I did most of my shopping online it is
just so much easier that way so I will link everything that I got down below so you can get it for your kiddos and loved ones but let’s dive right into these
boxes so you can see what we got go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check
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for some good Christmas ideas let’s get into these boxes Let’s see I need some scissors this is for hubby this is a milk frother for his coffee he has been wanting one I got him
one maybe a few years ago and it died already so I got him a nicer one this is also for hubby it’s gonna be a stocking stuffer so we just got some bluetooth headphones because we had some but they died
had them for awhile I saw this at the store and I had to get it so it’s Papa Bear and our little babies
because we love bears in this house but isn’t that so cute very sweet and this is just kind of a silly gift it’s hot sauces and they’re all like wrapped up
like dynamite so yeah hubby loves hot sauces so I
thought this was right up his alley it was just a cheap little thing that I
found at the store so got that for him okay so this is really cool so I got one
each for the kids it’s a Chromebook okay so I know it’s kind of extravagant for a kiddo but they were using my old laptops just hand me downs and they are done they were done when I gave them to them to be honest they were just so slow that’s why
I had to replace them so it’s kind of funny because Quin’s like I really want a
Chromebook I want a Chromebook so I’m acting like I don’t know what a
Chromebook is yeah because he thinks I already don’t know anything about technology even though I’m the one on the computer all the time but so I got one for Emma and one for Quin so they can get off of my laptop
to be honest because they have been taking over and I got stuff to do on my laptop
so they’re gonna be so excited about that that’s like one of the big big
presents so here’s Emma’s so I got them both the silver one so I figure they can
just like decorate them with any stickers or whatever so they can have
their identifier is on there but yeah I’m really excited about that one so this big box is from Grandma
she just has everything delivered to our house it’s just easier for her because
they are out of town and they come up for Christmas so I had her just send
everything here so don’t worry all this stuff is not from us we can’t afford all that stuff so we got other presents from other people so Quin actually requested
the game of life so she got him that he wanted the original we have like the
minion one and it’s kind of lame-o but he wanted the real thing and Emma my artist wanted a new art box so this has like all the Crayola stuff in here
markers crayons like everything that you would need to make whatever you want this is for Quin this is Percy Jackson the whole complete series because he actually read the first one at school
and he really liked it so once they latch onto a book that they like
I’m all about it so I’m really excited that
he’ll get his reading time in oh this is super cute okay I gotta open it to show you so this is the portable charger look how cute that is so grandma got one for
Emma and there’s one for Quin too but they’re adorable the kids are loving on
the cats right now so I thought that was perfect so let me show you Quin’s look at that isn’t that too cute and grandma always gets them a good pair of shoes so I always love that so we got Quin these New Balances so that is a big help on my budget because
shoes are expensive man and Emma got a pair too but they’re not here yet so they will be coming so that’ll be
like a last minute gift haul probably this is the ultimate this is from grandma also so Quinn loves Mario Kart and this is a Raceway for Mario Kart
from Hot Wheels so she got that at Target
I didn’t find it anywhere else but Target but I will link this one down below it’s awesome and then on top of
that at the time of buying this they were running a special that you got a
free set of Hot Wheels along with it so that’s pretty cool some of these boxes I
haven’t even opened yet because they just kept coming in and we’ve have been
so busy I just kind of threw them in the closet and you know what I have to say
the kids are really good because I don’t know about you but
I was a little naughty when I was kid and I would go peeking around for presents but all
these boxes are just all over the place they’re open you know it’s no big deal
but they do not peek and the reason why I know is because I know my kids and they would be so filled with excitement they wouldn’t even be able to contain themselves so this is from grandma also this is for Emma this is the wings of fire book set Emma got totally in to the wings of fire she loves dragons so she already has I think one of these but it is nice just to have the full box set so we’ll probably just donate the other one that she already has well that’s just an empty box I thought this was funny for the kids to give to dad so
just terribly good dad jokes everybody loves a good dad joke just something silly daddy picked this out for Emma it is a dragon egg pendant because she
loves her dragons I think she’s really gonna love it I had to cover this one
with a bag because it’s for hubby and it came in it’s like actual original box so
I just covered it with that but he loves making ice creams so we have an ice
cream maker but we needed a second one of these because these have to be completely frozen to make your ice cream but sometimes we want to make two batches so this and the other one will always be in the freezer so we’re ready to rock and make some ice cream I thought this game looks so cute so I told my mom about it and she got this for Emma so it’s the flying sushi
so you take your chopsticks and you have to catch the sushi and like air is
pumping through the bamboo sticks I don’t know it just looks like really fun I just can picture us like laughing around the table playing that thing what is? oh yeah it’s like Christmas for me just opening all these boxes so this is a watch for daddy
he’s been wanting this watch for a while just for work so he actually picked this one out he doesn’t know that I got it though I got hubby this hat I
love that it’s the clover I know it’s just the black clovers logo but he’s
Irish and he’s very proud of that and we’re Americans so I thought that was a
good combination there so Emma actually found these beef sticks here so there is a beef sausage or there’s a summer sausage and some cheese inside of these we got three of them so one for grandpa one for my brother and one for daddy it’s like the perfect dude gift this is the present that Emma picked out for daddy he loves the Hillshire farms I tell ya
so she picked this out for him he’s kind of hard to buy for sometimes but that’s
