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How To Cook Filet Mignon Perfectly

How To Cook Filet Mignon Perfectly

[Woman]- Filet mignon
is a really wonderful high quality piece of steak. It’s a bit pricier than other cuts, so it can be a little intimidating. But whether you’re splurging
for a special occasion or just honing in on your skills, here’s a few foolproof ways to make sure you get it right and
get the most out of it. (slow jazz electric guitar) 30 minutes before you start cooking you want to take your
steak out of the fridge and let it rest at room temperature. If you grab it straight from the fridge and throw a cold steak in a hot pan, it’ll bring down the pan’s temperature and you won’t get that great crust. Next you want to pat your
steak dry with paper towel. This will absorb any excess moisture that could keep the steak
from getting an even crust. So, then you want to really
generously season the steak with coarse salt and pepper. This might seem like an
aggressive amount of seasoning but you really need that much to get the flavor throughout the steak. And don’t forget to cover every side. Next, we’re going to sear the steak. For searing, you should
use a stainless steel or cast iron pan,
because they’re oven safe and can maintain a high, steady heat which you need to get
a really great crust. Heat the pan over high heat
for about five minutes. You can actually feel the heat coming off the pan when it’s ready. Then we’re going to add a neutral oil with a high smoke point. We use grapeseed oil,
but you could also use canola, vegetable or even sunflower oil. Once you see the oil start
to shimmer like this, and it’s starting to smoke, that’s when you know you’re
ready to start searing. Place the filet in the pan and let it sit for two to three minutes
without moving it. Seriously don’t move it. That’s going to allow it to form this really great crust, also known as that maillard reaction. After that crust is
formed, flip your steak. If it’s sticking to the pan, that just means it’s not ready yet, and you should let it keep
searing until it self-releases. If you really want to enhance
the flavor of your steak, you can baste it. To baste, you want to
add a couple tablespoons of butter along with some
herbs and garlic to the pan. Then you tilt the pan so the
butter pools on one side, and continuously spoon that herby butter over the steak for one to two minutes. This process is a really quick step to infuse your steak
with even more flavor. Trust us, you should try it. So, we’re going to finish
our steak off in the oven because it’s the easiest way
to guarantee an even cook. Place the pan in a pre-heated
oven of 450 degrees. Seven minutes will get
you a perfectly done medium rare filet, which
is what we’d recommend. It should be 130 degrees when
you take it out of the oven. After letting it rest, the
temperature will go up to 135. If you prefer a different cook, you can adjust the amount
of time in the oven. We prefer medium rare because well, your steak is going to stay really tender and flavorful. Then you want to let it rest at room temperature for about ten minutes to make sure it stays tender and juicy. If you slice it right away, the juices will run out, which can dry out your steak. When you let it rest the juices will absorb evenly throughout the steak, keeping it tender. The temperature will continue to rise by about five degrees while it’s resting. With any steak, you want to
slice it against the grain. Filet Mignon is already a
really tender cut of steak, but this is just an extra tip to make sure it’s the best it can be. And that’s all it takes! Filet mignon is a really
wonderful cut of meat, but it can be pretty intimidating because of it’s price point. But when you want a
splurge, give it a try! It’s not fundamentally harder to cook than any other cuts of steak, the same principals apply. And with these few tips in mind, you’re guaranteed to get a
restaurant-quality steak at home. (slow jazz piano) I mean you can make it for your spouse… For yourself… I’ve made
it for myself many times. If you’re trying to woo someone. [Other Woman]- It’s a good woo [Woman]- It’s a good woo technique! (laughs) It’s a good woo steak! (camera shutter)


1:30 just shows that this commentator knows nothing about cooking, trying to use words to act like she knows what she is doing.

Rest 30 mins before cooking
Pat down with paper towel
Generously season with course salt and pepper.
Cast iron or stainless steal pan
Heat pan for 5 minutes over high head
Add a neutral oil to the pan
Grape seed, canola, vegetable, sunflower
Let Filet sit for 3 mins. Then flip after crust is formed. Let it stick to pan.
To baste:
2 tablespoon butter
Herbs and garlic
Spoon it over crust for 1 to 2 minutes
Pan in over of 450 degrees for 7 minutes.
Take out of over at 130 degrees, then rest till 135.
Rest for 10 minutes
Cut against the grain.

