Episode 56: Evolving The CrossFit Affiliate – w/ Bill and Karianne Anthes

okay we’re ready 3 2 1 3 2 1
off you go welcome back that this race by your fifth episode
thanks Julian I stopped messaging you at 7 in the
morning so you can’t say anything I know you’re doing pretty good yeah I got all
my energy on them feels that yeah sure before so I really wouldn’t get it first
yes so today we got some special guests yep coming from afar I guess half the
time I’d actually always do this before I have anyone on the podcast as I always
have to ask how to pronounce their names so I don’t fuck it up yeah instead I’m
just gonna hand it over to you please please tell us your names where you’re
from well cheek sorry uh carry on uh which is kind of an interesting thing
like Kyla kala nobody ever gets a week Arianna and from New Jersey New Jersey
what so I said carry on every time people like will tell me like they’re
saying it wrong I’m like it’s okay it’s like now we’re too far along
you’re gonna julienne so we good at this stage when I first learned so I’m bill
my lovely wife Coriana when I first like was like learning her name and
everything like that that was way too much so it was just Kay yeah which
really pissed my daughter was like laughs I call you K things like well if
I was a girl it’s kind of your fault don’t you tell me well I’ll tell you
this the nice at least I do like your approach to where if somebody if
somebody does mispronounce your name they’re still pronouncing it probably
the way it’s spelled okay so like it you can’t be like dude what the fuck is your
problem you know because there’s nothing worse
that’s like okay you can’t have your name be pronounced uniquely from the
spelling and then get mad at me you can have a monster day but don’t I’m just
reading here you know the way I named my daughter I kind of did it for everybody
but yeah so well let’s get into your guys’s background yes
well while you here yeah you you are here because you’re doing some stuff
with us moving forward with the kind of affiliate that’s not an affiliation
program things I have not named yeah and I refuse that to let that be
the name I just I can’t it’s a good name it’s the name and just keep saying
that’s not the name yeah that’s a name that’s not a name I know sauce traffic
yeah but this is but then he wants we’re not selling yeah more like will you put
something on Instagram about it and I’m like what the most unbranded word we are
sitting in to the right people that’s it so but you guys are here we’ll be doing
a lot of stuff in the future and in that project and trying to help affiliates
and and all those other things so you want to tell us why you ended up here
yeah to do that project and where you guys come from you’re backwards yes yeah
so I opened a CrossFit gym in 2008 in New Jersey so kind of early on in the
CrossFit times people didn’t know there were other CrossFit gyms they were like
oh there’s others of these yeah there’s more than one prior to that I had been
in the fitness industry and I had started running like a bootcamp for
women went to a CrossFit level one just to do some continuing education of
course had the same story of like doing it in a Globo gym thinking I don’t get
this this is dumb and by the way how did you learn about CrossFit I’m jealous
yeah a friend of mine who was a state trooper who I worked with it was like oh
you should try this and so I was trying it but I remember it was like three bars
of death what’s Linda Linda and I’m like this is dumb like nobody can even do
this like this is ridiculous like I didn’t get it but I’m like I’ll go I
want to learn what this is about and was just totally blown away by like it was
definitely different different than anything in the fitness industry had
learned so far immediately I went home was like I’m doing this I’m opening a
gym had no business like my accountant who were your instructors at the other
one so it was um this guy Rob Miller who doesn’t work on stuff anymore
Andy Stumpf was there Maggie Tincher Pat Sherwood oh you got it was like the oh
jeez that was three black box probably the
nutrition thing I lied actually about being able to do pull-ups because they
separated you like you have a pull-up or you don’t have a book like kipping
pull-ups I’m like I don’t but I don’t want to be stuck in that group I’ll
figure it out you know and uh and then there there you go so I was 20 wedding
was there filming I think it was in Baltimore I remember Pat Sherwood
holding up this little red bucket he’s like this is for if you have to puke and
I’m like I don’t understand what’s happening here and then we did fight
combat and I was like okay I definitely not been doing this whatever this is so
you know but fast-forward I started implementing it with these women and it
was really the first time something was like visibly working like okay this is
actually like there’s progress happening and that’s when I decided you know I’m
gonna go ahead and open a facility you’re so you did it at the gym so I
bought some barbells from Rutgers for like 10 bucks apiece actually we still
have a couple of those I put them in the back between my kids and just hope they
didn’t like roll on top of one of them yeah I’m good to the park and McCool and
these women it’s funny as some of them are still members and they were like the
housewives doing barbell stuff like so now some of the like cool athlete guys
that come in I’m like you know this woman next to yous rendering across her
like forever so yeah that was in 2008 2009 and I kind of just like threw
myself into the community so went to I did go to the black box summit I was
trying to just learn as much as possible from that but anyway I did intern and
then made it onto the level one staff and did that from there I started
working for HQ and a number of different roles have kind of done seen it all the
fundraising when we had like the hope I know if you guys remember that yeah I
remember there was like knowing that the picture the face the rod I had the job
of calling affiliates after that photo at that poster run out
apologizing for the poster I just go oh okay
and heard of this in oh my god am I still today there was a there was a it
was a kids cancer fundraiser thing right so so then I believe the poster was like
a like a sexy nurse the nurse was sexy I don’t remember the sexy nurse this the
wagon so at st. Jude’s all the kids get like a red wagon that’s their kids was
like X our eyes and looking weird like they were they were dying they were sick
dying children she was not a lot of people you know it just it just was you
that Salman got in trouble comment from the word cat but she had the naked cross
video or a railed for the cross spinning glass man on that one and the post man
up and I think I come away maybe even blast my name except maybe not him but
somebody else started to like that went up in flame and that Salman get in
trouble was out of that money so that was one of my jobs to call people and
but you know we did doing on to talk to a lot of affiliates personally and then
they got my number and for like three years later they texted me like hey I
have a question about something and I’m like okay that’s fine then I ended up
you know everybody there’s a lot of affiliate said like yeah started with an
awkward conversation but ended up you know that poster how did you how did you
justify that one well I I wasn’t really my job to just apologize it was it was
like you know we could have done better yeah it was just like make this better
I think there was also even a rare there’s the worst poster ever you go fix
it so but what is funny about that is the connection calling affiliates was
actually really cool so the poster aside like calling people and I can’t remember
I that was something I did after the poster incident and it was really great
like people were like wow you’re just calling it that was a time where there
were some people in place to call and just check-in
and people were just like oh my god like that’s that’s awesome like yeah
everything’s good or can I help you with anything and I mean yeah she did oh well no maybe 8000 that was like 2011
10 so but that was um and I did and then eventually I did work for Dave Nicole so
did you wait for the Castro I did work for I do I did work for Dave so some of
it was very much just uh what were you doing come on I want you to know that’s
the first thing they all going to ask so : boy how easy was did entail getting
his hair appointments lined up some of it was like administrative work for the
seminars and things like that for the courses but for the games you know I
think it was – it was the first year I guess um the what was it step up at that
time but Home Depot Center and he had like I told the other way around
what did it start with it stopped at Home Depot yeah
I think we’re also calling it we were still concentrated finally the last year
I had it right and then but he had like a team of people and I somehow made my
way onto that team and then eventually became his we called them whispers so
the dave was Dave Castro whisper oh yeah yeah yeah and it’s I guess it’s called a
whisper because it’s a very delicate it’s you know job but you know there are
a lot of it is really incredible to see behind the scenes of everything that’s
going on imagine and Dave is like he’ll do like he’ll walk the vendor village
and say hi and shake everyone like let’s do that let’s check in with this like
wants to see the athletes one I mean there’s nothing going on with the games
that he’s not aware of so you can imagine that anything else like if he
had to call like or there might be something we’re going back and forth
with with rogue to try to problem-solve like call him call that call it like you
have to just know you know the things yes you have to be ingrained
in the community to know all the judges get this person get that person and not
be the total bitch in the process and find that line and you know so there’s a
lot of it’s really being his assistant but there’s some troubleshooting country
and just trying to like keep everything moving and also not be a total I learned
sort of my first year not to appear stressed although it was very stressful
because that doesn’t help the person that’s trying to remain calm yeah so I
learned to sort of you know go in the bathroom and close the door and
screaming by the side of the operation from the yeah from the back end yeah it
is really impressive and you know about in the last couple years I mean I will
say like Dave when we walk out into the crowds I mean never always has time even
if there’s like some catastrophe happening and he understands that people
don’t know what’s going on so they’re like hey Dave could get a picture and
he’s always like yep great let’s do it like that that I think is um a tough
thing to manage to know so you know sometimes it’s taking pictures and you
know doing so we stopped when we understood that there you go but you
know I laugh because it’s like trying to explain the job description if someone
were to like hear you’re gonna be that job I mean well you’re gonna how do you
write that you’re gonna do everything that is pretty much like and just no no
no to be here nobody be there no don’t do that that body language that’s not
good like you you kind of just I mean I’ve known Dave for a long time and
there’s some of that that you can’t it’s a relationship so you can’t quite
explain that to somebody so he’s gonna be lost at the next game all you’re
gonna fly there and yeah they’re good so yeah buddy I think yeah it is very much
nearby urine yeah so but I mean some of the girls who have done it in the past
it’s you know we have a team so that people can also kind of like unleash so
but definitely I’m very fortunate to have experienced the games in that way
yeah for sure the the back end of this yeah
curious to see that I miss me yeah so you know what the story is then there’s
a lot of stories nobody I want it’s funny to like from the game standpoint
having been involved in a handful of smaller strong fit copper strongman
competitions and stuff like that the logistics of a thing like the CrossFit
Games stuff anyways yeah well there’s always things you can plan like you can
have a plan and then there’s like okay my Fraser the sandbag going out of his
back right but you can’t plan you know someone’s Mika Salo busting his eardrum
or whatever the hell happened yep there’s all these situations that
like you cannot imagine four and then how to handle it and then there’s a time
crunch and then it might I mean when they flew to a we farewell to aromas and
then there was a strike with the airline and we’re all on the airport and it was
like we were all what was hysterical was we went to finally get food and every
food vendor had been sold out because the CrossFit Games athletes had bought
all the food so these poor people who maybe came there to fly actually
somewhere that weren’t part of the cross that game it was like why is there no
food here and I think there was one or two people on that flight that weren’t
games people who were probably like can I like take a different flight I mean it
was so it’s like well and I’m thinking Howard’s this not like a complete like
red arm how do we not have cameras when all this happens is I want a documentary
on that just all agree that he’s going into the plane and everybody’s behind
the scenes like that would have been so good that was really like we I want to
tell any of the people those two people in the plane yeah like so what do you
think about CrossFit they’re hungry so that was that’s my history with HQ
obviously I’ve gotten to you know when there was the the the open announcements
and regionals like we’d get to travel and assists on those and that’s really
where you get to meet like okay those local affiliates then you get to see
people in the community and you stay in touch yeah yeah that’s where you just
the the the community really like as an affiliate don’t co affiliate honor and
person that work for Carl like it’s really a tremendous it’s huge
I mean we could go to so I was saying on the way here
even this weekend like connecting with some of the old staff like we could go
anywhere probably not have to go to a hotel because you know somebody because
you really keep those relationships and and obviously still owning an affiliate
you know that’s that’s just we’ve I think developed a name for ourselves
as people who really are trying to bring the best of keep keep bringing the best
across before it works really when yields you’ve seen all the phases right
because you’ve been there from basic almost from the beginning to eight
that’s that’s you know with the stephen aromas in to wait right yeah 2:09 was
