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Gunde Jhallumandi Telugu Full Movie || Uday Kiran, Aditi Sharma || Madan || M M Keeravani

Gunde Jhallumandi Telugu Full Movie || Uday Kiran, Aditi Sharma || Madan || M M Keeravani

iDream ”When you cross the temple’s
entrance holding your frock..” ”..when you cross the
temple’s entrance..” ”..a bell in your anklet chinked..” ”..and my heart started beating.” ”The heart started beating.” ”When you were dancing in the
rain from your untied hair..” ”..from your untied hair..” ”..droplets sprinkled on my
cheeks and shook me up..” ”..and my heart started beating.” ”The heart started beating.” ”When you look at
my drenched body..” ” look at my drenched body..” ”When you called me shyness
overwhelmed me..” ”..and my heart started beating.” ”The heart started beating.” ”When l see your beauty
when you jump..” ”..for the fruits hanging
on the tree..” ”..your beauty when you jump..” ”When l see you secretively..” ”..l am enamored by your beauty..” ”..and my heart started beating.” ”The heart started beating.
lt started beating.” My name is Neelima. Everyone calls me Neelu. lt’s not such a beautiful
name, but it’s ok.. l am doing my degree first year. Mathematics, computers, accounts.. There are our main subjects. l am about to make a mistake. Don’t worry. There is a reason. There is a reason. You know who is the reason
l am about to make this mistake? My sister Bhramarambha.
Mrs. Bhramarambha. Before she got became a Mrs.
she did a stupid mistake. That’s the reason l am about
to make this mistake. Ever since childhood
she came first.. sports, studies and everything. l am just an average student. My mom and dad had this special
affection for my sister. She got everything more. More ldlis. More milk. More care. She got even more love. And at last, even l had to give
special affection to my sister. My sister was in tenth
standard then. And l was in eight standard. My sister used to study
24 hours a day. My father saw that and
had this firm belief.. ..that she would definitely
be a state-ranker. Just then this Munna entered
my sister’s life. Hi.
– Hi! – Munna. Bhramarabha.
– Hello! – Hello! Munna.
– Neelima. He moved in a very friendly manner. l too thought that he
is just a friend. One day my sister and l
were going to tuition. Hi!
– Hi, Munna! Bhrama, l need to talk to you. Ok, tell me what it is.
– Actually it’s a bit personal. Neelu, you go to tuition. l’ll
talk to Munna and come there. Alright. Yes, Munna. What did
you want to say? l wanted to tell you something
since a long time. Tell me what it is.
– lt’s.. Yes, it is..
– lt’s.. lt is..
– lt’s.. lt is.. Tell me what it is. l like you a lot. l love you. You must’ve guessed by
now what happened then. Tenth failed. Full stop to studies.
Daddy disappointed. And then she got married.
Not to Munna of course. She even mothered a child recently. My dad thought that my sister
would study well and.. ..launch rockets like Sunita
Williams and Kalpana Chawla. But today she is confined
to stitching blouses. Who is the reason my
sister came down.. ..from rockets to blouses?
lt’s Munna. This Munna is there in every man. As soon as he befriends
a beautiful girl.. ..Munna comes out in the form
of love and disturbs them. That’s why l didn’t want to
give that chance to any guy. Till l reach a great
position in life.. ..l won’t entertain any Munna. And for that to happen l
have to make a mistake. Look, girl, people come here
after making mistakes.. confess them. But you say
you will make a mistake? When you already know that
the thing you are.. ..about to do is wrong what
is the need to do it? There is no other option, father. From the moment l wake up
till the time l go to bed.. ..l come across a number of guys. At least with some of them
l need to be friendly. And in at least some of them
there will be these Munnas. To keep them at bay l’ll have
to make this mistake, father. And a few days ago these
naughty guys.. ..pasted top ten beautiful girls’
photos in the notice board. They gave me 5th rank. ldiots. They could’ve
given me first rank. Nine of them are already
engaged. l am vacant. Ever since then these
guys are behind me. That’s why l am making this mistake. l have to do it. l have
no other option. Alright. And what is the mistake
you are about to do? You ask him. He will tell you. Thank God! l told all
the gods about it. Oh ! Sorry. ”Tell the leaves, tell the twigs..” ”Tell the branches..” ”Tell the steps..” ”Tell the sound of the steps..” ”Tell it’s true.
Tell that it’s true.” ”Tell that it is true.
Tell them it is true.” Neelu loves.. Whose name shall l write? Rajesh. ”Neelu.” ”Neelu is in love with Rajesh.” ”Neelu is in love with Rajesh.” ”Neelu is in love with Rajesh.” ”Rajesh.” ”Rajesh.” ”Tell that it’s true.
Tell that it’s true.” ”Tell that it’s true.” Neelu loves Rajesh. What? Neelima has also
fallen in love? She hasn’t. The guy called Rajesh
made her fall in love. Their love is as high as the sky. But if you put a hole in it
their love will come down. Oh no!
– What happened? What a misfortune! l wanted to
propose her, but l was too late. l underestimated you, but you
have such high confidence. Congrats, Neelu. l heard
that you fell in love. Thanks. – By the way which
college Rajesh studies in? What does he study?
– He is a software professional. He is working in lnfosys! By the way how does
Rajesh look like? Does he look good? ls he tall? Please don’t ask me anything.
l feel embarrassed. Somehow l made everyone believe it. Thank God! No one would
propose me now. After 15 days! – Son. Mr. Kodandam, please come here. Madam. – He must have a big
mole near his left shoulder. Look there. A mole.
– Mole. O God! lt’s here. Son. Son. O son. O son !
– Mom. O son !
– Mom. Son.
– What a great story! What a great story!
– What did you like in it? How much a mother suffers the
separation from her son ! And how much that mole
helped them reunite! Wow! What a great story! A great tale with the mole.
– Will you please stop it? Mole tale! Mole tale! ldiotic
story. Crap story. Please don’t hurt. Take
it if you want to. Hey, do we look like thieves?
– No, brother. – Scoundrel. Rascal. Brother, he is not there
in this bus as well. Let’s go, brother. Brother, what did we come here for? l will definitely rape you. Your rape is inevitable. Lie down and enjoy. Come with me without creating
a scene here. – Son ! Leave that girl, son. Leave me. Look who he is.
– Help! Help! Go on. Brother, stop. Stop there, brother.. Stop, brother. Stop.
Let’s go, brother. After losing my sons in such a
way.. – Here. Wipe yourself. ..l got a maid’s job in police
officer Madhav Rao’s house. That day when l was about
to give his son a bath.. Son. – ‘l heartily apologize
to the movie-writers..’ ‘..and directors. l was really
stupid to call it a crap story.’ ‘You didn’t need to torture me
in this to prove your point.’ ‘l didn’t even see the
guy who saved me..’ ‘..except the mark on his shoulder.’ Attack on the bus. Girl kidnapped. Some unidentified attacked
the bus from Dhronachalam.. Hyderabad and abducted a girl. Father, don’t worry. l am here. Thank God you are here. l was
feared that they kidnapped you. Father, l’m the one they kidnapped.
– You? Yes, it’s me. Someone came there
like a hero and saved me. Or else the headlines
would’ve been.. ..Neelima kidnapped and killed.
– O come on ! You are making up a story, right?
– No, father. lt’s true, l swear on you.
– Really? How did that happen?
– Dear. Neelu. Mom’s coming. She will
trouble us now. Leave this matter here, father. Neelu, you came just now?
– Yes, mother. How many times will l have to
tell you not to travel alone? There’s no use in scolding you. Your sister and brother-in-law
should be scolded.. ..who sent you alone. – O God!
l reached safely. Leave it now. Dear, you said someone
saved you. Who is he? Rajesh. Rajesh? How did Rajesh reach there? Mad question. Where there
is Neelima there is Rajesh. Why is he not here?
– Shut up! When l am in trouble Rajesh
will protect me. l am the cynosure of Rajesh’s eyes. ls your Rajesh more
hand some than l am? O God! You call yourself handsome? Neelu, does your Rajesh have
bigger muscles than mine? O God! You muscles are nothing
compared to his. ls your Rajesh that handsome?
ls he that strong? iDream ”l have a boyfriend.
l have a boyfriend.” ”He is James Bond.” ”He is a diamond. Diamond. Diamond.” ”His heart is Kalakand
(one type of dessert).” ”He is a champion in kung fu.” ”He is as fast as a rocket.” ”He is so good in romance.
