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Medical marijuana is already
a multi-billion dollar industry. The future is this weed pill. I’m still not sure about this. Look. Most people will tell you
Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. But even a complete idiot will tell you, Neil Armstrong did it first. And do you know why he went first? (Mumbling…) Because he pushed Buzz Aldrin
the fuck out of the way, and seized history by the ballsack. I’m satisfied. Look man,
you’re in some deep water, Harold. Like bankruptcy deep. I am cash poor? No, I’m saying you’re poor poor. Harold! Tomorrow you’re gonna fly to Mexico. What? We want you to hand deliver
the weed pill formula to the lab. Buenos Dias. I know
I’m not supposed to touch the minibar, but … I’m going to do it. You know, I don’t even care anymore.
I’m doing it! I’m having the merlot. Ha ha ha, salud! Wait! Harold, what’s going on? I’ve been kidnapped! I am somewhere in Mexico
with a gun to my head. Ahh! What a fucking crybaby. Harold, I’m just going to spit this out. We sold a little product to the cartels, but when we cut them off,
they got a little angry. What the motherfuck! This is a fucking clusterfuck! I know a guy. I’ve tracked down dictators, I can find a guy in middle-management. What do they want? They want five million. What, pesos? Dollars! What is that? It’s an injectable microchip. I need to keep track of you. I don’t like needles! Come here. Ahhhhhhh! You can’t scare me, with tales of the big bad cartels. I know how things work. Not in Mexico. No no no! Ahh, Lord oh Lord Almighty. You really believe in God? Of course I believe in God. What kind of a person does not believe in God? I guess I kind of do, but not… Things are going to start to get better for you. Trust me, I have good instincts.

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