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Homestead Tessie’s Christmas Special

Homestead Tessie’s Christmas Special

buddy and welcome to Christmas 2019 so
let’s get started on my very special Christmas program I made just for you
first we’re gonna start with a little bit of some Christmas music then it will
have some gift opening and then I’m going to share with you my Christmas
thoughts for all of you I’m back everyone so now let’s get
started in some of my opening of my Christmas gifts I have quite a few gifts
here that people have wrapped and wanted me to put under the Christmas tree and
there’s a few gifts from a husband but he’s not gonna open them in camera and
he says thank you to everyone as you know he’s really shy and he doesn’t like
being in front of the camera but let’s get started and that be opened some
gifts I’m not gonna say the names of the
people because I don’t know who gave me permission and who didn’t and some of
these gifts I don’t even know who they’re from
so we’re gonna open them up and I’m gonna share with you so let’s get
started and opening up so let’s get started and opening up my gifts thank
you so much I’m so excited now if you’ve these gifts were found on
my wish list and Wow what a blessing take a look this was on
my wish list I had it on for quite a while and I was saving enough money to
able to buy it well somebody’s seen it on my wish list and I really want to
thank you I know who you are I read your card so thank you so much isn’t it me so
I’ll be sharing with you in further videos exactly what this this set looks
like because it’s really old-fashioned looking next gift is wrapped and I got
the card so there you go I’m not used to presents like this other years I didn’t
have presents so this is quite something very unusual for me once again people
been watching my videos look at the beautiful dish cloths and look
gingerbread man how exciting is this oh isn’t this precious you so much is this
beautiful thank you Wow look look look
isn’t it pretty oh my word I love it isn’t it a beautiful oh wow
this is so this is so neat I love it Brown yes and it goes with my pink so
it’s perfect cuz brown and pink are my favorite colors
oh and aloe vera socks oh and beautiful tissues aren’t they neat to put in my
purse thank you so much it’s so exciting oh this was for my
husband which we lovingly call him as Chevy man and that’s because he used to
have a Chevy truck so I will put this away for him and he will open them up take a look something else to wear oh my
word this is beautiful look look look look I love it
oh you can see me with a lot of these in my videos isn’t it precious oh thank you
so much wow this is amazing I love it now the next gifts come from Owen so you
all know who Owen is most of you anyhow and I would wrap them for me oh my word
oh and thank you so much you know why you stuff like this Owen
has been on my channel almost since day one and he is actually watched every
single one of my videos oh wow another pair of socks you all
know I love socks thank you so much thank you
I feel gonna be nice and warm over the winter season now let’s take a moment
break and here is something for you to enjoy see in just a little bit smile well welcome back everyone and I’m
opening my present and guess what somebody else stalled that I was bending
all of my spoons in when I was getting the ice cream in one of my videos here
you go now I got an ice cream scooper no more bent spoons so it’s delightful you
just don’t have no idea I’m just not used to this this is foodie Wow no
wonder what this could be I got an idea money can’t buy happiness
but it sure can buy chickens and chickens make eggs and breakfast makes
you happy I love it I can’t wait to put this I know exactly where it’s going I
love everything my goodness or cinemas done this is precious take a look a
gingerbread man ornament so unusual so I’m right beside my Christmas tree but
it’s putting a real bad glare let’s just put it on the tree shall we hey it’s time to open a few more gifts so unique you can’t see it but it lights
up wow that is precious beautiful I’ve
never seen anything like it so we’re gonna put this at the Christmas tree as
well how’s your Christmas doing today are you having something special are you
enjoying it just indoors by yourself a lot of times for my Christmas Day my
children all celebrate Christmas at home and so it’s just my hubby and I and I
always make a special meal and then my Christmas is always this Sunday after
Christmas more fuzzy socks thank you guys so much
I really stocked up now in beautiful socks as you know fuzzy socks are
something I really enjoy I am amazed how much you guys watch my videos and so
when I missing something or you see something you think I need you’re always
there quick to get it for me whoa oh and I do need one of these now don’t I
oh and thank you so much waiting for this gift because I knew somebody got it
for me on my Amazon wishlist this gift was not very cheap but it’s
something I wanted a long time and some of you I think will understand so this
is a Study Bible and it’s a supergiant print Study Bible which is really good
for me so it’s a reference Bible and I really want to thank you so much I
really want to thank you for getting it for me because this is something that is
something that’s precious to me and another ornament to put on the tree come
on everybody let’s put it on the tree those are often disguised as friends
okay come on goodness this has been quite quite a
Christmas for me oh my precious look at all these dwell ease it off white and my
colors Brown wow thank you so much my goodness it’s so many of them they’re
beautiful we’re gonna work with some crafts with them well what’s inside here
oh this is cute I’ll read the letter all kinds of
beautiful things look at these these are coasters look at the coasters I keep
telling you to look at you can’t see cuz I have it down here
I know y’all love me oh how adorable look at that I’m not gonna have this as
an ornament I’m gonna keep this somewhere oh my goodness do you not open till Christmas it’s
Christmas it’s wrapped really good it’s an acute that’s precious I don’t know
where you people are finding all this stuff
oh my word thank you so much this is just I just I don’t know what to say I’m
just not gonna say anything I just don’t know what to say more socks and last but not least I got
some this shampoo I got this is to keep me cool everyone for those of you who
are still here I like to share with you some thoughts about Christmas and I want
to share with you my heart but first I need to step away from the camera for
just a moment hearing a lot with you about my life these are the years but
there’s a lot I haven’t shared and I will in time and this December has been
most amazing I think I’ve ever had so many ways not in just these gifts that
you’ve given me but watching my videos I’m humbled has been a world wind I’ll
be honest with you it’s been a whirlwind in my life I’ve come on the camera every
single day but what you don’t know is every day I pretty much had tears every
day I pretty much cried tears of joy is about Christ it’s about it’s about
Christ’s birth and whether you believe in him or not I know there’s many that
don’t and there’s many that do I want you to know that Christ has used you to
bless me whether you believe in him or not he’s used you to bless
for the last 28 days my life has been a whirlwind my life has been something I
never even dreamed it would be if my life goes back to normal in
January I will never forget the month of December I will never forget what you’ve
all done for me how you watched my videos have you coming to my channel how
you subscribed to me the outpouring of love is something that you can hardly
contain and there’s no words to say how think Who I am for you not in not in the
gifts although the gifts are such a blessing
but your kindness and your friendship and your faithfulness and helping this
girl out I’m one girl of millions I’m just a simple girl in this big world
that has something to share never had a Christmas like this one and I may never
have one again but you made my Christmas magical magical
he’s something that it doesn’t cost you anything and that’s your view your view
means a world to me 33 years of my life not to try to earn a penny although if
that has been oh such such a miracle in my life
but I wanted to share my life with all of you and I think I was just so overwhelmed
with all the love I’m receiving back and then the month of December to get so
many new people that come into my life and to my channel and yes it’s been
life-changing in every aspect financially it’s been life-changing for
me the month of December in my personal life it’s been life-changing in my
acceptance of who I am it’s been life-changing you’ve given me the best
present I could ever receive you’ve given me your kindness and your love and
your devotion Merry Christmas everyone wherever you are and know that no matter
what your handicaps are in life what you can’t do anymore that you could do you
made an incredible difference in my life you’re precious to me you’re precious to
me you


