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DIY HDTV and Audio Upgrades

DIY HDTV and Audio Upgrades

One way to make your RV feel and sound like
home is to upgrade your audio and video components And if you enjoy watching movies and listening
to music like we do, you might also want to install an inexpensive sound system Well we’re going to show you the upgrades
we’ve made to our RV’s audio and video components Maybe it will just give some ideas for your
own DIY project Hey today i wanted to show you some upgrades
we’ve done inside of our RV We’ve owned this for about 8 years now and,
you guys know, the technology today especially with TVs and audio systems have really come
down in price and advanced quite a bit, at least since we bought this RV. We still had
a tube TV. We’ve done some upgrades as you could imagine
over the years I’m going to start back here in the bedroom
and show you what we’ve done back here When we first got the RV, there was a 13 inch
tube TV mounted in this cabinet So…nice for watching TV back here in the
bedroom But eventually it really got hard to see,
and obviously, it’s a tube TV. After a few years, who still had a tube TV. Well we did. So I wanted to swap this out with a nice LED
or LCD screen and I did this a few years ago And I liked the fact that it was in this cabinet
here I wanted to find something that I could still
keep inside the cabinet but provide a nicer display, and HD quality display so we could
watch movies in bed I realized that this cabinet here on the side
had a panel If I removed the panel I could get to the
back of the TV and remove it What I found is that there is quite a bit
of space here once I got the tube TV out So there was a piece of paneling that kind
of covered this whole area to hide the tube TV So I removed that and there was this big open
space back here I went out and got a flat screen TV that would
fit I ended up going with a 22 inch, I got as
big as I could get It kind of fills the hole pretty well So the key to this is basically mounting the
TV so that I could view it nicely from bed which meant I needed to angle it down a little
bit So I layed in bed and went through a few adjustments
to get it just right I took some 2x2s and screwed them into the
cabinet here and made this bracket I don’t know if you can see it back there.
But I got a standard mounting bracket and mounted it to a piece of wood at the top here
and mounted the TV to it so it’s nice and secure Ok. So let’s talk about audio. Once I got this new TV in here. The video
quality looked really nice. You could see it nicely from the bed. But in order to watch
movies back here it has these two little speakers in front. You really had to jack the volume
all the way up to hear it. Then you could hear it everywhere. So wanted to come up with another solution
that allowed us to kinda have really good audio quality while we were laying in bed I was able to run some speaker wire all the
way from the TV and I wanted it to be hidden so I ran it all the way through the wall and
under the coach and up to the other side here I was able to locate the wires that went to
those speakers above the bed and wire them to this little amp I needed some kind of amplifier because there
was no amplification coming out of the TV speakers So I found this little amplifier for under
20 bucks on Amazon and it was enough to do the trick. To give me enough power and wired
these speaker outputs here to go now to those speakers up there So. When I want to watch a movie I simply
switch this on and now I get some awesome audio from my movie right above our head in
the bed Ok. We’ll that’s a quick look at what we did
back here in the bedroom. Now let’s head up front and I’ll show you kind of our make shift
home theater setup in the front Ok now in the front of the RV, we have this
nice little TV cabinet that came with the RV. It originally had a Jensen 12 volt DC
powered TV that sat in there And it has this nice little electronic swing
arm on it that kind of swings the TV in and out. We decided not to upgrade to another 12 volt
TV. I just didn’t want to spend the money, plus now that I have an inverter I don’t really
need a DC powered TV. I can just run an AC powered TV for less money on the inverter. I found a TV that maximized the size to get
the biggest size for this spot I found Vizio 32 inch TV that I could mount
outside this cabinet It was kind of a challenge because I had to
find a way to mount it to the existing motorized arm, but the arm was actually designed for
the TV to be inset within the cabinet So here’s what I did I had to find a way to extend the mounting
so I could push the TV out about 4 to 5 inches so it would be outside the cabinet This is an “L” shaped thing here so it is
designed to have the TV sit within the frame So I found this little extender, this little
mount extension on Amazon for about 19 dollars And it’s adjustable. It adjusts in different
directions, up, down and swivels back and forth. So it worked out perfectly. I got it
adjusted by drilling an extra hole to line it up just right As I close it, it puts just enough pressure
on the TV so it keeps it really nice and snug I put these little rubber stopper things on
strategic places so that when it snugs up against the cabinet wall here it’s nice and
snug and it doesn’t move around or vibrate while I’m going down the road. That has worked
really well. There’s one there, one up at the top and a couple on the other side as
well. The surround sound system sounds really awesome
in here It comes with a sub woofer and 5 surround
sound speakers so it’s basically just running speaker wire through the cabinets to get them
to the right place. Under the TV there is where the center channel
is Right and left channel located up here
And the sub woofer I ended up putting under my couch
Here’s the left rear speaker in the kitchen area and on the other side here is the right
rear speaker You can’t really see any wires because they
are all kind of tucked away inside the cupboards. You may need to drill a couple holes But, the bottom line is that it sounds awesome,
whether you’re watching a movie or whether you’re just listening to music. Sounds great Ready to watch a movie. I’m ready. What are
we watching. Well, Top Gun
Again? I like Top Gun!
Do you want to be Maverick or Goose? Maverick of course. Goose doesn’t make it.
But, alright. Alright MAV
Alright Goose! Laughing…Isn’t this how all couples watch
movies? So what movie are we watching?
We’re going to watch Top Gun. Ok. You want to be Maverick or Goose?
I don’t want to be sitting like this. Alright. Do some of that flying Shit Mav!
We’re enjoying a movie.


Cool video, Thanks to you both ! Lovely !
Please, go boondocking somewhere and make some videos for us.
Pleeeease………  🙂
Cheers from France,

Another great video Brian.  Wondering why you didn't go with a wireless surround sound in your RV?  Thanks again for the video you silly "goose"    😉

Great video. I recently upgraded the TV in our rig. Would love your feedback on the video. Not nearly as professional looking a job as you did though!

Funny ending by the way. Our RV is a Georgie Boy Maverick, so we have named it Lt Pete Mitchell!

Great vid Brian, you are truly a youtube pro and your vids are untitobelieveable…lol
Subscribed for life and wife is great too…Keep it up guys!!!

Great video Brian! I  really enjoy the fun ending. You gave me some really good ideas.  recently installed a TV inform of our bed but the sound is really bad. I am going to install some speakers just like the ones  you have in your bed. That is really going to enhance the sound when we are all in bed watching a movie. Thanks so much for the time you and your wife take on making this great videos.

Really like your RV videos.  The outtakes are great…keep that up.  I am interested in sourcing the motororized arm.  Does it "lock" into place while driving so that the TV is not swaying when the RV is moving for the grandkids to watch?

Yes, a video on all your outtakes would be fun as your wife has a lot to put up with your "hi-jenks".  But my original comment asked the source of your MOTORIZED arm for the tv?  Maybe the manufacturer's name in on it?  Thanks

I would love to see what you did for wire routing. That is always the magic sauce for a clean install and I struggle with how to do that in an RV.

Hello Tito,
I enjoyed your video on the stereo upgrades. I have been wanting to put speakers in the rear of our toy hauler and due to your video I was inspired to give it a try. I bought a Lepai amp off Amazon and bookshelf speakers  from Ebay. It works great the hardest part was running the wire through and under the cabinets. Thanks again for the video.

Smart man, I learned some good stuff from you, your woman is happy and you are happy, that is all it matter. Kudos to you…

Bryan, you guys are too funny.  Good video.  I have some ideas now with which to work!  Safe travels.  Billy

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