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How to Customize your URL in Google AdWords (Optional URL Paths) 2:56]

How to Customize your URL in Google AdWords (Optional URL Paths) 2:56]

[Lori Ballen] in this video I’m going to show you how
to set up your Google AdWords display paths in your URL to increase your
click-through rate lots of people get confused about what goes in this URL display
path when creating a text ad and so for example here I have my screen open
and I’m creating a Google AdWords ad for Las Vegas houses for sale now let’s say
I’m gonna do Las Vegas houses for sale let’s do Las Vegas houses with
the pool alright so my ad group is gonna be Las Vegas house and I’ve got various
ads this one’s gonna be Las Vegas houses with a pool and then here this is what
we’re talking about today you have a display path now you have 15 characters
permitted per pack so that’s the slug that comes after these slashes here and
so what this does is it doesn’t actually change anything about where the user
clicks and goes it’s purely aesthetic it’s for visuals only your URL that you
put up here is still going to be where they click whatever you put up there
down here this is just for looks and if it is the right keyword and called
action to match your ad it can help with your click-through rates you only have
so many spots where you can improve your ad this is one of them so here I could
say my URLs ballon Vegas calm and I’m gonna do houses and then I’m gonna say
with a pool ok so I could even put Vegas if I want to point out this is in Las
Vegas cuz we have a few cities we work here alright so if it’s too long you’ll
get that little you’ll get that little warning right there I could just put
Vegas houses with the pool or I could put Las Vegas pool house okay so you’ve
got some room then to put put something I can put Balon
Vegas comm pool and then I could put all listings or pull updated or pull full
list so I’m I’m I’m thinking about how can I get that consumer to click more
and this display path is a simple way to increase potential click-through rate so
if you’re using this type of ad that is how you fill out your display path with
your to 15 character paths on Google Adwords [More at]


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