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Gain a competitive edge with the Auction Insights report

Gain a competitive edge with the Auction Insights report

Wanna know what happens behind
the scenes when a search user enters a query and sees your ad? Let our new Auction Insights
feature illuminate you. Every time someone performs
a search on the Bing Network, Bing Ads runs an auction to
determine which ads are shown and where they are placed
on the search results page. Your ad’s placement depends
on your keyword bid and quality score. How are your ads doing
compared to your competitors? Let’s find out. From the campaigns, ad groups or
keywords tab, click Details and then either Selected or All. The Auction Insights Report
shows you how you compare with up to 25 top competitors in
five key performance areas. Impression share,
average position, overlap rate, position above rate,
and top of page rate. Click the help icon next
to the column header to see an explanation and tips on
how to interpret these numbers. Here’s a scenario. One day, you notice that the
cost per click for one of your most important keywords has
increased dramatically, but its impressions
are relatively stable. So you check
the Auction Insights Report from the Keywords tab and
compare this to last week. See that the competitors have
seen a surge in Impression share and Position above rate. They’re suddenly beating
you to potential traffic, telling you it’s time
to raise your bid or optimize your quality score. The short story is, if you want
to improve the visibility of your ads, Auction Insights will
show you how to get there. It’s available in the WebUI and from Bing Ads Intelligence
as well. To learn more about
Auction Insights, check out Bing Ads Help and
thanks for watching.

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