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hello youtube this is richard founder of
short-term rentals and Airbnb super host welcome back to this
week’s Airbnb review listing as always we do it in the following order we talk
about the title the photos and the order of those photos the thumbnail choice is
at the right selection to get the most eyeballs and conversions and then also
the description of the copy how you market the property and then finally
we’re gonna review what other people say about it in the review section so let’s
dive in okay so the first item on our agenda is the title the title here says
Daytona Beach Shores beach bungalow which i think is really nice I’m not
sure exactly what a bungalow means but I think is probably indigenous to the
region and it tells me the location so that’s good now before we went live I
went ahead and just took a look at this and I saw something that caught my
attention that this is really really close to the beach it’s like less than
two blocks to the beach and like young kids could walk to the beach and that’s
missing from the title it doesn’t say that it’s close to the beach it just
says it’s you know a beach bungalow and so I would encourage Paula and Mark to
incorporate the fact that it’s so close walking distance to the shores Beach
into the title I think you’ll get a lot more eyeballs and likely a lot more
conversions now we’re going to turn to the photos in the order as always I’m
going to go ahead and preview them all so let’s do that I took a look at the photos and I think
that overall they’re pretty good there’s some room for improvement as always and
so let’s get right into it I like this photo a lot I love the purple flowers so
I think that this is an interesting one this potted plant back here looks like
it’s either dead or neglected maybe you could I don’t know fix that for the
photo if you felt so inclined this room I think the the bright light coming from
the outside is a little overexposed it does add to you know the vibrancy of the
room but I think it’s a little too bright and also at the rest of the room
looks a little bit gray or drab maybe you could put a coffee table with some
flowers or something over here I see coasters maybe put a glass of wine or
something again we’re trying to make it more beachy and vibey and I think you do
a good job of that some of the other photos and we’ll get to those but this
room doesn’t seem to have that same sort of beach vibe feel color
upbeat sort of stuff and so that’s a room where you can improve quite a bit
especially since it’s your second shot again this room again just looks a
little bit thin or Spartan it doesn’t look that exciting it doesn’t look like
there’s that much to do I think maybe you’re missing a corner table here with
a lamp maybe a rug on the floor just really minor stuff but I think it could
be improved and look more inviting so let’s try and work on that here’s the
same photo which just shows that you know a closet door basically so I’m not
sure this adds a ton of value and the description doesn’t add a lot of value
either so I’m not sure that this photo really is necessary although I do like
the octopus and that you know add some of that Beach vibe this photo I think is
really nice actually the wall color is sort of blue there’s some shells there’s
a fish I like the staging I might actually set the table a little bit more
if you wanted to reshoot it you know put like silverware down and wine glasses or
you know coffee mugs or whatever but overall I think this is a superior photo
to the ones that we’ve seen before and so far as its beachy it’s
it’s a nice blue it’s got shells so I like this photo a lot and you took the
time to stage it although I think you could take it one step further reshoot
the photo and in five minutes have an even better photo this photo is just out
of focus and in today’s 2017 sort of Airbnb super host five star status
it’s out of place like it just doesn’t work there’s really no excuse for
anybody having any photos that are not high resolution or out of focus and I
understand that it’s being nitpicky but you’re being compared to other people
that aren’t gonna have out-of-focus photos also it seems like this I can’t
really tell that it is out of focus but it seems like this cabinet door is open
and blocking something so if you were going to reshoot it I would probably
close that again I would add some sort of an interesting thing here a potted
plant and orchid I’m not sure that this towel here adds a lot of value and it
kind of distracts what does catch my eye and I’d be interested in seeing is a
little bit more of this like Eden kitchen sort of area so there you go
this is what I wanted to see and again I’ve got the fish and that looks really
nice maybe you could take one shot that’s in focus that incorporates this
little eating nook and the rest of the kitchen I think that that would be good
and again I don’t think this towel adds too much value it sort of looks like
it’s out of place and takes up a fair amount of space here’s a bedroom I think
this looks really nice clean I don’t have too much to say again I think that
this is fine it looks comfortable it looks clean it looks inviting I can see
it’s nice and bright I don’t see any sort of air conditioner or anything like
that it’s a queen bed so this room is okay this is a nice shot again with the
starfish just incorporating all of what you’re there at the beach for I can’t
tell what this is you might want to put it in the description is that just a
really small television or is that something else if it is a really small
television I wonder if it’s perhaps too small to actually see it and I don’t
know if you want to invest more money or not but you can get a 32-inch or
whatever would fit in this space here Rhea
really inexpensively and wall-mounted and would just look better probably be
more usable for people to stream Netflix or something like that come home after a
full day at the beach they’re tired they want to just relax and watch something
this television to me looks a little bit you know less than ideal this room is
really nice I actually really like the colors I love the lamp with the shells I
love the fish this looks probably more inviting to me and more beachy than even
the master bedroom so if you could try and replicate some
of this look and feel in the master and then reshoot it I think that that would
be more inviting this doesn’t add too much value to me at all but I’ve no
reason to take it away I guess you’re just trying to highlight that it’s got a
dresser and it’s bright but I’m not sure that this photo adds a lot of value
