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Display Advertising Q&A with Tim and Katie

Display Advertising Q&A with Tim and Katie

Hi, Welcome to this week’s iProspect TV. You have Katie and Tim here from the iProspect Display team and we are going to talk to you about Display Advertising. So Display Advertising covers a broad range of advertising online and it can be across multiple devices such as desktop and mobile and tablet. And I think the the one that people most ofey with is really the ones down the side, banners along the top and the square MPUs as well which you can probably see on a lot of websites that you would go on for day to day business. There’s sort of also more kinda of suttle approaches as well which would be things like sponsored links from price comparison sites or actually for example sponsored articles in which content is written and actually sponsored by the company who wants to write the article as well. So there’s actually a couple of different things and mainly it would be the banner
advertising, homepage takeovers as well. So the best thing to do when you’re thinking about running a display advertising campaign is is to first think about what your goal is. So are you looking to drive sales on your website? Are you looking to create brand
awareness and recognition? I think once you’ve defined your goal about what you want to do, it’s a much easier starting point because there’s a number of different options for you. You can look at performance display, if your goal is to drive sales or to drive leads and you can look at brand display and more high impact formats if your goal is to drive brand
awareness or brand recognition. So the first step I would say is define your goals and then look who are the best partners to deliver those goals for you. Any company, any industry can run display advertising but really it depends on what goals you want to drive. So some for example might want to do more brand awareness and some might be really focused on direct response, driving sales and driving performance. So it really depends whether you’re a banking client or you’re a fashion retailer. So it really depends on what kind of thing you want to be looking to do and looking to drive. But generally there’s no industry out there that shouldn’t really be doing display advertising to a certain extent, small or large. So I think you need to think about what your goal is. Is it to drive sales or is it brand awareness? For performance strategies, I would say
you need to put a bit of budget behind different targeting strategies to test them. So to see what works well for you. Is it prospecting that drives sales, is it re-targeting, is it contextual targeting? Once you know what works, you can refine your budget and make it focused against the best-performing targeting strategies. Yeah, it is. What you need to do is make sure that you know what you’re doing before you spend your money. It’s very easy to spend your money and get no return from it. So it’s very important that you understand where you deliver your budgets, how you measure your budgets and how you
measure your CPA, return on investment for success for the campaign. If you don’t know how to do that, it’s very important that you learn or get someone in to show you the way, definitely initially. And then there’s a learning process that you will get going forward but definitely something smaller businesses can do themselves.

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