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yeah hello guys and good morning and
welcome to another video okay as you have seen in the title in this
video is about how to design your life as a student maybe many of you guys he
will find some of these tips is new in his life
but I’m sure you will enjoy doing this tip so let’s start for the first tips in
this video be a morning person you can woke up a little bit early two
hours before your class to give yourself more productivity
and the mindful day so it starts your day with a warm shower a cup of tea
doing your and check your tasks doing I in usually in this time I check my
emails I check my social media and get ready to your school planning your goals there is to wait
writes your goals first weekly in this way is short period so you only use your
notebook and write your goals from Saturday to Friday second way is right
in world you choose a calendar you choose the month you choose the way as
you see January 2018 and the title is here and the corner towards your goals
for example you must have submit the first of January your assignment the
second you have tutorial like that my schedule is so easy I must shave 90%
of my planet I change the picture don’t say tomorrow and I write my goals
so easy study at the library study in library is more effective than
studying at home library is quite place can’t help you to focus better to
promote your productivity easy bring your laptop your book your notebook your
pan or water and enjoy your studies alright easy and fast in these tips you need a laptop you know
University assignment every week you have at least two or three assignment
before every assignment I do is to call me from seven to ten days
but with this up I only finish in three days
and the reason this up grammarly with this up you write faster not only better easy you can use in the up or inward
this up quarks your grammar give you the best synonyms also correct your sentence
your proposition and more and more and more I’m sorry this up is not free it’s cost
$29 per month but you can use the basic plan is free but you will lose the
benefit of the premium plan do something in you learning and you
think in your life make you so happy and positive person for example who watch my
videos that last two month I start learning tennis so I’m enjoying all my
time shaping my goals so thank you so much for watching till here and make
sure to click Subscribe and the comment below and the last remember your dreams

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