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Desperate Mayors Compete for Amazon HQ2

Desperate Mayors Compete for Amazon HQ2

Hi, I’m Buck Schwartzmore, mayor of Brogden,
Pennsylvania. Home of the Brogden Lions, a haunted rock
quarry, and hopefully the future home of Amazon HQ2! Word is that New Jersey’s offering 7 billion
dollars in tax breaks. Well, Brogden is willing to sweeten the pot
too, we’ll take 10 billion dollars in tax burdens
and shift them off you, onto our local businesses and residents. Go Lions! I’m Mayor Steve Hightower of Anderson, Virginia home of the Anderson Tigers and the world’s
best tasting ham! Anderson’s known for our small town charm
and our unyielding crony capitalism. Hell, our town seal is Mr. Monopoly beatin’
up a coal orphan. And we’re willing to grease the wheels with
15 billion dollars in refundable tax credits, ’cause we do what it takes here in Anderson. Go Tigers! Hi, Buck Schwartzmore again, looks like our friends south of the Mason-Dixon
line have put on their big boy pants ooh! Well here in Brogden, we’re willing to give
you 20 billion dollars in direct kickbacks. We’re willing to go the extra mile for you
here in Brogden. In fact, over the weekend, me and the city
manager drove down to Anderson Virginia and broke a sh*t-ton of windows. Go Lions! Well the joke’s on them! Fixing all these broken windows is gonna be
great for our infrastructure spending! Our economy is going to the moon! That’s why we’re prepared to offer you guys
30 billion dollars in unmarked non-sequential bills, no questions
asked. We do what it takes, face it! We got the land, we got the people, we got
the desire, the only thing we don’t have is a respect
for taxpayers or basic understanding of economics! Come on down to Anderson Virginia! Or should I say Amazon Virginia, that’s right, we will change the name of our
town. Go Tigers! Amazon Tigers. Okay, first, tigers don’t live in the Amazons,
that’s just stupid. Second, we’ve put 50 billion taxpayer dollars
in an untraceable overseas account, that’s yours for the taking. Third, we’ll not only rename the town, we’ll
re-brand the Lions the Amazon Primes! The jerseys will have prime numbers on the
back of them, the box seats will all look like Amazon Prime
boxes, I mean, the whole concept just sings, really. Go Primes! Amazon Primes! All right, bullet train, you want a bullet
train? ‘Cause I will eminent domain this whole f*ckin
town and build you the fastest train you ever saw. We’ll take it all the way to Seattle, I don’t
give a sh*t. You can blow up anything you want just for
fun around here. You think I’m bluffin? Watch: Go Tigers. Okay let’s get real, real talk. I have a shipment of pure uncut cocaine flown
in from Bogota every weekend. You like women, men? Hell I’ll jump on the pile I just… need those jobs. I could be, senator, governor… I will do anything for those jobs, I will do- anything. I have in my hand a legal document that entitles all high ranking employees at
Amazon to hunt and kill for sport human beings inside the city limits of Amazon
Virginia. All I have to do is sign it. You have not lived until you have seen the
light go out in another man’s eyes. Full in the knowledge it was your cunning
and guile that extinguished it a candle snuffed out that will never burn
again. to take a soul from another human being is to bond with an ancient energy in the universe to touch the face of God himself. All of this I offer you and more. Go Tigers!


Abolish corporate subdidies and use eminent domain to seize the property of the corrupt public officials who have indebted the community.

So the main point of this video is that two cities or states are bidding in form of tax breaks,subsides, and other from corporate welfare to intice amazon to move there. I find reason this be disengenous last I remember the libertarian party and reason both support the taft Hartley act which corporations use as bidding system between states. Pitting union against non union state vs state prime example the american south which is the cheap labor states using that leverage against workers and state governments in other parts of the country.

hmmm but how do we wrangle this with our libertarian ideology? Are we saying towns competing via tax breaks is a bad thing or are we saying that politics trumps economics. In that case are we anti-democratic? This one actually perplexes me.

Just focus on making your town or city an attractive place to do business in general. Getting a hundred small businesses to set up shop in your town may not be as flashy as getting a huge corporation like Amazon but it's just as effective AND has the benefit of keeping your economy diversified. Plus none of those small businesses can hold the city hostage by threatening to leave if they don't get special treatment.

Cronyism and corporatism are the same thing under different names. Principled libertarians and principled progressives have more in common than we tend to admit.