He is the ultimate lover.” ”He can read my heart.” ”He is my man. He won my heart.” ”l have a boyfriend.” ”l have a boyfriend.” ”l have a boyfriend.” ”l have a boyfriend.” ”He will kick you..” ”..if you give me
those dirty looks.” ”He will cut your tongue..” ”..if you make ugly comments on me.” ”lf you touch me he
will cut your hand.” ”He who steps over my leg
might even lose his leg.” ”lf you fight with him
you will become bald.” ”Think of your hair first.” ”Still you dare mess with me?” ”You wanna try?” ”l have a boyfriend.” ”l have a boyfriend.” ”l have a boyfriend.
l have a boyfriend.” ”He is James Bond.” ”He is a diamond. Diamond. Diamond.” ”His heart is Kalakand
(one type of dessert).” ”He will twist and turn you.” ”You don’t want to have
such a boyfriend.” ”He will take you into his arms.” ”lt’s hard to resist him.” ”He will take you to the
top of Mt. Everest.” ”He will throw the cigarette
if you ask him to.” ”He will lick his lips.” ”He will make sure you see him.” ”He is just perfect in everything.” ”l’m sure.” ”l have a boyfriend.” ”l have a boyfriend.” ”l have a boyfriend.
l have a boyfriend.” ”He is James Bond.” ”l have a boyfriend.” ”l have a boyfriend you know..” Bye. Stop. Stop. No. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop it. Stop it. Till now in this village
there were never fights.. ..between two groups or two
different castes in this village. lt seems you two would
start them now. That’s not the thing, sir.
You know what he has.. Balaraju, what do you want? Sir, all of us in this village
has the eligibility.. become the president
of this village after you.. ..other than your son.
– But this village has a rule. To be the president you have to
be at least a degree holder. l am the one who has a degree
in this village.. ..after my father. That’s why l
am the president of this village. But.. But you alone can’t decide it. The entire village should
approve of it. Tell me do you all elect
my son as the president. Do you elect him as the
president? Tell me. He tried to kill my son Balaraju. He would be the president
of our village? Even if someone touches him
by accident he bashes up.. ..that person. He would be the
president of our village? Listen that. Just studying
a degree isn’t enough. You also have to earn a
good name for yourself. Balaraju, l can make you
a president just now. But this village has some rules.
lt has only one solution. You go to city and complete your BA. Study at this age? l can’t do it. You think about the welfare
of the village. Can’t you at least study BA? Alright. But don’t make him
the president till then. You got what l said? You
are going to Hyderabad. That too for the first time.
– lt’s not the first time. l went there when l was a kid.
There’s nothing to worry about. When you went there as a
kid Hyderabad was small. Now you are a big boy. Hyderabad
has also become big. Don’t fight with anyone there.
– What do you mean? You want me to live like a coward.
– Oh ! That’s not what l meant. There
they fight directly like we do. They attack from behind. They smile on our face,
but dig holes behind us. They stop us on our way.
They are bad people. They are well-dressed up,
but you never know.. ..who has a bomb and who has a gun. He is not going to America. He
is just going to Hyderabad. America is far better.
Hyderabad is bad. You never know when
bombs would explode.. ..and when there would be shootings. ls that all or there
is anything else? There are many more things.
Hey, the train is coming. l’ll tell you the remaining things
later. Give him his suitcase. Hey! Hey! What’s this! You are
taking our luggage.. ..without even telling me?
– What shall l tell you, sir! l saw the luggage and so l am
carrying it. – l see. ls that so? Walk slowly, sir. Balaraju, didn’t l ask you to
carry your luggage on your own? lt’s alright. What’s the big deal!
– What’s the big deal! He will ask for 200 rupees.
Will you pay him? O God! 200 rupees?
– Yes. – l won’t pay so much. That’s why take it back from him. Hey, stop there. Give it back to me. Why are you staring
around in that way? They might fool you as you
are new to Hyderabad. Act. Act like you are
not new to Hyderabad. How? – How? You see that
auto-rickshaw there? Throw your luggage carelessly
on the seat and say.. Buddy, take me to Srinagar Colony.
He’ll take you there. Take me to Srinagar Colony.
– Which Srinagar Colony? Where are you looking at? Srinagar Colony
that comes before Koti? Yes, that one. Brother, are you new to the city? Dindu, why don’t you come
and help your daddy? l won’t touch this car
till you buy a new one. Ok, then, go to the school by foot. He should’ve come home
at 6 in the morning. But it’s been 12 and still
he hasn’t reached home. He is new to Hyderabad.
– He will come. Why do you worry for no reason? Why do l worry? You
should be blamed. l asked you to go to the
station to receive him.. ..but you slept till 10 am.
You forget time on Sundays. Why do you worry for
no reason, mummy? Some auto-rickshaw driver must’ve
taken him for a ride.. ..and shown him the entire city.
– Are you an astrologer? Thank God you are here. Aunt, how far is your home from
the station. lt took 4 hours. lt took four hours?
– Don’t ask him that way, mummy? Did you like Birla temple,
Char Minar and Golkonda? They were wonderful.
– Did you really see all those? Yes. And how did you know
that l saw all these? Because you are Balaraju.
– Ok. Ok. You come in. Alright.
– How much? 1,000 rupees.
– He said it right. What! 1,000 rupees?
– Yes. – Wait. l’ll bring the money. Balaraju, which course you will
do for your degree? – B.A. B.A.?
– Yes. Why? – B.A.? Why don’t you do some
professional degree? What’s this, Balaraju ! You
came so far to study B.A.? Hey, you shut up! Why
are you doing B.A.? Why don’t take some science group?
– Hi, Dindu ! Hi, Lavanya. What are you studying?
– B-tech (Electronics). Why are you asking me that?
– So that Balaraju could hear. lt’s really nothing, Lavanya. He
is my sister’s son. Balaraju. Hi!
– Hello! – He wants to study B.A. B.A.? What B.A.! Still there exist poor
guys who study B.A.? My husband is M.A.
gold medalist, sir. Balaraju, l never knew you would
face such disapproval. People here might not respect B.A.. ..But villagers back home still
respect it very much. You continue with it. Don’t worry. So take some science group.
– Yes, do as your uncle says. Stop. No matter whatever you all say
brother would study B.A. Right, brother?
– Yes, l will study B.A. Dindu, how did you know that?
– Because you are Balaraju. B.A.? Studying B.A. is as
good as not studying. Here’s your card.
– Someone came to study B.A.. our college. – The great
director Raghavendra did B.A. N.T.R. did B.A. He must
be following the legacy. Sir. – Yes. – Where is the
B.A. classroom here? They have B.A. in this college?
– Yes, sir. l don’t think so. – B.A. is there,
sir. l got admitted just now. Nonsense! B.A. in this
college? Nonsense! Ram Babu, come here.
– Sir. Do we offer B.A. course in
our college? – Yes, sir. We have B.A. Come, l will
show you the classroom. Please.
– Come. This is the B.A. classroom. You’re the one who is joining
B.A. after a long time. Wish you best of luck. You scoundrel! l teased baby. l need
to apologize to her. Sorry, baby. Hey, they opened B.A. class in
our college, you know that? B.A.
– Look there. He’s the B.A. guy. Hey, B.A.! Come here. Me?
– Yes, you. Come here. Where are you from? Don’t blow off your lid just
because he called you. He is the senior.
You are the junior. Such sort of things are quite
common here. Be calm. No, l am B.A.
– l’m asking you. Allagadda.
– You mean Allagadda? Look there once.
– That’s not possible. Go and tell her that
l am calling her. Why don’t you go and
call her instead? Juniors should listen when seniors
tell them something. And if l don’t listen?
– l will strip you and make you.. naked in the college.
– Don’t lose your temper.. ..just because he said something. You need to complete your degree.. ..and become the president
of our college. lgnore this. Stay calm. Alright, brother. l’ll call her.
– Go. You shouldn’t open your
mouth or use signs. But you should tell her
that l am calling you. lf you break the rules l
will strip you. Go. Fast. Ok, l’ll go to the class. O God! lt’s English class. l will have to sit with science
students. l’m in big trouble. The B.A. guy is here. Go, go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.!
– Please sit here. – Boycott B.A.! Go, go, B.A.! – lt’s alright.
Please sit down. – Boycott B.A.! Be cool. Chewing gum. You’ll lose tension. Try this. Try. Take it. Good morning, sir.
– Sit down, sit down, sit down. Don’t get up! Communication skills! Communication skills. Hey, you please get up.
Get up please. Why you are sitting
in the girls’ bench? Sir, l offered him to sit.
– Let him speak. Not you. Sit down. Come on. Speak out.
– Boys didn’t let me sit there, sir. Don’t speak in Telugu.
– l can’t speak English, sir. You can’t speak English? Why do you guys come here? First you join useless B.A.
Then you don’t know English. l wonder why guys like
you come to college.. ..except for troubling us. Why don’t do some smalltime
job or irritation.. ..back in your village? lt’s alright. Come on. Come on. Let
us start the class. Communication skills! ‘He doesn’t know English
and he tells everyone..’ Hey, you need not go through
all this to do B.A. Who cares about the
president’s post! Let’s go back to our village.
Come on, let’s go. Listen to me.
– That’s not the thing. Why shouldn’t l do B.A.? l will do my B.A. l will become
the president of our village. You came back? Will you stop your lecture
for a while? Has anyone of you seen a village?
