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Google Home Service Ads – Finally, Pay Per Lead!

Google Home Service Ads – Finally, Pay Per Lead!

– Google just released a new product, Google Home Service Ads, right on top. Finally, you can now pay per lead and not per click on Google. Let’s talk about it. Hi, I’m JB with Marketing 360. And we help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design talent technology through our number one marketing
platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and
design Mad, and we love Mad. And hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with Mad too. So make sure to follow
us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your
business and fuel your brand. So Google Home Service Ads, what is it? Basically it’s just like Google search, where you can go to Google search and search like Oakland
Plumbers, let’s say. And instead of the typical
text ads you have on top and then the organic listings
and maps and what not, Google Home Service Ads are actually at the
very top of all of that. What it is, is it’s
kind of like a directory of different plumbers,
verified plumbers in the area, Google Guaranteed plumbers in the area, shows some of their reviews and you can immediately click to call ’em. Google is only charging per
lead with this new program. So unlike other advertising
they’ve had in the past where it’s pay per click,
this is a pay per lead model. It’s a fixed price and
it’s per qualified lead. So this is incredible, this
is what home service providers have been looking for
for many, many years. Google’s now rolled that out
via Google Home Service Ads. So this is brand new,
it’s only in select areas. And it’s only for select
categories currently, but it’s gonna be available
to pretty much every city in the US by the end of 2017, and available to quite a few more categories than it is right now. So to better understand
it, let’s actually dive in and take a look at a
real live example here. So see here, I’ve just
searched Oakland Plumber, I’m gonna hit search here on Google. Show you what I’m talkin’ about. So see here Oakland Plumber I’ve searched, here’s the Home Service Ads right here. So here’s the traditional text ads, this is pay per click model, then you have your maps listings here, and then you have your
organic listings down here. So we’re all used to that. But now they have this new section here, this is the Google Home
Service Ad section. So you can see there’s two different plumbing businesses here listed on top, and you can see over here, I can click to call ’em right now. The thing is, is unlike these
text ads that charge you every time somebody
clicks, whether they become an actual lead or not, or a verified lead, with these you’re only paying per lead. So this is a great deal. This is a fixed price, you
can basically put your budget into Google, run your Home Service Ads and get a guaranteed number of leads that you’re looking for
based on what you can afford. They have a team that
actually verifies these calls to make sure these are legitimate leads, and you only pay for legitimate leads. So super, super powerful. You can see here, only
two plumbing businesses are showin’ up. Sometimes it shows up to three. And what you can do is you
can click this arrow here to see additional businesses. And so, here’s the important piece here, you can see when I click through, it needs some additional information. But before doing that
if you see down here, you can see there’s a bunch
of other plumbing businesses and they’re ranked by reviews. So, here’s the take away here, hugely important to have
good ratings and reviews. So I’m gonna walk through
some tips and tricks, and strategies, and things to understand with Home Service Ads, but hopefully this helps you understand kind of the power of this. Basically, you’re right
on the top of Google on mobile search and desktop search, and people see this right away. You can see the Google
Guaranteed badge right here, that green check mark means its a Google verified,
guaranteed business. That build’s trust for people. People are gonna be highly
likely to click here and call, as opposed to click count
down here in the paid ads, or even down here in the maps
and the organic listings. So if you are in a business
category that can potentially run Google Home Service Ads here, highly recommended because
this is goinna be extremely powerful and probably a
lot more affordable for you to pay per lead instead of per click. So let’s take a look here and
talk about some of these tips. So let’s talk about nine things
you’ll want to think about with Google Home Service Ads. First off, and we’ve
already touched on it, it’s pay per lead not per click. That’s usually powerful,
this is something businesses have been wantin’ forever,
that’s what this system provides. Number two, you don’t pay for fake leads or fraudulent leads, you
only pay for verified leads. Google has a team reviewing these leads and they make sure it’s
basically a real lead. If it’s a real lead you pay,
if it’s not you don’t pay. Three, every business listed
in the Google Home Service Ads is a verified Google business, they call it a Google Guaranteed company. So you get a badge, that green check mark. It is a verification process,
it takes two to three weeks. And basically what it is,
is Google puts you through a third party business
review team that essentially audits you and ensures that your licensed, you have a background check that passes, and other various things
before they allow you to become a Google guaranteed business. Number four, it’s pretty powerful because it’s a one to one
relationship with your leads. This isn’t like a typical
lead buying service, like you would get
through another directory where you might be competing with two or three other
businesses for same lead. With Google Home Service Ads, when somebody clicks the call button, it goes only to you and nobody else. So it’s a one to one relationship. So you pay per lead, but you
also get a higher quality lead that you’re not gonna have
to compete with somebody on. Fifth thing to think about
is it’s unlimited lead flow. So essentially, you put your budget in, the number of leads that you can afford based on the cost per lead model, and you will get delivered those leads. Unless of course, the search
volume doesn’t support the amount of leads that you
need, which is highly unlikely. Most of these areas are very populated, there’s a lot of leads to be had. So put your budget in there,
and you’ll be provided the leads based on that
budget that you can afford, based on the cost per lead model. Sixth thing to think about, and this is actually really cool, with Google Home Service Ads,
you can set your schedule. So if you can only take calls from X time to X time everyday let’s say, you can set the schedule
so that you only show up as a Google Home Service Ad
business during those hours. That way, when somebody
clicks that call button, it goes straight to you and you
can actually answer the call that way you don’t have any wasted leads. Seventh thing to think about,
which is super powerful, you also get free leads
through Google Assistant. Google Assistant, a lot of people use. Basically you could ask
Google Assistant for like, give me the top local
Oakland plumber or whatever. Through Google Assistant,
