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Copy & Paste Videos on YouTube and Earn $100 to $300 Per Day – FULL TUTORIAL

Copy & Paste Videos on YouTube and Earn $100 to $300 Per Day – FULL TUTORIAL

in this video you’re gonna learn how to
copy and paste videos on YouTube and I’m between 100 and 300 dollars per day on
YouTube with this myth that this is going to be a full tutorial so you
definitely want to watch the entire video now as a disclaimer you will not
earn any money if you do not follow the steps in this video you need to watch
the entire video from start to finish and I cannot guarantee you any type of
results because I do not know your work ethic or how well you pay attention so
what to expect in this video a step-by-step tutorial on how to make
videos for free how to make thumbnails for your videos and how you can possibly
earn between 100 and 300 dollars or more per day on YouTube with these free
videos that you’re gonna be able to create very quickly and also as a bonus
I’m going to give you information on how to make even more money before your
monetize because with YouTube before you can make money with the YouTube ad
revenue and the YouTube Partner Program you have to have a thousand subscribers
and four thousand hours of watch time so that may take a month or two or maybe
even longer to get before you can get accepted to become a YouTube partner so
I’m going to show you how to make extra money before you even become a YouTube
partner as a bonus now as you can see we have a channel here that is currently
making between eight hundred and twelve thousand dollars per month with the
method I’m getting ready to show you in this video I’m going to show you a full
tutorial so I’m going to show you how to do everything from start to finish so
keep watching but as you can see that they’re getting between eight hundred
and twelve thousand dollars per month in revenue with their channel now I
guarantee you it is not as low as eight hundred dollars per month socialblade
tends to underestimate revenue because they do that with my channel and lots of
other channels the CPM is going to depend on the type of channel it is and
if you click here and go to social blade you click on this question mark whenever
you answer in a channel you’ll see that
their estimate for a CPM which is cost per mile and that really means cost per
1000 views so they’re estimating that they’re making 25 cents between 25 cents
and $4 USD per thousand views now for a motivation channel that is actually
really low motivation channels have like at least a $10 CPM so ten dollars for
every thousand views and they had three million views last month so I guarantee
you they’re making more than three hundred dollars per day and also as you
can see they only have 86 uploads on this channel only 86 videos on this
channel and they have over 1.5 million subscribers and 34 million video views
on this channel they haven’t even uploaded consistently really and truly
all it takes is the right videos to get the ball rolling so I’m gonna show you
how to make the type of videos in this video so keep watching is gonna be a
full tutorial as you can see motivational videos are very popular
people who are in business who are entrepreneurs watch these videos every
single day and they tend to have like a higher CPM like I said before because
they are geared towards a specific audience and they’re geared towards
business owners and entrepreneurs and advertisers tend to pay more for
advertising because the types of products and services that business and
entrepreneurs make or types of products and services that businesses and
entrepreneurs purchase are high ticket courses software’s and things like that
so the CPM for these channels are high like I said before you can make some
good money with these type of videos this one right here has over 15 million
views it’s ten minutes long and his channel does not have very many views
not views but videos as well so if I go back to socialblade he only has 50
or uploads so he does not upload every day either and he has almost 4 million
views for the last 30 days so now let me show you how to make these type of
videos very quickly where you can actually make these videos ease and for
free without getting copyrighted or without having to spend a whole bunch of
time now what you want to do to get royalty-free copyright free stock videos
like they have in these types of videos you want to go to and you want
to type in similar clips like similar things that they have in these videos so
and these type of videos they usually have people walking on beaches people
being emotional if it’s something talking about like not quitting or going
after your dreams if you look at the videos and watch the videos yourself you
can kind of tell what type of clips you need to look for so you just type it in
here so it walks on beach and then you want to select videos and you’ll find a
ton of different types of videos here that are related to what you typed in we
have one here and this is actually like a drone footage of a beach so all you
have to do in order to get the video is you just click on download and you can
get the video for free so you’ll download it and full HD and hit free
download and they’ll download straight to your computer so now if I go back and
play one of these videos you’ll be able to see that they have a motivational
speaker speaking in the background and they also have music in the background
so in order to get audio of the motivational speakers you’ll just copy
the YouTube video link and you’ll do a youtube search or a Google search