– Never. l guessed that. Alright. lf you haven’t
seen a village.. ..come to our village once. When someone new comes to
our village we enquire.. ..where they came from and
give them a warm reception. Even if we are not at home
or have gone to our farms.. ..on irrigation purpose
the hanging points.. the corner of our streets
welcome them to take rest. They say cities are more
civilized than villages. But how did you receive me
in spite of living in.. ..Greater Hyderabad. You insulted
me and made fun of me. ls this what makes you civilized? And what’s wrong if l study B.A.? l want to become the president
of our village. That’s why l came here to
do B.A. ls that wrong? Dear science students, Galileo
invented telescope. Newton defined gravitational laws. Einstein proposed E=MC2. Stephan Hawkings
proposed string theory. Computer came from Abacus. How did you know all these things? lf a historian hadn’t documented
these facts.. ..we wouldn’t have
had science today. History guides you into your future. Living without a history
is just like traveling.. ..on a ship without a compass. l am proud to study
such great history. Engineers, doctors, scientists,
farmers, lectures and even l.. All of us are governed
by political leaders. The science that has the power
to govern everyone.. political science. l am
happy to study that subject. Someone once said that it doesn’t
matter even if we are.. ..not patriot, but we should
know the value of money. Life without money is meaningless. l am happy to be studying
such great economics. And coming to English..
lt’s just a language. lf you ask a foreigner
to learn Telugu.. ..he will take at least one year. But if a Telugu person puts
his heart into it.. ..he can learn English
in just two months. Won’t l learn that English if
l befriend you for six months? They say even if you are
not highly educated.. should be civilized.
l hope you are civilized. Excellent, my boy! Excellent! l am sorry. l am extremely sorry. Please forgive me. Hey! Hi! My name is Neelima. You
can call me Neelu. l’m sorry. Yesterday..
– No. Don’t shake hands. Don’t! What will happen to him now!
Only God can save him. Hey, stop there! Stop there! lt’s ladies’ special.
Don’t you know that? You can’t speak. Ok, go. Fast.
Fast. We are getting late. Fast. You need not give a card for this.
Just take this money. Stop. Stop it. Stop it, ma’am. Move aside. Move aside, ma’am. What’s going on over here! Why are you bashing up
a dumb person, ma’am? Give him alms if you want
to or else leave it there. Why do you support him?
Read that card first. What is there?
– My name is Rajesh. l am a manager in a reputed
software company. l get one lakh rupees
salary per month. Good. l want to fall in love with a girl
and marry her. Even better. To fall in love with someone
our likes and dislikes.. ..should match. Good. The bodies should also unite.. What! You mean you want to sleep
with her before marriage? Rascal. You want to sleep
with them before marriage? Why are you beating me?
Even when we buy sweets.. ..we try a sample. When we
buy a car we test-drive it. So what’s wrong if we have
make out before marriage? You are asking if it is mistake. Hi, Neelu ! Good morning.
– Good morning. Hello! What’s this?
– Friendship. Friendship?
– Yes, friendship. – Ok. And what is this? l don’t know what it is. My body is burning with
some sort of desire. That means this is definitely
not friendship. The Munna inside me is coming out.
– Munna? No, no. l shouldn’t entertain him. There can be Munna in him as well. Hey! Hey! Yes. Silence! Dear students, let us congratulate
the students.. ..who joined in sports
in various categories. lt’s alright. lt’s alright. And
next program is electing.. ..the leader of the sports-wing. Come on, boys and girls!
Who is proposing him? And who is supporting whom?
Come on. Come on. Come on. l propose Mr. Balla as the
sports’ wing leader. Very good. Very good. Then
who is supporting him? l strongly support Balla as
the sports wing leader. Very good. Then anybody
has got any objection? Yes, sir. l have an objection.
– Tell me. He is an eve-teaser. He
doesn’t respect girls. This is too bad.
– l don’t support him, sir. We too don’t support him.
– lt’s alright. lt’s alright. We too don’t support him.
– Quiet. Quiet please. Sorry, Mr. Balla. You
are disqualified. And then tell me who is next? Come on. Come out. Sir, l strongly support Mr.
Balaraju as sports-wing leader. You gave us the reason for
rejecting Balla. Fine. Now give us the reason why
you support Balaraju. Even though we screamed ‘Go,
go, B.A.! Boycott B.A.!’ Balaraju made us shut our
mouths and opened our eyes. Balaraju has great leadership
qualities. So l strongly support Mr. Balaraju.. the sports-wing leader.
– Yes. We are also supporting Balaraju. We are also supporting Balaraju.
– Ok. Ok. Come on, Mr. Balaraju. Come here. So Mr. Balaraju is elected
as the sport-wing leader. So let us congratulate him.
Congratulations, Mr. Balaraju ! iDream ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the beginning of my story.” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the beginning of my story.” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the fright in my heart.” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the fright in my heart.” ”My wishes got wings and are raring
to fly. lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s coming to ruin my life. lt’s
that. lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the beginning of my story.” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the fright in my heart.” ”When l see her a new spark
comes into my eyes.” ”When l see him he scares
the hell out of me.” ”When l walk on her footsteps..” ”..l get a taste of eternal bliss.” ”When he cashes me like a shadow..” ”..l worry for my life.” ”My heart is..” ”..filled with boundless joy today.” ”Even if l close my eyes..” ”..he comes into my nightmares.” ”She tickles my naughty thoughts.” ”When would l get rid of this grief?” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the beginning of my story.” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the fright in my heart.” Hey, same dress. Pinch. Hi!
– Hello! Same, same. Same pinch. ”What l saw yesterday..” ”..appears in different
light today.” ”He looks innocent from outside..” ”..but he has a volcano
hidden inside.” ”When words don’t support you..” ”..communicate through your eyes.” ”Even when l am asleep and
even when l am awake..” ”..his thoughts never leave me.” ”ln the depths of the heart..” ”..there’s love for you.” ”My heart and soul..” ”..are conquered by you.” ”lt leads it to a shaky path.” ”lt gives you the courage
to cross every hurdle.” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the beginning of my story.” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” ”lt’s the fright in my heart.” ”lt’s that.
– lt’s that.” ”God! lt’s that.
– lt’s that.” ”God! lt’s that.
– Ya. lt’s that.” ”O God! lt’s that.” ”lt’s that. lt’s that.” Hey, how do l look? – Half liter
coconut oil in your hair. A black thread around your neck. Pant above ankles. You look great. By the way where’s the fair?
– Fair? l am going to the college.
Do l look good? By the way who is that girl?
– You’re very fast. l am not fast. But you
are very, very slow. You can’t impress your
girlfriend in this way. Really?
– First change your get-up. Why? lt looks good.
– By the way how much.. ..pocket-money do you have?
– l have 10 rupees. lt’s enough, right?
– Yes, it’s enough. You can buy some peanuts.
– What are you saying? lt will cost you minimum
500 rupees.. ..if you take your girlfriend to
the coffee shop, you know that? l’ll give you my pocket money.
Take it. – Thank you, buddy. Don’t thank me. But give me the money
when l need it, ok? Sure. l’ll change this get-up. No doubt. Munna is coming. My cell’s battery is low.
Give me your phone once. Thank you. How do l face him? lf he proposes me l will tell
him immediately about Rajesh. But l should’ve told him earlier. What if his heart breaks
if l tell this suddenly? Balaraju, how can you become so bad? ldiot, didn’t she get some other
time to take my phone? Hi! One minute. ‘Whom shall l call? Some
idiot will pick it.’ Yes.
– Rajesh? Yes, Rajesh speaking.
– ‘Who’s this!’ ‘l called Rajesh and
he says it’s him?’ ‘These guys can never say no
to a girl. ldiots.’ – Hello! Rajesh, l am Neelu speaking. What’s this, Rajesh ! Yesterday
you said you would meet me.. ..but you didn’t. You didn’t
even call me. – l? Me and mad? Generally l
am never mad at anyone. Actually everyone is mad at me. l am never mad at girls. Promise. What’s this, Rajesh ! Just
because l reprimanded you.. ..for your behavior at bus-stop
and you got upset? ‘l gave cards to so many girls.
So many girls slapped me.’ ‘Who is this girl among them?
Who cares who she is?’ ‘My dream came true after so long.’ No, Neelu. l am not upset. lt’s enough if you are not
upset with me, dear. l love you, Rajesh. Please say it again.
– l am not upset with you, Rajesh. That’s enough, Neelu. That’s enough. My life got a meaning.
Tell me where you are. l will hang in front of
you in just once second. Wherever l am my heart is
with you, Rajesh. – Hey! Even when l close my eyes
or open my eyes.. are there in front of me,
Rajesh. – O God! O God! Oh ! How couldn’t l recognize you? How couldn’t l understand
your heart? Please tell me where you are.
l will fly down to that place. lf l am late even by a second
you can slap me with a sandal. No, Rajesh. l have
a class right now. O come on ! Bunk the class. And also, what’s the use in going
to the class! – Correct. l don’t understand anything.