I’m sorry but if you’re gonna cook a filet mignon to WELL DONE, just do yourself a favor and slap yourself, cuz you just wasted a beautiful cut of meat.

The best steak recipe is rescue a cow, give it food and water, and then let it roam free and be happy. Way better than this abusive recipes

Ok question!!! She didn’t say to turn the heat down before putting the steak on the pan, and I’m sure she said high heat.. I put the steak on the stove for TWO minutes and the house is filled with smoke haha. I lowered the heat, repeated on the other side and into the oven. We ended up just cutting the bottom of the steak off and it tasted great but I was really scared for a second lol.

I did this almost exactly like she said for medium rare and my fillet came out well done. Might as well be beef jerky now. I won't put it in the oven next time.

It's better to hit the pepper on a steak after it's already been seared that way it doesn't have a bitter taste when you burn peppercorns, making a sauce with a little bit of extra pepper if you really like that works wonders as well

Never never never (!) apply any other spices than salt before you take your steak out of the frying pan or off the barbeque.
Spices that can get burnt will get burnt and leave a bad taste to the meat.

Instead those spices should be applied directly after the cooking when you put the steak to "rest" for 5-10 minutes before it's are served.

I’m not the greatest cook. I tried cooking a steak on the stove following these directions to a tee and the results were AMAZING! It was beyond delicious.Thank you so much for this video.

A moronic statement. "A cold steak will bring down a pan's temperature."
A cold or even FROZEN steak will cook longer but still GBD on the outside and rare and moist on the inside.
If this bimbo really thinks a few ounces of cold will make a difference to the pan, GET A LARGER PAN! or TURN UP THE FLAME!
I have actually cooked frozen steaks before. The inside is guaranteed to stay rare longer.
BTW, I love bit of char on the edges.

I pronounce it "Fill – et Mig – n'n", stressing the second and fourth syllables.


Because if y'all are gonna butcher the shit out of the true pronunciation, with this pseudo-French Anglophone accent, then imma butcher the shit outta THAT.

I made this for supper tonight using your instructions, the only thing I done differently was I used a steak rub I mixed with salt, and honestly it was amazing 😉

for 1 serving:

6 oz filet mignon (170 g)
coarse salt, to taste
freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 tablespoon grapeseed oil, or other high-heat, neutral oil of choice
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
1 clove garlic

How to do it:

On a cutting board, pat the filet mignon dry with paper towels and let sit at room temperature for 20-30 minutes.
Preheat the oven to 450˚F (230˚C).

Generously season all sides of the filet mignon with salt and pepper.

Heat a medium, oven-safe stainless steel or cast iron skillet over high heat for 5 minutes. Add the grapeseed oil.

Once the oil beings to smoke, add the filet mignon to the pan. Cook without moving for 2-3 minutes, until a crust has formed.

Use tongs to flip the steak over, then add the butter, rosemary, and garlic to the pan.

Tilt the pan and spoon the butter continuously over the steak for 2-3 minutes.

Transfer the pan to the oven for 7 minutes for a medium rare steak.

Transfer the steak to a cutting board and let rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing.


That is complete bollocks. Medium rare starts at 52°C medium is at 55°C Medium Well is at 57°C and Well done is after 60°c and above.

And 230°C is way to aggressive for a tender steak like that. 160°C is more then enough. For a 180 gramm steak 6 min for med rare 5 min rest. Then baist and done. And no Pepper before searing. It tastes burned. No one needs burned spices ffs.

Filet is the only steak I use flavored seasoning with, like Montreal or Chicago, because it lacks flavor but is always tender and juicy. Great cut of beef for any occasion!

A5 wagyu: Exists
American Filet Minion: Am I a joke to you?
Entire world: yes

Dont take this seriously since alot of a5 cuts at $200 a lb

Ok so maybe I’m an idiot but I don’t cook ever and I followed this recipe after buying a cast iron skillet. As soon as I poured the oil in a massive fire started and I almost burned my apartment to the ground. I had to bring the pan outside with an oven mitt and I burned my arm. I watched this video like 15 times before I cooked I don’t understand what’s wrong. If it’s the heat in the video she says “HIGH HEAT”.

Looks absolutely amazing although a little overcooked. Maybe its the lighting though because it looked medium rare in one shot but medium in the other.

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