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Fighting Diabetes with Watson: Medtronic & IBM Watson Health

Fighting Diabetes with Watson: Medtronic & IBM Watson Health

Food is life. Food is gratification. To me, food is everything. I try to elevate food to elevate people. My lifestyle when I came into the ministry, I was a drug addict. Two and a half years ago, I was found unresponsive. I was waking up with an intubation tube down my throat. I found out my A1C number was 10.9, which is a sign of diabetes. I knew that I needed to take care of my health. I knew that there had to be some kind of change. Sugar is not just sweet. Sugar is also carbohydrates, potatoes, rice. These things also can make my my sugar spike. Since using the the Medtronic app, I’m more focused on cooking healthier meals for the guys. I’m looking for obviously fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. I try to teach them that the can eat healthy and it doesn’t have to be bland. It doesn’t have to be boring. The app has become like an extension of my conscience. After I do the finger stick and get my reading, then it is Bluetooth synced in the phone with the app. My health partner on the other end of the app Chris is seeing my sugar readings. The Medtronic app also notifies me if I’ve missed medications. Or you can track what you ate and it will give you the calories, and how much sleep you’ve gotten. As time went on, I realized this program was helping me to take control of my own life, and to manage the disease on my own. I wasn’t doing it for Medtronic anymore. I was doing it for Philip.


I'm also struggle with diabetes. I actually read an article about diabetes curing diet and it seemed like the person had great success so I gave it a try. I couldn’t have been more excited about the results, as I am now 50 pounds lighter than when I first started using it. The article was very helpful to me — if you want to check it out yourself you can read it here

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