Facebook Advertising Cost. Get Your Facebook Advertising Cost To 5 Cents Per Click Proof At End

hey guys are you doing this video was just going to be about facebook ads and using the advertising platform of facebook the reason is that you can get really really cheap traffic and the saints per click and the sex billion people on so your prospects are going to be on facebook probably and so just basically going to forward slash advertising they just want to create an ad and then clicks to the website and then pick you you are Ellen and what you want to do is try and keep it to within facebook facebook likes to keep people well then so what i’ve done as I’ve created a tarp within my business page where i’m going to be sending the traffic to ok alright so then you can just upload your images and I’ve got them written down here so on one two four six seven eight and to create your your adverts you can use same i’m using photoshop cs2 that for free am I don’t know if I still do now but you can use a gimp if you go to gimp com they have a sort of free basically does exactly what a four-shot does so they are just uploading from before and six seven eight and you find if you’ve got a red border that the stand out quite well and sometimes if you’re doing this facebook may not like your images you know if you can’t get your ads approved it could be the image could be the headline you know you’re just a lot the time because it’s actually people who are reviewing the adverbs and you can just you can we put the ad back through again half an hour later and that will gonna get approved so hey the next thing as left there why as the link destination not approved okay let’s see if I can don’t watch do not go see fair so your headline has to be 25 characters and the text has to be with a 90 characters so you want basically I’ll go over power words I’ve got power words and headline vics within the group to you can see so free always works today and shows you have to get results and online business now proven and guaranteed so I think the power works so call to action are always good as learn more can wait see why see if I come change that to think as three so sometimes just don’t like that ? FB one as tracking so that when you’re that’s basically for free tracking so in your ear way but when you get sent that you’ve actually got someone subscribed then the bottom of the little leeway i am called Fox and I’m really happy to have you here because of us to stop that so when I was testing it you get less area but i’ll send you notification of their subscriber and the location here see it says facebook down there so you can put facebook 12 whatever so but see if i can key so that seems to work that thing so let’s go back into the kind of finicky sometimes let’s see what chair 124 it’s what that time so just finicky it’s kinda weird sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t there’s always work so war crimes okay so one to four is six seven eight thank you for six or eight and that just looks as you know it just looks a little bit better than just having skin the social proof so you know if you’ve got your page there rather than just your name from your personal profile so I see learn more okay news feed link description hey so you can just get back and do it again that’ll do okay so look at you locations united states united arab emirates so these are just going to be people who speak English basically and it will come up with and you see your audience well so 204 million people but will target them right of a dent and rest so you’re not just going for all canada all of united arab emirates australia germany germany is quite a good one don’t know why okay so get up already so I like to do it 28 and over because these people usually have money and languages would be English all ok then you can go into the relationships their education you can actually target a whole workplace so this is good that if you do them I workplace say for example you’re an employer and you find out that people are at an agency and employment agency and you know that certain workplace as laying people off you can target them and see will come to you for getting employment and so politics life events all that sort of stuff ok so now want to enter ests and this is where we get 146 million people then too well you see what we get no wonder if you can just paste them all thank you soon after you do that one by one k so Eric water you guys better seesaw reaches come down already to 6396 people will like our aquatic just going to see if I can actually she’s old Network Marcos so and make dilandau magnetic sponsoring let’s see one that’s what work at home mums oops a spy see I don’t know why now I suggest that night make it sing so magnetic sponsoring my lead system pro so these are all products and services that target now not going to follow what I could do and tell me as well move to level marketing as well and Robert Kiyosaki would make a cool group then we do I don’t think it allows that she can even target so still do network marketing network marketing porch as Eric worries go away food so three million people there talking but mmm but cheap lunch soon Bob Proctor a good idea to move instead of yeah work week ok so it up to 4 million people wretches quite a lot so don’t really worry about connections you can that could be people of people know so we won’t bother about that one anyway and and I’ll do you speak one and you want to do your budget Fair Day you can go one hundred dollars two hundred dollars i’m just gonna test here and and i’m gonna run it continuously starting today so Adam dollars and so fifty dollars is gonna be around about my text sort of thing so bed for clicks they always want to do bed for clicks and then manually set so here they’ve got 14 237 pence I’ll go to five times then so I want to go around about say 55 p so the reason that you want to out bed people as because it’s a better pair click so a lot of people will go just for the 14 p but if i go 55 and I’m a betting everybody my ID will be showing up more than everybody else’s and what happens as that you basically your cost per clicks come right the way down anyway because Facebook will be shown your add more he’ll be getting more clicks that’s basically what it goes from and when you’re looking at your stats you want to see f maybe four three three four days and the campaign if you see it tapering off you just stop the odd so then your cost per click stays down and see if I’ve missed anything right then so it’s basically going for eight million people so let’s check that oh I want exactly review the order so you basically want to review the or dunno press the wrong button and it’s asked so you can create a similar art so so because I’ve done advertising before em you can come in and check all your stocks so in your reports because when you do your everyday you can then see FX male or female that are clicking more what age group they are see then you can refine your ads after couple of days and get a cost per click and down again so that as that and if you’re on the grip and you want to ask any questions it’ll just feel free hopefully I explained stuff I was going on you can see everything and if you’re not the gripping you’re watching us on YouTube you can click the link below this video and it will take you to the grip so basically I’m entering and masterminding trailer and sort of grip to help you make money online and request its free to join and I’ll add it to the grip or games free to join at the moment so click the link below and I’ll see you over there so thank you very much for now and I will see you later I there again I just thought do this little video onto the enders to show you some results from its there’s the campaign try free easy 500 start and end date so there’s a 15th of it pro reach 10,000 people but here’s the air the cost per click that of miles to get there’s been three pound seven eight and there’s no cost per click there which is three pence which is around about five cents so that’s pretty good not fun a few up tens know that sort of good stuff so that’s just how to get your cost per click down remember I put it as 55 p and but because I’m getting so many clicks they bring it down plus an n-terminal a facebook tab and let’s see just finish up with f you doing advertising just be aware that you may lose your money yet as that simple it’s like her as a game at Sam you don’t know what take a people are gonna be seen your ad I mean with target as much as we can but you never know it’s potluck it all depends on your offer your copywriting your images your headlines you you know there’s so many different things and so if you have your last fifty dollars say may not be a good idea to spend it on adverts that you haven’t tested and it’s all about text and aunt weekend and even changing colors changing words all that sort of stuff so just thought I’d leave you were the f you do advertisement doesn’t work here don’t come knocking on my door it’s uh it’s uh it’s a game alright so Lee Villa and thank you any questions again just ask me and the group cheers and if you’re watching this on youtube they’ll be a link below to ask to request to join the group as well alrighty cheers scene of it

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