or any other measure through Google Assistant,
if somebody asks for that, Google’s going to use the
Google Guaranteed businesses in that area as who
they’re going to recommend. And so this is sort of an organic way to get additional leads just as a part of being a part of
Google Home Service Ads, and being a Guaranteed business. Google doesn’t want to refer
non-guaranteed businesses. So just doing that alone
is prolly going to get you some additional leads for free. Eighth thing to think about, this isn’t available everywhere yet. It’s only in certain areas currently, I’ll just read some of these off. Right now it’s in Los Angeles,
San Diego, the Bay Area, and here real soon it’s
rolling out to Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and D.C. Google says by the end of the year though, at the end of 2017, it’s gonna
be available in virtually all cities across the US,
so stay tuned for that. Ninth thing to think about, this is only available in
certain business categories slash industries, and I’ll
just read some of the ones off that it’s available in right now. Currently it’s in the plumbing
industry, house cleaners, lock smiths, handy men, contractors, electricians, general
contractors, painters, garage door companies, heating and air, ventilation, HVAC, road side assistance, auto glass, and they say that
it’s coming to more industries and verticals by the end
of 2017, so stay tuned. So now that we understand what
Google Home Services Ads is, how it works, let’s talk about some tips, how to make this work
when you start doin’ it. So I’m gonna walk you through
seven tips to help you drive success with Google Home Service Ads. Tip number one, try it. Definitely use it. Keep an eye out for it,
if it’s not available in your area yet, watch for it. As soon as it is, make sure that you apply to become a Google Guaranteed business, and go through their third
party verification process. That’s step number one, is to get listed. Tip number two is to get reviews. Reputation management is hugely important with Google Home Service Ads. As you could see in the
example I showed you earlier, they’re ranking the businesses of who they’re recommending
in this program based on their number of reviews
and their overall rating. So if you don’t have a
lot of reviews on Google, that’s where you want to start. You can actually start on that now so that when Google Home
Service Ads becomes available in your area, you already have
this reputation built online. Take a look in the description here below because I have a link to a
video on how you can help build your online reputation,
give you some sweet tips on growing your online
reputation here today. Tip number three, we
talked about it earlier, but when you start running
Google Home Service Ads, don’t forget about the scheduling feature. Make sure that you schedule
your ads to show up in that directory only when
you can answer the phone. ‘Cuz it’s hugely important
because if you miss that call, they’re gonna to go to
the next person in line and call them, and you’re
gonna loose out on that lead. Plus, you want to be able
to respond very quickly with these calls because leads age like mayonnaise in the sun right? If you don’t get on ’em
within like the next minute, then you’re gonna possibly lose that lead. So make sure that you get on it. And to do that you’re
gonna wanna make sure you have those leads coming
in in the call window where you can handle it. So don’t forget about that feature. Tip four, understand how
to close leads into sales. There’s lots of tips out there on how you can best handle
these leads on the phone. We actually have a couple
videos we’ve done recently on how to turn more leads into sales. I’ll link those up in
the description below. Tip five, once you get listed, make sure to fully fill out your profile. There’s descriptions in there, there’s a lot of additional content, links you can put in your profile page. This is important
because your profile page in Google Home Service Ads is
essentially your landing page. If somebody is comparing
you against another company, this could be what sets you apart. Don’t leave out on that piece. Tip six is to use a CRM. A lot of these leads as their coming in, you can have it set up with your CRM so they go straight into your CRM. You can add your additional notes, you can schedule these appointments, you can manage the lead,
you can even build on email automation and
other things with the CRM. So if you’re not using a
CRM, make sure that you are. And if you are, make
sure that you connect it to your Google Home Service Lead Ads. Tip number seven, if
this is all overwhelming and you need help doing this, give us a call, Marketing 360. We can manage the whole process, the getting you Google
guaranteed, Google verified, getting you listed in Home Service Ads. We can watch the Home Service Ad network and as it gets to your
area, we can call you. Definitely reach out, we’d
love to be able to help. So thanks for watching. Hopefully this helped open your eyes to Google Home Service Ads. If you’ve never heard of it, hopefully this helps you get excited! Because you can finally
pay per lead on Google and not per click, and this is huge. This is gonna be rolling
out to more cities, more industries from now until
the end of the year, 2017. 2018, this is gonna be big guys. So get on it, watch for it, take advantage of it. We’ll keep more updates
coming as we have ’em. If you like this video, like
it, share it with your friends, leave a comment if you have a question. Or if there’s other videos
and tips you want us to do, leave those in the comments too. And also follow us for more
content like this in the future. You can also text marketing to 39970, and you’ll get weekly text
message marketing tips, tricks, and marketing strategies to your cell phone on a weekly basis. Thanks for watching. (upbeat music)


Pay per click I'm going to try. I don't have enough reviews for social proof for the business I'm lead generating.

I live in Austin and just got signed up. My first year in business and I’m 3rd in the state in 5 star Google reviews! Good to know reviews help on this section.

I am currently using google guarantee with little success. I am not sure if it is something I am doing or my seo company is not? I have had guarantee set up for months, and it will never spend more than $50 in a month, even though I budgeted for 10x that just to make the phone ring. I have an electrical business that has been around for 5 years, I spend 3-5k per month in PPC direct from google I have a google premier partner that handles all of my marketing. I have a review score of 4.8 with 75 reviews. I am BBB A+ home advisor electrician of the year with a list of awards, etc. etc. However I am currently and have been stuck at 6th place on the guarantee however there are a list of companys that are ahead of me that are not even in my city? they are 25-30 miles away. Any suggestions on how to correct this, and move up?

This video is 2 1/2 years old an Google never rolled out Their Home services in our area. So if anyone knows what happen to the program we would love to know? Most of us would trust Google over H.A. who are listed under every Home service company online you see. They are nothing but scam artist shysters. selling one lead 10 times.

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