actually for a YouTube video to audio converter and you’ll paste in the link
click on convert then you’ll download the audio ok so once you have your audio
downloaded and your video clips download it you want to get a video editing
where you could use a free video editing software called open shots this is a
basic simple video editor this is all you need to do these type of videos just
go to open shot org and you’ll be able to download this on any type of computer
ok so once you have it downloaded you’re going to open it up and you’re going to
import your audio and your video clips into the software and you’re going to
arrange it and make a video so what you do is you’ll hit file then you’ll hit
import files and you’re gonna import all of your video clips that you’ve
downloaded and your audio clips now what you want to do is you want to go to
track 1 drag down your audio and then on track – you’ll start putting your video
clips together so we’ll put the first video clip here and after each video
clip you can actually add a transition or effects to it so we’ll do a
transition you can pick from all these different transitions that they have for
this one I’ll just choose fade you’ll just drag it down after the video clip
then you go back to project files and then you’ll add the next video clip
after the transition so if we play the video you should be able to see the
video and then hear the audio but I wouldn’t put that one first I will
actually probably put this one this one is one of the businessman and I’ll
actually put that one first so what you want to do is you want to
try to find like I said before clips that match up to audio whatever he’s
talking about or whoever the speaker is talking about or whatever the speaker is
talking about you want to find clips that go along with that so I’ll move
that out the way then I’ll add another transition between that and you could
just push it push the different clips to move them and rearrange them it’s very
simple very easy nothing too hard this is the way you could start out and once
you start making some money that you can reinvest
paid softwares and trainings on how to do more advanced stuff so let’s start
this over okay so I’ll start it over okay so it’s kind of choppy because I’m
running a video editing software and my screen recorder and all these software’s
at once but you should be able to clip all of these different clips together
these free royalty-free copyright free clips together and make a video once
you’ve made your video then you are going to go to youtube and upload your
video now one of the ways that you can do this is you can upload the video with
a similar title that you found the audio from so if you found a video that has a
lot of views in a short amount of time and you recreate a video like that with
the audio the same speaker and stuff that they used and use different video
clips and stuff like that and put it together into a new video you can use
the same title that they used and the same tags because it’s proven to work so
you use vid IQ which is free to download or to copy their title and their tags
you’ll be able to see what videos are getting good results by looking at the
views per hour this video has fifteen hundred and fifty views per hour so this
is pretty much doing pretty well and also in your description you want to
give credit to the speakers so in this video the audio that we downloaded it
from or the audio from this video that we just downloaded the speakers were
eternally robins Eric Thomas and Jacko or Joko will link so give credit to
those speakers in your description they’ve also linked to the websites
their different social medias as well and the reason why they do this is
because these motivational speakers see that you’re helping their brand out help
promote their brand by giving credit to the speakers
then they usually do not copyright you for this because it helps them get
recognition and helps them with their brand and then also you want to put
where you got the video footage from so in this case we got ours from pixels
that’s what you’re gonna put your description they got theirs from video
blocks which is a paid platform and that’s something I talked about in the
previous video that I did about making money with YouTube a couple of days ago
so if you want to you can go watch that video as well on my channel the last
thing that I want to talk about is thumbnails now if you can look at this
channel you can see that the thumbnails are very high quality but they’re very
simple they’re not anything that would take Photoshop or anything like that all
you have to do is do a simple search on google for pictures of either the people
that are speaking in the video or some pictures of something that goes along
with the theme of the video so this one right here this was talking about
don’t quit they show I believe this is the rock and it just simply says don’t
quit in the thumbnail and the way that you can do these type of thumbnails is
you can go to a website called canva comm and you want to create a thumbnail
with the size of 1920 by 1080 and that is the right size for a thumbnail for
the videos and I would just start off with a blank canvas and then go over to
Google and you can type in the name of the speaker’s one of the name of the
speakers or you could type in something that is similar to what the original
video that you found the audio on type of thumb know that they have so this one
I believe this is a boxer or some type of UFC fighter I don’t know but you
