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Fake $26 AirPods From Amazon: Unboxing & Review [TWS-i7s]

Fake $26 AirPods From Amazon: Unboxing & Review [TWS-i7s]

Hey guys, it’s Greg with Apple Explained
and today we’re gonna take a look at these tws-i7 earbuds, essentially knockoff AirPods,
that I ordered from Amazon: first, we’ll do an unboxing and review, second, we’ll
compare them to the official Apple AirPods, and lastly I’ll give you guys my final thoughts
so you can decide whether or not these earphones are right for you. But before we begin I’d like to thank EaseUS
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yourself, you can download MobiMover for free today by clicking the link in the description. Let’s start with the box. Now these were only $26 from Amazon so I’m
not expecting too much out of the packaging but it is made from a nice study cardboard
and showcases the products features like a rechargeable battery, phone call and music
support, a built in microphone, and I’m guessing this symbol represents wireless bluetooth
connectivity. On the back we find some specifications like
battery capacities, which is 65MAh for each earbud and 950MAh for the charging case. They say this will get you about 3-4 hours
of music playback on a single charge, and it’ll take the earbuds 1-2 hours to fully
charge inside the case. It also mentions that the furthest you can
walk away from your device for reliable bluetooth connectivity is 12 meters, without any obstacles. There isn’t much going on around the sides
of the box but on the bottom we see different color options for this product. And the colors appear to be trying to match
those of the iPhone with black, red, gold, and rose gold. Now the outside of the box may appear similar
to the AirPods, but things start to look much different once we lift the lid. First we see the charging case itself held
in place by a couple of foam and cardboard inserts and as you can see these are not easy
to get out so it’s probably better just to lift the charging case out by the plastic. So the charging case slides right out of its
plastic bag and it is quite bulky but we’ll take a closer look at that in a minute. Also in the box is a micro USB charging cable
for the case, and a very narrow single pin power cable for charging each earbud individually. We also get an instruction manual to help
us pair these things with our iPhone. Now let’s take a look at the charging case
itself. It’s quite large in the hand but it’s
also unexpectedly light for its size. There are two LED indicators along with a
power button on the front, and that’s just to tell us the battery level of the charging
case. On the back we find the charging port and
the bottom of the case is flat so you can stand it upright on your desk. You can hear some rattling while shaking the
case which probably means the earbuds are a little loose inside. I also noticed scratches and some staining
on the case right out of the box. Opening the case one-handed takes quite a
bit of effort but once it is open we find two earbuds and you really have to tug to
get them out. They look almost exactly like AirPods except
for this button which is what we use to put the earbuds into pairing mode. They’re also fairly large but definitely
manageable. On the bottom we can see the charging port
and that’s where you plug in the power cable to charge the earbuds individually, but only
one cable is included which means you can’t charge both earbuds at the same time without
the charging case. Now these are compatible with any device that
has bluetooth capabilities which includes iPhones, Androids and computers. To pair we just hold down the pairing buttons
on both earbuds at the same time until we see flashing blue and red LEDs. Then we can check our device where tws-i7
should appear in the list of bluetooth devices. Now I should mention that the pairing process
for these earbuds is surprisingly simple. I’ve seen AirPod knockoffs that are incredibly
complicated to set up in order for both earbuds to be synchronized. But these were as easy to connect to my iPhone
as any other 3rd party bluetooth headset. Once connected, I immediately noticed beeping
and buzzing noises coming from the left earbud, and while the noise wasn’t particularly
loud, it was definitely noticeable. The noise only stopped when I played music,
and this may have been a defect since it was only happening with the left earbud, but it
definitely revealed this products lack of quality. Not only build quality, but also sound quality. To put it plainly, these things sound bad. Not absolutely awful, just bad. Imagine the tinny quality of your typical
smartphone speaker being fed directly into your ears. Its still possible to enjoy music with these
earbuds, but it’s a clear downgrade from the EarPods included with your iPhone. Call quality on the other hand was not noticeably
worse than other earbuds. Mainly because phone call audio isn’t decent
quality to begin with, so these earbuds do just fine. I also didn’t get any complaints on the
other end of the call with the quality of my voice. And that means the built in microphones are
sufficient for phone calls, but I wouldn’t do any voiceover recording with these things. Now I did experience intermittent disconnections
with these earbuds, but it only happened while idle. So it always stayed connected while music
was playing or while watching videos. Also, I didn’t have any issues with them
falling out of my ear but my ears were a little sore after a few hours of use. When you put these earbuds back into their
case, they begin to charge. And with this product red LEDs are used to
indicate charging while blue LEDs are used to indicate a full battery. So now let’s compare these $26 tws-i7’s
to the official $159 Apple AirPods. The biggest difference just by looking at
them side by side is their size. The i7 charging case feels twice as big as
the AirPods and the earbuds themselves may be too large for smaller ears. These larger earbuds may also cause discomfort
after long periods of use. Carrying this bulky charging case in my pocket
was quite inconvenient since I’m used to the AirPods compact size. But if you keep it in a bag or purse, it shouldn’t
be a problem. Another big difference is how these devices
pair to your iPhone. You can connect AirPods with just one tap,
and while the i7’s set up process could have been much worse, it is still much more
involved than the AirPods. And this difference could be huge for people
who aren’t tech savvy. Next is opening and closing the charging case. This may seem a like a detail that doesn’t
matter too much, but it’s something you’ll do several times a day and it can be quite
frustrating to deal with the i7’s lid. It takes two hands to open reliably and requires
quite a bit of force to pop open. Compare this to the AirPods magnetic lid that
you can flip open with one hand and close effortlessly thanks to the magnets. Similarly, there’s a big difference in taking
earbuds out of their case and putting them back in. With the i7’s you have to yank them off
their charging pin to get them out. And when reinserting, you have to line up
the charging pin with its port and then press down to make the connection. Now since the AirPods are held inside the
case magnetically, we can simply lift the earbuds out and drop them back in since the
magnets actually pull them down into their correct position. When it comes to sound quality, AirPods are
the clear winner. They deliver a much cleaner, fuller sound
than the i7’s with a good amount of bass and sound great even at high volumes. The i7’s are a different story. Their thin, tinny sound leaves a lot to be
desired and the quality only gets worse as you raise the volume. Let me try to give you a demo of how these
things compare: The i7’s use a MicroUSB port for power while
the AirPods use Apple’s proprietary lightning connector. Now I should mention that the AirPods charge
much faster than the i7’s. In fifteen minutes you’ll get 3 hours of
listening time, something that would take the i7’s over an hour of charging to achieve. The way LED lights are used on each product
is also quite different. The i7’s have a total of four LEDs, one
on each earbud and two on the charging case. They shine a very bright red or blue and permeate
through the entire charging case which can be really distracting at nighttime or in any
other low light settings. Compare this to the AirPods’ single LED
indicator inside the case that glows a more subtle green or orange, and the light is only
there when you want to see it. Now obviously the AirPods are a superior product,
but are they 6x better to match a price tag that’s 6x more than the i7’s? I think that depends on how you’ll use bluetooth
earbuds. The i7’s are perfect for someone who’ll
use them like an old fashioned bluetooth headset. They can enjoy handsfree phone conversations
and maybe even some light music playback without needing their smartphone attached to them
the entire time. There may be some initial frustration with
setup or even some technical difficulties like popping sounds or disconnections, but
those issues may not be enough to convince some people to spend $159 on premium bluetooth
earbuds. But for anyone looking to use their wireless
earbuds for music playback should seriously consider spending the extra $133 to upgrade
to the Airpods. Not only do they offer much better sound quality
but they’re unbelievably reliable and convenient, which will save you quite a few headaches
in the long run. So that’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed this
unboxing and review of the TWS-i7’s, if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to leave
a like. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next


