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Clickfunnels Pricing 2019 vs #kajabi vs #Builderall

Clickfunnels Pricing 2019 vs #kajabi vs #Builderall

Hey guys how are you doing okay so let’s
go over three plans today you want to do some courses you want to have a webinar
you want to have CRM autoresponders so let’s look at some different options and
compare what they have as well as the pricing alright so the first one up is
clickfunnels okay they have two plans that I know of $97 plan and then 297 a
month so what do you get with that well the 97 plan allows you to have 20
funnels and unlimited and you could just basically compare the two the number of
visitors is twenty thousand which is quite a bit you know per month and then
the next two hundred and ninety-seven plan has unlimited but the real
difference is and they’re all pretty much the same year is down here at the
the end of it the 297 plan allows you to do emails
like a CRM which is really important as far as you know doing an autoresponder
so you have somebody sign up and then you want to send them sequenced emails
so that’s how you would do it by sending them sequence emails would be like an
autoresponder so and then on top of that and you really want to see you want to
track that right who’s opening up your emails who’s not opening up the emails
and then you should respond accordingly if they’re not opening up your emails
maybe you want to send them an incentive such as doing like a coupon a discount
something but the bottom line is you need to follow the traffic know what
your traffic is and what they’re doing right so that’s the difference between
the 99 dollar plan and the 297 dollar plan it’s really all up here at the
bottom it all has to do with autoresponders and emails alright so
those that’s you know subscription and an affiliates and obviously if you have
a program and you want to be able to sell it you want some affiliates before
that to help you sell that so take a look at the two different plans you know
you’re talking about $100 a month verse three hundred dollars a month so that
all has to do with clickfunnels alright let’s go on and we’ll go to another plan
the next one that is up is kajabi I hear a lot about kajabi okeechobee is really
good I hear the support is good right and I did do but free trial so
here’s the story you’re allowed at the hundred and nineteen dollars a month if
it’s billed annually you get to do three products you have like landing pages you
are allowed to have like a thousand active members and then that will jump
up with the one hundred and fifty nine dollar plan to ten thousand members and
then with the three hundred and nineteen dollars a month
it allows you to have twenty thousand active members so and it gives you one
website and then from there you know you’re allowed to have three products
whether it’s three courses or whatnot so I’m sorry because I keep opening up
those windows so with the three hundred dollar plan you’re allowed to have three
websites alright and that’s I don’t really see anything with CRM I don’t
remember that being there to be honest with you I’m perhaps I didn’t see it but
I see like automations and they do have an affiliate program with the more
expensive program but I don’t see I guess you animations but I definitely
don’t see any CRM and again we need to know the serum because we want to be
able to have people sign up we want them to you know off like default for them
different funnels and we also want to track them see what they’re opening up
and then of course send them emails as well and then the last program which I’m
definitely a part of I just love it so much I have to be honest with you I’m
always Tooting its horn I just think that of all the plans builder all is
definitely my favorite and I have a free trial if you want to try that but the
bottom line is there’s two different plans with builder all they have a $29
plan and a 69 90 a plan so we’ll go through that with a professional email
you’re allowed ten thousand leads that’s incredible for thirty bucks right we saw
with the other plans that were asking the Condor dollars plus for the hub that
10,000 leads and then primarily with the $29.99 plan it’s it’s having domains
website so you can do sales pages and all of that and you also get the reorder
responder with that and with these you’re allowed
15 domains and you can do pretty much anything you want as far as webinars go
in courses you know air anything that would be on kajabi and so what’s the
difference with why does it become $70 what does that offer you
well there’s tons and tons of tools so they have its they allow like the
webinars right they have you know ecommerce so if you wanted to do a store
that would you know be included in the $70 plan they have a magazine builder
and definitely this is what I just love about it the CRM a CRM it’s just really
it’s so important to have that and to be able to know what your traffic is and to
be able to follow it and then of course they have like that the chat boxes which
I love you know I’ve done videos on that as far as Facebook goes and also you
know your own affiliate system so you know if you do a course or whatever you
can offer affiliate system and this is great for $30 a month because the other
plans they’re expensive more expensive than that right you know you’re talking
over $100 to have an affiliate system so that’s like when you have a course and
you want people to help sell it you wouldn’t let that be an affiliate for
that and you know the sec tons of video making equipment i’m like software in
that and they also have like a site builder site bot builder so that’s
really neat too like right on your website you can have some messaging back
and forth you can set it all up so it’s all animated and i honestly there’s like
over 30 tools here you guys can go through it I’ll put a link below as far
as a free trial but the social proof you know people to spend like seventy
dollars a month as far as I know for that so if you look at all the tools and
if you’re actually going to be using them even if you only use some of them
it’s well worth is seventy dollars a month that’s how I look at this so tons
of different options that you can do you know what allows you to connect up to 15
domains and you could say keys you know I don’t really need 15 domains do you be
surprised first of all you can host it for other
people if you want to do that if you have a team and you want to put some
people on but then on top of that once you see how easy it is to create
you’ll want to do other products and it’s kind of nice to have its own
separate domain because perhaps you know one time I’ll be talking about like
dieting and health and wellness and another time I’ll be talking about
business they’re not related I wouldn’t want them on the same website so that’s
why I use different domains but and a lot of people will do the same thing you
know if it’s not similar it’s better just to have two different domains and
you could link them or whatever but it’s nice to host those on their own site so
those are the three programs that I wanted to compare today I went over
clickfunnels first one over kajabi and then my favorite is still there all I
just love it I’ve been on with them for a few months now I have a lot of
programs going on with them easy to build their website and I can’t say
enough about them so if you want to try a free trial below I like that and I’ll
see you guys on another video if you like these videos please give me a
thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I’ll be seeing you guys on another video

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