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Endzone A World Apart (p)Review – Fallout meets Banished (German, many subtitles)

Endzone A World Apart (p)Review – Fallout meets Banished (German, many subtitles)

In the future of the year 2171 humanity is almost extinct and the earth is a contaminated dirty heap of rubbish. 150 years earlier, in 2021, terrorists around the world blew up several nuclear power plants.worldwide. And so it came about that in the ensuing chaos mankind almost died out completely. Only a few survived in bunkers and some now dare to take a first look out of the bunker door. These settlers are trying to regain a foothold on the surface and are working to reclaim a small patch of land. But radiation rains, droughts and sandstorms make it very difficult for them to survive, and food, protective clothing and reasonable tools are in absolute short supply. This is the world of Endzone – A World Apart. Game background
Hi there, welcome to the closed beta preview of Endzone – A World Apart. A new build-up strategy game from Gently Mad and Assemble Entertainment, which will be released early this spring and is currently still in a closed beta test. I was kindly invited to this event and may now give you first insights into this new game. This will not be a complete review, because the game is actually far from being finished yet. But I hope I can show you the most important points of the game, so that you can decide for yourself at the early access release, if the game could be interesting for you or not. You can already pre-order the game via the publisher’s website, pre-orderers will also get beta access to the version shown here. There is a link to this in the video description below. But maybe check the article first, if you like the game at all, and if the current version is already right for you. Everything I’m showing or saying in this article about the game refers to an early beta version, which is not even in early access yet. A lot of game features are not yet finished, the balancing is not finished and the developers have some more features on their list to be added in the next months. Endzone A World Apart – Game Type
Endzone A World Apart is a survival build-up strategy game. This means we begin with a small starting group of settlers who have stored very little supplies in their small scrap metal bus, after climbing out of their nuclear bunker only recently. At the moment all of them are still healthy and free from radiation when they crawled out of the bunker. But we urgently need to provide food, clothing, shelter and find a solution for many other needs. Endzone is a very complex game. If you know Banished, you will discover many parallels here. If you take a closer look, it becomes clear that Banished was the great role model here and many mechanics from this game are also used here. The game is not just a pure copy with a different setting, definitely not. It also has many own ideas and other approaches in numerous points. Endzone offers more than 30 buildings and 21
different professions at the moment. And besides pure resource management, every citizen has some needs that need to be met. Otherwise he gets in a bad mood, or gets sick, starves to death, dies of thirst, adiation or who knows what other negative things can happen to him. Build up strategy
We start a settlement with the simple things. We need food and water very badly first. Here we should start as close as possible to a lake so that we can collect water and get fish for fishing. Of course there are other solutions
for these problems, like wells and water catchers for water or berry collectors, fields and
Plantations for eating. But especially at the beginning a lake is a great source of life. If we put our initial resources into the building
for the basic care of our settlers we quickly need new building materials. So we should be building a lumberjack
and set up a scrap collector to us with the important basic resources wood and
Supply scrap. From this you can already build the first residential buildings
to build. And really should someone do all the work
have nothing to do, he can start stone paths to lay or to dig up contaminated soil,
so that the people who work there have something less affected by it. We can also do our scrap later
disassemble into numerous other materials, like fabric, electronics, metal and plastic. And from that we can make tools, protective clothing
against radiation and numerous more complex ones Build buildings. And with all of this, we don’t just have to
People, the buildings and the resources in Bring harmony, but above all on
Pay attention to routes and timings. Because if things are too far apart,
or we do the right things for the wrong things Build time, this can easily be the most delicate
House of cards collapse and the settlement lead to doom. End zone does not save with complex mechanics. But this is both a curse and a blessing. Because the balancing of all these complex mechanics,
that are partially deeply interlocked, is still very raw in the previous beta,
but more on that later. Resource system and management
Food and water are always scarce, wood and scrap must be collected and out
these things can be many different manufacture other materials. Overall, the basic interface already offers
an overview of 12 different resources, that we have to juggle. But in the end there are many more
because there is food in many, for example Variants such as fish, meat, berries, roots. There are 7 types of vegetable fields and hemp
as an amusement resource and over plantations another 7 types of fruit. Clothing comes in 3 quality levels, tools
in two different versions, water can be irradiated in different degrees
and I probably have a few more now not listed. It’s not enough to own these goods,
they are in warehouses, markets or the manufacturing companies directly to one
Location bound. So it’s not enough to have a lot of water,
when the thirsty lumberjack is all over is at the other end of the settlement. If the way to the next water supply too
far, he will still die of thirst, though we may have stored thousands of water units
to have. He just has to go to one of the corresponding ones
Camp run, and if the way there is too long is the end of this lumberjack life. So we don’t just have the quantities, but
also the most uniform availability possible ensure anywhere in the settlement. The latter is said to have various warehouses
and marketplaces are guaranteed, however all in a balanced equilibrium
bringing is a real challenge. needs
Our settlers have an enormous need of water and food. You might think that she’s secretly still
export something to other settlements, so much consume it. Starvation and thirst are the most common
Causes of death. In addition, every settler needs one
