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Google Photos vs Amazon Photos – Which free photo app is the best?

Google Photos vs Amazon Photos  – Which free photo app is the best?


I pay for and use both. Not a Prime member. I take lots of photos and lots of video, and I don’t want to lose any of them to a company going under. So I think Amazon and Google are the two that are more stable as far as longevity.

I use both in addition to iCloud Photos! I love Google Photos for Autoawesomes that I wouldn't have without it, and I use Amazon Photos as another backup and as I have an iPhone, everything gets backed up to that as well. I don't take professional photos, but I take a LOT of photos (read: I took 304 photos of my dog the other day), so I like to have backups!

sense these are for more storage, organization, and sharing, I'd love to see a comparison of these with apple's solution.

Gogle has an api that gives anyone access to facial recognition on anyone on the internet that has any profile anywhere on the internet with there picture and all information pertaining to that person/people.  FYI

Great video Steve
I thought Goole photos work much better I still back up the pictures on another hard drive .

FYI… Amazon Photo (prime) does offer PAID video upload and storage. (with unlimited resolution) While I was on vacation in Philippines I needed a safe storage place for my videos as well as my photos. I opted to pay $60 for a year for 1 TB of storage. Other than slow internet to upload them, I was able to upload my videos, and it made me feel safe knowing that for $60 my precious videos were backed up. BUT, that being said. I did not know my Google account would also store videos! I shoot mostly in 4K. But I do also have a 360 camera that shoots in 5.7K. so for me, I think Amazon is the better choice. (for now) As always Steve, thanks for the Vlog!

Steve, you are awesome. This videos shows your professionalism as a researcher and instructor as you explain critical topics such as photo quality, privacy and video settings. Thank you for your interest and effort to share with us all!

Steve bedankt voor de nodige uitleg en mijn voorkeur gaat ook naar google foto's en ook om zelfde reden dat het gemakkelijk werken is met de andere google tools…op naar de volgende tips die je ons kunt bijleren…doe zo verder.

I have been using both. I like Amazon a little better. For me Amazon seems easier to use. Both are good. I like them both.

I use both services, but I use Amazon Photos as my cloud storage for all my photos I take with my DSLR camera. I have about 120 GB of photos in RAW format stored on Amazon Photos. The only thing is that from my smartphone I can't seem to open full screen my RAW format photos. I can see them as thumbnails but when I try to open one of them it says that something went wrong. Any idea? The thing about the mpx limit on google photos I didn't know about I don't really like. I would like to store automatically on amazon photos instead of google photos. I'll look at the IFTTT app if there's something with amazon photos. Any other ideas about that? anyone?

Thank you, Steve. As always, I appreciate your clear, succinct, light hearted presentations. As far as photo apps goes, I am an amateur so I will stick with Google photos. Thanks again for a helpful, informative, presentation.

Do you know if both my husband and myself can both load our photos from our phones to our Amazon prime photo account?

I use both. Here in the UK we don’t have facial recognition with Google, but Amazon Photos does, however, it’s not very accurate and there is no way to make amendments. For instance, it mixes up my Grandson & Granddaughter. There are a lot of comments/complaints about this on the Amazon user forum.
My favourite feature with Amazon is how it regularly displays photos from ‘This Day’ in previous years.

If I already have an Amazon Prime account, why not use both? Am I missing something? One other question is what happens if I no longer want an Amazon Prime account? Can I choose to get a backpack drive and just back up from Amazon?

The thing we need to learn about is where to backup raw image files. This is not to view files online but simply as a way that if the raw files on your local computer becomes corrupted you have a method of recovering these files and saving your photography business. If you are not aware already raw files are humongous. Is Amazon S3 Glacier what we should be looking at?

If someone is a professional photographer or any other position that requires the use of extensive photos or other media types, I would highly recommend that they go to a digital media solution. One of the lowest cost and highest quality is Daminion. In addition to their software for personal use, they also have a commercial product.

Amazon is a ROTTEN company and I will NEVER use any of it's products. The CEO has proven he cares nothing for his customers or America.

Thanks Steve. Storing videos will be priority for me. So I think Google Photos would be my choice. And it fits into my Google ecosystem.

Use Apple photos. Can’t see why we don’t mention that at all. It does everything that google and amazon photos do. Plus no restrictions on resolution, number of photos, number of videos etc. yes that’s for paid iCloud service. If you are on 2 TB. That’s pretty much unlimited.

Thank you for a comparison video btw Google and Amazon Photos. One thing which you forgot to mention is the powerful photo editing tool called as Snapseed, which is a Google product, in Google Photos. It is Adobe Lightroom like App, fully integrated with Google Photos across all the platforms and fairly easy to use.
I always enjoy your videos and sense of humor. Thank you for educating us.

Whenever you compare softwares or apps you seem to be only doing it cursorily. You never do an in-depth, feature to feature, step by step comparison. And that doesn't help. After listening to you for 15 minutes I still don't know whether AP has a Create Movie feature or not, as to how does it's Sharing function work etc etc. Why not do such an in-depth analysis?

I want you to know that I have Drifted away from your channel you're covering topics I have no interest in all of those videos you were doing an Evernote and now Amazon I'm trying to be more productive we have things I don't have to pay for go back to Google and help me get better there if you want me back.

Thank you for your videos. I have a question. I own a iPhone X and want to stop paying for iCloud. Can one of these apps be the answer? Please explain as I have both Google photos and iCloud and use both. However my phone tells me when it needs to back up and doesn't have enough space. I already pay for the 200mb a month and started paying this month for the 2tb a month at $9.99. I really prefer. It to pay that much if that's possible. Please share your thoughts and expertise? Thank you.