the last year in a row so that’s oh gee alright yeah yeah the tent city that was
them but it was cool cuz I really wanted to go up there on the plane when when we
found out like I was not the whisper at that time I was part of the team I’m
like I really want to I want to go to Aramis and so I like at the very last
minute Dave’s like fine you can come I didn’t like sleep you know we’re just
okay get your passport get get there and like the poor guy one of the guys who
was like the logistics guy I didn’t want his job I mean he was trying to get
people’s visas through and and I was like I’m gonna go I think Dave Lipson
gave me a ride to the airport and I just heard about he was just so mad that he
wasn’t getting to go I’m like I don’t care right now Dave just just drive me
to the airport I don’t care about like the situation I just need a ride and it
was really cool being there again like I had been there as a spectator
you know 9:00 and like walking out and seeing all the logs and the bars like it
was just it was really cool it was a really cool thing so and Bill tell us a
bit about your background how did you make your way into CrossFit yeah so I
was a high level I was an all-american college soccer athlete graduated
obviously wanted to continue training had this idea of going into the military
on kind of like the back of my mind or in my heart and always was kind of
training for that and so my brother actually who was a pilot came back from
a deployment and like Oh eight or something and was
like shredded I was like dude what what just happened yeah he’s like well I
didn’t drink booze for six months and I did this thing called CrossFit I’m like
what is that I was like well not giving up foods
what’s yes yes so like how did you try to do this anyway so so looked at the
okra sitcom it was like what is this thing and kind of dabbled a little bit
around there so like oh wait oh nine timeframe oh you have to say your first
workout the dumb approach the you guys took to that yes
get in there how so so you know just like ever like most people at that time
I was doing awful CrossFit in a 24-hour Fitness gym I was like and it was just
like all right well you know this is what it’s gonna be
I was I always see people start it that way right all righty because before and
I think if you’re outside of like a major market
anyone who found CrossFit heard about it somewhere
he went to CrossFit calm that and then was just like what is this workout yeah
and then and said oh I can do that and oh yeah and over the course of many
months and got from being like like you dude was like whatever I was doing was
not this yeah to gradually understand that thing and so but but it’s but and
then usually that sparks the demand you know in our town it was a few people
like that doing those things talk to the YMCA board and they brought in an
affiliate boom right so now that’s how you have it there but so many of these
communities started with just that like somebody following some website because
that’s really what it was ya know what’s really funny about it is you know now
people are very spoiled like to drive like 15 minutes yeah when I first
decided to affiliate the closest gym the first gym that opened in New Jersey
gorilla Fitness a friend of ours Greg that was like by the time traffic
everything it was an hour we’d go there do a 10-minute workout an hour and a
half back and it was like you know like okay but but you saw it out like where’s
this happening and I will drive there so now we were like office you
it’s really 15 minutes I spent like like kind of like smoke your travel and you
have bumper plates after the graceful the metal blades and Hitler shaven
without Girona that was one of the funniest things I thought was so is in
this Globo gym kettlebells weren’t accessible
you have to like smuggle one it in oh wait all night I was using dumbbells
yeah that using dumbness oh I was swinging I would do kettlebell swings
with either the the dumbbell or the and the handled plates rowing whenever there
was a row and back then the scale was I think it was like 10 sumo deadlift high
pulls for every 50 meters or something so roll by oh it was something it was
something rub rub hard work out she won’t tell if
I pull with a you know empty bar 20 pounds or whatever and rowing a 5k was
no typos there was no power oh yeah the first time I was on a rubber or your
back problems start I was like you don’t understand the ability to sit on a rower
is completely taken for granted the first time I was on a rotor was at my
level 1 and I’ve been doing crosses right they taught rowing at the level 1
at that time so it was like anyway so that was the thing I was enlisted into
the army and that was really why I found CrossFit because it was there’s gonna be
I needed something to get me prepared for what eventually would be a career at
Special Forces anyway and this works a pair of yeah cuz like and did my first
workout work better than the other shit yeah yeah yeah it worked in like what’s
you want what am I gonna be possibly presented with that I’m gonna need to
perform physically and mentally and how can I get there and this was the system
then I thought could get there and everything and you know my brother was
working a bunch of like PJ so Air Force pararescue guys and they’re in the
Special Operations community and they kind of were and that was your training
group no oh my god it was all it was this it was similar to like you know I
was by myself you know and so that was that was it but we came back my brother
came back in and I flew back home and we went into like valleys
or something and like dude let’s finally do like a CrossFit workout together and
we did or maybe this was before I guess it’s our before anyway we did Barbara
but he puts like 135 pounds on the Barbara is like 20 30 40 50
hola push heavy sit-up squad yeah and it’s fit and it was a you know whenever
50 I think squats and I’m like dude I can’t do 250 barbell squats I thought it
was body weight of course it’s like body weight squad and I’m like dude first of
all 20 pull-ups I can’t what’s happening anyway needless to say wiped out looking
up at the floor being like what the heck was that up at the ceiling yeah or the
floor looking up at that thinking what happened morning around so I was a high
level like I was always a very fast or a fit athlete I feel like I’m reduced to
nothing mm-hmm what happened I need I need clearly there’s something I’m like
that I’m missing there’s a gap so then started doing Crossfit moved back home a
few months before shipping out and a buddy and I grew up with started
coaching at a new CrossFit gym and I wanted to go check it out like weird
like I want to see one of these and it happened to be in Carian US and so I
walked in and you know there we go so coach athletes relationship let’s
talk about me you got married so it’s okay like hey who’s that yes but it was
funny because like you know he watching like competitor group and so of course
he was like he joined that and but he couldn’t climb a rope and I was I put
what’s wrong with you like I mean I wasn’t you know I was you know playing
hard to get either I’m like yeah so hey that’s one
way to look at it I like it that’s a good way to look at it yeah yeah like
you’re not winning the games it was like oh boy yeah you’re right
everybody follow yeah maybe like who is gonna win and me I said rich Froning not
you because I’ve seen him doing the regionals but then destroying everybody
so he finishes the workout he qualified he still wins right so he’s 25 for the
CrossFit Games he’s so far ahead it’s Prince down the hill to run back up with
a number 2 guy to help him and I’m not going to fuck is that guy and what does
he have eyeliners yeah yeah he look like that’s so weird with his necklace sounds
like that’s just good anyway are you doing I did regional so I was like I was
in that weird like we’re normal people like at the time we’re like normal
people could compete and did regionals appears but the first the first year I
competed it was actually sectionals what you see Ellie yes so and the affiliate
so Greg the owner of this gorilla fitness he hosted and they made up their
own workouts at that how do I know that and then and then so I went on to
regionals which was in a parking lot in Albany jason Ackerman’s gym and the
whole pull-up rig like when you would do a pull-up it would like move you know
like back and forth and I didn’t know how to do like a kipping handstand
pushup at the time and so then it was like halfway through you’re like I
should figure this out he was strict yeah I mean they weren’t I was getting
no rafts quite a bit we just pissed me off enough to figure out how it I’m like
what are these people doing oh they’re doing something okay let me try that
that’s a good ol is oh so of course that was uh but that’s funny because in those
days there were still things like people were experimenting with and figuring out
like that like back then that was when it’s like Oh Annie can’t do a muscle up
never I learned it I mean yeah yeah one did
you show do ya see ya in the back just like I think Jeff Tucker was there at
the games like in the back hell you know hey I’ll give you a shot try ya win this
thing you’re gonna go on remember how crying cry is that God 1900
time or some shit yeah so since then there’s been a lot of change in CrossFit
and I think it’s important to emphasize kind of where we all sit still at this
moment though with with what our relationship is to fit right like in my
case CrossFit is essentially the catalyst that took me from no health no
giving a shit about any of those things to everything that I’m doing now that’s
been in this space so all of that is due to the fact that I got involved with
CrossFit you know at some point had I not I don’t know when or if that changed
what happened how did you hear about environment I had never heard about it I
had a friend who was telling me we should do it because he was a little
overweight but he had lost a bunch of weight right
and then usually and you’re not a I’m not going to let him look better I think
so he has always been approximately 50 pounds heavier than me our entire lives
fears older maybe football players wrestlers always heavier than me and
they started like riding bike man and eating paleo and like and then like all
of a sudden he drops like 90 pounds and he’s like 15 20 pounds lighter than me
because I was at my heaviest and that was really it was it was like I don’t
count I’d love to say that it was like you know I just had this moment where I
was like a manatee first workout was a it was a really really slow onboarding
thing where you’re just like almost a small group movement assessment where I
couldn’t literally could not squat to a 20-inch box air squat I mean I just just
kind of fat couldn’t move and couldn’t do anything and so after all of that I
think the actual WOD for us was something silly like eight
sit-ups 10 amazing that was for for like eight minutes yeah yeah and
of course I do like like everybody does when they start
though when you see that that’s what it is and it’s only for eight minutes oh
well you’re like I’m gonna get ya and then you realize how long 30 seconds is
like 30 seconds of doing things like that at a fast pace is a long 37:4
around one minute well two rounds yeah I don’t know we Cindy by the way with yet
with what we’ve learned with from Julian over the years now it’s like the way
that I started every workout no matter what it was was I would fight until I
would crack and then I would catch my breath and then I would fight and so for
me it was maximum output total holding pattern maximum output which is a dozen
interval training back to the basics they actually even wrote my name on that
first gym on the the Rings that hung from the ceiling of the gymnastics rings
because almost all of the time I would be dying so bad and I’m a little
dramatic about it that I would grab on to the Rings just go oh fuck and so
since then I’ve done away with all of that conditioning and now if I started
again I would be in that state I just can squat but but but I guess what I’m
trying to say here is to to to I do want to validate what CrossFit was
accomplished yeah you’ve created what they’ve done has
changed all of Fitness they’ve definitely rewritten the way that women
trained and also made women in strength sports not such a that’s why
powerlifting on a big relief thing is showing up so much in the US and the
world it’s cause I’ve CrossFit now one especially as women you come there’s no
and I think it’s safe to say that it’s because it was effective at what I did
you know just it was effective at that point and but we do want to get into
after establishing that we are in no way trying to compete with CrossFit and in
no way do we want anything like it’s not that we like CrossFit needs to improve
as any in numbers as in everything because I believe that what they’re
doing is right and what the mission is is right however there’s been it’s like
they’ve been sidetracked it feels like for the last few years there’s many
issues this mission so we that’s the thing is we can point out the issues
without trying to replace CrossFit is the problem there with strong fit he has
to be strong fatal CrossFit I was like no I’m not a scavenger I have no
interest in taking or whatever I just want to help people and I think CrossFit
is a great way for people to get in a gym and doing all the stuff but you can
still point out issues without saying let’s toss down the building and build
another one I just like no everything is great can we make it better that’s all
because they are your shoes in place yeah and I think back to sort of how we
ended up finding you guys you know in getting involved in strong fit and it
wasn’t like we went from we were doing crossfit we were across but now we’re
doing strong fit it was something that we saw
and really bill probably about two years ago and you know the gym obviously I
started the gym that was my passion we can’t got out of the military he got
involved and started working the gym with me and brought a ton of or just
different perspective and helped a tremendous amount cool basically to
everything I was like no added value I mean we may disagree on a few things
you know there was one night that I’m like this is insane like we have to stop
talking like we need to not just talk I had come from the competitive side of
CrossFit. I obviously was deeply involved in HQ and the affiliates in the
competition. And at one point, I think that it was right when probably
The Games started becoming a little bit in question; and he asked me one day at home over dinner, “Do you think people are
getting better?” And I was offended. I was pissed..
