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Cold WATER Cake – Desperation Cake Recipe | Hard Times

Cold WATER Cake – Desperation Cake Recipe | Hard Times


The reason you got grains is you stopped beating & left your frosting and your bowl must have been touching the simmering water; a real no, no with this frosting. It needs constant beating & never, never touch the water. My mother in law had many old cook books. Her 7 minute frosting was like whipped marshmallow. Her warning to me!! This frosting must never stop beating for the entire 7 minutes, water at low simmer, metal bowl must fit so it never touches the water. She was the best Southern cook I have ever known. Her buttermilk biscuits, I'm drooling thinking about them. Her pièce de résistance Caramel Frosting.

1:50 brains can get bored and silly. 😀 I have the same Depression Era Cookbook. Good to know that, that one frosting recipe that it would be best to make a sugar syrup in order to dissolve the sugar to make a better frosting. Thanks, Emmy 😀

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” From Meriam-Webster:
The saying "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" is first recorded in English in the early 17th century, but it is likely much older…Back then, no one was talking about the kind of sweet, creamy "pudding" confections we now [think of as desserts]. Puddings…were essentially sausages—usually mixtures of minced meat, cereal, spices, and often blood, stuffed into intestines or stomachs, and boiled or steamed. In the Middle Ages, they could be very good or very bad—or possibly fatal if the meat used was contaminated. But to find out, you had to put it to the "proof."

So it really means, to judge the quality of something, you can’t tell by just looking at it. It might be another way of saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” though the pudding version carries a heavier denotation of consequences for judging wrongly.

Love you video. I wanted to share a trick. When making the icing a professional baker shared that you put your finger in and rub together. If you can still feel the sugar crystals keep melting. Just needs a bit longer. 👍love your videos. You are so cute and funny 😄

Once again Emmys videos have saved me, was so bored and restless after a rubbish start to the week, thank you ❤️

we would add the sugar to the double boiler first. then add the rest of the ingredients , water last. it thinned the sugar mixture stopped it from carmelizing. also, a metal pot works better for heat conduction than glass.

You whip it until the sugar granulation does not appear to be in the frosting and then it will be at the right stiffness and no greenest

The frosting is a variation on Swiss meringue and Italian meringue. The problem is making sure the sugar would dissolve, and I don't remember having such issues with just egg whites when making Swiss meringue "properly," which doesn't have any water added to it. Italian meringue, on the other hand, is the variation you are thinking of, only the sugar and water have been melted into a thick white caramel syrup instead and you don't need to use a double boiler to get the desired result. Either way, your way would work just as fine the way you describe it.

A favorite cake in our family is a boiling water chocolate cake with the seven minute frosting. My mom called it a Dora White cake, named after the friend who gave out the recipe. It has been passed down 3-4 generations now.

Love your approach to baking, joie de vivre, energy and and you are also frank and fair with your final results. Refreshing!

I’ve been subscribed to you channel since November ‘19. I love all the recipes but I have to know, where do you get your T-shirts? They’re adorable!

So it's basically a Sponge Cake… Try blending the sugar into powder for powdered sugar which mixes well. Great Recipe nonetheless! I wonder if it'll work with honey or date paste?

It's interesting this recipe calls for separating the yolk from the whites because I've been watching a lot of Japanese and Korean cooking shows and many of the baked goods I've seen made will cook the yolks with sugar over a double boiler and beating the whites up separate and adding them once the flour and other ingredients have been added to the heated yolks.

One of my favorite dishes is a 'struggle' meal.
Fresh Spinach and canned shell beans fried in olive oil with garlic. Salt, pepper, and some bread on the side… That's it.

To easily separate a yolk from the white just use the more intact half of the broken shell and scoop it out: the sharp edge of the shell cuts through the white really easily and if you work it well the white is easily decanted free from the yolk as it it pours away from the yolk.

I guess I grew up different. I was born in 73 and the majority of the "hard times" recipes you make my mom made all the time. I thought all frosting was 7 minute frosting, we had mock apple pie, vinegar pie, lemon cake pie…I never had store bought cakes, pies or bread until mom went to work when i was 7, then i had store bought bread for the first time, and cereal even. Cakes and pies were still made from scratch and mom's bread became a weekend heavenly treat. My family is also jerked over Amish on dad's side, and if those types of recipes are your thing, boy do I have some recipes for you. My dad's family is also from Germany (I'm third generation born in America on his side) so I also have those recipes. My Oma couldn't even speak English.

Usually I get annoyed when people just talk and talk, but with her I don’t feel that way her voice is so soothing and so are her cooking videos. She’s so calm

I’m wondering if the chicken butt worked any better than the water bottle I’ve seen you use in the past? Also I’d love to know what you think about jacks cooking show?🤣

The frosting looks kind of like divinity! And I think a raspberry or blackberry frosting would be really delicious with this cake!

Thank you for your videos and you're hilarious sense of humor! That egg separator was a joke! It takes about one second to separate an egg yolk from the white without a gadget! Why do people even come up with these silly gadgets when they are so unnecessary!?

After you made the frosting with the raw egg whites, it occurred to me that you could get salmonella because you are basically eating raw egg Whites! Did that occur to u at all?

My grandma makes 7-minute frosting and the crystallization 'crunchiness' is what we're used to. We like it, and it's always been made this way by her! (She's 90).

Seven minute frosting was my grandpa's favorite frosting EVER. He wanted it anytime there was an occasion to have cake. My grandma and then later my uncle had been making it for him since long before I was around and it wasn't untill I was 30 or so that we realized we'd been making it wrong all along…..and then we found out he liked it better the wrong way anyway 🤣

It tastes almost like marshmallow fluff, I never particularly cared for it personally. (the way my grandpa liked it, it would get a little dry and crystallized on the outside of the

I’ve made a similar frosting but instead of beating it right away you just whisk it in the double boiler until the sugar is dissolved and it’s pretty warm, then you take it off heat and beat it to stiff peaks. Hope this helps someone 🙂

Googled 7 minute frosting. For 2 minutes stir while ingredients heat up and blend together (did you have corn syrup?) And registers 160 degrees. Beat for 5 more minutes on high until fluffy and glossy

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