Sweet Tessie, you brought me to tears. So much of your life you share with us! The good, sad, joyous, laughter. I cannot THANK YOU enough for your truthfulness of being " real". You talk the talk & walk the walk! I know what it is like to go through many changes. I have seen too much death & illness. I have lost my hubby of over 40 wonderful years. I suffer & pray daily with my daughter fighting Epilepsy. I struggle with my own health issues. In all of these times, we stand strong in our FAITH & TRUST in our dear Lord Jesus!!!!!! He forever is our way & our light! God Bless & keep you my dear friend. I am sorry I cannot send a gift as we are having difficult times. But, please know what a treasured gift you are to me~~! Love & prayers for a Blessed 2020 to you & yours. Nancy, Jacksonville, FLa.

Merry Christmas may you and yours have a blessed New Year…blessed spiritually , physically , emotionally , and financially . Tessie , I think you're a very old soul sharing a body and life with a loving child like spirit ! I have dreams that show me things…..I had a dream 2 nights before Christmas about you . In the dream someone gave me this information to share with you ! You are love Tessie ,rest in God's peace !

Oh Tessie Christ had also blessed all of us with you. You are a reminder to us all of what is important in life….like faith and family and love, hard work and simple joys. Watching your videos has become an important part of my life. We have grown to love you Tessie! You are a kind, gentle, warm hearted woman and you have enriched my life. God bless you and your family always!