what she picked this is one of those head scratcher things Walmart had them for a dollar so I just grabbed one I’m gonna throw it in somebody stocking and then these are Whatchamacallit
these are my favorite candy bar you can’t find them
everywhere they are so good but I got one for each of the kiddos because I got
them addicted to him too I got one for each of the kiddos for in their stocking this is a puzzle for my mom she loves doing puzzles and I got her this one that is like a full library because she loves to read so every year it’s kind of a tradition
that on Christmas day she opens her puzzle and she makes her puzzle all day
long like that’s her peace and she loves it so we always get her
puzzle every year since I can remember so this is a hand blender this is also
for hubby we’ve been wanting one especially now that we have the instant pot a lot of times you know you can make your stuff in there and like make your soups and stuff and you kind of need the immersion with blender
so I got him this one it looks really nice we always host a Christmas party
and we do a white elephant and so I got a couple gifts for that so I thought this was pretty cool
for the guys for the whiskey or whatever so it’s got like a bullet through it I
thought that was neat and then this I love catchphrase but this is the
uncensored version my friend told me about I didn’t even know it existed so I thought this would be fun to play at our Christmas party and have it as a gift
for one of our friends okay there’s still more over here so this I thought was a cute game this is just kids against maturity so if you’ve heard of the game cards against humanity it’s along those lines but
appropriate for kids so I thought that would be a fun game to play with the
kiddo so I got that for them oh this is more dad stuff oh my gosh he’s getting
a lot of good stuff I don’t know what I’m getting
I better be getting some good stuff oh this is actually kind of cool so this tool attaches to your drill
so that you can get into little nooks and crannies with your drill because there’s a lot of times that there’s just areas that the drill is too big you can’t get in there so that’s what this thing is for and I got him this light
for the garage this brightens up everything that’s always been a knife in his side because he can’t see what he’s doing in the garage a lot of the time
because the lights are so dim so this should solve his problem and it screws
right into the regular light bulb this is really cool so it’s a Bluetooth
speaker but it looks like a retro radio look how cute that is and it also actually does get
reception for actual radio too but yeah it’s a Bluetooth speaker it’s pretty small but all the reviews said that it sounds fantastic so I’m really about this I think he’s gonna really gonna like it it’s not something that he asked for it’s just his style and I got him a bunch of coffee this is his
favorite brand of coffee so amazon sold them by the five pack so I went ahead and got him that
because it’s his favorite oh lots of good stuff so actually I got three of these these are electric toothbrushes so they have a timer for two minutes to help the kids actually brush for two minutes and it has a charger and everything so it’s not like
you have to replace the batteries so I got three of these they’re all different colors so one for Quin one for Emma and one for myself because I wanted it now Quin is just amazing me so he’s all about coding games right now he is doing
some awesome stuff and anyway so I just wanted to support
what he was getting into because that’s just how I am so I got him this coding book and then Emma requested a couple books she read these books in class and she really
really liked them so I went ahead and grabbed those for her and here’s a roblox coding book because Quin’s been getting into roblox and would like to make his own games on there so I think that would be pretty good and then of course the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid he needed that he has all of them we got great grandma and instant pot she has been talking about an instant pot so we went ahead and got it for why not and and we also got her instant pot cookbook
just to help her out get some ideas on how to use it and what to make so I
think that will be really good okay so there’s big bad boy let’s get this open where did my scissors go? why do you always those the scissors I
mean seriously under the box yeah that’s where they go we got them a keyboard in our travels over the summer we rented an Airbnb
and it had a piano in it and Quin really took to it and he was watching YouTube videos on how to play and all of this stuff so he got really into it so once again gonna nurture what
he’s into what everybody’s into right so we found this keyboard it’s technically
for Emma and Quin so I got him where did that go his first book of music so
we got the Super Mario series it’s supposed to be easy I kind of wish that
the letters were on there so I’m gonna have to figure that out because he
doesn’t know how to read music but that’s okay I know how to read music so
I can help him out with that and I actually got Emma one for Disney music
but that has not come in yet ah but yeah that’s everything we got so far alright guys so that is everything that we got so far for Christmas I think there’s some more stuff coming from Grandma and then on Christmas Day we go down to my
husband’s family they get a whole lot of stuff there too it’s gonna be a big
crazy Christmas so be sure to check all those links I put in down below so you can check out all the stuff that we got I hope you have a very Merry
Christmas it’s gonna be just so much fun as long as we’re together that’s really
all that matters but the presents are fun I just love giving presents makes me happy so thank you so much for watching go ahead and subscribe thumbs up check
all the links down below be sure to check out those videos
I picked out just for you and I will see you next time Merry Christmas!


Great haul, Jana. You and Tina Fey could pass off as twins, cuz you and Tina Fey are just so cute and funny. What's your best tip for cooking steaks?

Hi Jana, how are you? The puzzle for your mother is a german brand. When I buy puzzle I always look for Ravensburger. There is one puzzle the motive is "South France" (a street and the architecture of the houses) – very beautiful.
Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas🎄

Hey Jana you guys love bears do ya ? Well I tell you what we have an abundance of black bears where we live here in the North Carolina Mountains so if you want we'll see how many we can round up and send your way ok ? Loved your haul. Take care and Merry Christmas.

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