“Of course they’re getting better…” “My programming is great.. Are you saying my programming is bad?” That’s basically what it sounds like to me.. And so that didn’t go
over well.. But over time slowly, and he had sort of started to look at things,
maybe some pitfalls.. What’s really happening in the gym, and having to look at ourselves as the leaders of the gym like, “What are we
really doing and where are there some problems?” was the person that was like why would I
do it this way if I can do it this way faster I was like well because like
you’re gonna get hurt and you’re not using your mouse which I’m like like we
would literally start workouts he’s like you’re doing strict pull-ups I’m like no
doing butterflies here we go let’s go like you know so I got two of them yeah
I use the other one to opens ago and I am all over her for the way she does bar
muscle-ups because it’s not a bar muscle-up it’s like a gym mat take a
quiet dip like you didn’t use anything that we want to see anyway
I guess she I was at home with dogs and I was texting her and I wasn’t gonna go
into the gym that day and she was like yeah I’m not gonna do it I drove in he
walks in he’s like I’m judging her no room I’m like don’t you yeah I may be
open anyway clarification when you say up our people getting better yeah you
don’t mean for six months of the first year what we’re talking about is there’s
always that moment usually what like to your mark on your mark to your mark
depending on without people were sad that’s the honeymoon stage where
everybody makes progress here they seems to be a moment well just hit the wall
and then buzz that let’s be honest they don’t make four I remember the moment
coaching the class that led me to act like really sit on that question for a
while because I knew it probably wasn’t it was it’s a sensitive thing you know
cuz you it’s your programming fuck you yeah well in it and for them they’re
paying a lot of money and learning the air be fucking hard
you’re gonna putting that much work you better get better yeah I remember like
it was like as if time stopped and I’m watching I know exactly who it was
with the kettle bell for the class and I just was watching it being like this is
not working this why you see the Rick yeah yeah like this isn’t you don’t read
you’re not really doing it well it’s not you’ve been doing this for probably four
years at this point you’re still using a 35-pound kettlebell no yeah it doesn’t
look good I can just tell that you’re not doing it aggressively just checking
behind like you’re like and so it was it was a kind of moment where I was like
this we need to really face you know what that’s is what I heard from most
men coaches coaches gym Orioles at the seminars
it’s that conversation it was like I’m here you know like I have those people
there are years in and they look exactly the same they still move like shit
they’re not making progress and as a coach there’s a moment where you go if
you had a real coach even at Walmart doing it and and I think that’s the you
know and we’ve talked about it from so for two years we’re sorry okay how do we
you care what you what we knew we couldn’t do and I mean I don’t think we
had the answer like okay well this is exactly we’re going but we knew we had
to sort of go in this general direction and what you can’t do is just three you
know 180 degrees you’re gonna just turn the shin so you know bills analogies
like it’s a cruise ship so it’s like a very slow turning but how can we start
adding things in to make that improvement and I think one of the
things you know in the process whether or not you do an intro class an intro
session whatever your onboarding process is for people I think one of the things
we kind of like trade is someone coming in the door and I know you know Coach
Glassman has said this himself like we just need to get people in the door like
biking okay like get on the bike do something for that person they need to
start identifying themselves as like somebody who this is something I do you
know like I think it’s a Seth Godin thing like people like this do things
like that the problem or the one of the things if you’re not careful is that
process you kind of skip over some things to get that person into that
place and then if you never go back now they’re just moving their limbs and
they’ve never been told like yeah okay what does it feel like for your chest or
what does it feel like for your glute but you’re asking them to do at some
points some pretty high skill things without that connection to their body
and so if you never address that then you do get into a place where yeah three
years in for that person there’s only so much there’s a ceiling so it’s like
walking out on one very thin brand it’s like there’s just not you can so far and
at some point then to go back it feels like they’re going back so how do you
start to really build that a little more a little smarter so that they don’t end
up out on this very thin branch and have to like come all the way back or get
injured and never come back I think the problem was there was a
connection from the beginning it was teach position don’t teach connection
don’t teach tension just look the part on to first and then but I think like
when they when they jumped through the high scale movements that’s what the
CrossFit Games happened all right we’re gonna talk about this but like that was
I don’t think that was your there was no never the original point of CrossFit
like I that one I’ll put on so on the affiliates because a lot of them don’t
even know who Greg Glassman is right like I talk worldwide maybe in just it’s
better in the US but talking worldwide to coach Ozone else and everything a lot
of them have no clue who Greg Glassman is the number of people who have not
seen the early Greg Glassman videos to me is baffling if I was educated that’s
the first thing I would do is that we take all those ones and put it back out
there because he’s charismatic and he explains what CrossFit is I got in
fights I’d see me now especially with people good fuckers don’t speak French
so of course I don’t know any of this right well did they were telling me
stuff I was like no no I mean I would repeat what Greg as man says if you
don’t understand CrossFit I just quoted Greg Glassman and they go like basically
this thing like who the fuck is that anyway things too it’s like you know not
to say I go you’re not better because you’re old school your time yes doesn’t
mean a damn thing yes but what that implies with us is like the only place
we could get information was from the journal it was from the media so it was
like it could not be consumed at a greater
rate because there was no yeah there was the information availability was that
Ola that’s an important thing to point out too is we had seen this shift I
would say over that decade probably where 100% of the information that came
out about CrossFit were you learned about CrossFit it wasn’t really a
marketing thing it wasn’t saturated with advertising and brands and sexiness and
all that other shit don’t you got your information from the journal yeah and
from other people that were training it and that was it you know you would get
up and then you would get educated it’s your seminars and those other things but
but that’s it and and now we had this shift and as that shift is about the
same time that I had opened my affiliate where then what’s representing CrossFit
most in the world man yeah and and then that becomes money brands sex appeal
competition freaky fast shit loud techno music cool slow motion area it’s pretty
looks well and within and the silliest things the average person the average
Joe Blow at a gym seeing all the wonderful things about the training of
progress he’s made is not gonna fucking selling fitting right therefore what do
we promote the things that sell but you know one of the first we had there was
an affiliate gathering that I was at I think it was one in Texas but in anyway
you know those gatherings I think back to that and like that was the place
where we came together people exchanged information like what are we doing I
didn’t have that feeling of looking on Instagram at other affiliates who as
we’ve said like Instagram is putting out there making them you know they look
amazing like look at this affiliates crushing it there wasn’t that like
competitive I have to like partially yeah like position myself to look a
certain way it was just like I didn’t have any clue what was happening in
terms of like the only thing was talking to other affiliate owners which has kind
of gone by the wayside and getting together and sharing ideas and sharing
stuff it wasn’t let me look better than you I gave you
the time to study the game right right you got distracted by this by that
comparison because that our place I’ll blame the
owners on that they’re not studying the game we don’t like lies mine is if you
watch the video one you don’t know your basics they’re spending their time on
their marketing and that is one thing that Greg Glassman has always that’s
never been a thing I mean sure there’s a million ways it’s a business so sure
marketing is a good idea but it can’t that that’s a crutch for it you can’t
just say everything no interns if they look real good on Instagram that’s just
or just yeah I think it is interesting though we see you know as that trend
kind of moved towards more of more of those things the education then people
began to just learn about what CrossFit is from what they saw which is PR lifts
at the very least high-performing athletes competitive athletes and in
competitions that stuff and it just I think started to with people who weren’t
familiar with the era of the CrossFit Journal or what CrossFit is founded upon
those affiliates and and and often those clients even are the ones that are
consuming this other easier to get stuff and then it changes the way that
CrossFit was interpreted not just from the outside but the way it’s used in
affiliates because then we see these issues where you know CrossFit if you
take the level one seminar it’s very simple like in a way that Julian
describes is it is a constraint based training methodology it’s very simple or
supposed to be any yeah you know I mean it’s it stopped a there’s a constantly
varied functional movement high-intensity
right okay but let’s all let’s all stay within that body and we’re good we good
but but that’s where some of it has to fall on CrossFit issue as well because
what is CrossFit like not the training system right we have the training system
where does it sit out in the world know who is CrossFit right we have the
training system that are like that is constraint based that Greg Lessman
created you know like intensity functional movements constantly varied
those are constraint and objective based that’s where the magic happened great
that’s the training system we are the CrossFit Games we know that right we
have HQ will run the business fine who is CrossFit and we are the community
right so who is CrossFit is it HQ or is it the community or is it the cross
again it’s not the CrossFit Games because
that’s no thing on and I feel yet level that’s not working it’s just a nightmare
for everybody all right so who is CrossFit and HQ or the community I’m
cool with either but at some point we’re gonna have to figure out who that is so
that we can move the shit forward otherwise the issues will never get
solved so either it’s HQ but then they’re gonna have to do things they
don’t want to do I know for a fact that the whole quality control stuff like I
did another internship because my class man is really Italian and he thinks you
shouldn’t whether you agree or not mr. Boxwell he’s the boss so he does
whatever the fuck you want it’s his company okay but then it’s the CrossFit
community but if it is then we have to all circle the wagons we already said to
us and move forward but at some point that’s the conversation that’s the
conversation is to a but you can’t just as a CrossFit committee to have that
conversation and HQ has to say it you know I mean like someone has to explain
who CrossFit is right well and what’s interesting is like the CrossFit
affiliates are all kind of one of the things that happens is they’re pointing
the finger at other CrossFit gyms like that the cross foot on the street is
causing problems by giving CrossFit a bad name and so I think within the
community I think they see I think if you asked the average affiliate owner
well yes I think there’s things they wish HQ kind of gave them at the same
time I think if they were honest about where they think their problems are
coming from it’s like well across it down the street is doing a shitty job
and that’s all the people that know that I think that’s what I do so in a way
it’s like kind of it is it is at the community level that if we’re all
putting that sign out we have a responsibility to to do right by that
name yeah and that’s where there is kind of an issue and and we were talking
before I mean Bill’s point was was really valid that like at the same time
as they’re not going to tell you like execute it this way or we’re going to
come in and tell you it’s quote/unquote wrong and do quality control you do have
quite a bit of freedom but with freedom comes responsibility and that means you
know people that have the freedom that are just kind of putting out subpar not
educated product that’s the communities within the message of the
has to be clear that it’s not HQ yeah but then then people have to you know me
like this has to be claiming that you have a responsible that’s very easy to
say like hey as a again I’ll give you a real kind of funny example I have my
garage our garage is affiliated yeah yeah a the we have zero members it’s an
invite-only there’s actually one of the first thing
to call it and he said no they might only know I’m like what just happened
yeah I mean do you want anybody that comes nonetheless no he doesn’t they’re
right so nonetheless though I mean HQ is never reached out they’ve never like I
have to pay insurance and there’s a fee or whatever but they’ve never said like
what’s going on you have is your remembers in fact when I went to redo
whatever how many members you know but they don’t know the insurance actually
when I was doing the rrg bust right they were like hey you sent back and have
zero members two years in a row can you flake I’m like nope that’s accurate and
so it’s like really bad business yeah so like my point is but like HQ hasn’t
reached out and whether or not they know you know because we both work for level
one staff and whatever that’s not the point they’re not gonna reach out and
say hey I’m gonna I’m gonna target you now for some sort of help
because it’s very much do it on your own and you have that ability okay but then
what you can’t do is have the CrossFit Games blow up promote that and let that
loose on the affiliate where they are fuckin stuck in a very between a rock
and a confusing and it goes to the end user meaning meaning is it’s on us to
educate our clients generally speaking of what we want from them all those
things that you can it’s hard to do that when something that shares the same name
as you no matter what a client what situation that’s another fail so yeah so
I’m stuck with all these clients coming in I either have to tell them that no no
it’s not all this crazy shit you totally can do it it’s fine
or I have to tell them like like no no it’s not all that crazy shit like tone
it down there’s no next door because the other