I had almost as much fun watching you open presents as I did watching my grandson. Your child-like glee is just so uplifting. You are a joy, lady. Wishing you such a happy new year.

Thank you Tessie for letting us be part of your life, you are an amazing person. Thank you for your view on things, your loving and caring heart, you are a very smart lady and I have learned a Lot from you! God Bless you Tessie! You are truly loved by our family here!

Tess it’s so sweet I got a set of dishes from my children This year!! I have never had a full set of matching set!!! I am glad you had a blessed Christmas

Gooooo Tessie . Canada loves your honesty and humble nature. Your flaws make me keep watching – they make you beautiful . I love the way you respond to criticism and hate , always with honesty love and compassion . I have to be honest when I first watched a video I laughed , I always make fun of people in my head and out loud which makes me laugh more – I even thought of making a comment in the early days of watching your videos , but I never did . When I saw that some others did take it upon themselves to make comments very similar and to see how u explained admitted and replied to each hateful comment I realized how amazing you actually are , and were angered by the way those people made u feel , but also made me reflect on my personal thoughts and attitudes towards people . I realized you are just being yourself and doing the best u can in life and if more people held true to themselves and were able to admit “I get tonge tied “ etc and be able to laugh about it , u will make other laugh too and take away any power those hatful comments might of had . I also think the way u overcome hate is admirable – never mind the life obstacles you have overcome as well . You are resilient and that’s something no mean spirited person can take away from you . I will continue to watch and not skip the ads or at least try lol . My little way of honouring u . Merry Christmas Tessie ❤️❤️❤️

I just watched your video. I loved it! You are so kind , sweet, and good! I wish I actually could be friends in person! The world needs more people like you-you have really touched me! Merry Christmas!

Tessie, you are a blessing to us! You have become more cheerful, kind and endearing with each passing video. God has given you a gentle heart and thoughtful way of communicating. Thank you for sharing with us! ☺️

Seeing your excitement was so much fun! Enjoy the great gifts! What your videos teach us is that as we walk among strangers every day, we should be mindful that we never know what each of them is going through and that each of us has a different journey. We should try to be kind everyday because your act of kindness and a smile could be the only thing good that has happened for them in awhile.

Tessie! I’m a newer subscriber, and absolutely love you videos💞 if we lived closer I feel like we would be best friends! Love your spirit, your light is shining thru! I have some difficult things going on in my life and your videos help me decompress and calms my anxiety, thank you for sharing your beautiful life!

Tessie, I love reading the wonderful comments from your viewers because they say the words I want to say. You can usually tell by a YouTuber’s followers what kind of person they are. You bring joy and laughter to us all and you bring us together as a community. Thank you my dear lady. And thank you dear ones who watch and comment. And thank YOU oh Lord God for a place we can come to learn and share.

If we all reach out to one person a day – it makes a difference. You deserve all this and more. I hate to see you cry – I know they are tears of happiness. God bless you. We will all be here with you in 2020.
Jesus is the reason for the season.

Aww Tessie merry Christmas. We all love you. Your videos help so many people. You give so much love out that you receive it back tenfold. I have learned so much from your videos. You keep smiling you deserve nothing but the best.

Hi Tessie Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Also to all the people here who love you. Don't you see what a special gift you are to all of us. I needed to know that there is a Tessie in my life even at a distance. You are my present this Christmas. I love the wonderful Christmas paintings you have on this video, you really know how to put things together. I'm so glad you came along to all of us.

The scarf is beautiful and looks great with your hair color! The scenes with the Christmas music were beautiful. OH, that gingerbread plate adorable!! Happy for you that you had a great December. You deserve all good things!

Merry Christmas, Tessie and Chevy Man! Tessie, it made my heart happy to watch your joyfulness, and your tears are honest. You are a sweet soul with a sweet spirit! God bless you in the New Year!

You are such a sweet and wonderful beautiful lady. Know you're loved each and everyday. I hope you and your family had a Blessed and Wonderful Christmas and I'm wishing you the best in your New Year. God Bless you and your family

Looks like you had a very special Christmas and I couldn’t be more happy for you. Don’t know that you have noticed in your video opening your gifts, but you were surrounded by orbs floating all around you. May the New Year ahead keep you well and filled with happiness. Your Canadian girlfriend

Jesus is the reason for the season!! I want you to know how much the Lord uses YOU to touch my life!! We have so so much in common and watching your videos it feels like having a chat with a best friend. I am not very good with social situations so I am a bit of a home body and I work 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm pretty much by myself. Your videos keep me company, teach me new things, give me a positive boost….you are simply a blessing!! I hope you and Chevy Man and all your family had an amazing Christmas!! 🥰

Tessie, you are so adorable! I love your excitement! You are truly appreciative of everything! May God bless you and your husband!

