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Google Keynote (Google I/O’19)

Google Keynote (Google I/O’19)


I wish you will hire me even as a Janitor to your building. I would accept it. Being part of such company is a great achievement on me.

I love the feature of federated learning
So Google can collect data it need for better model and less interference with privacy.
I also loved Google cared privacy. I am privacy sensitive. But if Google care that much about privacy then I will not hesitate much using its products

Along with it, it would be appreciated if u convert foreign-language movie to local language subtitles on the screen. So that lot of people can enjoy and encourage the global movie industry as well.

Google your release of android os is not sufficet ,if the next version of os is released ur output should be wat innovation your team done in the google apps don’t say we will give more security to the device,bcoz the os which I using now has more no more security is the issue,wat type of flexibility your are giving …as case of your security the device speed also has the same case…

waoooooo that really nice. Can I know how do you detect the person have finished talking and its time for the machine to reply.

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