Good morning. I am arriving at the sanatorium
from viana de cega spectacular, huge I will try to enter It is perhaps one of the sanatoriums more
sinister maybe the place that says more
delighted, has stories that now you I’ll be counting, especially the one
chapel account, which I sincerely read it before coming and
They’ve got the creeps, like scarpias up. Also of
basement and pool I’ll tell you, as it arrives, as it goes
entering the place the site is one of the places more paranormal than
They have never seen each other in Spain, it’s in middle of the forest It has a sinister history. This building was
opened in the 50s. made the tuberculosis sanatorium function
until 1963 when it closed inexplicably within a few years of
use, the patients being transferred to the centers of other provinces. I dont know
found explanation for closing This sanatorium It is in 1970 when it is
transformed into a teaching center and treatment of poor children whose
high maintenance cost made will only remain active for three
years being definitely abandoned in 1982
We enter, the structures are very very bad I’m going in The site has vandalized a lot. Being here alone is strange. Classrooms we are surrounded by forest
I don’t know if there will be people around here there are still blinds
even from the old school paranormal experts
claim that paranormal activity is very strong inside, almost all
coincide on the second floor: malaise dizziness, lazy legs, stress, changes
drastic temperature rises electromagnetic field, feeling of
being watched, hairs like scarp and vision of a girl
spectral running around the plant because it was converted into schools for
disabled children and hence also some of the stories come
they count from their place including including the pool that we will now see as you will see the building is monstrous notice how many places you have Down there is a basement that I will try to show you look up some parts of the
doors bathrooms have been vandalized it is said that when you upload the second
floor phenomena occur on the body of
the people who come here say that oppression occurs the person sinks
physically and psychologically, several people have had to sit down because I can’t go on
I hope it doesn’t happen to me … the paper remains from the old center here,
it was a children’s center disabled
the ‘fourth millennium’ program visited the place and heard screams for the
corridors and pigeon navarrete collaborator usual program during your visit
perceived a very negative energy the I call horrible impregnation and also
identified a woman named daisy that really existed and that it is known that
She worked as a caregiver at school This is simply gigantic, I don’t even know where to go … fortunately I bring good shoes you have to be careful because there are
lots of holes in the ground I will try to show only the
rooms that have something because it is too big, not to be too long neither the bathrooms and others the satanic theme I’ve never seen it so
strong as on this site it’s full of inverted crosses …
says that in the basement they have been made very much satanism the windows are very pretty
circular i am completely alone
in the middle of the forest in a sanatorium with fame of producing fainting,
that there are very strong presences that produce
true barbarities about the person I hope nothing happens if it happens to me
anything, I’ve already warned where I am why if something happened to me there is no problem
and I hope at least upload the video to YouTube if something happens to me look at the screens guys at least for you to see what has happened and what I have done has a value many years ago, they are no longer manufactured
tiles like that I will go to the next floor if you see or hear anything leave it in the comments or any strange feeling being in this terrifying place the basement or the
chapel are other places with more paranormal activity, in the first one they are
frequent shadow sightings running step noise or drag
of heavy furniture that no longer exists. In the chapel tells the legend that a
man dressed in black came to the chapel and made a ritual that opened the
door to an evil entity that cohabits between the walls of the sanitarium with the
rest of souls … we will go up and then we will go to the basement to see how it is It’s huge, I don’t know if I can see everything we are surrounded by forest Hi I’m going to start with this wing they say that formerly there were children’s books now there is practically nothing
but if I see something I will show it they say that here is the presence of a teacher that was in
the time of disabled children there are rumors
that children are mistreated, I don’t know if is it true or not,
they should have been the cupboards of the would the cafeteria be? or a dining room cafeteria or reception of a building wing this is huge
look at the marble floor It looks like a reception hall it doesn’t seem to end I will continue by
here we have many, many hello plants it looks like being a bathroom yes
pretty big the closets of the area I thought I heard a few steps behind me,
I don’t know if it’s mine that rumble I will try to make less noise there is the pool behind and then I’ll tell
what is said to have happened in her that is scary another important area where you have registered activity is the environment of the pool where
It is said that a girl was drowned Little one named Ana. look at the bottom … imagine you alone here the presence that they say appear and someone can also appear let’s go to the next floor I think it’s where people faint and give we’ll see and then we will see the chapel where they say something completely scary happened nothing pity that this vandalized It is said that on this floor you lose
strength they give fatigue, tremble the legs people have had to sit for a while … they came very
calm but suddenly had to sit down I don’t want to suggest I won’t be sitting here Hi another ladder marmo too, good raw materials were used another elevator, the elevator shaft then we will upload more it seemed like noise from people but I think
what are the pigeons it’s frightening as you see the halls are endless I advise you not to come to these places, it is very dangerous more classrooms lots of broken glass a larger area, looks like a classroom
let’s see if we find the chapel the huge pool the halls are super sinister there’s a strange light there in the background Blinds yellow color scare! the dove has given me a good scare the color is due to yellow tiles There’s a red bow in the window, how weird Hi the blinds cast it seems they have burned something as if bats of the few doors I’ve seen that
left here is this a bathroom probably I’m going up look amazing the steps of
marble the incredible truth could be very expensive look how tall the sanitarium is
the size you have up here and the other wing that we just came
now satanic rites here
everything is terrifying on this site the rites
satanic are every meter is something amazing Hi inside the sanitarium record more than one
time, however, after he entered in the chapel, all the archives
they were corrupt, including the upper where I found used candles
probably in satanic rituals and also my visit to the basement, which
I walked to the end. I could only save some fragments that I share and
Photographs sanatorium chapel note that all columns have inverted crosses look at 666 I’m going to lower the basement Hi this is the pool where Ana drowned if you have seen on my channel regularly
they know he has visited only several sanatoriums I’ve even gone down to their basements
no problem, however here I felt a pressure at the back of the neck,
as if something was squeezing me and since I left the sanitarium and on my return in
train to Madrid, I started feeling bad having a fever for several days,
fortunately a week I already I was fine. I don’t know the cause of this
maybe it was stale in the basement or perhaps another reason that did not reach
understand so far the video of I wanted to emphasize that I just
I dedicate to urban exploration and I am not expert in the paranormal field, although
If I am interested in this field I do not dedicate myself to it. As always I will highlight a
comment from the previous scan in this case of the abandoned sect where
I asked them if they wanted me to come back with Jasogurbex and look what was behind
The curtains of the cabin. I will highlight Marisol Ferrer’s comment that we
he says hello heart what a handsome place like flip like I really liked what
piece of place, it’s wonderful, with its little details and everything, I want you to come back
to the place it fascinated me, what a cool place so
beautiful, alone or accompanied, yes or yes, this it’s a great video, thanks a lot for
share, very good your video, a hug I congratulate you. Many thanks
Marisol for your comment and a hug If, like her, you want your comment to be highlighted in the next video answer the question: would you advise me
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