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English Vocabulary | RETAIL REAL ESTATE

English Vocabulary | RETAIL REAL ESTATE

Specialty retailer,
big-box store, retail park? Ever wondered what all these different
types of retail properties are called in English? That’s what this video is all about. Hey, it’s Jennie from Real Estate English
Academy. Today, I’m going to talk about common words used to describe different
types of retail properties. But before we get started, please subscribe to our
channel and hit the like button if you’d like to see more videos. And be sure to
stick around until the end, because we have a quiz waiting for you
to test your real estate English. Many people enjoy spending
their Saturdays shopping. If you’re looking to buy a new sweater or some shoes, you might want to go to a
shopping mall or shopping center. Shopping malls consist of one or more buildings
that form a complex of shops with interconnecting walkways. They usually have
one or more anchor tenants, which are tenants that bring in the most
foot traffic. Department stores are typical anchor
tenants and offer a large variety of merchandise organized in different
departments. Another popular place to do
some shopping are high streets. High streets are streets located in a city that feature a large number of different
stores and brands as well as restaurants and other recreational options. You’ll often find high streets boasting
luxury brands in downtown locations. If you’re looking
for something more specific, you might want to
go to a specialty retailer. Specialty retailers focus on
one type of merchandise and often offer
individual product advice. Some people, though,
prefer to shop at big box stores Big box stores are large retail establishments
that are usually part of a chain. Big-box stores are typically large,
cube-shaped, freestanding buildings with plenty of customer parking. But if you want to go even bigger,
you can do your shopping at a retail park. Retail parks usually contain
a couple of big-box stores and a number of smaller retailers
and can easily be accessed by car. To make things even more convenient,
retail parks usually feature at least one large parking lot and sometimes even a
multi-level car park. What’s your favorite place to shop?
Let me know in the comments below. Now when it comes to food,
many people do their shopping at
the grocery store. Grocery stores or supermarkets typically sell
a variety of perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs and household items. But if you’re out to get a deal, you might want to
check out the closest discount store. Discount stores offer different merchandise
at a particularly low price and tend to focus on price level
instead of fancy displays. Sometimes, though, what
really counts is convenience. Cornershops or convenience stores
are small neighborhood stores that provide daily amenities to locals. Although their offer is not very extensive, they usually cover the basics
that you might need in a pinch. Now let’s test your knowledge. It’s quiz time! The correct answer is: Answer c The correct answer is: Answer b The correct answer is: Answer b Please subscribe to our channel
and hit the like button, if you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching.
See you next time.


Shopping mall /center 0:55
High street 1:30
Specialty retailer 1:53
Big box stores 2:06
Retail parks 2:27
Grocery store/supermarket 2:59
Discount store 3:16
Cornershop/convenient stores 3:37

After my 4 months experience in Seattle, Washington, I think convenient stores could be pricey though.
Considering the state tax and sort of things, that might be the reason.
Anyway, I'm glad to see the video is improving significantly.
Enjoy springtime 🙂

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