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How Do Bloggers Make Money? ($1,000 a day in 2020)

How Do Bloggers Make Money? ($1,000 a day in 2020)

how do bloggers make money and
specifically how can a blogger make over a thousand dollars in a single day in
this video I’m gonna show you what I’ve personally done to earn some awesome
money from my blogs and you will also learn what I have personally done to
have many days where I’ve earned over a thousand dollars in a single day again
and again and again you will see real proof and stats so don’t go anywhere
my name is Greg Kononenko you might also know me as the caffeinated blogger and
on this YouTube channel I help bloggers just like yourself get traffic to their
blogs and actually turn that traffic into money click subscribe just below
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first of all let me show you some of the examples of my blogging income and then
later on in the video we’ll go through some examples from
other bloggers so my blogging income total at the moment is between 15,000 to
20,000 per month from my overall blogging business I’m gonna break it
down for you but before I do that I just want to make sure that you also know
that I’m not doing blogging full-time I also have another part of my business a
software business I’m a half partner in a software company growth commander so I
also make money from software as well as I spent time on that software so the
incomes that you’re gonna see here are not actually from sort of a full-time
effort because at times I have to focus 100% of my time on my software business
now having said that let’s talk about the first sort of blogging sites that I
have and that is a fitness website and I currently average about two thousand
dollars a month from this site let me jump over and I’ll show you some of the
kind of proof and the numbers so I’m here inside my Adsense account and as
you can see I actually haven’t refreshed this page since probably about a couple
of hours ago maybe two two and a half hours ago and you can see that from ads
from Adsense ads I’ve made about seventy eight dollars
and forty one cents but if i refresh this I think we’ve ticked over to a new
day in the u.s. time so you can see that’s now actually update and I’ve just
hit refresh here and that’s updated to eighteen dollars Australian that I made
yesterday from Adsense on my fitness website so basically that’s probably
about fifty sixty dollars u.s. or so if we convert it at the current exchange
rate just in case you knew and you’re wondering what the hell are these
Adsense ads well these are ads that you see on some of the websites that’s
another one of my blogs travel chrome I’ll talk about it a little bit later on
in the video but here on a page I’m gonna show you some of the examples of
Adsense ads so whenever you’re browsing other websites you might see them as
well throughout the content you’ll see an ad that looks approximately like this
there’s one here in the sidebar as well and these ads are pretty much scattered
throughout the content and Google shows them automatically based on the content
that you’ve got on you on your blog so whenever someone lands on my blogs they
scroll through the content and if they click on any of these ads that’s when
Google pays me per click because Google show ads it’s very simple to actually
set up it’s 100 percent passive they just give you a little bit of a line of
code and you insert it into your website and then they start automatically
showing up these ads you don’t actually need to do anything so it’s super
passive and that’s how my fitness website makes this money that you can
see here I don’t actually publicly reveal my fitness website URL simply
because I’m a little bit concerned about potential competition because I’ve got
some really cool keywords that I’ve researched for my blog so publicly I
reveal my travel blog and some of my other blogs but this Fitness website I
don’t publicly show the URL of so from Adsense on the fitness side as you’ve
seen in my adsense account I make anywhere from kind of twenty-two when a
very bad day to about fifty dollars or even sometimes more US dollars per day
and also I recommend some products as an affiliate sometimes I currently don’t
make any I feel it sales on the fitness website
and sometimes I might make one or two sales so kind of my average between you
know zero to approximately seventy dollars and then affiliates sales so
what average over the last month or so I ever is about two thousand dollars US
per month when I combine affiliate earnings with Adsense earnings here are
the stats from my Google Analytics account so that you can see the number
of actual page views that I get on that Fitness blog and you can see we started
the blog in May two thousand nineteen and the traffic has been growing very
steadily all of last year and then there was a big jump just because there was a
bit of a dip here in Christmas because people don’t care much about fitness or
or exercise around Christmas time you know everyone just has a good time and
eats but then there’s a massive spike just after New Year because a lot of
people make new year’s resolutions and try to change the diet that’s kind of
quite normal in the fitness niche the big thing to note of course here is that
there’s been a lot of growth and the first five or six months of every blog
is a slow burn you don’t really get a lot of traffic so kind of between May
and October you know we only started getting a slight increase in traffic in
October but I’ve seen that time and time again with all of my websites it takes
Google about three to six months to start trust in your website and you just
need to continue stick with it and keep publishing high quality content and
Google will eventually start sending you traffic and then after that it just you
know it’s the traffic always takes off you just have to be patient now you’ll
notice that the period where these stats and the 16th of January 2020 today it’s
the 20th of February 2020 the reason why I limited it on the 16th of January is
because Google Adsense terms actually don’t allow me to disclose exact number
of revenue per thousand visitors and you’ve seen my Adsense earnings already
so you could then technically figure out my earnings per thousand visitors so
that means that I have to stop the stats in January so that you don’t know the
number of visitors and you can’t kind of figure out those stats this way I don’t
break Google Terms & Conditions in case you’re wondering what affiliate earnings
are I recommend some products related to fitness and exercise on our website