guys unfortunately said that he can do it and I don’t have it both ways so so
this is this is not a this specific thing isn’t a problem that we that I
have a solution for necessarily but I think it’s important to note that for
the we’re talking about affiliate owners and HQ for the people walking into your
gym or the people who haven’t signed up for your gym yet you are your neighbor
who has says CrossFit you are if I go into McDonald’s I’ve never been to
McDonald’s and I get fucking sick like just it’s gonna be a long time for want
McDonald’s right yeah and it doesn’t I don’t gonna care you’re just gonna have
that taste with great power comes great responsibility
alright then it’s on each cube as well that what are you doing now thank God
very least it sounds last man is back and he’s trying to go back to world
health as a show but for six years he was gone up to do and I think yes
exactly so at this point now that’s that’s if people I mean there’s a lot of
affiliate owners we know who have not they didn’t even know anything changed
on so now you’re an affiliate owner at the very least you’re not going
to CrossFit comm right because it’s very different since January as of January on
it not only looks different but like the videos that they’re putting up the the
workouts they’re opening up the programming is totally different so like
I know that’s not that’s not enough to say like but but if you’re not even
doing that then you’re not so while we’re saying it’s on the answer on the
community all right okay so but at least now we know well the work has to be done
right so when we announce the thing so we see like there there are things that
we are also just for things that we can’t do right that we can’t yeah
meaning meaning we I cannot communicate on behalf of CrossFit HQ right who the
masses about what this thing really is especially without a fucking Instagram
whatever you know what I mean like how are you just yelling – these people said
in the newsletter other people already know we’re already know that’s where I’m
at with it but anyways all of that aside all of those things aren’t things that
we can do to help that situation I think ability is gonna fall somewhere between
HQ and the affiliates and yeah but but but I mean then the responsibility for
solving the problem it’s gonna kind of fall on both sides so let’s help where
we can help right which is the that’s my thing me I’m already care to know okay
how do we fix the thing so where do we start and who and how do we do this so
where do we start yeah what are the issues you own a few
Latonia so what and so some of the things we were seeing which is where
sort of we started saying like okay some things have to change you know obviously
like we can point to the games and but but that programming that style which we
can talk about movements and how its executed I think those are kind of the
two areas so you know some of the movements when we’re asking people to
come in who don’t have a basis of connecting to their bodies and then
saying like okay maybe we’re going to perform a snatch which is a perfectly
fine movement but you know in Olympic weightlifting you’re not doing 30 or 50
in a clip and and I absolutely think the going back to like experiencing things
and learning things which was where cross what started sure of course
there’s coordination and PVC as a warm-up but we what we know about people
is they are not going to do the workout or nor is it really effective or getting
them fitter to do a workout with a PVC pipe okay so now they don’t want to be
there so now you’re like well let’s give you a barbell and now they shouldn’t be
doing that at cetera etc so I think there’s some things where we have to
look at okay what are the movements were doing how are we delivering them what is
it where are we preparing people properly to get to that movement if
we’re going to do it so I think some of the pitfalls are the programming the
movements were programming and the education behind them and then some of
its this this intensity kind of issue what we started seeing is people are
addicted to the intensity so it’s like they just are coming in and whether it’s
because they see people at the CrossFit Games laying on their back
whatever or you know it’s there’s a certain type of person that also comes
to cross it but you’re you’re telling them for 10 for 8 years we were telling
them you know intensity intensity intensity and then you’re looking at it
and now because they’re trying to hit that all the time they’re not actually
getting intense their judgment at that eighty percent mark and they’re stuck
then they connect it back to their score then they feel like shit about that
because they’re not getting what they want then they’re just in this loop
where the whole point of us opening a gym and what I started this to was to
help people and I’m like actually causing these people harm now so that’s
kind of the loop I think looking at like the what are they doing and the how are
they doing it well I was asked it’s a common question you ask if someone’s
been in every time they’re around that two-year mark is is your relationship to
fitness better or worse now than it was after six months period and often it’s
worse well or it’s like right and then and
then and then it’s like man you like that was the right question and and they
don’t realize how dysfunctional that relationship can be just like that
you’re constantly disappointing yourself because of the score because now you
don’t have the intensity because you just and I your hurts and and by the way
you don’t have the intensity right thank you you are really going at it the first
six months now you just it subjective versus constraint but now you’re going
at this goal you’re just trying to get two seconds of that time but at the end
your form is going to shit you look exactly the same or worse like it’s just
not working and yeah and I think we we identified kind of like oh we need to
really address this in that we are potentially promoting disordered
thinking yeah and the way the the way in which we’re doing it is by yes some of
the workouts or the intensity and stuff and so when we look at people and we
really like really look at them it’s not that they’re addicted necessarily to
intensity they want it they’re chasing it but they’re also desperately trying
to tell themselves something more about who they are
yeah and associating somebody that goes hard in a work
with that thing ended it’s working and it’s working and if I don’t do that more
dangerous that’s what’s gives me then I’m then I’m less than not just from
your athletic level from a human being especially when there is maybe a bit of
a skilled deficiency when it’s like well I just need to go faster than because
that faster is gonna validate my sake but what have you what have you done
here you’re a 38 year old dad of two or mother of one yeah what if you have you
ever done anything dwell take twice as long on them and don’t get hurt and it’s
like wait a second if you’ve never done anything really like at that level
we need to we are promoting that idea that I don’t want to say that they can
be the CrossFit Games athlete but it can be like something like that yeah and
it’s like you have the CrossFit Games athlete and then you photocopy what that
looks like and then you photocopy it and photocopy and anybody that’s photocopied
photocopies after a while it knows it looks nothing like the original thing
and then we give that 20 photocopies later to somebody in there like that’s
what I want to be like that like we’re not that idea they do 50% they look 50%
like them it worked we like this work like so it’s a good
question to like what is CrossFit who has crosses but also like and and this
is where I think HQ and and the community the affiliate community can
collaborate on a productive solution in that who is it for like truly who is it
and if we’re saying it’s it for everybody then there has to be an
element of safety you know and there has to be some education and you know to go
back to though what’s funny is like we say it’s constantly varied and the
unknown but then you watch people and this was like before we started looking
at it I’m like okay wait a second it’s unknown however you’re gonna wait you’re
gonna wear it exactly that you’re gonna wear your wrist shops are gonna stand in
the same place I have to have that barbell I need this any time you know
we’re not Rockettes and it’s like wait a second let’s be honest these twelve
movements like it’s you know everybody like some kind of known anymore and you
know so what’s funny is yeah like that that notion like let’s remember though
what what was the intent and there was a learning and so now when you start
introducing things if you’re like oh they’re like I don’t
do that it because I’m not good at it yeah there’s a there’s a nice there’s a
balance there there’s letting people feel like they can do things they’re
good at and have success but there’s also we know we have to keep learning or
else it just becomes like there’s something missing there and I think a
lot of affiliates when presented with like shit something’s broken but there
are free too like there’s the fear of like well if anything changes then
people might leave or people might because they’re in this this rut they’re
in this cycle and this is what people are coming for meanwhile what you’re not
realizing is you’re isolating all these other people from coming in the gym yeah
to preserve this group of like you’re going the wrong way
but you’re just you don’t want to turn around because now you got to go back a
little bit you’re gonna go the wrong way and it’s often to preserve this maybe
small group of people who are to read you’re gonna burn out and break there or
or they’re gonna get on God knows that’s because the louder they complain more
than the regular jabu there was excuse me but the asshole wants to make
originals but is always you know 236 but it was I think also just there’s a
there’s a huge assumption and projection of like oh this is how this is gonna go
you know one of our members who started in 2010 with us who was you know really
excited by the competitive piece and really enjoyed that he another very good
friend of ours who start at the same time ended up leaving his finance job
opening across a gym in Florida and they talk all the time they’re friends and
he’s still kind of stuck in like I know something needs to change how do I
change it so we’re having this conversation you said that this this
member of ours told him like hey we don’t do some of these things anymore
but you know what like my shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore
like I felt like shit and so we could have said oh this this guy’s gonna leave
because like he loves that stuff but you know what he’s on board because it means
he’s not in fermion and he can we’re not like taking it’s not about
taking away he feels like he now gets to continue in a joint so I don’t think
making the projecting oh my god I can’t change because this is what’s gonna it’s
not always true and then that’s a common thing that every every
business owner every employee always has is we will project our own whatever our
own situation is onto the the rank meaning if you do it all the time and
ask a gym owner what would happen if they doubled their prices right they’d
be terrified to ask why because they don’t make enough money to pay that much
for something usually right and so that is a lot to them though it’s not just to
other people and so I think that thing is very common when people are facing
it’s having to make a decision to change their assuming what these other people
are gonna think but it’s really just what you make it’s good to go back to
your point so that should everybody do an overhead squat in your gym right and
not in our opinion is no right so everybody out there that has a gym knows
that’s true they can say we can no bullshit all we want about the overhead
squat like it’s the greatest movement for this great earth movement for that
the truth is and we don’t know it they are members in your gym and a big
percentage that will never do an overhead squat in their lives because if
they do they are not themselves in my opinion the the way in which you move an
overhead squat is simply a measurement of where you’re at from a mobility
standpoint the structure so the weight on it is it means nothing to me I don’t
know what I look at that exercise it’s fine if you can do it and if you can’t
ok brings you something is another point but the original point of CrossFit what
Greg Glassman is we all have the same needs you didn’t say we all need to do
the same movements that’s not what he said he said we have the same needs for
mobility a select but what varies between grandma they’re gonna pick
athletes is the percentages yeah that means I deliver sick grandma has to do
not go as well she says she needs to improve your mobility which is true and
if relativity was trending towards the point of being able to do an overhead
squat oh they never get there five and she started doing Crossfit I
mean I guess that’s probably ten years ago now and you know one of the things
too we’re looking at like okay so when you brought it up like the position idea
like the other day I you know she’s so like okay I know I have to keep getting
lower and lower and lower I told her like don’t go low I just want you to
feel this she’s like oh my god like never had felt that ever be
cuz all she was trying to do was like to go to object G but how is that really
helping her so I think asking that question or looking at it and be like
okay right if someone can have success in a squat without trying to figure out
how to keep a barbell or a PVC over their head then isn’t that like what are
we trying to do what are we like 13 what are we trying to break parallel that’s a
question right at least as a coach we should ask because not everybody will
break Parliament that’s I got news for you like a lot of people we are 50 or 60
we will not break our photocopy thing this is what we’re to do nobody’s saying
wait a second do you think that that has something that that mindset though comes
from maybe the lack of depth in the education that it gets given to CrossFit
trainers yeah I mean I think the level one is designed to be an initial I mean
you know it’s funny about the love of one was back when I started on staff a
lot of people that came weren’t actually coaches they were athletes that were
interested like learning about the methodology but I think it’s an initial
it’s it is meant to be an initial like a starting point and so like looking at
some things I do think the yes position there’s sort of a gap there and
understanding the tension and so I think that definitely is a place where like
where is that education and to encourage people to go forward and experiment a
little bit where do you go and but but it is interesting that I think almost
everyone I know when they’ve taken their level one there’s always a couple people
there who have never done across your workout until oh yeah like always
yeah and on that I’m like okay cool but I hope you’re not just gonna go coach
right now but however I think that’s a great when I took my level one I told my
clients I said I think you should take it I think I do believe there’s a lot of
value in that course I think you can learn a lot but it doesn’t make you
doesn’t make you anything you know it gives you permission is the way I look
