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Do Piano Players Need One? : Chord Wheel Review

Do Piano Players Need One? : Chord Wheel Review


Want to get a chord wheel of your own? You can get the chord wheel here:
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They don't need to include minor keys. If you want to see the chords that are in a minor key, they will be the same for the major key that is 3 half notes higher. Am -> C, Cm -> Eb, Ebm – F#, etc…

Man. There are concepts you have demystified for me… I just don't understand how you don't have more traction to your channel

These edits are super entertaining hahaha. I've been learning music theory rapidly with your tri part series. I see the circle as a lock which the composer needs to twist in order to decrypt which chords fit just like this this book does, but unfortunately if I'm gonna put my money down, I'll get something more comprehensive which can make understanding the minor scale just as easy.

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