and I get a special link if somebody clicks onto that link I get paid a
percentage Commission I’m gonna show you some of the examples of that later on in
the video the second area where I earn money
blogging is from my other websites I’ve got several other websites going to show
you some of them to you now it’s travel crock that’s hassle Gregg Kononenko and
I’ve got a couple of other smaller websites as well combined I earn about
two thousand dollars a month from them you’ve already seen my trouble croc
website it’s getting a steady amount of traffic every single day from search
people type in various keyword terms such as for example Bora Bora facts and
they find me on Google I’m here at the number three position so they click on
to my website they’ll land on my website and after the land on my website a lot
of them click ads that are on my site and I make money Google Adsense
basically pays me for displaying these ads here is another one of my websites
that’s hassle calm on it I publish various content for example here is a
article where I review the site ground hosting and I personally use high ground
hosting by the way so if I wrote an honest review why I like site ground
hosting and anyone who lands on this website if they click any of these
affiliate links and they end up signing up to site ground as a result of my
recommendation you can see there is this thing here I have code so this is
basically my I feel it link that side ground gave me and if somebody signs up
for site ground service as a result of these I get paid a percentage
Commission’s that’s what I feel it marketing essentially is all about and I
get a lot of these sales between my various blogs here up all of the side
ground affiliate sales notifications I’m just refreshing the page so you can see
that this is for real so you can see all of these peanut sales
notifications that I’m getting so here you can see I’m inside sad ground so
these are all of the Commission’s that I’ve made that buy pretty well 100
dollars per sale not all of these sales for disclosure come from these blog also
promote it in other places as well but every once in a while I get us out from
these blog as well I promote other affiliate products on my websites and I
make money from them in a few other ways as well but basically
combined and make around $2,000 from trouble crock that’s hassle greg
Kononenko and there’s a couple of other smaller blogs so my third and my largest
blogging brand is caffeinated blogger in total I make these are the amounts that
you can see here on the screen directly I make two to three thousand dollars a
month I make also between five to ten thousand dollars selling my own product
and I also make between five to ten thousand dollars a month from email
marketing I’m gonna break it down for you and give you the examples here as
well so let’s talk about these direct category of two to three thousand
dollars per month so if somebody Google’s free traffic sources you can
see my caffeinated blogger website comes up here on page one
so I published content on various topics on the caffeinated blogger website and
if somebody then opens up the this page they will see some information and I
talked about the Pinterest traffic that I’m getting in this particular tool that
I use called tailwind and if somebody clicks on any of these affiliate links
and signs up for tailwind I end up getting paid a percentage commissions so
that’s what I’m talking about where I said that I make some money directly
from people just looking at my content and clicking on various affiliate links
so that’s for caffeinated which is my actual blog now caffeine at
a blogger brand also includes the YouTube channel so if I open this up
this is my channel obviously where you guys watching this video and I currently
have 72 thousand subscribers on my youtube channel and my plan for the
caffeinated website was actually to build it out into a nice big
blog which I might end up doing at a later point in time I just got busy with
the YouTube channel and my youtube channel has actually been growing really
fast and you know I really ended up liking YouTube so I switched to
publishing my content actually on YouTube the stuff that I was gonna
publish on caffeinated bloggers calm my youtube overtook it so if we look at the
analytics from the 19th of January to the 18th of February so basically for 30
days here are my stats here you can see that I’ve made
1800 just from showing ads on my videos so ads on the videos are a little bit
similar I guess to the ads that you saw on travel crock comm on websites
it’s just ads that are shown in content and all of my videos as well they
include ads for example when someone opens up one of my videos you can see
January there is an ad shown here at the start and if a person watches you know
five seconds or more of these ad then I get paid a small amount and you can see
that I made one thousand eight hundred just from these one hundred and forty
five thousand views that my videos have had in the last 30 days and if we look
at the top earning videos some of the videos are making me a couple of hundred
dollars per month just on autopilot just from those ads also in some of my videos
as well as in some of my content on caffeinated I recommend
various products so various WordPress themes and SiteGround hosting and
various other resources and in total that adds up to about two to three
thousand dollars per month in direct revenue from people just watching my
content and clicking on the links that are already there in the content and
buying there as things through my links now this is quite a small part of what I
make from caffeine and a blogger com the bigger parts of course here are selling
my own product as well as email marketing so let me explain to you how I
do that and basically a lot of bloggers they do that as well you know showing
ads generally is a very small proportion of the money that most bloggers are
making selling your own product and promoting things building your email
list and promoting things to emily’s generally account for a lot more of
their income I published a variety of content on my YouTube channel and some
of it relates to various ways of making money online some of it relates to
blogging and in the content that’s related to blogging I mentioned the
training and coaching package that I’ve got just like what you can see here
resources mentioned and that basically takes people to a sales page where they
can buy my product if they’re interested so the training plus coaching package
that I’ve got caffeinated niche profits if I choose
