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Display Advertising with Similar Audiences Case Study Video

Display Advertising with Similar Audiences Case Study Video

Thanks for watching Moving Traffic Media’s case study video. If you’re trying to scale your display advertising program beyond targeting people who have already visited your website, try prospecting with similar audiences. Using images and videos to find new prospects for your company is a powerful growth tactic. There are many ways to prospect with display advertising, but the similar audience tactic allows you to target only those who have the same online behaviors and attributes as your existing customers. To launch a display prospecting campaign like this you have to start with a custom audience of at least 1,000 existing customer emails. The more the better. From your existing customers, a similar audience profile can be determined based on factors like browsing behavior, devices used, and geographic location. We launched this tactic for a Financial Services client whose objective was to drive more loans throughout the United States. We had to scale quickly without losing lead quality. We started with a wide reach and optimized our targeting as we learned which segments and ad placements were performing best. Within weeks of the launch we quickly learned which audience segments were driving leads. As we added additional targeting layers, such as time of day restrictions, website exclusions and content requirements, we were able to reach our client’s goal. Within a month, the campaign provided a predictable number of leads. Once the results were consistent we took steps to increase the budget which allowed us to capture larger portions of the opportunity. Prospecting to similar audiences is now an always-on tactic to bring in new leads at a cost per conversion well within the goal. Contact us to learn more about our custom approach for each client. Moving Traffic Media Search | Social | Display

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