– Same here. Go on.
– Yesterday l filled my note-book.. ..with your name Rajesh.
You know that? Honestly. l swear on you. No, Neelu. No. l can’t
go upwards anymore. Have mercy on me. Tell me
where you are. Please. Let’s meet this evening.
l will call you then. Where? Where? Where? Hey, Neelu. Bye. Sorry, Balaraju. l was
talking to Rajesh. Oh ! l didn’t tell you
about Rajesh, right? Rajesh and l are in love.
– Thanks for telling that. You know Rajesh is very
nice, handsome.. Very smart and intelligent. Hey, the flower’s very beautiful. Who gave this to you? Who gave me that? ‘l brought it for you idiotic girl.’ Who would give me that?
My love gave me. Your love?
– Yes, my love. You have a girlfriend? You didn’t tell me
about her till now. Even you didn’t tell me
about Rajesh, right? Sorry, Balu. Really sorry. By the way who is that lucky girl?
– That lucky girl is.. How many girls did you meet
after coming to Hyderabad? Your neighbor Lavanya
and the maid Ramulamma. Ramulamma. Lavanya. Ramulamma.
Lavanya. Ramulamma is married. Who
is remaining? – Lavanya. Lavanya? Nice name. By the way what does Lavanya do? B-tech electronics.
– B-tech electronics? Wow! So you got an engineering girl. Anyways congrats!
– Congrats! l mean you too fell in love
with Rajesh. – O thanks! ls your love deep for Lavanya?
– lt’s pretty deep. And you too seem to be
immersed deep in love. Rajesh didn’t drown me in
love. He makes me fly. ‘l don’t know if he drowns
you or makes you fly..’ ‘..but you did drown me.’ Ok, Bala. l am getting
late to my class. Here’s the flower Lavanya gave you. Balu. Hey, Balu. Balu, stop. What’s this, Balu? You
ignore me as if.. haven’t even seen me.
– l didn’t see you. l believe it, but let’s move..
– Why did you get on my bike? What! Will Lavanya feel bad
if l sit on your bike? My Lavanya is not such
sort of a girl.. ..but you think about your Rajesh. Rajesh is a very broad-minded
person. He won’t feel bad. Move. Go. Go. Hey, what’s this! Don’t you
know who to ride a bike? lf it was Rajesh he would’ve
driven it like a rocket. Get down.
– What? What happened? Get down ! Get down and
call your Rajesh. He will give you a ride. You fell down? Come. Why did you stop the bike here? Rajesh’s birthday is nearing.
l need to buy a gift for him. One minute. Oh no! l forgot my bag. Hey! Balu, what are you searching?
lt’s wrong. Nothing. Just wanted to see
if Rajesh’s photo is there. Rajesh is not in this. He is here. You searched my bag
for Rajesh’s photo.. ..which says that you definitely
have Lavanya’s photo.. your back pocket.
– No. No. Show me. Show me.
– lt’s not there. Why don’t you listen to me? Hey, my purse. What! You love such a small girl? Actually it’s.. lt’s Lavanya’s
photo when she was a kid. Really. She’s very cute. Why are you blushing
if l kiss this girl? Shall l pack the gift?
– One second. One second. What’s this! Did you
forget to pack it? No, l brought it to
show you. How is it? ‘You would be gifting
it to some fool.’ ‘What’s the need to
take my opinion?’ lt’s great. lt’s wonderful.
– lsn’t it? One minute. l will get it packed. Dear lovers! Love is truth.
Love is eternal. Love is forever. A great poet
said that when someone.. ..asks you what you do you should
say you love people.. Love is the reason the
world still survives. Dear lovers, let us celebrate
the 11th anniversary.. ..of Lovers Association.
Long live.. – Love! Love! Long live..
– Love! Love! Long live..
– Love! Love! Dear lovers, l want to invite
the first pair who joined.. ..our Lovers Association after
it came into existence. Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Saroja Naidu. Balu. Hey, Balu. Come
here. Come here. Take it. No, no. No.
– Why do you hesitate? Have it. You are also a lover. Dear lovers, one can see
himself in the mirror. But one can see his true
self when he is in love. Generally they say your life is
ruined if you fall in love. But that’s not true. Life
doesn’t have a meaning.. ..if you don’t fall in love.
– ‘lt’s easy for you to say that.’ ‘You have idiots to hear you.
lf you what you say is true..’ ‘ sister should’ve
become Kalpana Chawla.’ ‘But what happened eventually!
lt remained a dream.’ So my dear lovers, all of you
fall in love. Sorry. Sorry. No one falls in love. They fly. So all of you fly in love,
be victorious in love. Long live..
– Love! Love! Long live..
– Love! Love! Long live..
– Love! Love! Long live..
– Love! Love! Yes, it’s the same address.
lt’s the same phone. Hi! l am Rajesh.
– So what? – Sorry. Carry on. He looks like a mad fellow. ‘Where are you, Neelu?’ Hello! l am Rajesh.
– Rajesh? – Yes, l am Rajesh. A girl called Neelu called
me from this phone. l think you are Neelu. Neelu?
– Yes. My name is Neelu?
– Yes. Hey, Kirti!
– What? Tell him my name.
– Neelima. So my name is Neelima, not Neelu. Neelima can be called Neelu, right?
– How’s that possible! Your name is Rajesh.
Can we call you Raji? Raji! Very cute name. Call me Raji. But Neelima can never be Neelu. l am sorry, Neelu. Sorry, Neelima. O God! lf he does an enquiry.
l might get caught. And also.. By the way why do you need Neelu?
– l am in.. Neelu loves me.
– No way. Neelu would never love you.
– Why? Why? Why so? Not just Neelu, but no
girl would love you. Don’t irritate me. Don’t hurt me. And what do l lack? Why
won’t anyone love me? Ok, first of all check your nails.
– Why? lt’s a small test. l will tell
you why no one would love you. l am right. No girl
would ever love you. Don’t make me tensed. Tell me why. When l asked you to check
your nails your checked.. ..them in this way. Only girls
check their nails in that way. And men?
– They check them in this way. Women?
– ln this way. Men?
– ln this way. Women?
– ln this way. Excuse me.
– Yes. Please check your nails once.
– Why? Personal problem. You can go please. Excuse me.
– Yes. Can you check your nails once? You go, sisters. Driver. Driver. Thank God l escaped somehow. Hi, Balu. Come. Balu. Balu. What? Why are you avoiding me? No, that’s not true.
– Don’t lie. l am not lying. You didn’t
introduce me to your Rajesh. That’s why l am upset with you. Did you introduce me to
your Lavanya? You didn’t. Alright. l will come
to the multiplex.. ..for the first show
with my Lavanya. You too bring your Rajesh. Ok. l will bring him. You think this is cinema
theatre or an airport? Thank you. Excuse me! Please check
your nails once. l don’t like you. l hate you. Get lost, you rascal. Hi!
– Hi! – Where is Lavanya? Where is Rajesh? – First you
tell me. Where is Lavanya? Sorry, Neelu. Lavanya isn’t well. Where is your Rajesh?
– Rajesh said that.. ..he would come here directly.
– The show’s about to start. Why don’t you give him a call?
– Ya. Hello, dear! Take it.
– Thank you, uncle. Check your nails once. Rascal. Hello, Rajesh ! Where are you?
l am waiting for you. You are waiting? Where? Don’t play games with me.
l can’t put up with this. Tell me where you are. You
know since how long.. ..l have been waiting for your call. What’s this, Rajesh ! You aren’t
coming to the movie? You asked me to wait near the
theatre and that you would.. ..fall in my lap and now you
have an urgent meeting? You disappointed me
very much, Rajesh. l disappointed you? You know how much l am
disappointed? You know that? Hello! Hello!
– Hello! – Hello! Hello! Hello!
– Hello! Hello! Hello!
– Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!
– Hello! – Hello! Hello! l am coming.
– Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hi! This is Rajesh. Come on.
The show is about to start. Sorry, who are you?
– O stop it! This is Rajesh. You are Neelu. We are in love.
The game is over. Ok. l understand. You are not Neelu. But small request. Can
you show your nails? Can you show me your nails? You ugly girl. Go away.
– You called me ugly? Oh ! Rajesh is always like that. Whenever l say plan something.. ..he cancels it at the last
minute. l hate him. Sorry, Balu. l disappointed you. lt’s alright, Neelu. lt’s ok. What shall we do now?
– You tell me. Why don’t we watch the film? Where are our seats? Balu, we are going to watch the
first-show. Are you coming? No, l am not coming. l need
to complete my B.A.. ..and have to become the president. Till then no cinemas, no outings. Excuse me! This seat is not nice. Will you please move to that
seat and give me this one? Ok. Thank you.
– Mummy, l will sit there. That seat isn’t good.
– Still l will sit there. – Ok, go. Hello, my name is Dindu.
– lt’s a great name. What do you do?
– l give money on credit.. five rupees interest rate. Hello, my name is Dindu.