that I’m here inside a shopping cart from the 21st of January to February the
20th you can see basically here are the stats are made nine and a half thousand
dollars in sales I’ve had a few refunds but basically I’ve made eight thousand
eight hundred just from selling that that product in the last 30 days so
that’s how I make these five to ten thousand dollars a month from selling my
own product this is actually very common if you look on any interior design
bloggers website there generally is generally sell their interior design
course or they might sell their designs if you look on fitness type blogs then
you might see that the bloggers are selling their workout plans and workout
videos so selling your own products your own audience is actually very very
profitable and that’s what most bloggers end up doing once they’ve got an
audience and once they’re a bit more experienced and I’ve developed
developing their own product and that’s what I recommend of course to my
students as well now the last part here that I want to
talk about is email marketing that’s also a big component of what I make
every single month I average between five to ten thousand dollars every
single month well you’ll notice that on my caffeinated blogger website
I’m inviting people to learn how to get visitors to the website so I’ve got a
little sort of presentation that people can sign up and watch if they want to
and that of course captures the email address of the interested person once
they are on my email list I am able to then communicate I generally send my
YouTube videos and from time to time I also send promotions as an affiliate so
basically I recommend other people’s products to my email list and if
somebody buys by my link then I get paid a commission so I’m now logged into one
of the affiliate management platforms and I promoted this product that’s
actually a really cool product and my audience was very interested in it it’s
some done-for-you websites I recommended them and I was getting
paid 40 percent commission for a two thousand dollar product so my
Commission’s basically were 790 880 that’s just after adjusting for some
fees and rounding etc and you can see that when I promoted it in January you
can see the 790 emissions there’s a couple of rejected
transactions there but basically on January the 12th there are made 798
dollar commission then another one 798 dollar commission here and then there
were also a couple of days if you can see this let me just make this a little
bit bigger because you probably can’t see it behind my face on the camera
there so January 9th we’ve got here there were two sales so basically this
is you know an example of a day where I made over a thousand dollars in a single
day just because I sent an email to my email list I did the same thing in
October I promoted in October as well and you can see here October 10th I’ve I
made just in that one there made three sales so that’s over two thousand
dollars in a single day from sending an email promoting this product so this is
exactly why I personally tried to build my email list everywhere I can
I’ve got opt-in forms on my blog as well as on my youtube channel and I invite
others to join my email list and you should be doing the same once you’ve got
your own blog and you’ve got the audience you definitely should be
building your own email list because it can be very profitable imagine if I was
not doing any email marketing I would be making five to ten thousand dollars less
every single month so let’s see if we’ve answered the question how the bloggers
make money basically bloggers make money from these following things let’s just
recap so ads in the content as well as the affiliate links in the content in
general in my opinion I recommend for someone who’s just starting out the blog
to really focus on getting the content out there and getting the traffic and
once you’ve got the content up there and you start getting traffic from Google
search you can add Adsense ads into your content as well as recommend some
related products so ad affiliate links into the content and that will at least
start getting some revenue in for you now this is just the very first step of
monetization once you’ve got a bit of an audience and you’ve got you’ve
established your authority you can go on to create your own product and you can
do that in pretty much your own you know in the kotani’s you can create your own
guitar course in the fitness Nishikori and create your own diet lists or your
own maybe recipe book then you can start selling your own product on your website
as well as to your email list and of course it’s very important to eventually
start building your email list actually as early as you can because having your
own email list can be extremely profitable as you’ve seen with my
examples and if you look all over the internet bloggers always say that having
your own email list is the most profitable thing that you can do because
that’s an audience that you can once you’ve got twenty thousand people on
your email list you know you can send an email and you can make thousands of
dollars in a single day you can always Google for blog income
reports and that will bring up a bunch of results for example if you look at
this you will see that there are links to other people posting their
information and you will generally see that people make money in a very similar
kind of split if you look at all of these and you open it up and read in
detail exactly how those bloggers make money you will generally see that it’s
approximately the same things showing ads and having affiliate links selling
your own product as well as having your email list and then promoting things via
your affiliate link to that email list if you’re ready to start your blog and
you want to learn how to actually set everything up I’ve got some step-by-step
videos for you so check the links in the description below as well as the card
here and you can get started right away those videos are free they’re just here
on my channel so you can watch them and enjoy if you do want to check out my
course plus mentorship package it’s on a thirty five percent discount you use
coupon code youtube check the link in the description aside from that do make
sure that you take that Bell notification I can and click the
subscribe button just below so that you can get notified as soon as I upload my
next video on this channel I help you make a full
time income online through blogging and free traffic generation thank you so
much for watching I’ll see you in the next video


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