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Do You Need A Website To Make Money Online? | Affiliate Marketing

Do You Need A Website To Make Money Online? | Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be answering the question do you need your own website to make
money online in online business in affiliate marketing and whatever guys
I’m gonna answer that question in just a minute guys but diving into my computer
giving you guys a bunch of examples of ways you guys can actually make money
online in just a minute like I said before we do that though guys if you’re
brand new to the channel it’s the first time you’re checking out one of my
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button right now for brand new videos just like this one every single day and
with that being said guys I’m not gonna waste any more your time we’re gonna
dive into this video right now all right guys we’re now in my computer as you can
see on my whiteboard app and golden question right there do you need your
own website to make money online of course you guys see our a few numbers on
the left side and the box cover me wherever it is I’m gonna pull the box in
a little by little and explain each of my points like I said I guys let’s just
get this started well guys real quick just to answer the
question really simply know there are plenty of other ways to make money
online in online business whether it’s an affiliate marketing whatever and I’m
gonna give you guys a list of examples right now for ways you guys can actually
go ahead and make some money online without a website without anything guys
at most these ways we’re gonna be completely free you’re not gonna need to
pay for anything so with that said guys I’m gonna pull the Box down right now
show you guys the first way you guys quite some of the first ways to make a
youtube channel of course guys YouTube is fantastic they like the second
biggest search engine in the entire world there are literally billions of
people on YouTube every single thing which is why it’s an absolute great way
to make some money online in online business or flight marketing whatever it
is because there are so many people on them on the platform there’s so many
different niches or so many people interested in so many different things
you guys consider YouTube channel and pretty much any niche where that’s a
flip marketing Shopify or just something not in online business it could be just
like a hobby and you guys can do affiliate marketing in that niche for
example basketball fishing singing art cooking any of those guys you just look
up any of those niches on YouTube you guys are gonna find huge people with
millions of followers millions of subscribers and they’re guys I can
almost guarantee they’re making a ton of money whether just to add revenue brand
deals whether it’s just to actually actually marketing for products and
certain things like that I can guarantee you guys they’re making a ton
like just doing that guys so when my first tip is to make a youtube channel
in your desired niche of course you guys you guys can make more than one channel
if you want you guys can go about this any way you want but guys a YouTube
channel is gonna be absolutely huge now that’s a few tips of that you guys
definitely make sure you’re uploading videos consistently these guys it’s not
just enough to make the YouTube channel you guys are of course gonna need to
make some videos as well to put on that channel roading whatever it is that you
want to promote in your niche where that’s affiliate offers where that’s our
products off of Amazon whatever it is guys you guys can decide of course it’s
your business you guys or the bosses I’m not gonna tell you how to do it but with
that being said guys my first tip making YouTube channel works guys it’s not
gonna be your own website that’s gonna be your channel you guys next tip though
my second way to make some money online without a website
gonna be to used email marketing to build lists and to make sales guys guys
it’s the system that way to make some money online of course she has no
marketing is absolutely huge it’s one of the I’m not paying one of the greatest
ways to make money in affiliate marketing or just business in general
every big company has an email list or multiple email lists and but always
blasting their newsletters their promotions their offers whatever it is
guys because they do that because it makes sales and makes them a lot of
money you look at any huge company Nike Victoria’s Secret pink hand and anything
guys all these big companies they all have email lists they all have huge
email list and then area say guys they’re always sending out promotional
email because they know they convert very very well to sales
you’re a great a feud actually go ahead and start email marketing is a course to
sign up for email marketing service I personally use get response but you guys
can use ever one you want oh hey guys make a list and guys start
generating leads and guys just start building your list stuff any way you can
guys there are a ton of ways to build up your list there of course there’s a ton
of ways to build up your list I have videos on it up I make more videos on in
the future those will try it for those guys when you start building up your
email list and I start getting people on there that’s exact can start making
money guys because when do you start sending out those promotional emails
