Differences Aside, Google Will Buy Facebook Ads

(Image source: Flickr / Robert Scoble) BY NICHOLE CARTMELL Who would’ve thought? Facebook and Google
have actually come to terms with each other… at least when it comes to buying ads. For the past year, Facebook has banned Google
from its advertising exchange. That means the tech giant couldn’t bid on ads that Facebook
users are targeted with after visiting third-party websites. (Via YouTube / Robert Leathern) But the wait will soon be over. Google announced
Friday its display-ad buying software, known as DoubleClick Bid Manager, will be able to
place ads on the exchange sometime in the next few months. In a blog post, Google called it an exciting
move, saying, “Partnership has been key to Google’s success as a rising tide lifts all
boats.” In terms of the business side of things, The
Next Web notes this partnership makes perfect sense, but its rather surprising given that
Facebook and Google are practically enemies. The Next Web suggests… “It’s more likely that Google approached Facebook
than the other way around. Firstly, Google is making the announcement here, not Facebook.” And second as TechCrunch points out, “DoubleClick
allows clients to buy ads on dozens of different ad exchanges, but excluding Facebook may have
forced some clients to look elsewhere for their media buying needs.” CNET says while it’s unclear why the partnership
was made now, it will benefit both sides. “DoubleClick is a powerhouse in the online
advertising industry. And FBX is an enticing offering for ad buyers who are looking for
an entry into the online playground of Facebook’s 1 billion-plus users.” But there is concern about privacy. The executive
director for the Center for Digital Democracy told the Los Angeles Times… “Facebook’s ad exchange is a powerful targeting
system that melds its own storehouse of user information with data from other data brokers
… With Google and Facebook pooling their vast data profiles, and access to our mobile
phones, consumers will have no place to hide.” Facebook Exchange launched in June 2012. As
for when Google clients will be able to buy inventory on FBX, an exact date is still up
in the air.

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