– Hi! My name is Neelu. Your hand’s so soft. Sweet boy. l feel a big uneasy to
sit with the family. Shall we sit in the back row? Ok. Ok.
– Come. Shall we sit here? Hey! Come and sit here. He’s so cute, isn’t he? ‘lt wouldn’t have matter
if mine was fake love..’ ‘..but here it’s sincere love.
Come in, give me.’ Where did you come from?
Here, take it. lt’s a real note. ‘O God! Lovers Association
president Jagan.’ ‘Oh ! Where did he come from?’ ‘lf he sees both of us here now..’ ‘..he will scream about it in
the college from rooftops.’ Hey! Hey! Turn this side. O God! Aunt, it’s not love that
is there between us. lt’s only friendship.
– Hey, don’t fool me. You think l can’t differentiate
between love and friendship? Leave it. These things
are common at this age. Will you stay quiet for a while? Balu, if you love her
express it right away.. lf it is friendship stay in limits.
l won’t say anything else. lt’s only friendship that
is there between us. l will stay in my limits. You know what you are doing? Be in your limits. Oh ! You are coming to Golkonda
this evening? What for? – Bhanu and Prkash
are two lovers who broke up. Our Lovers Association
is uniting them. So we must go there. l won’t come.
– Why? l am not interested. Hey, what happened to your lips?
– Nothing. Something wrong.
– Tell me what happened. Rajesh and l had a tongue-war.
– Tongue-war? Tongue is Naaluka and War
means in Yuddham in Telugu. Did you have a fight?
– Tongue-war doesn’t mean fight. l was talking about it. ls Rajesh coming to Golkonda?
– He’s coming. ln fact Rajesh is taking me there.
– Ok. Enjoy there. Ok.
– Have a nice evening. Thank you.
– Bye-bye. – Bye. l created Rajesh to make sure
l don’t fall in love. And now this nonexistent character.. becoming a big headache for me. Bhanu and Prakash broke up. And they are uniting them now. l wonder how it’d harm this country
lf we don’t unite them. We should first bash up the person.. ..who created this
Lovers Association. Dear lovers, look, it’s quite
common for two people to fight. lt’s even more common for
two lovers to have a fight. So do have fights, but also unite
at the end of the day, ok? Best of luck. Start music. Hi! Come. Let’s go.
– Come. Rajesh didn’t come?
– He didn’t. l know.
– What does that mean? Your Rajesh is a very busy guy. Yes, world’s busiest
boyfriend l have. And yes, you said you wouldn’t come. But later l felt like coming, so.. Why didn’t you bring Lavanya along? Lavanya is a shy girl. She
is even more scared.. ..of these parties and functions. What! What does this tongue-war means? Ask Lavanya. She will tell you.
– She doesn’t know. She doesn’t know anything.
– Wow! English? What’s this? What’s this? Like someone
is talking.. Where is this voice coming from? O God! What’s this, Balu ! You
don’t know Golkonda magic? lf you clap on hilltop
you could hear it here. There Bhanu and Prakash
are fighting.. ..and we could hear it here. l see.
– Yes. – Great. Come. Come. Let’s go. Look there, Bhanu and Prakash
are fighting there. Silence. See there. Bhanu
and Prakash have united. That’s what is called tongue-war. iDream ”Only by having verbal tiffs
and having fights..” ”..and only by teasing each
other once in a while..” ”..we enjoy the taste of love..” ”..we enjoy what is called bliss.” ”Only by touching,
only by kissing..” ”..only by hugging tightly..” ”..we enjoy the taste of love..” ”..we enjoy what is called bliss.” ”Comprehensible, pleasurable
and enjoyable is..” ”True love! True love!” ”True love! True love!” ”True love! True love!” ”True love! True love!” ”How much do you like me?” ”lt’s tough. lt’s tough to say.” ”You would stand to lose
if you don’t tell me.” ”l love you.” ”That’s why l love you.” ”Tell me how much you love me.” ”Tell me, dear.” ”Hey, tell me.” ”So much that l want to be
with you all day long.” ”So much that every day feels
like valentine’s day.” ”And? – As much as date-tree,
as much as palm tree..” ” much as Buddha’s
statue in the capital.” ”As much a Seven Hills.
As much as Mt. Everest.” ”As much as moon. As
much as the sky.” ”l love you. l love
you. l love you.” ”As much as Mt. Everest.
As much as moon.” ”As much as the sky.” ”True love. True love.” ”True love. True love.” ”True love. True love.” ”True love. True love.” ”Give me a French kiss.” ”Treat my lips as champagne cups.” ”Let’s do cheers with our eyes.” ”Wars. Let’s wage wars
with the tongue.” ”Shall we wage a war?
– Shall we?” ”What sort of war should it be?” ”A war to conquer the land of love.” ”A war to destroy the pain of
separation in the heart.” ”A war of eyes, a war of cheeks,
a war of hugs.” ”A war of blushes, a war of
fire, a war for thrill.” ”War. War.” ”War. War.” ”A war of blushes, a war of
fire, a war for thrill.” ”Tongue-war! Tongue-war!” ”Tongue-war! Tongue-war!” ”Tongue-war! Tongue-war!” ”Tongue-war! Tongue-war!” lt’s so late at night. Daddy
must be worried at home. Start the bike. Fast. Bike seems to have some trouble. You are getting late. Take
an auto-rickshaw. – Ok. Let’s go to Madhapur. ‘What was the need to lie that
the bike has a problem?’ ‘Why is he avoiding me?’ Come on. Come on. Come on. Sorry, Balla. Ball please. No problem. ldiot. Hey, Balu seems to be angry.
l will apologize to the girl. Sorry, baby. Hey, till now we saw volleyball.
Now we will see.. Morning, sir.
– Morning. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, sir. Good morning.
– Good morning, sir. – Good morning. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, sir. All of you boys and
girls come there. Come on, boys and girls. Make a row. Girls on right. Come. Come. Boys on left. Straight row. Here. A small test. Check your
nails once. – Why, sir? Don’t ask. Do what l say. A pepper factory collapses
in the city. The effect of pepper
spread over 5 km. ls that all? When my
wife grinds pepper.. ..the effect can be felt till 8 km. You remember Subbi Reddy? He too hates chillies and pepper. Had we thrown him in
that pepper yard.. ..he would have died
with suffocation. We would’ve got rid of him.
Have the coffee. Well-said, sir. Who is that now? Come on, Subbi Reddy. Come on. Just now we were talking
about Subbi Reddy at top. And the Subbi Reddy at the
bottom has come here. Come and sit down. Hey,
get a cup of coffee. What’s the matter? – My position
is not good in village. l wanted to stay in your
quarter for a while. Did you kill someone?
– No, brother. Did you misbehave with some girl? No, brother. – Who knows! l can’t
believe you young turks. Like Mother Ammavaru’s focus
is only on the devotees.. young kids have
focus only on girls. They shake their twists
and you chase them. And this story just goes
on and on and on. Listen, Subbi Reddy,
we are into politics. We have to earn a few bucks
and lead a comfortable life. We shouldn’t get involved
in women’s matters. My son misbehaved with
some girl in college. And then someone bashed
him up real bad. And he came home and
is lying on bed. When he goes somewhere to
fight he threatens them.. ..that his father is an MLA,
his uncle is an MP.. ..and his grandpa is a minister. How can we come to his
rescue everywhere! Tell that scoundrel that.
Go and teach him a lesson. lf he can’t control
himself ask him.. watch a few clippings
in computer. Now go. Come, Subbu. Come. So you too came to give
me a lecture? – No. You got so many blows.
ls she that beautiful? Just average. But her temperament
is you know.. Wow! lf every branch turns
into a piece of meat.. lf every ocean turns into liquor.. lf every girl l lust for
falls into my lap.. would be great.
– Superb. You brought me into the mood.
When’s the party? Just now.
– Come on. Let’s go. But what was the fight about? Doesn’t this guy look good? What sort of a taste do you have? He grew so much hair that his face
isn’t visible. You liked him? Show me another one. Dear,
dear, dear, come here. Sit here. Come, dear. Check these. Tell me who is
the most handsome here. What’s this, father! l told
you l don’t want to.. ..get married so early. l need
to make a career for myself. l need to reach a status in life.
Till then no marriage. l know you very well. l
am looking for a match.. ..that would no disturb your
career and your status. lf we have any disturbance later.. ..we can think about them later. First you select him. Come and see.