could search for pictures like that on Google I’ll just use a rock for example
because in the other thumbnail so look for one working out or something
probably just use this one download this one but uh I would crop out all of that
at the bottom then go back to canva go to upload then drag the image on the
canvas make it to where it fits the canvas
this one is actually kind of blurry I’ll get another photo okay so this one’s
perfect now you just get some text and you’ll put some text on here so this one
says dream the video is about remembering your dream that’s the speech
of what it’s about so you want to put something that gives a little snippet
about what the video is gonna be about in your title and in your thumbnail so
we’re just gonna put dream here like they did click on text then I’ll write a
dream in all caps they make it big and then move it over
and I can if I wanted to resize it okay so that’s a thumbnail right there for a
motivational video very simple very easy does not have to be anything extravagant
the thumbnails for these type of videos are always very simple so you just
download the thumbnail and then you’ll upload your video like I said with the
tags that are similar to the ones that you got the audio from and the title and
that’s it you’ll just keep uploading videos and start building up your
channel now time for the bonus so the bonus is affiliate marketing you could
do this on YouTube and make extra money without even having to be mid sized or
before you’re even monetized on your channel and the way you’re going to do
that is you’re gonna come to a place called Clickbank or you can go to any
affiliate website even Amazon Associates which is Amazon’s affiliate program you
can promote affiliate products in your description as well so let me give you
an example if we go to the description of one of these YouTube videos for
motivation one of these channels they have links in the description going to
Amazon affiliate links or different affiliate offers like this one they’re
promoting Amazon audiobooks so if I click on the link is going to take us to
audible on Amazon and they’re going to get a commission for this when somebody
signs up for audio both through their link also like I said people put links
to different book here in the descriptions is well from
the speakers like they’ll put books from Eric Thomas or books from Tony Robbins
and they’ll put their Amazon affiliate link in the description and you can sign
up for Amazon Associates by going to Affiliate – program dot this
is where you can sign up to be an Amazon affiliate and refer people to different
products on Amazon and earn up to 10 percent Commission’s
for the products that they purchase now Amazon does have a low Commission rate
that’s why I would actually recommend promoting a digital product like a
digital course or something to where you can earn 50% Commission’s or more and
earn like 50 $100 or more every time somebody purchases that digital product
and the way you’ll do that is you’ll go to clickbank you go and sign up you’ll
create a free account with a Clickbank they do pay through your bank account or
you can get a check then you can go to their affiliate marketplace to find a
product to promote now for the motivation niche like for those type of
videos you probably want to promote a self-help products so you’ll go to the
self-help niche and you’ll click on gravity and you’ll find a product that
you could promote on your channel so the overnight millionaire actually would
probably work very well with the motivation niche it’s over 300 people
making money with this product that’s what gravity means or you can go down to
the spirituality new-age niche as well and click on gravity and promote
different products in this category category as well for personal
development and self-help and things like that very easy very simple you’re
just gonna put a link in your description and at the end of the video
you can say something like a call-to-action to get people to click on
your link in the description say for instance you were promoting a product
about manifestation you could say at the end of the video for information on how
to manifest your dreams into reality blah blah blah whatever has to do with
the products click the link down in the description and you’ll
have a link to your product and you’ll be able to earn commissions
when people purchase the product from you if you want to see more videos about
Clickbank affiliate marketing I will have a link in the description to a
playlist with my other videos about Clickbank affiliate marketing and how
you can earn affiliate Commission’s as well now for my number one way to make
money online you want to definitely check out the link in the description it
comes with free training as well on how to do affiliate marketing so you
definitely want to check that out thank you for watching this video stay tuned
for the next video and make sure that you subscribe hit the bell I kind of
receive notifications on when I drop new videos cuz I will be uploading videos
every day and also don’t forget to like this video if you enjoyed it see you in
the next video


You are so awesome ! Thank you ! Still trying to learn. I am self employed in the construction field and not getting any younger for the labor intensive things in life. I am always dedicated and serious about learning and doing the right thing. I do not quite and would promote you any day 🙂 peace

There's nothing more valuable than actionable content and that's exactly what you provided in this video. Thank you Queen!

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