at it but then you have to do your learning right yeah but where are you
gonna do it yeah right because that’s that’s my problem with the whole thing
is I agree that the issue again I I see a lot of them that don’t have a base in
strength conditioning and that I have not studied
game and that annoys the fuck out of me because it’s your job to become good at
what you do so you need an SP fuckin put in the way I was ill old time but at the
same time where do you go to do it cuz it’s kind of easy to tell people good go
alone alright where do they go who is teaching
right now outside of CrossFit yeah so do we need to go past the l1 Fatiha who is
doing it you have the l2 l3 in cross it is an enough fuck no but because that’s
I don’t think that’s what they see themselves as being anyway who is doing
it right so now who’s teaching movement outside of physios is now we’re gonna
learn strengthen conditioning from the physios now because that’s what I see
who else is teaching movement so now they’re telling you to kettlebell the
fucker of your ankle to get mobility on your sweat and I’m in the back going are
you fucking kidding me have you ever seen a guy squatting 200
kilos doing this shit but I think it’s it’s it’s the physios are stepping him
because there’s this gap you’re strengthening conditioning and then
people like well I don’t want my people to get hurt it’s a mobility or a
physical therapy issue so I’ll just I’ll just put that in as the solution but
really where it’s like there’s a gap in that and you know at the level one it
used to be and I’m sure it still gets said in closing remarks however it’s not
really being highlighted enough like go learn more you know and I think that’s
where it was you know and there are these whatever it used to be the
specialty courses I mean Louis Simmons like I do think CrossFit in that way
has presented like oh wait we’ve not they were also shitting on all the Globo
gyms in the last of four years I they have to take somebody take some break
there was it there was an abrasive extreme us against the world that was
but that was also a lot of the appeal that’s what brought in a lot of the know
that’s what okay that’s why tell me away I love the training system and I love
Greg lessman’s early lectures the whole like
you will work out is my warm-up or stuff like that do you like a joke like I’m
gonna do bicep curls yeah there is some of the stories people Bill Kazmaier
train the god of strength training to Globo gym you don’t get to shit on
global gyms know that did come from the fact that the people that were gym well
into the end you go to a global gym you see a lot of poles yeah but the people
that are coaching and most of your majority of your athletes at CrossFit
are not athletes in sport no they’re just not dance I mean you
talked about that I think on the podcast with Ray and I actually used that with
one of my classes like when we started turning things really god we haven’t
really done bicep curls why are we doing that you know you were talking about Sam
dancer preparing for bodybuilding competition was a fitness learning how
to like okay I need to get my calf turned on I need to get my quadrant on
now my quad my you know my calf you so it’s like and you can see how like yeah
I’m sure that translated into helping him as an athlete totally don’t you it
doesn’t have to be this or that and that’s where I think are when you come
in at that time period as an affiliate and it’s like well I don’t wanna do
anything looks like that because I don’t want to look dis unloyal but that was
peace and that was a problem that was to me that’s where the stuff started
because he kept people from looking outside of CrossFit tulum so now is it
totally excuse fault no because it’s up to you to put in the work and do it
anyway so I understand like the whole time but the time when the F Castro has
been confrontational it’s part of the gig I get it they were making bubbles
and doing the stuff and it was at us against the world that’s fine but it did
start a trend of people refusing to look outside of CrossFit for anything so at
the time it’s like everybody’s bashing CrossFit whereas bashing CrossFit was
bashing everybody else just as much as well being cheered on by the way
so he went both ways but now you have you know the culture of CrossFit coaches
I refuse to look outside of CrossFit to learn so that was a problem and now that
that’s gone away by the way that’s gonna work but at
some point it was that because of this but now we are left with a gap where
they don’t know where to look they’re not going to look so you know what
happened with not looking at bodybuilding but the hope which is not
the same thing as training in a Globo gym is and there are being that
strengthen conditioning the pure strength and conditioning background
went away as well like we’re not going to look at periodization we’re not going
to look at that they don’t even know who we Simmons is by the way who has cross
to CrossFit second strength coach after Don John and the other one I’ve done
John and what you repeat oh they don’t even know who we cement is he first was
the conjugates system they have no fucking clue so that’s the problem in
now they all content and that’s a non-issue that’s on them but they all
content of being like I do CrossFit I’m like what does that even mean
you don’t even know what that means no one knows and we see that at like in the
Gannet for affiliates at the earlier level if we’re just looking at movements
what are the things we’ve really dug into and looked at ourselves hard in the
mirror was are we extracting the essence out of the movement right or is it the
kind of what it sort of looks like yes exactly for off that’s Boston it’s like
it’s kind of sort of what it looks like within an acceptable range of error
that’s maybe not a gross fault that’s it so like okay yeah but we’re like it’s
much easier yeah it’s much easier to look at how it looks to take your
coaches and say like well it just has to look like this yeah put this body
position there is way easier than having to help someone connect to their glutes
that that that’s that’s where we much bigger thing but are you willing to do
the work or not and I think that’s where so that’s where the let’s go is to how
gonna fix this because that’s really what we’re here for
yeah and the the other part that I think was worth mentioning is that gap is
there people are seeing like so getting knowledge the gap in like my affiliate
isn’t doing well my people are saying like there’s something I don’t know if
this is working what does that mean yeah right so like people are getting injured
or I don’t know like people are coming in but then we’re doing this
or people Archer yeah like here’s something that doesn’t feel right
enter in people that are trying to say here’s the solution there are people
saying here’s a solution the problem is it’s really not solving what the problem
is because it’s our sights you mean right yeah so we you know and we’ve just
out of curiosity looked at and experienced some of those folks for
ourselves and it’s not to say it’s not about bashing other people however if
it’s if it’s about like we just got a look at your numbers okay your business
or a book or we just have to look at here’s this formula or it’s all these
things that are kind of like a plug-and-play mm-hmm but but that’s not
really actually the problem it’s a band-aid for something you know I mean
PT first whatever that is like that’s not that might be or sell sell retail
things but how long it that’s a short it’s a very short little bump where the
problem is still going to be there the problem is you got into this business to
help people in fitness and now you’re either sending them to work et or you’re
just selling t-shirts and kill cliff but the problem isn’t actually getting
solved so if you want to have longevity in this as a business then like nobody
really is out there saying okay how do we provide some solutions to the
actual thing you’re selling yeah how do I make this thing better because that’s
the problem right a new iPhone came out you know I’m gonna buy it cuz it’s
fucking awesome better than this watch it’s just better than this one that I
have and that’s the way it is if it came out this I’m not this I think that’s
important you know what this is called is clearly an evolution or the product
yes and that’s why CrossFit never got you never evolved past Greg Glassman
because I just I don’t think that a lot of the it’s and you will have this
insight more than I was just my impression is I do believe that a lot of
the insights or thought resources into CrossFit programming from HQ over the
last few years did shift towards the competitive in the
games in the regional set how do we make it bigger create like I don’t believe
that there was much emphasis placed on the system programming and the system
itself so we talk about things like what if did they ever say like hey the
overhead squat maybe not necessary snatch what if that’s a far away target
what do you go something overhead instead of snatching yeah what would you
stop that cool they steal a triple extension by all right and so but but
those are the things that I think we that I see and I think that’s a place
where someone can come in and say okay let’s find a way to just do the thing
that you do better and if you are if you do get exponentially better those other
things they’re not going to just take care of themselves but they’re a lot
easier for you to solve than just saying my product still is fucking
dysfunctional and kind of shitty as it was before and everybody sees it and
that rate of churn that you have is exactly indicative of what’s going on on
your gym floor often from a communication standpoint from a movement
quality and injury standpoint you’re losing people that rate is there that’s
not because of you’re not getting enough new people in or it’s not because you’re
not sending them enough welcome emails okay so where did it stop to me Greg
last month started a constraint based system why is the constraint based what
does it work in an objective based system doesn’t work knob checked if
based system there is no evolution you just get to a target a constraint based
system is a divergent mindset it just opens up the door to go wherever so Greg
Glassman started that and he started to evolve into something amazing and then
here comes the CrossFit Games who basically became an objective based and
took all that potential for evolution and drove it to one an objective and the
evolution stopped and the time clock and the score thing exact it was an
improvement standards right so the movement standards the yes the position
being that exist what we do have to have is go back to before the CrossFit Games
and continue the evolution of CrossFit from them yeah we need to take your
games out go back to Greg Glassman’s CrossFit and evolve it
and I think even when you look at like you know was it cross it was it HQ as
the games was the affiliates there is also the element of the other businesses
in the market that came about and I’ll say what if I yeah
was one of the worst things that happen to a culture to an affiliate sculpture
yeah because now you took the white board the
dry-erase yeah we did a workout I did work out the other night of everybody
all these years four years now we have people hey you know Jimmy how’d it go
ah smiley he’s happy he got a great workout he doesn’t know if it’s thirteen
eleven or eleven thirteen that give me a smiley but like okay whatever but now
you have you have to enter in it one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
you have a ranking structure you have some so like craziest when we went to do
wat afire not to but we’re like well we don’t want to get rid of the whiteboard
we don’t want these monitors really showing people like the memberships as a
fact you can’t do wata fine without the TVs and so a lot of people before their
yeah so a lot of people went to like what are we prioritizing here and
thought because often it’s it’s more or less it’s mostly just useful as a
back-end right finally we said that writing down to the school of their
workouts was actually a really bad idea yeah yeah but now that we know by the
way we didn’t know it at the time because they push people but at the end
he’s giving everybody anxiety ins and everybody I mean I’m back to you know my
mom recently talking about this you know she’s gonna do this a long time and she
said you know recently like and she doesn’t know all the ins and outs of
like understand like the bigger picture of what we’re doing she could just I
just feel so much better about going to the gym this is a 75 year old woman and
you would think well she’s not competitive she see that rhabdo from the
open one year yeah cuz I’m like what are you doing because she pushed yourself
against another one of the senior competitors to seniors so so no rhabdo
for a W and that’s right not taking a no but it’s like so you need things like
well those people aren’t competitive but the environment creates that and now
that there’s an I said she put a carrot or
now that like makes it different she’s like well yeah because it’s not just
this one objective face thing but that’s something we have to stop dancing around
it and point to it and say we have to address this stop we have yeah and stop
and be like there is a disordered thinking that exists within the culture
and nobody is doing it maliciously so let’s just sleep but it just happened
did we know it back then hey you know in the old sort of Coach gosh been talking
about like growing you know like a 150 or whatever even as dog comes up and
he’s also like Rona 143 like that was you know however many years ago but
that’s what happens it’s a human the human terrain is is compari complex and
rapidly changing so we as a field owners as coaches as ambassadors of crossfit
need to make sure that we do evolve and we do pay attention and we do say like
whoa hey this is happening and it is our duty now yes actually do something about
it not just be like where’s the patch kit well that’s not gonna buy the way
blaming for stuff we didn’t know well exactly the white ball they look like a
good idea and we get into to like we talked earlier but where does the
accountability responsibly it doesn’t matter
I am my affiliate owner mmm-hmm I don’t care about any other Phil if I’m not in
trouble right if I have fun losing members or I have low numbers have a
hard time getting people in also my train and my coaching just isn’t making
the difference that I hoped that it would where do I turn what a whiny
blaming people at that point is a way severe weather
what did yeah I listen I don’t care I just want to fix it but that’s it
because as you said no one did in Malaysia so the important we do know
we’ve established a good base for those types of things
well first wait because let me tell you what I see is a problem from the other
side of the oscilloscope because they talked to me in the way that they might
not you know how it is in CrossFit sometimes we normally set up loud so you
get ostracized the what they tell me like at I have
like probably 50 60 percent of the people at seminars out if not right and
I get at least half of them every single time coming to me and say should at the
affiliate right and the two problem that they have is prior retention because
I’ve enjoyed and people not getting better and coach
retention those are the two main issues that we see and I think coach retention
