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Find out what these Amazon customers are talking about

Find out what these Amazon customers are talking about

That is awesome. Huh! Oh, whoa. Hah! It moved with me. Woah! That’s really cool. It’s amazing! It’s very real life and uncomparable to anything I’ve seen. I have never seen anything like this. Yeah this is neat. This is really neat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that. Oh my gosh that’s crazy. That’s super awesome. I don’t know how you guys do it. That is pretty flawless, it’s seamless. Wow! That is really cool! How does it do that?! Whoooa! That’s pretty good. That… I’m impressed. That’s uhh, pretty damn intuitive. That’s really cool, I would use that a lot. That’s really cool. That’s fantastic! Do I have to give this back?


Re-imagine this commercial as… a male potency commercial (until the female actors show up, then it kind of loses the joke):
Find out what these Amazon customers are talking about

apple… cool, incredible, cool, revolutionary
amazon, awesome, how you guys do that, how you guys do that…

They only made this seem interesting is because they used a bunch of 40 yearolds who are completely blown away with just small advances in modern technology.

I work for AT&T as a Retail Consultant. I'm scheduled for training for this this coming week. Kind of excited

Pay Amazon $650 USD for a device that is locked in to make Amazon money… that alone should qualify a subsidy… and on an exclusive carrier? This is a recipe for failure in my opinion. 

ahhh a device for the gullible idiot community. I got the Hp Touchpad back when it was super cheap and actually on sale, and I put Android 4.1.4 on it. Never needed anything since.

Based on the direction their eyes were pointing, I'm going to guess it's a mirror that they use to check their genitals.


Imagine they were sexless aliens and have taken over a human body and have just discovered the genitalia, it makes the video hilarious. 

I thought the guys were getting their dicks sucked and the women were getting their pussies licked. I mean they keep looking down saying this is awesome.

Made an order with Amazon and Prime 2 day delivery and had a problem.  Not happy…will let you know if their customer service is any good, we will see if shopping at the high street store is better

And yet nobody mentioned that the advantage of using the Fire Phone (wow, looks really awkward when typed) is that the cloud music platform isn't flash-based.

When people discover their genitles (help I dunno how to spell this. not gentiles, not gentle, not genitives) for the first time.

story is 2+ year old but worth watching – know the reality of Amazon who cheat people –

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