recognize that a lot of photos are really important so people can see what
it is that they’re talking about but that doesn’t mean you want to jam photos
in that don’t add a lot of value because people get tired and they bounce you
don’t want people to get tired or bounce you want to keep them engaged looking at
a dresser with a flamingo you know this is where I start to think about bouncing
here’s a bathroom looks fine nice and clean I like that the toilet seat is
down relaxed whoo nice blues this is a fine shot given what it is that you’re
photographing so I don’t see much of a room for improvement there maybe a
little candle or a little potted plant or something again just to bring some
additional life and color to the bathroom now here’s a beautiful shot of
beautiful traffic-free Beach this is gorgeous this should be earlier when we
talk about the order of events paint the picture I may have never
gotten to see this photo I would put this maybe second or third and just
peppered in there get people excited keep them realizing you know why they’re
on your listing this is an unbelievable shot I love this access to the beach I
like the Sun again I would put some of these earlier don’t don’t make a whole
string of them don’t have like your title shot and then your bedroom shot or
your living room shot in your case and then five or six photos of the beach but
maybe one or two photos of your property one photo of the beach one or two photos
of your property the next photo of the beach again keep
people engaged drip it out to them this is fine I don’t think it’s quite as
exciting as the other ones but you’re trying to show its proximity this one is
fine again it’s not my favorite I like the other ones more but if you want to
have more photos it’s fine again I like this this is you know
paints a nice picture of what I particularly like about this more than
anything is that you say exactly where it is it’s the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
and it’s four miles south the more of that that you can do the better and in
fact let’s go back for a second here on this here where you show they welcome to
the Daytona Beach Shores you’ve neglected a really good opportunity to
say two blocks a hundred seconds less than one minute
a short walk a short bike ride I don’t know where you’re located this doesn’t
help me either and that’s a missed opportunity so I would improve that and
I think you’ll see people respond to it Racing’s North turn dining on the beach
is two miles south I assume that that’s important and a destination it’s a
beautiful shot and again I love the fact that you indicate where it is located boondocks half a mile south this is
great my only concern with this again is that it’s pixelated which means it’s not
the highest resolution photo you know I’m being nitpicky but I think
that that’s the kind of thing that can be improved easily next time your
boondocks just snap another photo with your
high-resolution camera almost all cameras will take better quality photos
than this boondocks restaurant at night again it’s sort of out of focus and then
we’re back to your title shot so overall I think that the photos are really good
there’s rooms that I like more than others there’s really minor improvements
that you can make to some of them and then overall I would just make sure that
your photos are not blurry they’re all you know in focus and high resolution
and then add some of the descriptions where we’re located and what it is that
we’re doing there okay now on to the thumbnail selection I do think this is
probably the best thumbnail as it relates to your bungalow it’s really
nice and inviting and I love the colors and the trees and it looks like it’s
nice and private I particularly like this little sign here catches my eyes
but I would like to make a suggestion where you a be test and
what I mean by that is try running your your Airbnb listing using this photo as
you have been doing take a look at your statistics in terms of the number of
people that view and the number of clicks and then your conversion rate
having used this in the past and try perhaps using a photo of the beach area
and you can try either one of these two I thought they were both both good
photos this is my personal selection but try this one and try this one and just
see if the people that are looking at the thumbnails as they scroll through
your listing and everyone else is listing if they’re drawn to the actual
photos of the beach or this walkway more and it gets you more clickings and/or
even more reviews especially if you were to increase the description on these
titles down here talking about three-minute walk one block walk you
know short bicycle ride we provide bicycles whatever it is but I think that
it’s a worthwhile test so I love the one that you’ve selected I think it’s the
best one of your bungalow but I think perhaps time will tell whether one of
these other two actually perform better and if you have any comments or thoughts
about that you or anybody that’s watching this please go ahead and leave
them below because we’re all just trying to learn from one another ok let’s turn
now to the description and as I read it a couple thoughts come to mind it’s
interesting here that you say this charming beach bungalow is half a block
away from the traffic free section of the beach and somehow I didn’t see it
I’m encouraging you to put that into the title you want to talk about how close
it is because that’s really why people are staying here in fact we’re gonna
film another video about location and just how important location is not so
much in where you buy a place which obviously matters but in the fact that I
think there’s a huge opportunity a missed opportunity for most hosts to
highlight and specify and bring people to your location through marketing and
so I think in this particular case as I mentioned earlier putting this in the
title would be better I also think that the description is rather short which
can be good and bad I think in this particular case there’s more information
than you should share I think perhaps Paul and Mark you guys should sit down
open a bottle of wine and just maybe record
like why you bought this bungalow what brought you here what’d you guys do in
the community you try and highlight it a little bit it’s walking distance to
restaurants beach activities be more specific
what activities what restaurants you talk about the Space Coast and then Dean
parks which theme parks bring it out somebody may not know what theme parks
are there and so while it’s general and helpful don’t assume people know I would