– But still so early? Your father had so
many expectations.. ..from your sister as well,
but what’s the use! She fell in love with someone
when she was just 15. – Love? What love! lt’s not love. lt’s
attraction. Just attraction. Look, dear, l am thinking
of getting you married.. make sure that you don’t
fall for such an attraction. lt’s not attraction, father.
lt’s love. You can call it whatever
you want to. There’s no guaranty
that you won’t fall.. ..for such an attraction
and that you would ruin.. ..your life with that. Look, dear. lf you want
to keep yourself away.. ..from such attractions
you need a companion. lf you get that companion
in your husband.. ..this love, attraction,
you know what it is.. No such feeling would affect you. Then you can settle like you
want to settle in life.. ..and live happily. Look there so many boys with
such nice family background. Marry the guy you like. Father, what you said is convincing. Then find someone like
Balu for me, father. Really? So you too fell for someone. Game is over. What is that
computer still doing there? Close it. – Father, there is
no such thing between us. He is my friend. – l told you
that you can call it anything. You have got nothing to lose.
Your father has earned.. ..enough amount of money. You
wear such sort of dresses.. ..and go out. And
when someone says.. ..that your eyes are beautiful,
or your nose is beautiful.. ..or your hair is beautiful
and you fall for him. Don’t worry. You will get a call
in a day or two and get a.. ..message that your daughter
eloped with someone. Father, you are insulting me. Mom, it seems that father’s
BP has gone high. Really? l have got BP? You
are right. l have got BP. l have got BP. Hello!
– Yes. Where are you?
– l am in the clinic. Come home urgently with
the BP machine. What happened?
– Hey, just come. l told you that you have
no BP or anything. And girl, why do you have low BP? You aren’t eating well?
Eat more salt and pepper. Sister, l am feeling hungry.
l have to go back to the clinic. Serve me some food.
– Let’s go, brother. So you saw that? l have got no
BP and you have got low BP. You don’t even eat properly
in the name of dieting. You are bound to get BP. You guys do get attracted
to anyone at this age. Father, you’re again insulting
me. Bala is just a friend. Why are you crying? So only your tears can give
evidence of your honesty? Alright. We shall talk to Bala
about your match? – No. Why so? – He is seeing
a girl called Lavanya. Sorry. – No. – l said sorry.
You can talk me about it. You said he is such a
good friend of yours.. ..but you didn’t invite
him to dinner even once. Ok, invite Lavanya and Bala
for dinner. Come, dear. Come. Hello!
– Hello, Balu ! Where are you? Neelu, l am on my bike.
l will call you back. Listen to me. l don’t
care what you will do.. ..but Lavanya and you should
be in our home in one hour. Father invited you both to dinner. lf you don’t come here
you will be in trouble. That’s not the thing, Neelu.
Listen to me once. No, no, no, no, no. You have
to come here. – Neelu. Hello! – Hello, Neelu ! Balu
met with an accident. O God! Where? Go fast.
– l am going fast, madam. Go fast. – How fast do you
want me to drive, ma’am? Fast. Go faster. O God! You are driving it so slow.
Are you a new driver? Come on ! Fast. Fast. Fast. Fast. Stop getting tensed
and making me tensed. Come on ! Drive faster. What’s the need to do all this!
These are minor injuries. Balaraju, this is a
corporate hospital. Even if you come here walking
they will take you inside.. ..on a stretcher. – l shouldn’t
have bought you a bike. l asked you to show it to
Mother in Yadagiri Gutta. O come on, aunt! Neelu.
– Balu. What happened to you, Neelu? You are fine, aren’t you?
– We can’t tell you.. ..till we take an X-ray. Who are they? l think
l saw them somewhere. Balu’s aunt. Balu’s uncle.
Balu’s Dindu. Why didn’t you tell me
in the cinema hall.. ..that they are your family
members? – Actually.. He would’ve got stuck
had he told you that. He tried to escape.
– Hey, shut up! Anyway, how did this
accident happen? Actually Lavanya is not in town. And you wanted me to bring
her at any cost. So l got tensed and
met with an accident. Oh no! Sorry, Balu.
– And how did your accident happen? l met with an accident as
l was tensed about you. We would’ve also met with an
accident worrying about you. We missed it with a whisker. Hello, aunt! How come you
are there in the hospital? Balu met with an accident, Lavanya. l hope there’s nothing to worry.
– Nothing to worry. Everything is fine.
– Thank God. And yes, what are you doing here? Can’t you guess that by her weight? l brought her here to get
sugar test. Come, dear. Goodbye, aunt. Lavanya.
– What? My name is Neelu. Neelima.
Balu’s friend. He must’ve told you about me.
– No, he didn’t. And also, why would Balu
tell me about you? Balu never talked to
me closely till now. lt’s ok.
– Ok, bye. – Lavanya. What do you study?
– B-tech electronics. ‘Did he lie to me? ls there
some other Lavanya?’ ‘Does Lavanya exist or not?’ ‘l will have to find
it out immediately.’ There is nothing to worry, l hope.
– Don’t worry. Neelu is fine. lt’s a minor
accident. That’s all. l checked her.
– Neeu is fine, uncle. Who are you?
– l am Balu. Neelu’s friend. So you are Balu?
– Yes. – How are you now? Fine. – l thought of calling
you home to meet you.. ..but we met in the hospital. My daughter told me about you. When we were talking
about her match.. ..she said someone like
Balu would be great. Hey, come here.
– Yes, l’ll be back. ‘Why did Neelu ask to find
someone like Balu?’ ‘She could’ve told
him about Rajesh.’ ‘She could’ve said that
she loves Rajesh.’ ‘Does this Rajesh exist or not?’ ‘l will have to find
it out immediately.’ Neelu, Balu asked about
you a while ago. Balu asked about me?
– Yes, he asked about Rajesh too. Rajesh? What did he ask about Rajesh? Nothing serious. lt was
just a casual enquiry. He asked if Neelu has come or
if Rajesh came to meet Neelu. l see. ‘Why is he enquiring
about Rajesh?’ ‘Oh ! He’s coming. The
way he’s coming..’ ‘ seems like he might
interrogate me about Rajesh.’ Neelu. Neelu, one minute. Neelu. Rajesh, what’s wrong with you? l met with an accident and you
didn’t even come to see me. Where shall l come?
How shall l come? Don’t know which city you live
in, what your name is.. ..what your address is. Neelu, don’t kill me
such tension. Please. Once in a party l ate heavily
and suffered from indigestion. Even then l wasn’t this
tensed, you know.. Rajesh, don’t tell me all that. They say where there is
a will there is a way. All the times you say
you can’t meet me.. Tell me. What it is?
– Did you ever try to meet me? No. l didn’t try to meet you? Every girl l see l call her Neelu. They look at me as if
l am some kind of fool. You know how ashamed l am? Sir, water..
– One minute, Neelu. Hey! Hey!
– Sir. – Check your nails once. You get out from my chamber.
– You are shouting, Rajesh? Not on you, Neelu. Please. l am suffering from this
ailment recently. Whoever l see these days l ask
them to check their nails. l don’t know what’s happening to me. lf you don’t mind can you
also check your nails? What’s this, Rajesh ! l am talking
to you so seriously.. ..and you ask me to check my nails?
– l’m also serious. Alright. l am getting
late to my class. Don’t go to the class please.
– Till you call me on your own.. ..or meet me on your own
l won’t talk to you. Hello, Neelu ! Hello! Hello!
Hello! Hello! Rajesh always behaves like this.
l hate him. l hate him. Ok, Balu, l am getting late
to my class. Bye. – Ok, bye. Hello, Rajesh !
– Yes, Rajesh speaking. Check your nails once. ‘No! What if he dials
redial after l leave.’ What are you doing here?
Go to your class. l won’t go.
– You won’t go? What’s the matter, Balaraju?
You have to complete B.A. lf you study in this way
how would you pass B.A.. ..and become the president
of your village. l neither want to study B.A.
nor want to become president. You go to class.
– No way. Till you go to your class
l will also not go. What are you troubling
me in this way? Why don’t you go to class?
– Ok, as you wish. You will be ruining your life. Hey! – Sorry, brother. They planted
a bomb at the airport. l need to call the police.
– Really! Do l look like a fool? Yes, Neelu. Tell me.
– Rajesh? – Yes, Rajesh speaking. My name is Balu. Neelu’s friend. Will you give me your address once?
– What for? Neelu told me everything about you. Neelu and l want to meet you. Take it. Take it. Take it. Take it.
– Fine. We will be there in ten minutes. l will be there. Any doubts?
– Sir, does Lavanya exist or not? Even l don’t know, girl. l
will have to find it out. ‘O God! l think l will get mad.’ ‘No matter whatever happens
today l will..’ ‘..go to Balu’s place and find
out if Lavanya exists or not.’ Rajesh. l am Rajesh. Where is Neelu?
Where is Neelu? Mind your own business.
Where is Neelu? Have you seen Neelu before?
– No, l didn’t. You didn’t? Thank you. l love you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
– l am not of that sort. Please keep distance. Thank you.
– Hello! What’s this! You came,
asked and are leaving. How do l look to you?
l will shoot you. Cool. Cool. Cool, brother. Neelu and l love each other.
She played games with you.. ..just to give me hard time.
Come on. Take it easy. Hey! l won’t believe it. Even if l believe it l will
have to give myself a chance. What does that mean?