is constrast of all we can talk about this because you are the real numbers
well no one is making money mm-hmm let’s be honest like we need to
talk about this and the fact that the coaches are living because they’re not
getting any knowledge either like I used to find a very big hedge fund manager
and asking how do you keep your people because by definition you top guy he can
make millions in makes million dollars but it can make way more and he told me
as long as they can learn from you they’ll stay with you I always talk with
me and I think that’s part of the polymer of the coaches in gyms is like
if they can’t learn anything from that dream from that owner from that culture
they leave they’ll never give a shit which is the same thing and your point
is the answer that you give them is not to do affiliate always so I’m the first
one to defend CrossFit because people don’t understand like and that’s that’s
something I think the parasites in the scavengers that are going in CrossFit
right now they’re missing a very important point
if CrossFit goes away this will go to shit in three years you guys like don’t
understand the name CrossFit alone is keeping us together maybe not always in
a functional way but it doesn’t matter it’s keeping us in a group and it’s
keeping the shit moving forward and growing up and down all that stuff maybe
like everything that grows goes up and down anyway if we take HQ away and we
break that what do you think is gonna happen everything is gonna that that
what keeps us together that binding energy is gonna go away the whole thing
is gonna go to shit what do you think is going to happen so we had that in
jiu-jitsu where the Gracie family started to fight it was Ryan sued his
brother Hickson Gracie because Hickson was saying gracie
jiu-jitsu Ryan sued him for using Gracie jiu-jitsu what Hickson was the main
defender of the family in fights anyway but it tells me Evita so what happened
is we said Brazilian jiu-jitsu it was there at the time instead of gracie
jiu-jitsu which means they could have owned the martial art it was called
brazilian jiu-jitsu what do you think happened people from
brazil left with blue belts landed in LA with black belt
and open jiu-jitsu school so now at some point you have more sheets of school and
Starbucks right waiting happened but the quality went to shit what do you think
happened they all failed because it wasn’t under one banner and then from
there they got absorbed by MMA gyms if we do not put functional fitness under
one banner this thing will go to shit and what you think is gonna happen
Equinox is gonna take over what’s that big one like Jay my time is gonna go and
get all the air falls in in in the US and pay them and get them to teach
CrossFit at lifetime to do CrossFit we all go with the community and you’re
going to lose all of your fucking gyms although small runners that have 80 200
people you’re gonna close shop with that CrossFit if you have a hundred members
with a CrossFit you’re fat like Joe understand how this works
no not that you need CrossFit to keep your hundred numbers now I mean if we
take away CrossFit completely the name the binding energy of all those dreams
together you will go out of business because they will live like time will
come and take your clients away this is like within three to five years maximum
that’s why we need CrossFit in that sense now that’s why you need to pay the
affiliation you don’t need it for what they give you you give it for what
happens if you don’t without what Greg Glassman has created we are fucked yeah
that’s my I always been maybe that’s why I tell everybody knows sterility because
you’re not staying I don’t care if you agree with HQ or not
you’re not staying for them you staying for the community the community needs to
be strengthened and I think it’s a it looks like an easy not an easy way out
but like if I just change my name yeah but is that really like in that and
you’re still you good something other than and I think this is the true so
when I talk about how it may be some of those problems of global perception if
you will of CrossFit what I would say a lot of times will fall on HQ however the
responsibility for the problems that’s going on in your gym is yours and my J
they’re mine like certainly at that moment I can’t say fuckin HQ because
it’s mine this is mine are you saying something all you did this for me when
you hit too yeah because I have to me HQ is not this
job is not to look in and make people in better excuse job is to keep lifetime
away yeah and needs to keep that problem away
that’s what you pay so that the parasites and the scavengers don’t come
in because and by the way on that I would love to talk to you about keeping
some of those more those four girls out but that’s another so as the community
as a gym instead of saying like okay I’m gonna just leave my name and and do
something then change the name everybody so the whole community if we want it to
evolve it is on us is on me so we all and then it’s so the problem is like
okay well a lot of people want to evolve they might be distracted by the
scavengers and and those people and the parasites but a lot of people don’t know
they’re trying they’re trying to reach out to what’s out there right now but
how we kind of got involved is looking at like okay we feel like there’s a
solution that isn’t it presented right now and we would like to be people who
help to evolve CrossFit notion the solution is let’s evolve CrossFit so
that’s my problem because I saw an article that said CrossFit but burial
that but right there worries me so no not CrossFit but better we do better
CrossFit we find we let’s just do better CrossFit we don’t have to do CrossFit
bad barrier because then then it’s the ship at 180 its we torch the house we
rebuild what we don’t need a revolution we just need to do the shit better
alright so but again like thought so client preventing the clients to believe
that’s injury in progress preventing the coach to live that’s money and knowledge
that’s the way I look at it alright so that means we need in one no matter what
we need education in business and training out there and so that’s
basically what we started to talk about cause me I was like education I can do
better on the baseline of strength and conditioning but to give it out there
but it’s like alright what about business I did not have the people in
place to do the business of it now I have
but whatever what the first conversation was because you have the two numbers
he’s how many member on average a successful affiliate after five years
how many members they have yeah and I think the reality is nobody likes to say
their numbers or they over inflate them I mean there’s people we’ve talked to
say like yeah right like three three fifty and they’re not you know I think I
think at this point if you’re around 200 I mean I did a survey at one point
relative to affiliate stuff and some of the names of the gyms that came back and
you know trusted me with sharing their numbers I was like oh my god they only
have that many people like that wasn’t you know just to hear successful
longtime CrossFit gyms having a hundred members is definitely a disconnect from
what is kind of out there and I think you know for us we’ve been doing this
for a long time there was a time period where we were like in 2010 there weren’t
very many other CrossFit gyms our numbers then looked very different
now that there’s ten CrossFit gyms and people are going to geographically
commit to what’s closest so I’m gonna drive 30 minutes to one that might be
much better or their friends are at this one or whatever it is there is more
competition out there so I think a lot of the gyms are struggling and we know a
lot of them personally like they feel less than because they cannot even get
to a hundred I just can’t get to a hundred they’re they’ve been doing it
for three years and they’re still at like 80 to 90 well if you want to open a
gym where numbers is the top priority don’t open across the gym open a model
that’s built on making revenue by people not sure we need to say that ninety
after three years you’re doing good remember one there’s a release you’re
amongst many other people on course for what the numbers to put in there pop
okay right so I’m mo into when you’re open so you’re not a female age no was
doing so then they just feel this behind
scarcity of like oh my god I’m not good enough how do I get more how do I get
more yeah that’s why I chase this more what if you had 90 and you think you’re
supposed to be at 200 yeah you’re gonna feel like a failure but the problem is
you’re not supposed to be at 200 because no one else is anyway are the three
times your size and if you had 200 members are you ready to deal with that
problem you can’t do 200 you know what I was like well where are you at right now
how if you have seven people in class do you how do you think that’s gonna go
from 7 to 14 yeah every class are you ready for how are those 7 gonna enjoy
those first seven sure to enjoy this class much because they’re not unhappy
that there’s only 7 and not 20 yeah you know I think the other thing is though a
lot of people being in that position and being fearful then it’s like well I
can’t afford to do anything that loses any of those people and so then they’re
just locked in because they’re not doing well enough and they certainly can’t
lose anyway so we can’t change anything but it’s not working because we’re not
getting people and it’s kind of you know that it has to stop and like there has
to be like ok we’re gonna kind of look at this let’s talk solutions so what are
we going to do miss doc solution so business and knowledge let’s start with
business with us you guys mmm yeah so I think from a you know just looking at
like how you’re operating as a business and we spent some time looking at that
yesterday you know are you looking sort of externally or internally at what
you’re doing getting a sense of like as a business are you paying your coaches
you know what where are you at in a snapshot of of the business side of
things and are you maybe looking in the wrong places at the wrong places but the
places that aren’t actually going to help you let’s talk about this video
because yesterday was kind of eye-opening for me because like women
came and he has an entire thing with whisker mountain remember it you send me
the email anyway I said yes which corporation at the time and it was
fascinating because in their stuff they were showing like these different types
of business but there’s a way like for recipes but if you in what you don’t get
to pick and shoes like a little bit of each is you
in one group or the other but you don’t get an Iranian do that what was
fascinating is we saw the lane that CrossFit owners need to be in and that
is not the lane where they think in like all the people that are advising
business to CrossFit owners right now are not in the lane where we saw there
was an issue they were in the lane of social media getting you you know people
through the door external even though warming your market and you can’t handle
you can’t handle 30 new people but you want them I’m like yeah have fun with
that but so that was not the lane that they actually need to improve and that
to me is the core of the issue it does because a lot of them that’s the
parasite coming with something they got from another another world that does not
fit with the need of the CrossFit gyms today and I think that confusion I think
when people hear business so some of the things in the lane that we’re saying
people need are education developing your people yes and so people hear that
like but that’s not business but it is business you know and one of the things
that I think coach Glassman early early on and he’s done this he’s given this
little speech many times I’ve heard him do it is the the chasing excellence so
you know like you have chasing money or chasing excellence and when you chase
excellence it always drives you to money which isn’t a Greg glass Miller thing no
I’m just saying though just my Kinsey okay what I’m saying is like that was
his that came he gave that to the affiliates right just not to be
misinterpreted with training games athletes but the idea is presenting that
to affiliates that was always the the idea for how to become a good business
was give a shit about how clean your bathrooms are every decision I mean I
had no business background when I went for my to my the guy that was helping me
with accounting and said I’m gonna do this he literally told me do not do this
this is a bad idea you will like this is not good and I’m like I’m going to do it
anyway and a lot of that and it might sound like well that’s not very like
high and businesslike was just I’m going to always look at like how do I provide
this value every decision that got made was like okay should I buy a this or not
well like is that gonna add value is that gonna be kind of on the excellent
side or am I just thinking of like a numbers thing and so while that might
seem like that’s not business that Lane which is like improving what you’re
doing by way of education by way of developing your people yeah like how do
you think businesses that are succeeding over other businesses is because their
knowledge is better their depth is better they have a better product yeah
so it’s not just about sell retail items like I think people here business and
think how we’re gonna do it we’re gonna have a business assessment right on
where you work first of all like number your score at some point we’re gonna
have to go to some accounting for them yeah yeah like numbers and all that
stuff but after that we have like that’s in McKinsey but is a system where which
Lane do you need to be in and more importantly which Lane do you think
you’re Amy because that that gap is the problem right and once you have a lane
we’re gonna be like okay so you’re gonna get better in that Lane and then you’re
gonna come in and you’re gonna explain to them how it was that you have the
experience with that have to get better and that Lane and most of the time is
for example the coaching how often do you talk to your coaches what happens
when you have a coach that class is only one coat one classes a week right what
happens when you don’t pay that coach that last night I found that coach for
that class right who’s that happens to or how do you meet in the middle between
trying to balance what you your needs of money and your needs and how do you keep
him in bed again when do you talk to him do you talk to him do you guys train
together well yeah but that’s and that’s well you’re gonna come into a big thing
with each of those is you know our that initial piece is sure that individuals
snapshot of where they’re at everybody is going to be different you know every
there are some common things that we know like so okay coaching education all
those things those are the common points that like we know we can look towards
those but once you dig into them and each affiliate there’s there
a number of variations that are happening you can also build constraints
based off of verses and what’s probably what’s out there now is five classes a
week minimum right every coach in Psych well we have some phenomenal coaches
that would that we would have to then fire right it’s like that’s not a that
is so like what is it being a system many who quit the classes just do
private private sessions like no that’s not cross it either and this is a place
for group classes to you can’t do that and you can’t some people are not