I have a much better option, the i200tws. I have these for myself, and i payed around 40 bucks for them. The sound quality is really good. Also they look really simular, the only visiual difference is that on the charging box itself, the button is low on the case like the Apple Airpods 1, but has the light on the front like the Apple Airpods 2, so it's a bit of a mix there. But othet than that, really good product, i 100% suggest these if you are not willing to pay 159$ for a real pair when you are pretty much getting the same. Mathias😀

they’re actually not that bad. granted i don’t use them to listen to music, but just keep the volume low & the sound is okay lol. got these from the hospital i work for as a gift. they gave these to everyone.

I have them and this is way more Better to use than the apple air pod. Whatever everything is good till the way u found it to use it properly. Then it might last long forever….😁

Normal earphones are honestly better for me the sound quality is garbage to me. Maybe I’m exaggerating but I think the sound quality of your iPhone speaker is better.

Good thing I have kinda big ears and I have these and tbh they’re not that bad and yeah they maybe a little inconvenient but it’s still good budget wise if you don’t wanna spend a bunch of money

Dude I have one of these and opening and closing and taking them off the case is not that hard I can do it with one hand and in fact I only had them for two days in my opinion your just being picky

I actually got these fake things as a prize for selling items for a fundraiser, and when I try and pair them inside the box it flashes purple and red then it turns blue but when I take it out it goes off but then I hold down the button while I'm holding the in my hand but it still doesn't turn on or flash so I have to hold the case up to my face. SO Can anyone help me please?

Just picked up a pair of i7s tws from a casino give away (Vegas baby) the pairing was incredible simple and the sound is good, I have never tried AirPods so can't compare but so far I am very happy with mine.

That's exactly what I'm using! Bought it on Lazada, a online shopping here in the Philippines. Who cares if it's fake? You get the same result. You listen to a song. That's it!

Hay, Gabe Katz. get this i really don't care about what any idiot that lives off of comments on a website has to say or think. all i can say is " sucks to be you"

Welp i bought (I7S-TWS in my city in (imus,cavite philippines) That is PHP400=$8 And it works perfectly although it is weak once it fell And the Front of the I7S fell although atleast they can be connected

I got these from one of my moms friends and I opened them not expecting much and when I used them one was already Not working before I even opened it

what did he expect? " THE REAL AIRPODS " or something like stfu i dont wanna hear you talking trash about a product that is so cheap

Have these, I got them in a sketchy shop in Spain aha, the audio is genuinely terrible, the bass is almost not there at all and it sounds tinny as you said aha

getting real AirPods for Christmas so I guess I’ll be able to really compare them

I got these fake airpods wich were cheaper than those mine were 16 dollars and they look real like I compared them to my freinds real ones they are almost 1 to 1

so i bought these i7 fake airpods and one of them wont connect on my phone while the other one has no problems at all, any fixes ?

I got the i12s. There a bit more expensive but better quality and has the pop up thing to connect easy. I got mine at 50% off 1 if you by 2 and free shipping to US! And they had the matte red one I wanted!

i bought it to test it out. case was disgusting. sound was disgusting. battery life was also terrible. first day i threw them out from how bad they were. that was my experience, urs might differ.

I have these and one thing is that the battery life is absolute shit not even 1 hour and these are bulky af they slip out like if you put oil in your ears and the build quality is pretty shit the sound is below average and the mic is the only good part of this fake airpods

I got them and they were like brand new, I got them for 35 pounds and they where better then what you got, I also got them waterproof but that doesn’t matter, so there’s no point of haiting

anybody who thinks these are garbage is a spoiled rotten no good golddigger whos gonna go no where in life if they never change

I got bryond active earpods I mean they are like airpods but they have the name on the case and on earpods. Just like normal airpods

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