– lf Neelu meets me once.. ..she will change her mind
and she would love me. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Hats off to your confidence level! Try your best. This time Miss.
World will be yours. But Neelu is mine. Leave
her to me. She is mine. Ok?
– Ok. – All the best. Good luck. Miss. World. Bye.
– Bye. Hi, Dindu. How are you?
– Fine. Take it. – Whom did you bring
that chocolate for? For Balu? No, no. lt’s for you.
– Look, Neelu. This is not my range. l don’t know your range.
– No problem. Next time don’t do the same mistake. Come in.
– Ok. lsn’t there anyone at home? Mummy went to the market.
Daddy went to office. Balaraju went to college.
– What’s the big deal.. ..if there is no one. You are
here. That’s enough for me. Didn’t l tell you this is
not my chocolate’s range? What does that mean?
– lt means you must have.. ..either come here for Balu
or to find out some secret. No, no. That’s not true. A few days ago l couldn’t
talk to you well. That’s why l came to wish you all.
– lf that’s the case, then fine. Coffee or cold drink?
– Anything will do. What! You love such a small girl? Actually it’s.. lt’s Lavanya’s
photo when she was a kid. Dindu. Dindu. Come. Come.
Come. Come here. What?
– Lavanya. – Balu. Lavanya.
– Balu. Lavanya.
– Balu. No, not that. lt’s Lavanya’s
photo, right? No, it’s Balu alias Balaraju. As he used to look very
good as a kid.. ..they took his photo in a girl’s
attire. – Really? – Really. Really?
– Really. iDream ”My eyes got a new light.” ”My heart started beating faster.” ”My throat has got a lump.” ”My body is drenched with sweat.” ”She whispered something..” ”..and gave wings to my thoughts..” ”..and touched my heart that
was already stunned.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”lt couldn’t stand,
it couldn’t fall..” ”lt couldn’t control itself
and laughed uproariously..” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”l am tired of your
hide & seek games.” ”l was waiting eagerly
to fall in your arms.” ”This feeling makes you immune
to hunger and thirst..” ”Today l knew that nothing
can keep us apart.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”lt couldn’t stand,
it couldn’t fall..” ”lt couldn’t control itself
and laughed uproariously..” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”Your words are a source
of happiness for me.” ”l adorn myself for you.” ”Love can make anything possible.” ”l pray for you to
Gods and Godavari.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”She whispered something..” ”..and gave wings to my thoughts..” ”..and touched my heart that
was already stunned.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” ”My heart is in a
state of delirium.” You lied to me that there
is someone called Lavanya? l am a girl. l have my
own set of problems. That’s why l took Rajesh’s help. But what happened to you? Sorry, Rajesh. l can’t
love you anymore. The reason being l got my Rajesh. You know who he is? Balaraju B.A. So Mr. Rajesh l am killing you. l need to meet you urgently.
– ls it so urgent? Yes. – Ok, come to Durgam Cheru
immediately. l’ll be there. ‘l wonder how many more
lies she will say..’ ‘..about the non-existent Rajesh.’ ‘Keep Rajesh aside. What would
l do with Lavanya now?’ ‘Why is she coming with
such huge luggage?’ ‘l wonder what new story
she came up with.’ Why are you so dull, Neelu? l had a fight with Rajesh. ‘So she started a new story.’ What fight, Neelu?
– Don’t ask me. l don’t even want to
see his face again. ‘Wow! What a great performance!’ ‘Even Trisha and Nayantara
can’t compete with you.’ Look, Neelu. These fights
are common between lovers. These are not minor fights. You know what he did?
You know what he did? What has he done?
– He doubted my character. He blamed me for moving
closely with you. l hate. l hate him. – ‘l knew
she would give me a new tale.’ Ok. Ok. Ok. Don’t get so upset.
Shall l talk to Rajesh? What will you talk to him about? He commented that there
is something between us. You think he will
believe your words? Where there is no trust
there is no love. Where there is no love there is
no trust. – Very good quotation. Balu, what’s this! My pain,
my sufferings.. ..appear like quotation to you?
– Sorry, Neelu. Even though you are in so much
pain you said great words. Where there is no trust there
is no love. You are right. That’s why l have decided
to forget Rajesh forever. This is the rose Rajesh gave
me when he proposed me. lt has withered. ‘Sorry, daddy. You
bought it for me..’ ‘..and l am throwing it for Balu.’ This is the gold ring Balu
gifted me on my birthday. Where there is no love gold
is no better than dust. These are the greeting
cards and love-letters. As much joy they gave me
at one point of time.. ..they are giving grief today. ‘O God! She’s pretty cunning.’ ‘She is killing Rajesh right in
front of me. Now l should..’ Kill Lavanya. Yes. Lavanya and l too had a big fight. ‘Great, Balaraju. Now you
are coming on track.’ What happened, Balu?
– Earlier when l didn’t.. ..know English she taught
me alphabets. l fell in love. And she took
that as my weak point.. ..and blackmailing me at
every junction. – And? A few days ago she wanted
that we should.. ..have a tongue-war in front
of everyone. – Tongue-war? How does she know about it?
– What are you saying, Neelu ! You told me about it, didn’t
you? l told that to her. And she said we should
try it in public. And l said it won’t look good. She said since she taught
me alphabets.. ..l should do tongue-war for her.
l said l won’t at any cost. She asked me how l knew
about this tongue-war. l said Neelu told me. – She asked
if Neelu told me about it.. ..or she showed it
to me practically. And that was it. l gave
her a tight slap. And what happened then?
– Then? Yes, exactly what you said just
a while ago. What was that? Where there is no trust
there is no love. Where there is no love there
is no trust. – Exactly! l said the exact words
and bid her goodbye. That’s why l am thinking
of forgetting my Lavanya. She gave me this gift. ‘l bought it for 5,000 rupees.
Don’t throw it.’ ‘Think about it just once.’ You said that Lavanya bought
you this T-shirt as well. Yes. Yes. Correct. Thanks
for reminding me that. l will get rid of this as well. How many times do l
have to tell you.. ..not to eat too many sweets
or you’ll ruin your teeth? Mummy. Please, mummy.
– Go. Go and meet your friends. Why are you so dull?
– l want to eat sweets.. ..but mummy warned me against it. ldea! What happened? Are you
scared of darkness? l used to be scared till now,
but now l love it. l wish the electricity
goes off again. l will show you a movie in the dark. 100 rupees ticket. Come on. Come on. Take it. Love or action?
– First there will be love.. ..and then there will be action.
– Then show me fast. Wait and see.
– Dear friends! l didn’t know about heart
till l became young. l didn’t understand the
heart and its struggle. What l understood at last is that..’s love that recognized heart
and gave birth to heart. That’s why love takes
heart for granted. Heart is always a slave of love. Anyway dear friends, my
daughter fell in love.. ..when she was young
and today it is.. ..the 15th anniversary of that love. lt’s been ten years since
he became my son-in-law. lt’s been six years since
l got my grandson. lt is a very, very special
day to our entire family. Come on, let’s celebrate. iDream iDream ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”lt shows you heaven in
hell and then it turns..” ”..heaven into hell and plays
with you as a pawn.” ”You know what it is?” ”You know what it is
that makes you..” ”..even enjoy your defeat?
You know what it is?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”lt’s a new name. These
are new words.” ”lt’s a new feeling. lt’s
an age-old need.” ”These are new thoughts. These
are new expressions.” ”lt’s a new feeling. lt’s
an age-old betrayal.” ”lf love is yours the
pranks are hers.” ”lf love is yours the
pranks are hers.” ”You know her will hide in you..” ”..and make you search
the entire world?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”You don’t know if
it’s good for you.” ”You don’t know if
it’s bad for you.” ”You never know what it is.” ”You don’t know what it is.
You don’t know why it is.” ”You never reach the destination.” ”But the journey never stops.” ”You fall with the hope that
l will hold you on time.” ”You fall with the hope that
l will hold you on time.” ”You know it can be your
biggest addiction.” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” Who are you? – My name is Rajesh.
l work in lnfosys. l want Neelu.
– Neelu went outside. She will be back in
a while. Come in. lt’s alright, uncle. Please
give this bag to Neelu. Goodbye.
– Hey, stop! What’s this bag and what’s
this story? Who are you? l am Neelu’s lover. Ex. These are the gifts and
greetings Neelu gave me. She doesn’t love me anymore.
She loves Balu now. To make sure that she doesn’t
face any problem.. ..from me in future l am
returning these to her. Hey, what rubbish are you talking! You are my daughter’s girlfriend? What are these gifts and this story! You are speaking the truth? lf you aren’t speaking the
truth l will kill you, boy. l am not bothered even if
you don’t believe me. l died the moment Neelu
said no to me. Tell Neelu to love at
least Balu sincerely. Tomorrow if she leaves
me like she left me.. ..and marries someone else Balu
won’t be able to take it. l need not worry about it. lt’s
Balu who separated us anyway. Even college-management
doesn’t care.. ..about what is written on the
walls. Who are you, man? What are you all doing here?
