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Facebook Ads For Realtors – 3 Top Performing Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

Facebook Ads For Realtors – 3 Top Performing Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

What’s up guys we’re gonna give you a minute just have some people jump on here But we’re gonna talk about some Facebook ads for realtors in this video. I’m gonna break down some of our top performing Facebook ads We’re going to talk about listing lead ads. Okay, I’m going to talk about I don’t know I actually might hold off on Byerly’s but we’re gonna go through open house leads and a couple of so lead ads that you guys can kind of take a look at and see the structure of how we’re creating these ads and Then I’ll actually even show you guys The landing pages that we’re using as well as if you guys stay on here to the end I’ll get you guys a free training and just hook you up with it of how we’re actually sitting You didn’t know like how you’re crazy ad but the whole setup the targeting all that stuff So looks like we’ve got a few people on here. So if you guys are on Go ahead and let me know who’s on here I want to get a good feel for everyone that’s on and then we’ll dive into things here Okay, cool guys, so let me just as we’re going through this let me share my screen Okay, so I want to be able to show you guys the exact ads I want to show you the copy the images everything explained why it works so well and Some of the different things that we’re doing here. All right, so Okay, awesome. So I’ve got my screen shared and Let’s dive into the first ads. So if you guys go actually to this real estate agent page and you scroll down We’ve got several different like random posts in here but if you go through You can go through actually the easiest way to find all these is just going to photos and then just opening some of these different Photos like you can see like right here. You can pop it open or whatever So anyway, if you’re like wanting to like later you’re watching this you want to go find those that’s how you can do it So this first one now if you guys been watching my channel for a little bit of time now you guys have probably seen this This one has worked consistently extremely well, so if you have a listing You want to go through and market? This is a great way to go through and promote it Now this one obviously it just has one image what I like to typically view though. This dogs just a demo Example right here. I like to throw in about 10 to 12 images so that before the person opts in they can get a little bit better feel for what this home looks like because this this specific Home right here. It actually looks really nice and sides completely redone The backyard. I mean it’s fine, but obviously it’s fall too So it’s not like the most exciting thing and so I like to give a little bit more of a feel Because if you look at this home right here, like, you know, you can’t judge a book by a cover You can’t judge a home just by that outside that front area. And so That’s why I like to add a little bit more pictures But if we look at the copy up here, you can see we’ve got some emojis in here We’ve got we’re just trying to make it fun We’ve got some hashtags because you can see with hashtags Facebook makes that blue So it pops a little bit more in people’s newsfeeds when you’re going through and showing this peep, okay? So now this one this was before this is pre listed. This is something that we ran I think like it’s almost was probably like a year and a half two years now, but this worked extremely well and Like it still is working amazingly well because we’re still doing it pretty much every single day So it says see it before it’s the market floor bedrooms three baths, and then I like to have a call to action So like the real call to action here is how inviting people to get the price the location and more pictures of the property okay, so like I mentioned We’re gonna have about 10 to 12 photos here, but then you want to maybe hold back about half of them So let’s say if you only have 15 photos, maybe show only 7 to 8 here hold back the other half But then we like to give two paragraphs I’m just kind of like the hot items about this property of why somebody would want to actually opt-in So this is kind of like our hook right? So, you know stainless steel appliances vaulted ceilings You know How many garage doesn’t have does have a pool like what are the cool things that people are gonna get interested in or look like? It’s a family moving in to cross street from a park close to schools or whatever. It might be Alright, so this is the first one if you guys have questions on this first one Go ahead type in the comment section. You guys are watch the replay. You can also drop a comment down below I I’m pretty good typically about going through respond in all those different comments. And so this next one is very close to a Listing lead so like this is a listing we’re going through barking. This is for an open house, right? So it’s the same concept where we’re going through in marketing like a specific listing, but this is for a specific event okay, it’s not like Like a listing the lead one is obviously kind of ongoing theme open house is like a specific day a specific time So you can kind of see the the way this is structured here. So same type of thing I would probably go through and add about eight to ten photos on this or even a video if you have a video it works great if you don’t have video or if you’re like I don’t have a professional video as professional videos actually convert typically worse than just an actual iPhone video Okay
