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Coldplay ‘Everyday Life’ | Amazon Music

Coldplay ‘Everyday Life’ | Amazon Music


And again, thnx for this truly heartfelt masterpiece which has rounded up the year nicely for me becoming the album of the year personally!x

Wish "Orphans" wasn't the front of this album, it is the only song I don't like. It's too poppy and repeated. The rest of the album is great.

Please come to Uruguay, SA! I think everybody would go to your concert, let’s try to do it as earth friendly as possible! 🇺🇾🌎🙏🏼🙌🏼

J'aime bien ce pull-over là Guy vos voix se fondent bien vous devriez faire un duo Jon t'es en beauté ces derniers temps🙂wow je crois que c'est un de mes commentaires les plus pertinents😁😂

coldplay , you are my "everyday life" , i cant remember a day in the last 20 years when i didn't hear your brilliant music or play it on the piano or on the guitar .thank you .

You guys (coldplay) have definitely done something amazing! I can't help but feel gratitude for Every day life and coldplay and everyone behind the scenes, for some reason this album in particular I get a feeling of it doesn't only belongs to Coldplay but there are so many talented people behind them that made this possible that I just want to say Thank you! Once again a touching album with inspiring lyrics and motivational music!!!

I love everything Coldplay does. For me they are a reality to love, to take as an example in life. Forever in my heart. Chris anchored to my soul!

Listening to Guy and John talking this long is really pleasant, thank you for everything guys, the album, the live stream show, the videos, everything!

Thanks for explaining the reasoning behind that photo for the album. Its neat that you took something from your family's past and adopted it for Coldplay. This album's now in my top favs, right by 'Viva la Vida' & 'Rush of Blood to the Head'. Incredible stuff♡

So up themselves now its untrue. Remember politik and Amsterdam. What has chris martin become. Guy is interesting when he talks cars.

Jon using a 12-string is cool.
I wonder if the guys were trying to be a repeat of what Yanni did since the Acropolis though.

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