capable of coaching certain things they don’t have the time but there are some
with people it doesn’t work like that right but that’s why I love that
McKinsey presentation he was doing it was like do you have a lane and the lane
is been on constraints get better at those things yeah and that’s what we’re
gonna help you with you show you the lane you belong in the recipient to
follow and then you’re gonna get better at those things and that’s a ongoing for
what we want to do there’s so much there that our goal is to provide some of
those constraints provide ideas sharing of ideas right and that’s really that’s
that’s the value that’s kind of lost now in the community and sharing what it
would it working things out but then it’s coming a little engine this is what
the strong community works so well because we have communal intelligence
took us two years to build it but now whenever there’s a conversation we have
smoked me for jumping in making their point not my point their point is just
if you’re right wind up in the same place and I think that’s what we like
now in the crossing communities the communal intelligence because that
drives evolution for well more than anything else if we have a group where
the owner come talk about their problem and how they fix it that’s how the shit
gets done well I think building that community is a thing we’re really trying
to build the foundation on in this affiliate program as well as obviously
getting the individual affiliates to a better place a more healthy standpoint
from business and results is probably number one but number two then is now
once people are moving in that direction is then we will have that community of
people who are also headed their own direction man and have made certain
sameen’s the progress and then we can share yeah he’s like God is somebody
will sometimes somebody will say it’s like well I keep here and I got it
that I could bring in a PTO something you can have someone else look like yeah
listen I set up the physio thing and it just turned into this whole fucking
massive bullshit do what you want but here’s my experience and then we have
not just the four or six of us talking about our experiences we’re then going
off of some solid principles Plus everybody else did good with the physio
because that video was great where’s the other one was an asshole I
think the thing with that too the thing to note is the people that are joining
this group are people that are putting their hand up saying I want help I need
help Hamilton and that’s what’s missing outside of that is there’s a lot of the
like I don’t want to appear as though I have a problem
we’re all like letting down our guard to contribute to all get better to share
and to recognize and say that we need help because I think that’s the piece
that’s just not happening outside of outside of this but because you have to
build the community for people to let their guard down that’s why we fight so
hard we start on the tone on the conversation because if you I don’t like
your tone I kick you out because then you’re not contributing anything to the
community right it’s about being right oh it’s about it’s a pissing contest my
dick is bigger than yours initial dick is bigger than me I don’t mind you have
to go anyway so but the key is that you that is built with safeguards and
someone has to be daddy and go like you don’t get to talk like this that’s what
also was lacking and okay so you might not want to be able to do that but
there’s some time you need gum dogs yeah we had sent the gum and HP was very good
at defending CrossFit from the outside from outside right they’ve actually done
that better than almost any other thing that I’ve seen them the brand name fuck
yeah not an exceptionally good job from the from not just frog but just from
from any number of change a Philly at honor does not see the amount of angles
that CrossFit could be getting fucked over if they were not spending just
millions of dollars I mean their legal team fighting things
I will say like having been part of the conversation of an affiliate that was
wronged or or you know theft in terms of like using the name wrong or a number of
things like going to battle to protect the name like that as people and as you
should have done a better job at explaining that part I think but I think
people what they don’t understand is that that’s what HQ is job at least in
their eyes is we are the defenders of crosshead we are the night in front of
the of the treasure and will fuck up anybody that comes close but the
treasure is gonna have to take care of itself
right and the affiliates like you saw this and you know we saw this in warfare
Iraq Afghanistan where you have now one guy who has a rival he goes to the
American yes and says hey fuck you mum this rival is working with Taliban okay
whatever it gives bad intelligence yeah and then you know you don’t have to be a
student of warfare to know what happened to the rival yeah yeah and it’s like so
at the local affiliate level do you want crosses to come in and take out where
you’re competent cuz yes yeah we don’t want that yeah right so do you expect I
think like they misunderstand that part that is not where HQ is gonna know again
like I don’t even care if it’s right or wrong that is not what is true the other
thing about HQ is it is a very obvious point they’re not running an affiliate
yeah so yeah like I would they know how are they gonna talk about the affiliate
now I made sure there was an affiliate way back and and graduate started to
talk about how things were may be different then then then how it’s been
interpreted but the main thing is for us like one of the reasons I feel like
personally speaking like compelled to have this opportunity as a woman there’s
there’s it’s like such an incredible feeling to start seeing what I felt like
maybe earlier on like people are saying like wow I feel incredible like all
these things I think that’s what all the affiliate donors what’s when things are
starting to go wrong like that’s that feeling that you want back no feeling
like you know what like what I’m doing is what I set out to do
and that’s the experience we’ve had with your cooperating this stuff again is
like seeing that light in people’s eyes and being like this is making you go
home to your family like a better person I mean that’s what we always just say Oh
cross it makes you better we’ll make sure though that if that’s what you’re
saying that you’re actually helping make that person better not contributing to
the problem seeing that’s what builds people out the most cultures animals is
that is when they save like people are not making progress I think it’s exactly
that like it’s not physically it’s mentally like they’re not happy or
they’re not better as people that were and if you’re not contributing if you’re
not part of the solution you’re part of the problem you’re making them more
anxious right with that fucking whiteboard in order so instead of better
people I think this is where from the talk that I had me with with the owners
that they miss the most is the first year of CrossFit people are like I’m a
better person and that’s what motivates them to do what it’s not money’s never
been money most of the owner I talk to have their
heart in the right place they are deeply passionate about but not change not
Fitness human being exactly they don’t want the fittest baby now they’re
happiest there used to be a thing that you know we would say like who you are
in CrossFit as to you are in life well if who you are now across fit is an
anxious person who’s totally stressed out about you the clock and your time
and I feel bad about myself yeah you know what that is true that becomes your
identity that’s exactly who you’re gonna be when you go home to your family
nobody cares and I think Kyla said it on a recent
podcast like people don’t walk down the ship being like what was your 5k bro
time like that like that there has to be something more than that damn look at
the frame and that’s why I like we say that like nobody’s gonna ask you when
you come home with the time you wrote on the board would be 85 pounds and they’re
like honey I think they like what we do some people do get fired up about that
and they share that especially earlier on especially with the couples with
people like oh I did this and there was that thing and then all of a sudden it
goes dark and is like you start questioning who
you are as a human being because of so because you can performance metric or
you don’t and we would say like hey how did you
but I scale I’m like but I scale right but you should be celebrated right now
you are absolutely not like in the wrong because you made a decision based off of
where you’re at what you need what you’re like kind of willing to do for a
big great walkout right yeah when did he ever become anything else but Dad and as
a coach in an affiliate or like it’s your damn job you know facilitate that
not staring at a pair of rings for 10 minutes you know like like think about
it and that’s like okay so you know just understanding some of it so I think that
is really an important thing to say like coming in peace to try to bring us back
to that like and redefine job feeling we do finding the job of the coach I think
it has to be defined redefine manager it’s not a class manager and your job is
not to promote our ex is to promote a great workout like we have these certain
things like this that I have to meet and there’s also some pride and learning and
that has like I mention education of your coaches you see in any other
industry I’ve been in the ones that are good that have a good business mmm
educate their people and the amount of resources that like my former boss spent
educating technicians who had no fucking business this was opportunity cost for
him this is a human who has the basic set of skills and now I’m going to do
everything I can to try to make that that individual successful and that was
education that was money that was travel there was all this stuff he’s putting
into these guys who how many of them quit after six eight months because they
weren’t cut out for job lots but that in every industry if you’re not developing
your people the quality of what you put out is going to decline and they’re
gonna go to your point if they are if they’re developing themselves and you’re
not putting in the work they’re gonna find somewhere else that’s gonna value
that and I you know I think the other thing that we haven’t said yet that we
just want to make sure we communicate is this isn’t a one-month
oh yeah just three weeks it’s gone I think that understanding of like for
many of us that took a while to you know just talking about it yet here and so
now it’s for us we’re starting to hit like okay like yeah this is this is
working this is good and we I still have a ways to go but we started having this
conversation two years ago so just being patient and like anybody just like with
fitness we say like anybody that promises you like oh you’re gonna get
fit and like these three easy steps it’s gonna be like a six week whatever you
probably should question like is this valid and it’s the same thing with this
if you want to redirect and re-shift that culture and and understanding of
what you’re creating it’s probably gonna be a couple years that’s it you know so
but but if you really care you’re gonna be willing and if you are in for the
long haul and a few years like well what is the same thing that you’re gonna tell
a client who’s gonna come into your gym you’re gonna say I think you sure you’re
gonna say listen yes we’ll get whatever we can get in 30 60 90 days without
risking the thing that’s the most important is that in two years you be
fitter happier and healthier and the two years from now we are and I think when
we are approaching gyms about how to how to go forward I think it’s like you said
we the coaches first need to understand and feel that feeling of helping someone
and being good at the job having that impact because guess what you’re not
gonna be a successful professional in this space if you’re not having a
positive impact on your evangelist so where does the accountability live when
you’re not successful in this space like you we need to focus on getting better
first and not just getting better and the product that we put out but that’s
built around the business structure as well and those some of the things that
we will get into with the business men and all those things but they’re all are
tied together because there is in business there is a certain aspect of
how you do anything is how you’ll do everything I reminds me of what Bill
Gates is like you overestimate what you can do in one year but you underestimate
what you can do in 10 years yeah that’s one of the smallest thing I’ve ever
heard yeah like the shit you can do in three years time like well strong fate
is now where we started three years ago is ridiculous but if I look at the first
year like I was like oh we gonna no we not getting close to but in three years
we are ended up doing more than I thought we would right that’s that’s the
weirdest way we look at that but for me that’s why that Bill Gates stuff was
there one of the smartest things I’ve heard like that that really brings out
there just like he’s no better happen in six months and the truth is when you’re
in the middle of it it either it almost say you know this is a feeling most
business owners when they have client troubles and money troubles right
execution problems and financial problems is time seems to move both
simultaneously fast and slow it’s just like what’s happened you don’t it’s like
it’s dragging on you’re starving but you know to me the solution to that is
exactly what Karolina mentioned it was like seeing that light in people’s eye
at your gym that’s what will make you wait two years for the money I think the
biggest problem is that light is gone in your gym and that is draining your soul
every time you walk and put money in their hole it’s not gonna fix it now
Facebook means more people that won’t have that look in their eyes looking at
you that we give me more desperate and more unhappy because what you don’t need
is to underserve more people it’s sick but yeah that’s me right that’s true
yeah go fuck up more people does it make you happy have a business I’m under
serving people one way or another either the people I have or the people I don’t
I’m not getting your service out there my business is not successful or I’m
just spending like math but yeah but for the most part like but for the most part
that is it’s it’s it does as a business owner accountability is one of the first
things you have to take almost an unreasonable approach to social media
correct because that’s what they’re selling right now I have more social
media I’m like you taking example of people that were very successful at it
in a very specific context if you think that context applies to you you don’t
understand how the shit works I would guess that if advertising or
marketing comes up in the first 5 to 10 conversations that you’re having with
someone about your CrossFit business viral yeah sorry it’s like you didn’t
get in this by the way you’ve got it 20 my people yeah you cannot handle 20 more
people like to go past 90 it’s like that critical mass moment you have to be able
to handle it like people will say going wrong
I can’t handle children right now people you’re at that or you’re at that point
you’re at that that point for a reason so like you’re like oh I got so close