so some from your mobile phone so that On social media typically gets people to stop more because if it’s professional people totally know that you know, hey, it’s nad Right. Okay. So if we come over here we’ve got open house this Friday at 6 p.m We’ve got the address and then we’ve got a quick call to action and then just like this other one where we have the two Paragraphs we just got one right here. But same type of concept right? It’s a beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home large backyard building barbecue game room for the kids we’re just hitting all the top things and when we’re going through and running this ad right here guys, what we want to do is Run this about 5 to 7 days before the open house. So this one says this Friday at 6 p.m I would probably start this campaign on Sunday before the event. Ok, and then if it’s at 6 p.m. Let’s say you’re going from 6 to 8 I would let the campaign run until about 8 p.m And you can actually go through and do that set that all up inside a Facebook Ads manager with the targeting Which is super nice and I like to do that because like let’s say it’s Friday at 7 p.m You know someone’s on their phone like on date night or whatever and you know, someone’s like hey, look there’s an open house Let’s go to it so it can bring in some more people because sometimes people go through and think oh I’m gonna stop it right before we actually want to keep it going while you’re there, right? So this is kind of that idea and then oh I forgot to go through the landing page on this will go here because very similar type of landing page So just get in since the video walkthrough an e brochure of this home They click on this put a name email phone hit submit. They become a lead Now one key thing that is important to note is if you have whatever whatever image is right here And if you have multiple images, you’re gonna have one big one and then you’re gonna have a few small ones Whatever image is the main focus you want that to be the same background image right here. So to keep that consistency Right. So anyway, that’s kind of how that’s all set up. And then let’s jump in. These are two different cell these campaigns Let’s actually hit this one first. So this one We’re going through we’re calling out our market, right? So it says your city or county home owned or so Salt Lake City homeowners, Phoenix, Arizona Homeowners or whatever. Do you want to increase the value of your home, right? So like you’re calling them out and then this one as I mentioned earlier guys I’ll get you guys kind of I’ll hook you up with the training Where we go through all the targeting how we set up the targeting but we would target people that are homeowners with this, right? Because you know if they’re like if they’re live in Phoenix and they are a homeowner and this says hey Phoenix homeowners That’s speaking of them directly And so we’re gonna have very high engagement here and then we ask this to kind of pique their interest, right? Say hey if you want to increase the value of your home now what homeowner so like I’m a homeowner and like if someone’s like hey, I want to show you a couple steps of like how you can actually increase the value of your home I’m all ears. Right like I want to know how I can go through increase the value of my home So it says hey get my tips here link out directly to the landing page You guys can see all these landing pages are very basic and very simple Right, like a lot of times people will reach out to me like hey, I want to like do this and that and like move the the call-to-action box and all that guys that Historically in my experience just does not convert as well as some of just these basic landing pages, right? So now if we go through Unless say we’re on mobile. So if we come through and make it small it’s just gonna pop up small and nice and it’s all specific to mobile like that see that so so anyway, Just keep that in mind as we’re going through and looking at these landing pages And they were says hey, I’ve compiled of Freeport the seven simple hacks I tell my clients to raise about their home before selling get my tips here and As far as that goes last times people ask him like well Jason Do you have like that vii sickle actually had that one free report. That’s something that ideally I would recommend you put together For your business and customize it and tailor it to what you’ve got going on to your area Right like we could go make something. Actually I have made something in the past But the difficulty about that is in every single like geographic location There’s different tips and different strategies to go through and increase the value of your home and just the markets a little bit different right and then also if you’ve got If you got your name your branding your profile picture your everything on there That-that-that’s is so powerful when it comes to personal branding and building your own brand with everything that we’ve got going on Ok, so now this is another one This one is what I like to call it kind of like celebrating your successes So you can see hey just sold and you know 902 100 whatever your zip code is or city or whatever Sold for a full appraised value in 25 days. Obviously, you don’t want to lie you want to tell like what actually happened And then say hey, we need more, you know 902 on a 90210 listings as soon as possible due to buyer interest Something that you can throw in here and obviously guys don’t make this up like only put it in there if it’s true But like sometimes I’ve had agents that have been working with a family or a couple or you know Or whoever it might be and they put in there like hey like we have a family with three kids Looking to move into this community right And then you target the specific Community and so a lot of times like I like to do this of going through and celebrating your successes So you as a Realtor as a real estate agent? Your success is when you go help someone buy a home right or even more so when you help someone sell their home Okay now you it’s good to go through and promote that now this is obviously just a picture of Some random stock photo of a home. It is also beneficial to go through and show a picture with the you know Of the people that just sold or bought a home of them is from their home, right? So like that kind of catches people attention a lot more than just a stock photo on Facebook So that is something that I highly would recommend doing as you’re going through and setting all this up Okay now really quick before I get you guys to the the lead generation training or the Facebook ad training of how to do the cell phone all that stuff I’m gonna give you guys is a free bonus here I want to show you guys it’s really quick how easy it is to set up all these landing pages So you see all these different landing pages give your free home evaluation In here inside the Arsenal software. So we’ve got our basic landing page right here. We come over here and click on create another website We’ve got our listing leads template. This is the exact one we use right