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EASY ASANA TUTORIAL – How to use Asana for beginners

EASY ASANA TUTORIAL – How to use Asana for beginners

In this video I’m gonna give you a super
simple overview of how you can use Asana to basically organize your life. I’ve
been using Asana for about a year now, and for me as a solopreneur it has been
super helpful and helping me get tasks done so that I can make the money that I
need to make. It’s also really helpful to me and helping me track my own personal
habits and so whatever it is that you want to organize, Asana really is a
great tool. And so if you’re completely new to the tool then this video is for
you. So the first thing that you want to go and want to do with Asana,
and let me mention also that Asana is available both as a tool that you can
use on a browser, on the internet like I’m using it right here or you can use
it on your cell phone or mobile device as an app. You can definitely
use this to track your projects throughout the
entire day Once you’ve created your
profile, if you’re using the desktop version you’re gonna go into “new”
and in new there are few things that you can do. You can either create a task, a
project or a conversation. A TASK is simply something that you want to be
able to just check off really quickly. If you have something more elaborate that
has multiple steps you may want to create a PROJECT for that and then if
you’re going to be working with a team this is where you can create a
CONVERSATION. in this video I’m not gonna be talking about conversations; I will
talk about it in another video where I talk about teams in Asana. I will
talk about tasks and project in this video. I love it if you can organize things
into PROJECTS and so let’s go ahead and create a new project.
Let’s call it BOOK PROJECT. There are a few ways that you can organize
your project; you can organize them as a list or as a board that you can move
sticky notes around on; it really is up to you. I tend to like the list
format so let’s create the project. So now that we’ve created
the project we’re gonna add some tasks. The very first one we’re gonna ADD NEW
and so as you can see, when I hit that we had this dialog box open. And so we’re
just gonna put in here COMPLETE FIRST DRAFT. Okay, then we
are going to put a due date on that April 30TH and we’re gonna put a
description this needs to be finished by April 30th.
You can definitely also attach any files you may have maybe as you’re writing
this book if they’re pertinent files that you want to be able to remember you can
do those attachments right here. You can certainly give it a thumbs up, if this
was a team project you can copy the tasks link and share it with somebody
else. So there are few things that you can do. Once you’ve
created that, you don’t need to do anything; it’s confusing because
sometimes you can be tempted to hit this and mark the task as complete but because we
haven’t completed it it’s important that we do mark it as complete. And
then we can go ahead and add another task. I’m gonna do this behind
the scenes and then show you the finished product. I’m coming to
the end of the tasks for this particular project so we’re just gonna publish this
book eventually on Amazon and put a due date for that at a May 30th. Alright and so now we have tasks within
our project you can actually view this on a calendar as well and so you’ll be
able to open up the calendar and take a look at the dates that these are due so
that you can get an overview of when things are due. If you had people on this particular project or write or you wanted to add
people you could go right here to share and then you would be asked to go ahead
and share the emails of people that you want to be notified every time this is
ready for you to update alright. Definitely, this is something that you
could work on with a team. if there are any files that you want to include in here
like I said you earlier you could that Perhaps these are general files that apply
to everything regarding the project; you could definitely upload your files over
as well. And so really that is a general overview of what you can do with Asana.
As a basic user you can create a PROJECT, you can create TASKS and then
you can put due dates and then share it with other people.

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