Beautiful video, Tessie girl. One thing I know, your little feet will be warm this winter. It was a joy to watch you opening your gifts. You have blessed me with your videos, I’m so glad to have seen Prepper Princess’s video that day when she recommended you. I feel like I really know you. We have a New Year coming up now, I’ll be along with you! 🥰

You are an inspiration. Keep doing you. Heavenly Father takes care of his children. You are truly a sweet soul. Your friend DeeDee❤

What a lovely soul you are. An angel among us. I love your honest sweet channel. Though I am thinking this is a working life. Constantly doing what is needed to provide for your family.

Oh Tessie, the gifts are tangible expressions of love.
There is something so sweet, gentle,and genuine in you and it shines through. You are worthy.
The Lord never once left your side. Now through video, I am honored to be your friend. I hit thumbs up before I watch. It's also an excellent marker that lets me know I saw it, although I do watch them over again . Keep shining your light girl.❤

You have blessed my life too Tessie, I just love your kindness, thoughtfulness, warmth, your laughter, even your tears because they come from such a loving heart. I was delighted to watch you open your gifts, to see the goodness in humanity in such a fallen world. Jesis IS the reason for the seasoǹ. May God continue to bless you and Hubby. We all love you!

So glad you’ve had a wonderful December, God bless Tessie, Keep up the inspiring content. You are such a blessing to so many.

A belated Merry Christmas to you and your family! It makes me happy to see you so happy. You're a hard working sweet person who deserves many blessings. Love you! 💖

I didn't get to watch on Christmas! But I am enjoying it today! So sweet, and that Owen what a gem! Love and light Rosie! 🤗😊😍

Greetings Tessie.. seeing you cry brins tears to my own are such a beautiful sensitive person and you deserve good things.. sometimes simple is best and hope is the sum of all faith..we ask Jesus to guide us in everything we do, everything we hope for.. accept what's not meant to be and accept what is.. your channel is growing because your beautiful heart and spirit is a beacon for those who are looking for kindness and acceptance..I'm so glad you got so many gifts Tessie you deserve all of them..Thank you for all that you do for us, sharing your bubbliness and positivity.. blessings to you and your family 😇 😇😇 😇

Merry Christmas Tessie. Thank u so much for continuing to make these videos and allowing us to be part of your life. God bless you my friend.❤️

This was a beautiful video. You and your home are enchanting! Hope the new year is even better! Thank you for all the love

What a heartwarming video. You are sooo sweet. ❤….and let me add that love flows to you,Tessie, because you are a loving, beautiful person.

Hugs and Smiles from Alberta, Canada. No, Tessie; you have been life changing for me and I Thank You and Love You. 1 million atta-boys and remember; your an original so never, ever change who you are, where you came from and where your going to. Many great blessings to you.

Hi Tessie❤ oh my word…I'm in tears your video touched me ! I loved watching you open your gifts and I know exactly how you feel. I was also blessed this Christmas by my best friends I also never get much for Christmas because I love the giving part not the receiving because that's who I am… I loved this video your gratitude, love and appreciation💜 keep being you Tessie we all here love you❤⭐🎄🎅🎁

You are so sweet Marry Christmas from Muncie Indiana I started watching the videos and love. Watching you please send me your address send me a friends request 🎅🎄🎅🎄❤😊❤


Merry Christmas Tess! Along with Our Lord, you are an example of strength. We all have struggles. But He never gives us what we can't handle. You, this December gave me the example of humility. Just like He was brought into this world in humility, I've learned to love my humble Christmas because that is where Christ is. 🎄💖🎄

I love the joy on your face as you open your gifts! You are a beautiful soul and it's a gift in itself to stumble upon your channel!

Merry Christmas!! It was so enjoyable to watch you open your gifts. I smiled all the way through the video. Your enthusiasm was so precious and then I cried with you at the end.
I pray that your channel goes through another growth spurt and that through it you can continue to share your old fashion living and the love of Christ. Blessings for the New Year💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Thank you for sharing your Christmas and your joyful heart! I loved seeing your gifts! Especially the handmade ones 😉 Didn't get a good enough look at that gorgeous shawl! Enjoy!

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