Go and mind your work. Buddy, look there. Who are you? Why are
you erasing them? Hello! l am Lovers Association’s
president. l am Neelu’s lover Rajesh. Ex. l’m the one who wrote all these,
but today she doesn’t.. me anymore. That’s
why l am erasing them. Father, Rajesh doesn’t exist at all. Trust me, father.
– l trust you. Then what about Balu? Do you love him?
– Yes, l love him. Father. – What rubbish
are you talking! -Dear. Shut up! The day before
yesterday you said.. ..he’s your friend and he
already become your lover? l don’t know, father.
– You don’t know? Balu created problems
between Neelu and l.. ..and trapped her. He snatched my Neelu away from me. My Neelu is innocent. She
fell for Balu’s lies. She fell in Balu’s trap. There he is coming. He’s that Balu. Very bad. Very bad.
Our college culture.. to reunite the lovers
who are separated. And that Balu created problems.. ..between those lovers and cheated
them. lt’s very bad. So Balu is a bad guy.
– Let’s thrash that bad guy. You separated Rajesh from Neelu?
– Rajesh? The guy called Rajesh doesn’t exist. Hey, stop it! Hey, listen to me. Hey, trust me. Hey! There is no one with that name.
– l am Rajesh. Rajesh? That Rajesh
guy doesn’t exist. Wait till Neelu comes. You will
find it out on your own. What will Neelu say! Hey! No. That Rajesh
guy doesn’t exist. Hey! Neelu looks innocent, but she
is maintaining two boyfriends. Hi! How can you give that gift
to non-existent Rajesh? Why don’t you give it to
the Rajesh who exists? Who are you?
– Rajesh. You wrote the name on walls after
you saw it in my lD-card. You have mistaken. My
Rajesh is with me. You wanna meet him? Come. Come. He is my boyfriend Rajesh. You want to meet him? Come. Come.
– No. No need. She’s that girl. She’s
the one who fooled me. She lied to me that
she has a boyfriend. Then don’t leave her. Go
and bring her here. Go. Hey! Leave me. Hey, police is coming. Sir. Rajesh? What’s this? You forgot to pack it? No, l brought it to
show you. How is it? lt’s nice. Very nice.
– lsn’t it? You threw the gifts l
gave you into dustbin. But l cherish the gifts you gave me. When l am not in your heart.. ..what would l do with
your memories? Take it. Hey, stop it! – Balu. – lf we
beat him more he might die. No. No. Don’t touch me. l thought Rajesh didn’t exist. After l knew that
Rajesh does exist.. ..Balu doesn’t exist anymore. Balu doesn’t exist anymore. ”You know her will hide in you..” ”..and make you search
the entire world?” ”You know what it is, O my heart?” ”O my heart!” l made a mistake, father.
l made a mistake. Don’t cry, dear. You are in Christ’s shelter. He will save you. l can’t stop crying, father.
l made a mistake. Even if you do it knowingly and
even if you do it unknowingly.. ..a mistake is a mistake. Jesus who carried the burden
of this world’s sins.. ..will carry your burden as well. l was wrong to create Rajesh. But that particular Rajesh
separated me from my love.. ..and took my Balu away from me. After l fell in Balu’s love
Balu stopped loving me. l can’t take it. l don’t deserve such a big
punishment for my mistake. My father who loves me
so much hates me today. All the students think that
l am a characterless girl. At last even Balu who loved
me from his heart.. ..hates me today. There’s no one to forgive me.
There’s no one to console me. l am very upset, father. Look, dear. We want
the wound to heal.. soon as we get it. We want forgiveness as soon
as we make a mistake. But it takes some time to get these. There is no better
doctor and friend.. ..than time in this world, girl. Time solves many problems
that humans can’t. That’s why you put faith in
time and pray the lord. Every wound will be healed. They sent you here to study and
this is what you’re doing? You know much they would be
worried back in the village? And also, anyone would’ve
misunderstood.. moving so closely with her. Forget them, even we thought
that you two were lovers. Ok, forget whatever happened. Rajesh and Neelu separated
because of you. So it’s your responsibility
to reunite them. l can’t do that, uncle.
– Why? l love Neelu, aunt. l can’t do that. What are you saying! Are
you out of your mind? You’ll love someone whom
someone else loves? lsn’t it wrong?
– lt’s not brother’s fault here. lt’s Neelu’s fault. Why did
Neelu get on brother’s bike? Why did she watch a movie
along with brother? Why did she hug brother
when the power was gone? lf a beautiful girl does all these
things any guy would fall in love. You shut your mouth
and go inside, kid. Yes, l am a kid. That’s why we
understand love stories better. l am going to.. Neelu got a bad name in college.. ..that she is maintaining two
boyfriends. – Because of you. She got a bad name at her home
as well. Because of you. To clear her name Neelu
and Rajesh must reunite.. ..and you should step back. You will have to accept that it
was your fault and step back. So you will have to bring Neelu
to Golkonda this evening.. You will have to bring her. You will have to unite
Neelu and Rajesh. Neelu. Neelu. Hey, get lost. How dare
you to come here again? You ruined my daughter’s life
in the name of friendship. ldiot. Get lost. Get lost. l want Neelu.
– Get lost. – Neelu. Balu. Neelu, come. You are coming with
me right now. That’s all. iDream Stop there. l don’t understand your
mental condition. Your behavior is making me mad. Mad! Ok, l am asking you
this as a father. May l know where you are going
and why you are going? l don’t know, father. l am going with Balu. lf
l ask him where and why.. would be like doubting him.
– Hey! – Neelu. – What’s this! ”What l didn’t want to happen
is about to happen.” ”What l got as a boon
is going away from me.” ”There’s a storm of
tears in my eyes.” ”Why is it happening so?” ”Why is it happening so?” ”Why is it happening so?” ”Why is it happening so?” ”l believed that you and l
two bodies and one soul.” ”That ours is a world of happiness.” ”But my dream came down crashing.” ”l thought love is a sweet and rosy.” ”lt gives you joy and happiness.” ”But it if filled with pain.” ”We thought we were meant
for each other.” ”But destiny has some other plans.” ”Why is it happening so?” ”Why is it happening so?” ”Why is it happening so?” ”Why is it happening so?” ”The storm inside me
is in your as well.” ”How do we cure this problem?” ”When you are not there with
me how would l survive?” ”Whom should l live for now?” ”ln the garden of love the
heart is sacrificed.” ”Why is it happening so?” ”Why is it happening so?” ”Why is it happening so?” ”Why is it happening so?” This sort of minor tiffs
and misunderstands.. ..are quite common between lovers. Don’t keep these things
in mind and be upset. Be cool. Be happy. There’s your Rajesh. Best of luck. iDream iDream Rajesh ! lt’s the character you created. Why do you get scared? You bumped into the first
time you remember it? l fell then and till now
l couldn’t recover. You made a fool out of
me when l proposed you. You created a scene and
handed me over to police. You disturbed your Rajesh.
Will he stay quiet? He made everyone around
you believe it. At least even your lover
Balu believed it. Balu. Balu !
– Balu ! Shout louder. l would’ve
enjoyed with you.. ..the day l saw you in the bus
that day, but Balu stopped me. But this time l won’t miss it. Rajesh ! l gave life to
the character you created. They say love is blind, but
here you have become blind. lf your love is true wouldn’t
you have known Neelu’s heart? So you doubted Neelu.
You doubted your love. Where there is no trust
there is no love. This is not love at all. What
are you crying for? – No. l feel like it’s all a lie. l feel like Neelu loves me. But Rajesh is truth. What l saw it true.
– Yes, it’s true. Rajesh was a lie till now. But from this moment onwards
Rajesh came to life. Except you even your Balu and
family thinks it’s true. l dreamt of becoming a president.
Balu stopped me. l lusted after you. Balu stopped me. At last my political friend
Balla also lusted after you. Balu stopped him. That’s why
l brought Rajesh to life. l will chew you now. Hey! Neelu ! No discussions, Subbu. Let
us get done with it fast. l like those guavas more that
are bitten by parrots. Cool, Balla. Cool. There’s no fun in raping someone. Let us give us five minutes time. Let her be prepared. lt would be great fun then. iDream Time up! iDream iDream Come on, Neelu. Let’s go. Come on !
– Don’t touch me. Who are you? Balu. – Leave me alone.
l don’t know who Balu is. Sorry. l said it wrong. My name is Rajesh.
Neelu’s boyfriend. Rajesh. Hey, silence. See there. Neelu and Rajesh kissed and made up. Silence. Where is Rajesh? l am asking you. Where is Rajesh?
– l am Rajesh. You are Balu, aren’t you? l changed my name a while ago. iDream


movie hero nd heroine are xellent, and  way the story was going was nice. music was good, but after introduction of rajesh charecter the movie became some what boring
at last movie was nice

suuperb movie…. excellent action by Aditi(heroine)…. uday also did well… their coordination z nice

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