also suggest that you talk a little bit more about it was completely remodeled
that’s very vague and doesn’t really add a lot of value so I would say something
like this newly renovated charming beach bungalow is only half a block away from
the traffic-free section in 2012 we remodeled which included boom boom boom
boom whatever it is and my family and I we use it we bought this place because
we love going to X Y Z restaurant and we do things on the beach including surf
paddleboard I don’t know whatever it is that you do for a rainy day we love
going to the Space Coast whatever it is but like tell a story don’t just list
the facts bring it to life tell people why you bought the place what you do
there what other guests do there why people come to the area what you do in
the winter what you do in the summer is it heated is it available for year-round
you know things like that and similarly this is very Spartan as well bedroom has
a queen-size bed what we’re seeing now is a lot more elaboration the master
bedroom has a queen sized bed it has privacy away from the kids which is
important for couples or this place is great for two couples it’s great for
business try and be a little bit more specific about you know what this is for
you’ve done a really good job of just detailing the facts but it’s not really
painting much of a picture it’s not asking me to come and stay it’s not
telling me you know why would choose your place any versus any other it’s
just the facts and realize this is a marketing exercise so you get to tell
your story and it’s only your story so whatever you include or more
specifically whatever you exclude nobody’s going to know I think that the
thing that I find a little bit odd and I’m not sure how you monitor it is that
this washer and dryer are only available for guests staying more than
five nights I’m not sure why that’s important meaning like why don’t you
allow somebody who is staying there for a long weekend and has you know wet
bathing suits and towels and things that they want to wash like why don’t you
allow that it seems a little off-putting to be honest so if it’s a real big deal
then I guess the rules are your the rules the house is your house
but if I were staying here for two or three nights and I read that that would
just sort of like leave a bad taste in my mouth even if I wasn’t gonna do it
was just kind of like I don’t know Wow how about I stay at a bungalow that has
a washer and dryer that I can dry little Ricky’s you know bathing suits that the
next day he’s not complaining about a wet bathing suit you’ve heard me say
this before I am just not a fan of this monthly discount of 60% you’re basically
giving it away basically all you’re saying is that you would rent this place
out for your prime month whatever month that is for a 14-day occupancy and my
bet is if you do better photos better description a little bit better in the
marketing you’ll be sold out instead of 14 days of occupancy activate you get 18
20 25 maybe even 30 at full asks so I don’t see any reason to give away
60% strict cancellation everything else is included one of the things that I
think we could all do better about is talk about the wireless internet the
speed of the wireless internet you’ve heard me say this before maybe even take
a screenshot go to on your telephone and just take a screenshot of
the upload speed and the download speed assuming that it’s anything that’s
reasonably fast that adds value and then write it in the description what I’m
doing right now the verizon files just to put in perspective I did it the test
yesterday it’s a hundred and fifty down and a hundred and sixty up so for me to
not highlight that in my listing is insane because somebody who’s really
using the internet or streaming videos or whatever that adds a lot of value
they’re not going to get annoyed frustrated with a constant pausing
alright so let’s go ahead and turn to the final thing here which is the
reviews and I love this 28 reviews five stars that means you’re a great host
people love what it is that you’re doing and that’s tremendous and so the the
commentary that I have here is really just to take you to that next level so
you get more bookings more conversions more money in your pocket it’s not to
suggest that you’re not doing anything improper in fact the tape speaks for
itself 28 five-star reviews you know exactly what it is that you’re doing as
far as the hosting is concerned I think there’s a little room for improvement in
the marketing of your hosting and I think that’ll derive more conversions
and therefore more money in your pocket Paul and Mark’s place was a life will
get away and just a couple of minutes walk from the beach that’s great I’m not
sure if it’s that quiet there’s no one at the beach this is really nice I also
note that you haven’t taken the opportunity to reply to any of these
reviews and you really ought to that’s a missed marketing opportunity so go ahead
and reply and again try and personalize it this was a nice house for a family
for two stayed near the beach less than two blocks we love this quiet stretch
again I think you need to highlight the the location even more excellent
location great place close to the beach beach getaway a couple minute walk
charming perfect for six we love the bedding the house is very clean and cozy
let’s see here couldn’t have been more pleased fantastic place awesome house I
love the location the house was so clean Apollo was wonderful
we’re ten minute drive from Daytona and a two minute so everybody keeps saying
the same sort of thing you guys are great hosts it’s very nice and clean the
location is amazing and I would just suggest that that you highlight that
more right I think it’s great that other people are highlighting it I think it’s
an opportunity for you to highlight it and I would encourage it but clearly
you’re doing it really well and I love the fact that you’re having success with
it I hope that this encourages you to take a few minutes of your time and
improve just some of the photos and some of the listing in the description and
really market your property because I think you’re onto something here that
could be great and if you all watching this have comments or feedback please go
ahead and leave it in the it’s below because again we’re a team
and a community and the more that we share the more that we learn in the
continual learning space and if you want your place reviewed go ahead and leave a
request for that also and until then happy hosting if you haven’t subscribed
to the channel please do and like and share the video have a great day