Tool so that it can work effectively. You work without, but then everything works
take place much more slowly. Our bustling residents need protective clothing,
so that they don’t radiate too much, because this not only threatens their health, but also
can possibly also make them unable to conceive. This would not just be our supply
Offspring endanger, but also the mood strongly affect this settler. Because apart from basic needs, everyone has
Settlers also 13 different needs, that he would have liked to meet. Here it starts with a house, food and
Water. For example, his children make him happy
or if his house even gets electricity. But also visiting a campfire or
a pub is on his wish list to be happy, and radiation or
Dead relatives who are buried on the On the other hand, he doesn’t want to be on the street
have in his life. Deficiency management and dangers
The wasteland after the nuclear disaster offers a very rough and dangerous livelihood. And the necessary resources can be
Difficult to escape from the country. Enough drinking water and reasonably healthy
To bring food for all residents already requires a large part of ours
existing worker. Only when we have ensured this can
we start taking care of other things. The game is divided into seasons. All of them are equally warm, there is
at least no winter so far. But it rains in every so-called season
sometimes more and sometimes less, and sometimes comes also a drought across the country. The lakes then dry up, all fields
and berry bushes die. And then we’d better have a bigger one
Have created a supply of water and food, otherwise our settlement will die faster than
we can spell the word thirsty. Sandstorms and diseases also make ours
Life and survival are difficult for settlers. Depending on the rain and location, each piece is also
Earth more or less irradiated. And almost everything is almost never enough
available. To manage these deficiencies and with
coping with them is a big part the challenge of the game. And if food and water are regulated,
come the many other needs and Problems. Somehow our settlement always has something
a little too little, usually more of several Things at the same time. And we have to constantly weigh up what
we concentrate our workers constantly balance the distribution of labor
and possibly build new buildings. At the same time, we also have to be careful
that we don’t get a population explosion. Because when we get our end time settlers
Give house and all their needs first are fundamentally saturated, they catch quickly
to multiply itself. And we also have to be careful that
we don’t grow too fast. Because then the difficult balance
our settlement topple over slightly. State of the game
Technically, the game is already going very well Good. It doesn’t crash and it doesn’t jerk
on my middle class, which is several years old System. There are almost no flickering textures. Wildcards that are often in betas or early access
You can almost find games here not at all. So in this respect the game is actually
almost done. The soundtrack is neat, the graphics are
not outstanding, but for a building strategy game somewhere between adequate and good. The end time feeling is beautifully implemented,
if you zoom in on the landscape, you will find you get a lot of little details in the surrounding
Ruins that point to previous settlements. And that’s twice as nice because we have this
Ruins then plunder and resources can process for our settlement. The big construction site that this game is currently
still has is balancing. And because the game is extremely complex
is, there is probably still a lot too to do. The developers also know that, and exactly
that’s why there is this gradual publication. Endzone comes as a closed beta, then goes
in early access and later if in some Hopefully everything will be ready for months
and for a good and round gaming experience has become, it will be in the release end zone
go on. The game has no campaign yet, none
Scenarios or anything along those lines. There is a random card generator and
so you can have a variety of starting requirements create. With some sliders you can do that
Make life a little easier or harder or let’s say in the current version
between very difficult and almost impossible to create to adjust. Opinion and conclusion
I really like the gameplay and the fallout-like setting speaks to me too
very strong. I really liked the Banished role model
gladly. And its complex mix of building strategy
and balancing a complex economic system always irritated me, again
Start round. It is the same for me right now in the end zone. It’s fun in the hostile environment
to build a settlement, and by exact Work out the many possibilities, one
Finding a way not to die out. Because that’s the big threat and challenge. We initially have only a few settlers and these
don’t live infinitely. So they need a place to look at
multiply and care for offspring there are other generations of wasteland settlers
can give. Endzone doesn’t tell any story
so far, you start your settlement and then is all pure struggle for survival. And this fight is really tough. Because the balancing in the current closed
Beta version is still far from finished and everything gets mixed up quickly,
if you are not careful. Or actually that’s wrongly expressed. At the moment it’s more like trying
keep everything in balance for as long as possible, before everything gets out of control and collapses. In my 5 settlements so far it always is
eventually got to a point where even the previously completely stable settlements suddenly
tipped and everything collapsed in one season and then extinct very quickly. This is the end zone with the current game state
another absolute challenge. It feels like you want to
balancing a chair upside down on the nose, and on the corner of one chair leg
place a knife vertically and on the Tip of the knife a full coffee cup,
and then walk around town with it. It is not a question of having coffee
will spill, but only when. But I am very confident that this is
gets even better. The developers don’t go this without a reason
complex way with beta and early access. The intent behind this pre-order beta
is that game with dedicated players now to get as ready as possible
until the start of early access. So then the hairiest problems
should be solved if the broader mass of players can give her opinion again. I express to the very dedicated teams of
Gently Mad and Assemble Entertainment on definitely keep your fingers crossed and become the development
pursue further. Your opinion on this game in the comments
I’m looking forward to it. Then the storm for thumb and subscription button
Approved. More gaming news, reviews and all sorts of things around it
is on my website Then I wish you a great day, leave
you are well, ciao ciao, your zap.


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