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Enabling Intelligent Retail | NRF 2020

Enabling Intelligent Retail | NRF 2020

[MUSIC].>>We are here at the NRF and we
are Enabling Intelligent Retail. [MUSIC]>>Enabling Intelligent Retail is really centered around how
retailers can know their customer, delivering an intelligent
supply chain, reimagining retail, as well
as empowering employees. [MUSIC]>>We talk about the importance of retailers unifying their data to get a complete view
of their customer. With Dynamics 365 Customer
Insights and Azure Synapse, we can do just that, by being able to pull in
data from any data source, and then be able to
analyze that data, and then have the application
layer with customer insights, be able to really show you the
full life cycle of a customer. It’s about partnering with
our retailers to help them aggregate all of
the data that they have, to be able to have a 360
degree view of their customer. That personalization is so important because it allows them
to do very tailored experiences. It goes beyond things like
discounts and actually allows a retailer to create very unique
personalized experiences, that drive loyalty, and
ultimately create raving fans. [MUSIC]>>We need to be able
to understand as much about what’s happening
within a store at any given point in time
as we need to be able to understand what’s
happening on a website at any given point in time. Those insights understanding
who’s in your store, what they’re doing,
where they’re going, and ultimately what
they’re buying is going to help you understand
your customers much more intimately and be able to help you serve them in a
much more personalized way.>>The really exciting thing about the Microsoft partnership
is we’re bringing all solutions and putting
them onto Azure, because we process over 400
million transactions every week, and Microsoft enables us to really power that with the
right computing power, the right scale, the
right security to enable more retailers and their suppliers
to access our solutions. [MUSIC]>>Microsoft and our partnership
with retailers around the world are Enabling
Intelligent Retail from the corner store to the
largest global retailers. [MUSIC]

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