here So when we click out we can kind of see this template right here Opt-in get their name email phone. We’ve got our motivated sellers So this is kind of like going through you put in an address. It pulls the address from Google Maps This is the open house one. This is the same open house campaign We use right here within this ad We’ve got the seller leads more seller leads which are the same ones we’re using up here and then buyer leads with no listen Which I actually did not show you guys that ads today But as part of one of these special bonuses guys I want to be able to give you guys that add that training how to set up the whole face book Targeting everything now. Did you guys can see in here? You’ve got all the mortgage websites? You got several other landing page templates as well as we integrate in here with facebook lead forms, which is super powerful Okay. So anyway guys let’s I’ve got this is the the buyer leads mini course you can see This is Shana. She was she had a say she’s I absolutely in love with our salon Keiichi I don’t have my autoresponder setup correctly yet But in less than 24 hours 22 hours to be exact. I have 35 buyer registration so she Registration she’s meaning lead. So she’s got 35 of buyer leads within 22 hours and says, this is crazy Can’t wait to learn and match the auto fall piece of this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, okay So what I’m gonna do guys, I’m gonna just drop this link into the chat So you guys can have that And then if you guys are watching the replay Of this then what I’ll do is I’ll throw that down in this description as well So you guys can have that but he that was that was kind of it guys that that’s the Facebook ads for realtors I showed you guys several different ads if you guys do have Questions hit me up in the chat drop a comment down below if you found this video and helpful Go ahead and give it a thumbs up. I would greatly appreciate that And if you want to share with some other people that you know, maybe have struggled with doing their Facebook ads in the past I you know I would greatly appreciate that and guys go through an opt-in make sure you opt into that that free training there because really a big part of this is Setting up the Facebook ask campaigns the right way Okay, because a lot of times people go through they’ll make a post on their Facebook page They’ll go hit that blue boost post button Because just so easy and it looks just like it looks like the right thing to do, right? but as we mentioned on past videos That’s just to get likes and comment So if you want to see real leads like someone’s name their phone number their email address you want to go through and follow inside that video of exactly the strategies of how to Set things up with the landing page or a leave form whatever you want to use to actually get leads Okay, cuz obviously like likes and comments. That’s great. It gets some good social exposure people You know you feel good about it’s like I got 20 likes on this or whatever but at the end of day like you’re spending money on Facebook ass cuz you want to do business right like you want to make Money you want to get a return on that ad spend and so that’s what we want to do there. Okay? So let’s say Kelly says I would like to refer a friend colleague. Where can I send them to see the intro video? Yeah, great question. I appreciate that Kelly. So let me get up So this is the URL to my main intro video right there so that’s like kind of like our initial intro webinar We show you guys the Facebook ads the landing pages the email follow-up I show kind of like the whole structure of Why you want to use a landing page versus a website? Which if you guys have been on some of my past trainings like landing pages converge so much better than web sites You actually see about 10 to 25 times more leads coming in from your landing pages. Close our website So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching today. It guys found this feel helpful. Once again, give it a thumbs up share it I would appreciate that Drop a comment down below. Let me know if you guys have any questions well, I’ll try to make make like a follow-up video to this show you guys some more ads and different techniques and strategies that you guys can go through and use and Okay, Kelly say great sign up to on that link Yeah, so if you go to that link, its signing up for my initial intro training and then what you’re watching that training It’ll have the link to actually you go through sign up and get started. So I appreciate the referral there Kelly I really do so thanks for jumping on and referring and with that said guys I will I think that’s it right now guys It’s kind of like covering those core Facebook ads as far as you know listing leads Which that’s like consistently our number one performer guys like we’re getting leads for one to three dollars per lead on average our open house the sell leads and Once you kind of get this initial part set up and you have leads come in we’re we’ve got some cool things that I’ll share with you guys a little bit later this week that we’re doing the Auto sort and prequalify all these leads with not only email marketing but with facebook Messenger and Guys facebook Messenger has been super super powerful. We’re using in our business We’ve seen amazing results the agents that we’ve helped set up with facebook Messenger they’re seeing killer results as well booking way more appointments from the lease that are generated as opposed to just kind of like Generate leads and like hoping and calling all these people or emailing them out hoping for response Messenger is where it’s at. It’s working extremely well, so With that said guys. Thanks so much again for watching and if you guys are not subscribed yet. Make sure you guys subscribe We’ll try to launch new videos every single day help. You generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and have a good evening


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Hi Jason your great this training is fantastic, I intend to to run some ads this month low budget. I intend to focus on FB and setup the right way. I was trained few years ago, at that time lead pages were difficult now seems easy. Cant wait to get leads sell homes and advertise on FB for more:) Melissa Seserko

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