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GRINGOS intentan hacer un ASADO ARGENTINO por PRIMERA VEZ (Parrilla Argentina)

GRINGOS intentan hacer un ASADO ARGENTINO por PRIMERA VEZ (Parrilla Argentina)

hello friends welcome we are samuel and audrey
from the Argentine pocket we are still here in the bag we decided to stay some
how many more days because we loved it the place and tomorrow there is a party in
cholila the biggest roast in all Argentina so how were we going to go or
before dying very interesting is going to be fun but finally the video today
today we are going to try to make our first Argentine roast the other 2 final
to help gringos eating roast gringos the gringos preparing a roast about
alborán 2 to see if you are still in our channel already know what we usually do
many roasts with my dad in canada he he is argentinian loves barbecue and
well today we will try us on our own
if we are going to need some luck I think we’re going to see how it goes well
here we have our barbecue grill It’s like a barrel and it’s inside
our grill and this is to adjust the level of the
grill go up and here we have as a small chimney to escape the
smoke and well let’s start first glass make a fire we need here
we have some firewood for the city ​​or other more wood more sleep and by
there is a lot of it we are not going to cost so much but let’s start we have
some rock we call it bulldog but I don’t know what his real name will be
but it will accompany us I liked it it seems that if he already knows what he is
going on there is a barbecue is realized
ok then now i’m copying what I’ve seen my dad do I have paper
this is supermarket propaganda so I’m going to make balls
dry finite sticks in there our barrel a little wood
match and well let’s start there you have to
start sometime no no good well, we are making progress
the fire it took us about 10-15 minutes i would say
but there we have it good now let’s talk a little bit about meat we went to a
butcher shop here in the village and we bought four different things first the
chorizo ​​the chorizo ​​cannot be missing in a roasted we buy homemade common chorizo
then to a cow skirt skirt that bring enough guests so we are going
to give the dog and the cat a little cats there are several cats a rib
and then wrapped chicken skewers in bacon with green red browns and
onion there you have that bazaar our small roast and the price I forgot
mention the price that was 432 pesos for all this meat although then we buy four types
of tooth patties just cut to see very very much from here so far of
Patty Arabic many meats with control than that and spicy meat
it’s spicy beef toning and a crazy strong which are which are you going to try
first first and with the picket though with a little bit of everything in that my mom so fort very tasty since I’m going to try the
two others for me for me and now I’m trying the arabic pie For some reason I imagined that I was going
to have raisins dreams but you don’t have raisins you also have
another way the onion chop well Finita is rich and we can’t
forget half the humita pie against club is like a mash of corn a
a little sweet cornbread favorite for my favorite
this spicy meat I’m sorry the dog is not
looking at how and where is the meat Where is the meat
sharon is married an hour and a half ago already and
we are not delaying well we have a little embers
but I don’t know if we know if we are doing well or not so just in case
go back to buy coal cap to add to what we already have but I don’t know
how is our first time we don’t know if we are doing it right or wrong there are
coal maybe start putting those sausages to see what happens well there is the chorizo ​​is
cooking is not going so bad but anyway samuel has
returned from the coal supermarket of charcoal so let’s
add argentinian cold because he is ready well tourists are almost ready
for they will leave in a moment so we are adding the rest of the meat
the skewers the rib skirt there we have then we went to the wine shop to
buy a wine With Argentina does not arrive Patritti Patritti
or sad though year 2014 2014 that we are going to record it St. Patrick
of chañar it’s called firstborn my dad would say he sang beautiful sausages
I think they are ready well golden brown almost burned let’s start with this and then the
meat and chicken health and health to our first roast very rich motivated me a very good
selection to see what you say the vines are they have adapted very well to cold weather
arid and windy of the region developing a fruit with more skin
thick and resistant that prevents artificial cures this at the same time as
give us a more organic product improvement notably the contribution of polyphenols
that transfer a greater complexity of aromas and flavors of our wine and says
has a 12 month aging in French oak barrels first and
second use and then remains a minimum one year in bottle at temperature and
controlled brightness in our cellar fine wine
the firstborn there they have it to the chorizo then fine gold on the side of
outside maybe a little toxic inside but we were so worried that no
we were going to cook the meat what enough that we left some
extras 5 minutes in case you don’t eat very tribe meat after we
transform is our first roast but it came out well I think when one
cook your own food you still appreciate it more for all the effort and time the
sound good and we put chimichurri over but I think the digital came out very tasty
very juicy is fine we’re already cooking chicken and meat we keep waiting a few more minutes and
now and now costal eta digital talion much talk already with tincture and the bony
for all the rib and June thanks friends I’m going to eat in the shade
you want it all now the skewers we have eaten a lot of meat I am
No need to try it because we cook with bread sopor it is a piece
July as the wrapped seems to be ready on that there is no bacon inside the chicken too
it is stuffed with bacon our only vegetables of the day thermos onion minutes left we will need a
nap and now he wants more we are cutting the skirt with knives to
multi knives this cause knife the one we bought in the cause piece trying the skirt or the best roast
this matter I don’t like it very tasty
both the cuts that have a lot is a lot of fat but very faithful gets
there or delicious chorizo ​​per dog for the standing dog that has behaved very
very well he hasn’t asked for food he hasn’t troubled in the sun has slept in the sun all the
late so now a little piece of sausage toco what did you do
the union do go I’m eating sausage and you are happy more for everything
and goes with his prize and for dessert we ordered a dozen of
assorted fine doughs and they look very rich but is drinking some water means
in after all this roasted well been well roasted state and if we are testing
a rich station look is a cookie with caramel
covered in white chocolate very good quality with cherries
jams and with their actions heals in sweet milk in all that you can
imagine and samuel bought your own dessert already
that will not guess the author handmade artisan with white chocolate with white chocolate and many very sweet
spectacular alfajor well there we have our first roast
I’m sure I want to have a lot of opinions in the comments
I know maybe we made several mistakes but they know that today we liked it yes I liked it
a lot to me we also made a good effort or meat came out rich if what
we ate the whole dog I also enjoy of the roast and well it was our first
roasted but it won’t be our last so let’s improve our technique
but if the meat is very delicious the cookies those fine doughs the empanadas the wine we chose
very good a lot of blessed and smooth wine food and meat are not
liked it a lot as we said 10 dollars for all this meat we’ve tried yes yes of course so we
we say goodbye and see you tomorrow with a great linked video big cause in
Argentina apparently if I want to do a very fun day we will film

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