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Comparing different Alden shoe soles in 2020

Comparing different Alden shoe soles in 2020

Let me introduce you to a couple unique
bottoms from Alden and this is a brand new sole that they’ve come up with. We’ve
been looking for a sole like this. You don’t lose the look of the shoe it’s very attractive, has plenty of bounce to it. We think the wear durability is going to be great–it’s that new that we don’t have results as of yet. Moving along here’s the all-weather walking sole This is a fabulous sole for
dampness–snow, damp weather, cold, it’s a great bottom. It’s not great in June, July, August–that’s it has a lot of stickiness at this bottom. Further along the line here’s the basic Commando sole. This is attached to a full
leather bottom and you can see the rubber tip here on it and this has the reverse welt on this shoe and a very long wearing bottom. For weight this is about the lightest sole that we have. That’s air blown. It’s a Goodyear
bottom–very, very light wears down a little quicker but it can be fixed the heels can be wedged and fixed as well and lastly old reliable Goodyear here on
this chukka boot we also stock these soles so these are quite easily done and
they feel very comfortable not really heavy either. So that gives you a
little bit overview of some of the soles that Alden puts on and makes unique
feels to these very fine shoes.

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