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Hey every one, Nate Valline here. Welcome
back to my channel. In this video I just wanted to go over how to properly
structure your affiliate marketing business. The structure of your business
is is so vitally important because it’s the foundation or framework to your
business. Without a properly structured business you’re gonna, it’s gonna crumble
it’s like the Three Little Pigs, you know building your house out of straw or
sticks. It doesn’t have the proper foundation, proper framework. Big bad wolf
comes along blows those houses down like it’s nothing. But you build a properly
found proper foundation with the proper framework house full of made of bricks
that big bad wolf it’s not gonna blow that house down it’s gonna withstand the
elements the troubles the tribulations all the tough hurdles that you have to
go through when you’re creating and growing your business now I’m not sure
if you watch my other video on the three things that matter but in affiliate
marketing as there are in the cosmos there are always three things or just a
few things that matter most and of those things you know each thing has its own
few things that matter most in affiliate marketing that’s the structure the
traffic and conversions now the order that you master these things is
important to be successful you have to start with this solid structure a solid
foundation to your business kind of like I alluded to earlier so in that video or
in this video I want to go over this and so what most new affiliate marketers do
is they will send traffic directly to a sales page hoping to get paid now that’s
all good and sending good whatever but it’s not an effective model you know
what happens if that traffic source dries up you know the big popular
traffic source right now is Facebook what if Facebook changed its
algorithm in Ulsan that traffic is gone also you know you’re sending all this
traffic there but how do you know how it’s converting how do you know that
you’re getting sales how what do you do or are you building an asset with this
model now this is what new people do this is what new people do and it’s not
a good model instead this is a much better structure to your business so
thinking of your business you want to have a clear plan a clear foundation all
homes all buildings they have their plans that they go by so consider this a
plan for your your structure so what the successful affiliate marketers do is
they create these landing pages now you may have one landing page or multiple
typically most successful affiliate marketers have multiple landing pages
because they’re testing them they’re doing a/b testing split testing they’re
finding out which one converts the best and so you send traffic to these landing
pages and so the chant the the traffic comes in they hit this landing page
there’s some information on why they’re hitting that landing page you know on
that landing page there will also be a button to opt-in where they can also
enter their email name whatever the information is that you want to capture
that information once they enter their information hit the button two things
happen first thing is is they are added to your email list then secondly they go
on to a bridge page or a thank-you page which is kind of just like a success
page it tells them that their information was captured it says what
the next steps are or they can expect with the next next steps
or it might provide a little additional information or even like a bonus gift to
them for entering their information then from that bridge page they go to the
sales page and then hopefully they’ll make the money here and so that is the
proper flow now the big reason that you want to set it up this way is two things
one you’re building your email list that becomes your business asset that is a
list that you control it’s a client list it’s a prospect list you as that list
builds you have now a larger pool of prospects or contacts clients whatever
they may be in your case that you can draw upon that you can communicate with
and relay additional information to so with that email list so you know if they
go through this process then a percentage will buy right but the
percentage that does not buy you have on your email list so now what you can go
do is now you can send them an email and read or keep redirecting them back to
the offer and so this gives you a retargeting method within email sequence
that will turn your initial sales conversion it’ll as you send them an
email and more people are funneled back and by that increases your sales and so
that will also decrease your cost per lead which means more money so as you
can see now this is more of a complete picture this is a structure to your
business that you can build upon you know from this this base structure
then you can add retargeting which was terrible can you erase that part so you
can add retargeting which is when you when you look at a product you know
searching the internet you look at product and you go to other sites and
you’re on these totally random sites but you’re still seeing ads for that one
product you look at that’s a retargeting so you can do that with your the people
on your your email list you can take that information you can retarget them
so then now they are just being followed around the internet with your ad so
that’s something you can do you can also at when you promote other offers first
my writing so I’m so sorry you can send that to your email list and so maybe
they weren’t interested in this first offer enough to buy but now you this
second offer they’re interested in so they’ll buy that and that’s how that
asset is so important and so again like I said this is total structure and
another thing you want to add in is tracking you know there are tracking
services out there clickmagick is the one I use but it tracks as you send
traffic to your your landing page it’ll tell you how many people how many
visitors you had here what how what percentage opted in and gave you your
email address what percentage went through and BA you can track your emails
you know who how many are clicking the links in the email and going back to the
sales page so by having that tracking you can learn to see what’s better it
makes it makes it possible to do this split testing if you have multiple landing pages and it lets you know
what is working what is not so in a nutshell I hope that made sense to you
this is it it’s a simple model but it’s a very important one hopefully I didn’t
gum it up so it kind of confused you but creating this this solid structure to
your business to your affiliate marketing business like I said is the
first step it’s the most important step to make it solid to understand it to
understand the process the steps that are involved and the tools that are
needed in regards to tools there are three main tools that you would need for
this structure you would need a funnel builder or landing page provider I use
click funnels you need a autoresponder to house and service your email list I
use convertkit and get response you don’t need multiple ones one is
sufficient in most cases and then you need a tracking tool to track the
traffic that’s being sent through your sales process so those are three main
tools that I recommend and that are kind of pretty much required for this
structure of a business so I hope this like I said I hope this makes sense if
it does great give me a thumbs up if you have any questions or comments leave
those in the description below I’ll do my best to answer them I’ll also put
links below for the tools I mentioned and also a training program on affiliate
marketing if you want to check any of those out the training program is
something that I’ve gone through or and it really goes over the structure of the
business in depth it also includes training on traffic generation as well
as conversions how to optimize your conversions so if you want to check any
of those out like I said those things will be in the description below
otherwise I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you at the next one thanks
have a good day bye

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