I have three listings and have been hosting for about a year. I would be glad to have one of my listings reviewed, if you would like to do a video on it.

I would like to see some more color to make the living area, master bedroom and bathroom pop. In the living room just a couple of more brightly contrasting pillows would help. It appears a bit too monochromatic and muddy. The same with the master bedroom. In the bathroom, I would change the shower curtain to white and add a pop of color over the toilet. Perhaps a little more artwork would enhance the overall warmth and personality of the home. If the budget is tight, a tasty and unique poster from an event in the area can add some drama and it there is a little more in the budget, original art is nice, provided it isn't too hokey. The location is great and I agree with your opinion on the desirability of the walkway to the beach. Thank you for your review of this listing. I always learn something when I watch your posting.

If I would like to book this place, I would like to know if beach accessories are included, or have information about bathouses.
Then as Richard suggested, I little improve the space with some picture decorations or accessories andh specify in the title that beach is very close to the bungalow.

Hi Richard, It would be awesome if you could add a 6th item for these where you do a brief overview of the area (are there a lot of local listings? Are you setting yourself apart? Do your prices seem to be in the right general area?)

A bungalow is a small one story house (no cellars or other floors). The word has a warm-climate intonation and is very well known to all europeans. Only through travel did I learn that to other cultures just call it a "house".

I noticed in your listing reviews, you often "tell the story" whether it's through the summary/details of the listing itself or through the photos but when do you know it's too much?  I'm drafting my listing and although I "tell the story", I feel it's getting lengthy. I know for the photos, you mention asking whether it adds value but I have a hard time for the written aspect. Thanks in advance!

Hey Richard! Thanks for all the videos! It's been very helpful. Was wondering could you do a review on my listing? Would be much appreciated 🙂 Thanks!

Hi, great video! Thank you. One question, what would you suggest to do with the Titles if I have a multiple listings (rooms) in te same place? Same title to all? Thank you.

I have a house and rent 3 of their rooms or the whole house, is it better to listings separately?

thanks for your tips

Great informative video. Lots of useful information that I will be able to apply to my Airbnb listing. Awesome. Thank you.

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