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Everyone has a Story: Learn to Tell Yours!

Everyone has a Story: Learn to Tell Yours!


Folks, I hope you enjoy incredibly vital skill you need to have in a job interview AND in LIFE! Your story connects you to others and helps them! Check out the video, enjoy, and also join me THIS THURSDAY for a FREE live event on The Power of Your Personal Story: Also, please make sure to SUB for weekly goodness and Live Office Hours Thursdays!

Great short video, Andy! I’m regularly surprised when people minimize or negate the power of their personal stories. Each one of us have had unique experiences, have a different combination of personality characteristics and, as you’ve said many times, have different lenses through which we view our experiences. I know my story is interesting and I’m proud of what I’ve been able to overcome in spite of or to achieve as a result of the same! I’ve included parts of my story relevant to specific jobs or industries during interviews for paid and volunteer positions with positive results about 90% of the time. Even so, I’m excited about the opportunity you’re providing us to participate in “The Power of Your Personal Story” event this week as I’m always open to learning from a proven expert! 😉

I absolutely love this concept. I'm working on telling my story in a positive light although I've had many bad experiences like having the company I worked for go through liquidation to experiencing a toxic working relationship with my former management (especially the Boss) to a point of resignation

Another great lesson, Andrew! Coating the story with positive sauce would make a perfect dish for any listeners/interviewers. I was curious about how to make my story more interesting, and this advice will definitely help me. Thanks!

Hi Andy! I got really annoyed yesterday when I received "position on hold due to business changes" email just one day before my second interview. I didn't know what to email them back so I said I'll be waiting till its active again. Do you think I should email them again asking about the time frame that I should expect the position to be opened ?

Hi, I've clinked the links in the descriptions and written my email down to receive cover letters/resume templates, but I haven't received anything. Could you please help me out? Thanks a lot for your videos.

Your message is valid,i need to listen to you ,equally have got a story that amounts to be unique and it is important to brand it to tell the world with uniqueness it deserves.
You're most welcome in Nairobi-Kenya.

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