those are filled offers or whatever it is you’re actually promoting all your
emails are quality they’re good they’re well worded their well-spoken you guys
are gonna start making sales and that’s exactly what you guys want to do guys
building an email list of like a thousand people should in turn generate
you about a thousand dollars a month online and that ratio sticks for most
things guys if you have two thousand people on your email list you should in
turn to make it make about $2,000 a month online and of course guys this
might vary a little bit maybe you’ll make twenty five hundred maybe we’ll
only fifteen hundred way depends on the coati realist and how
active your customer base is and then of course whatever niche you’re in a few
things factored into that guy’s building up an MLS and selling directly to them
is definitely gonna be one of your top ways to make some money online without
having a website at all with that being said guys I’m gonna go down to the next
one the third tip I have for you guys is to use Facebook pages and Facebook
groups generate leads and sales as building up a following with Facebook
pages or groups is another fantastic way actually make some money online because
of course guys Facebook again billions of people on they’re interested in a ton
of different things so pretty much almost any niche we’re working on there
you’re gonna find people are gonna be interested in again whether that’s
fishing basketball singing whatever it is guys you’re gonna be able to find and
build an audience if you just put out valuable content on the regular key very
consistently you’re growing an audience are going up following once you got
3,000 people on your Facebook fan page or in your Facebook group you guys can
easily start pushing affiliate offers or affiliate promotions and start making
sales to them again guys just say making a youtube channel it is completely free
to do it’s completely free to start all you have to do guys only cost is time of
course guys you put in the time the work and the dedication actually make these
things work you’ll be able to make some money online guys like Hank guarantee
that let’s be honest if you don’t put in any work any time or any effort into
these methods and of course none not gonna work nothing works
unless you guys do so with that being said guys a lot of people on this video
are not gonna do anything it’s not gonna take action I encourage you guys right
now to take action I’m just one one of these things guys making YouTube channel
make a Facebook group maybe a fanpage or you guys can do my last thing I have one
here I’m gonna show you right now and pull a box on for the last time which is
gonna be to build a following on Instagram to make affiliate sales go to
your audience or to dupe a post with brands and other other influencers you
guys building an Instagram is another fantastic way actually grow a following
and then in turn make sales to that up to that following or you can go the
other route that a lot of people on instagram also do which is dupe a post
with brands or there’s other influencers and that in terms of just kind of doing
like shoutouts a lot of people are willing to pay a good amount of money
just to have you shout them out on your Instagram where you know to shout out
their brand on you’re gonna pay a lot of money guys these Instagram influencers
make thousands of dollars every single week just doing paid posts so guys once
you have that initial following in that audience bolt up you imagine just making
a few hundred dollars is their posting a picture at some level guys it really
become that easy now of course guys with all of
these things building up that initial following that initial audience is
probably gonna be the hardest part honestly I’m not gonna lie to you guys
with that but again guys all these methods or majority of them are gonna be
completely free at the same time you guys of course it doesn’t take a little
bit of time but that’s the trade you guys make of course she has gonna be a
lot of money online and you don’t want to like actually go into any paid
advertising or spending any money or buying your own website these are some
of the greatest ways actually make money online and to do that using completely
free traffic completely free methods and like I said guys the only thing this is
gonna cost you is time but if you’re willing to put in the time the energy
and the hard work to actually make these things work then guys you’re gonna have
really good chances of succeeding in online business and making some money
online which of course guys is the end goal for you after watching this video
hopefully with that being said guys hopefully you enjoyed the video
hopefully got some value out of this and hopefully you guys I could take action
on at least one of these things if not more with that being said guys like I
said this wraps up this video if you really enjoyed the video and then
definitely make sure to subscribe right now for brand new videos just like this
one every single day and with that being said guys my name is Anthony Villa I
will see you in the next one and I am out peace


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Hey Anthony ! For sure ! I make most of my money with youtube and facebook. Websites and SEO is getting so crowded, I wouldn't go for google. Youtube, facebook and instagram are so much faster than Search Engines^^

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