but then we went back it’s like well right because that’s about what you can
handle right now that’s you know like oh sorry was that sis in business he finds
like if we have jørgen today we would have to answer a thousand emails like we
can’t do that it’s four of us five hours we can’t do it like I’m not doing it are
you still doing I get three a day they pissed me off
exactly so right now I’d like to be ready for that and then be able to serve
those fun you think that was part of that business talk yesterday’s I knew of
the structure for it and if you truly look at you want twenty people can you
handle it like if you truly look at the structure on this say for twenty people
look at it and here we go in your mind you go like we’d be fine no you won’t
know you want these for the motorcycle is to a lot I would say a ton of
affiliates are being targeted because the pain point of financial that that is
the lowest hanging fruit there possibly could be and so when you target
financial scarcity you’re you’re playing with people in a way that the money do
they know what you’re doing well and the thing is this is that your financial
problems are not the problem they’re a symptom that is a symptom everything
else that you have done and at the market it within the market that you’re
in so you need to adapt better for yourself and in the space that you’re in
and I think I think that piece is the piece that I think people need to
understand yeah and I think there’s there are certainly things you can do
like with the your questions you know and there are things that that we will
suggest to people that are a revenue that are ways to add revenue or wasting
money but it’s all going it’s all going in the right direction so those are
things that are adding value and adding revenue but in in the direction not an
objective but in one direction instead of trying to pick and choose I’m gonna
do social media I’m gonna do this and I’m gonna do that and then you go
nowhere because all that stuff is completely disjointed
and there’s not a fucking direction to what you’re doing and I think the other
thing to understand is we’re not saying that I mean we maybe have lost a handful
of folks I mean that the other thing is like of course there’s always going to
be that like comparison or well what other people are doing but what’s so
funny is I think about like back when everybody started CrossFit you were
doing something different than as well like this isn’t a new concept to be
exploring to be doing things that are a little bit against the grain or like
okay that’s different that doesn’t have to be a negative so but you do have to
have the and that’s the long haul stretch too if you’re just looking at
well what if I lose five and I gained five this next month because of what I’m
doing but that’s also like close like who do you want to be as an affiliate
right and and and how do you want to operate and how do you want that
experience to be and you know frankly yeah the people that we have lost
recently we should have lost and they’re great your people think if you go back
to if you you know if you go to a restaurant and they it’s the best burger
place there and you order a slice of pizza they’re going to you like what are
you talking about yeah and the same thing with some people like if who you
want to be as an affiliate is this set of constraints and somebody coming in
wants a different objective you shouldn’t be here well and it’s like you
said if you lose five clients one month and you’re gained five that same month
about different sets a month well you normally you’re not losing hopefully
you’re not losing clients that are your people and then aligned with what you lose five of the assholes that drive you
crazy every day or take that amount even if you give me at the same number if I
can just lose the bad ones you don’t like Jack Welch used to say a fire the
bottom ten percent from the top ten right so imagine if those five clients
you lost out there so I don’t know what I’m talking about when you can cite
their every favorite exercise for for gym owners anyways as I want you to take
whatever numbers you have right now take the whatever 10% of
ten people take ten of your most difficult pain-in-the-ass disrespectful
on appreciative clients and imagine that they were not near gym anymore
whole like these people and I’m like really think through what different
dance all those people like man that degrade I’m like well whose fucking gym
is the cancer that is in your body all you have people and not to say that
you’re there even the SOP but they’re just now the people that aren’t wanting
to go in that same direction I can tell you from experience every class you
coach say it’s a class of 10 people nine of them are like nodding and listening
but that one person is the one that’s like shut the fuck up like what are you
talking about I just want to do this in this mess all your attention is about
convene like trying to overcome that person and it’s not going to happen so
by the way now you suck was the other night yeah yeah right it’s like they
want it so so let that person let them go for them and for you for you by the
way and for the other nine right the other nine own and deserve your time
yeah I had that with my clients where my energy was spent on them I was so tired
that the next client already suffered where they own my time and energy well
that one didn’t and yet this is where my energy went I was like a two-week up
situation and as a poor in that transaction isn’t just money and that’s
why that’s as coaches we don’t just give out what we get in return
no it’s not the way it works and also that’s kind of the way for them to is
they don’t just get full rain tea to you and everything you have just because
they pay you yeah you know like I’m gonna teach you
have to learn if you are not going to learn I’m kind of not we try to teach
that we had a member who habitually came in 15 to 20 minutes late you know 9 a.m.
like 20 minutes like 20 minutes late like it depending upon the work you’re
gonna anyway and it’s like look this can’t happen this can fit so finally you
know went up and spoke to her was like hey this hat like we’ve been very
accommodating but we have to get here on time
yeah there’s later class and it’s like well my my cleaning lady doesn’t come on
Tuesdays until this time so that means I can’t come and I said well then that
means you can’t go and like that is a she left this is I remember back then
and whatever the story is is the story but like yeah sorry it’s not about you
either and it’s not about us it’s about everyone else in class too
that is the duty we owe it to our people we are serving and if you’re not viewing
it as service it’s a pretty well but they react the rationale as well and
that that’s the the problem with the mentality is one of her things
rationally was like will I pay to come here and my thing was but if you go to a
movie theater and you pay for that movie we all know we understand as a culture
you don’t have the right to talk on the phone in there because all these other
people also paid so if that’s a cultural clash with a member and your gym like
anything like that then it’s not you don’t understand right know each other
obviously to me I look at it like this from fake community which is it’s mine
yeah I said the rules sorry somebody has to because someone has to
be done right and you know what you’re not gonna do that I told bill this
yesterday I think it was yesterday when we were walking I said I told him a
story I had about a one-family that between their basic family their
extended family were responsible for 20-plus of my clients almost you know
almost a fifth or sixth of my total amount of clients as just one family
just two people who came in and then their brothers sisters uncles their kids
introvert but that all was from isn’t there’s one family and they’re the best
and there was best to coach they just had they they trusted me they trusted my
partner they trusted what they do what we did everything and fully and I told
bill I said when I got to thinking about letting some of the bad clients go and
all of these things is it’s like man what if all I had to do was whatever it
took that got me that one nation to those own what if I just had to be good
enough to catch that five times yeah and now I’m not taking in anyone I don’t
want and and and I would get jacked up to coach a class that was chock-full of
those and so and so what if that’s what my gym was cuz it’s my gym why in the
world is my gym it required me to deal with 20 people
that I love 80 people that are pretty cool
and 20 people that I’d just as soon not be in it’s not just the clients that I’m
not happy no no it’s the coaches as well because I can hear that one yes I hear
that one all the time we got into that culture or they paid therefore I’m like
therefore what I had that under even on the mentoring program with some people
like I’m paying and remember bein and that gives you power over me if you’re
in a way where you’re not enjoying coaching you’re constantly wondering as
what I’m doing working like the the point is like something has to change
and yeah and that’s really what you need to be happy and it’s like your clients
you need to have that sparkle in your eyes by the way your clients can tell if
you don’t have the light in your eyes if you look like this is the last place on
earth where you want to be you’re gonna lose clients anyway and
it’s also it’s a more there’s a more it’s a more advanced transaction than
most of what people are used to so your average client is not going they do
think I pay for access to the pool so when the pools open I go in yeah you
know I pay to get a cheeseburger you give me the damn cheeseburger but the
coaching and then the way we want it under the community and all that you are
what you are giving them is a piece of yourself yeah yeah and all you ask in
return is that they’re not fucking ignore it or disrespect it or whatever
that’s there nothing about podcast binary but yeah but you know what I mean
and and so that it is more in depth than that but like Julian said very often
their side of it is what paid you I can just do what I want it’s like you can
just not here yeah yeah and he has to be but I won’t take your money for them cuz
you’re gonna you’re gonna out so fast yeah yeah so we’re at about the points
of meeting concluding points will help will help so that’s it I mean I don’t
want to I don’t want to rush a wrap-up or anything no I don’t know but we want
to we want to help there’s a business side of it and I like the business stuff
from yesterday cuz I like that look you have this is where I like the fact that
was like four weeks apiece and one of them was like that’s obviously what I
need to be this five constraints and that’s how we’re gonna make you
better that idea of picking and choosing like that never sounded right to me like
because that’s how training is done in every single like that a lot so that’s
why we want to offer but then after that there’s a human side and the reason we
never do this before is because we don’t have those to be found so now that we do
I feel we can help which is how strong feet are always been if I feel I can
help then we’re doing it how we’re gonna figure it out as we do it first up is
definitely people signing up to do to be part of it
the information that he’s not enough you didn’t I swear guys I’ll have a name
real quick who are we getting them first who’s our first email kinda it’s from
VidCon that is spelled Kayla at strong photography calm and then we most likely
at first we will start with maximum of 10 so do it fast because we wanna we
want to see again it’s a set of constraints there will be an evolution
to it and that’s the point so we will evolve as we go and it’s a
guided if then I it will be a combination of a sort of one-to-one sort
of small group sort of you know intelligence the structure will be
getting better on structure I mean I’m not getting better structure but really
getting better what’s wrong at the structure here’s what happens
Julian have no structure you know Julian man hires Tyler and somehow less
structure yeah it’s like why isn’t things getting more structured oh my god it was funny because it was for recipes
but this was what they trying the parasites are trying to sell to CrossFit
gyms there was the CrossFit gyms and then he was at false money and I’m
looking going like oh she does me and one of them was talent acquisition I was
like yeah now we’re talking pretty much that’s been this year I was like I need
people that can do what I can’t but like doing the work to from the affiliate
level like like you should be fired up to do some of the work and by the way if
you don’t do the work and then we don’t take you answer by the way it’s not
because you apply that you’re in we’re gonna talk and we see if you’re a good
fit and if you don’t do the work you’re fired
well that’s is important so we talk constraints right one of the things we
would like almost every affiliate in the world to have at some point is a
group their own community that consists of people that are their people right
that wanted to be there that fit your jam I’ll won’t always be perfect but we
want that closer we here are only going to do that yes meaning like I’m sorry
but like you can either come in and you can fully commit to the constraints with
which will give you within this program or you do something like Jason Jason but
but if you’re not that’s fine that’s why you just won’t be with us
yeah and it’s no hard feelings either but but but find out if you if you’re
ready to just commit and jump in or at least you want more information before
that point kala it at strong for that are you are you committing to this
program remember and in the Jason go like this someone oh it was subject yeah
it’s too many Jason Bourne movies now there’s Jason Bourne movie that doesn’t
in it right what the fuck I just I like that one I didn’t like the
last year like they weren’t too far like there fails to be well really good my
favorite thing about living in Europe now is the ambulances and police sirens no it’s it’s like adjacent across the
rooftops by the way to go that has nothing to do with a book I can’t
imagine there’s nothing no no but the book is about chasing that very famous
terrorists from the 80s The Jackal it was about chasing a jackal
it has nothing to do with the Jason bumbu I was like Oh cover the book oh
yeah that’s doctor say I saw that movie but he wasn’t called Jason boy was in I
come upon the name of the actor but that was actually pretty good person Bruce
Willis cynical that was the general I don’t think that was the know don’t know
Don Sullivan is the guy 20s the guy who is after the jackal
he’s like South American the deckle in that movie on what that movie was good
actors predator I knew it yeah so well that’s got us wrapped up today guys so
you guys are at CrossFit Motown yeah so CF Motown yes moto or non centrist a
CrossFit Morristown is the affiliate yeah look them up and then we are out
you’re used to it weird yeah I don’t know I got to give
some things out like so Julian’s corner calm strong feet comes
from fit equipment calm strong feet one on Instagram Tyler Evans stolen on
Instagram okay 32 ok 32 where CUDA and support the podcast at podcast Oh strong
fit calm there you go that’s got it alright thanks we’ll see you guys next
week or fucking tomorrow you

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