Big business usually does help small towns by providing jobs (usually well-paying jobs). These jobs introduce new sources of income into the town allowing it to grow. But the short-term cost is that the local government will sometimes make the taxpayers pay more in exchange of giving the big business tax-breaks. Which is risky in itself because increasing taxes on the locals stifles their ability to spend money thus stagnating the local economy and growth. Another solution could be to offer tax-breaks and not increase taxes on the locals, but that means the local government has to make cuts, which some small towns simply can't afford to do. The biggest risk is always that the big business could leave the town, bankrupting the town in the process because it becomes so reliant on that big business. Also getting a big business in town makes local politicians look really good and increases their chances of re-election.

Missed the opportunity to edit Braggs voice to sound like Weinstein when he's making Elizabeth Olsen a sexual offer she cant refuse if she really wants that Oscar for Wind River.

Very funny. You know what else is funny: The number of people this piddling whiney naysaying website employs as compared to Amazon.

hey, I thought bidding and competition is a free market thing. I guess since it's done by big bad local governments, logic does not apply.. Are you for limiting local people's ability to bargain?

As Libertarians, we can't have it both ways. Free market. Lower taxes. Less government. If they don't get the taxes they would normally get because of a sweetheart deal to bring the company to their city then they just have to operate with less tax revenue. Scale back operations perhaps or gasp continue business as usual (less additional tax revenue is not the same as collecting fewer taxes). It is not a foregone conclusion that it is at the expense of the other taxpayers. Where did we get that nonsense? Maybe John Oliver thinks this is crony capitalism, but it's really just free market doing its thing. Don't take the bait. We are Libertarians. Act like it.

I don't see why libertarians are against this, they're just saying if you bring jobs to a location that they'll take less of Amazon's money. It's better to have the jobs alone than no jobs and no tax revenue.

As long as they are tax breaks there's no real burden to the government, plus they get to tax the new worker's incomes, sales, property, etc.

Can someone send me a Ham from Anderson, VA so I can confirm if that was a true statement. I am dedicated to confirming the truth in statements.

Voters want politicians to make magic – and this is the result.
People are willing to vote / support initiatives that rob from them by stealth but openly reward them a fraction of the takings.
Few politicians can resist the temptation to do so.
The mayors are not the culprit here. The public is.

As I understand it, whenever huge companies want to move into small towns they don't create jobs, they just suck off the local government and then import workers from elsewhere. It doesn't actually benefit the citizens of the small town at all and only adds to local corruption and causes massive environmental changes from the influx of new people and the necessary infrastructure spending needed to accommodate them.

Do I understand this correctly?

It is very unlikely that Amazon will need a tremendous central office ,data processing technology is improving ,thus they ,may go back to their original business plan which was not to do their own fulfillment ,but to to have the vendors ship directly to the buyers.

This is one of the best videos produced by these two gentlemen. When addressing freedom oppressors, it's hard to find that balance of quality humor mixed with powerful information, but this effort captures it magnificently. Well done! Keep up the great work!

Love this! Should be required screening for ALL politicians. Then take a poll to see how many think these are "sound" ideas.

It's a race to the bottom for the cities competing for that headquarters. They really are selling out their own people.

This is so spot on that in real life a smaller city named that bid for it, Stonecrest, Georgia, amongst the initial 200+ entries ACTUALLY Offered to change their name to Amazon and make Jeff Bezos an UNELECTED leader of the municipality. Yep you heard right. Look it up

Nice video! A little humor while you give a reality check with a smile. Lets build it for Amazon too, see how long that deal lasts once they come.😂👍

When I first started this video I thought it was going to be corny but god damn this was HILARIOUS!

"I'll eminent domain this whole fucking town" hahahaha. It got pretty dark near the end lol

My town is doing the same, now I cant walk outside without wearing a bulletproof vest or see a steak cooked medium rare waiting in the middle of a human sized bear trap, comical yes, but also very serious

This is so awesome, that's all I can say, words fail me to describe how much I love this. I want to have your reason baby and name her liberty! Merica!

2:48 I will do anything for those jobs … While saying this, he applies heavy layer of lip balm to mouth. <–missed opportunity.

So, is it the people of NYC or the people of New York the state that will be paying Amazon $48k per job created? Whatever the case, I hope the tax payers there (and in VA) enjoy subsidizing mega-corporations. Yikes.

I live in Pittsburgh and has to listen to our arrogant mayor about this dumb a$$ amazon headquarters for the last 8 months. I am so thankful these crooked politicians did not get their way! Hilarious video cause this is perfect example

I think it made economic sense for New York to offer $3 billion, based on the numbers I've read. Sure, ideally, nobody would be offering anything, but it is what it is.

In the end the Pennsylvania
Mayor was ready to suck dick for the Amazon Deal.

The Virginia Mayor was willing to convert his town into a human game preserve…..VA wins this one.

Funny that libertarians imply that cocaine is some how immoral all of a sudden…almost like it's obvious there is something wrong with things even if it's between consenting parties.

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