Hi Steve, enjoyed your video, I was interested in Amazon Photo and have just become a prime member on Amazon. So I signed up with my phone. The immediately dumped all of my jpegs to my account. So I now have all of my album cover and all other jpegs on the phone on Amazon. This is what used to happen back in the 90s when I tried using photo management software. I expected the software to ask which directory to sync and upload from, it did not. now I have a major mess . is there a way to fix this without deleting the Amazon account and starting over. and how would I prevent this issue again?

Hey, do you have an affiliate link for lastpass? I heard about it from you first and wanted to know before I signed up if you had an affiliate link. Thank you

Good video!
Been using Google photos, but from the video I'm encouraged to also use Amazon for redundancy, even though I have a cloud and local backup.

Does either have duplicate detection & removal?
Is it possible to rename the photos individually & in batch?
Does either populate metadata like EXIF that will convey to other applications?

BTW, at 12:55 "…for it's convenience." should be "…for its convenience."

Hello Steve, thank you for this video, they are always very informative. Could you tell me what software you use to display your mobile phone on your screen. Thank you in advance. Good continuation and see you soon.

The resolution of a 16 megapixel JPG and a RAW file is the same…16 MP. The raw file will, of course, be much larger. So will Google store my 16 mp raw file? Or are you confusing file size with resolution?

Hi Steve. I am all-in with Google, but Stella is less so… and it's causing grief because I just had her move all her iPad photos into Google Photos. Problem occurs when trying to post from GP to Facebook – the result is a link to a shared GP album instead of the actual photos. Is there a way to post the actual photos from GP to FB? She *really* wants to re-create the experience of having the photos show immediately within the FB posting, and the ability to add comments/descriptions to the photos in FB. I am currently in the doghouse (apologies to Farley) .

Great presentation. One question though…
When you imported your Google photos to Amazon, the person identification was done from scratch by the Amazon app, or it read the metadata/info from Google photos?

Store and back up your own photos locally on hard drives. Why is everyone buying into all this free cloud storage with all it's big brotherism and loss of privacy. Nothing is free in this world. People, get real!

The biggest difference between Google Photos and Amazon Photos for me is the ability to correct incorrectly identified people. Google photos it's easy, Amazon photos it is not possible, at least that is my understanding. Amazon photos also seems to struggle identifying babies as separate people, I have one folder with over 600 entries of supposedly the same person and it contains pictures of all 6 of our grandkids when they were babies. Given the first issue it makes this functionality of Amazon photos pretty rubbish.

Hi Steve, could you talk about Flickr and compare it with both Amazon Photos and Google Photos?. Thank you in advance 🙂

I have 3 devises with Google Photos on them, I want to get rid on 1 device, can you tell me if there is a way to delete Google Photos off this 1 device, whilst keeping them and all my photos on the other 2 devices..without also being deleted…Many Thanks

I agree that google is better but have seen few updates to Amazon photo in your video so I will give it another try! One question, base on my past experience, I do a clean install of windows once a year on my machine, I have noticed that none would recognized they have my pictures and they want to uploads all the pictures again, is this still the case or it is getting better?

Thanks for the info… My mom died about a year and a half ago, and she had made about 100 printed photo albums. I am scanning them to put them in the family vault feature of Amazon Photo to share with my sisters. I am very happy with it for this purpose but WHY DOESN'T AMAZON PHOTOS let you name the photo?? I want to be able to name the photo with a caption that was on the back. No way to do this?! For example I scan a photo with my mom's dad and her uncle, but I can't say "Joe and Steve, 1935" or whatever. Do you know a way around this?

Amazon is more trustable and reliable than Google for me personally cuz of their honesty to the commitment of privacy of people than other player out there..

Hi Steve, i am in UK. is there an option to restrict the auto upload to a particular folder on phone(android). i dont want all the garbage to get uploaded – like i dont want to back up every single whatsapp screenshots on various groups. in the settings, i kept 'checked' few folders, but i see that the upload is happening from other folders too…..let me know if you have info on this… .. thanks for any suggestions

Enjoyed your show back when you used to be on TV. I use Google Photos but you're the first I've heard of Amazon Photos as a service.

Based on your overview I still prefer Google because of the video storage but don't have Amazon Prime yet.

When you say the applications are similar. One thing I love with Google is the automatic creations it does with stylish, panoramic, albums and movies. Does Amazon do that with automatic creations? Part of the fun when you get around to uploading everything from a trip or event.

First time viewer here. Here are my concerns with your review. I believe the main purpose of using a back up is incase we lose our photos locally. Computer crash, home fire, lost phone, etc. What I didn’t hear you address was how easy it was to retrieve our photos from Amazon and Google? Or if Google/Amazon raised their prices and we needed to move to another provider? How does each store our files? Do they maintain our file structure? Keep our file names and data for our photos? Those are important questions we need to know when picking back-up service provider.

Steve. Really enjoy your clear explanations! Anytime you want to delve deeper into amazon drive vs amazon photo i would love that. I also struggle with syncing and backing up. When is it safe to delete images from your computer so they stay put on the cloud?

do you upload to both services? if so can you upload to both at the same time? i like having my photos backed up in more than one place.

Here's a serious tip to all. IF you get a message from google saying your photo High Rez storage is full and offers to compress your photos to unlimited storage lower quality,, DO not start the process on your cell phone and walk away from your WIFI Network. I did that to my moms cell, she went for a walk, and came back with msg from phone provider, your data is used up, and we shutting phone down. She had to purchase additional gigs for rest of billing cycle. $$$

Google Photos limits video “quality” to a certain degree where Amazon Photos doesn’t, but does limit storage to 5GB.

Amazon lets me take advantage of the RAW capabilities of my phone. I can store my RAWS and then download them to edit on my desktop at home in Lightroom and Photoshop.

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