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How to get a Russian visa – fast and cheap way.

How to get a Russian visa – fast and cheap way.

Hi everyone I am Chinara, hi I’m Xinran! Today we will talk about how to get visa to Russia and Xinran will tell about this process
but for the first Xinran can you tell us about yourself. Sure thanks, I’m Xinran I’m from China I’m pursuing my master’s d egree in the USA right now, now I am in Russia for summer internship But looking back to the beginning of the process of getting visa, can you tell about this process step by step Sure, there are 4 steps to get visa. The 1st step to fill in aplication form to the university then you wait for like two months then
you’ll get invitation letter The getting of invitation letter is the 2nd step and the 3st step is to submit all document in person to
the Consulate General of the Russian Federation The last step is to get a
visa after three to five business days. And what about the fees? There are
differences in fees between visa in US and in China. In the USA no matter
what types of this that you’ll get, it will cost 160 US dollars it will
take 20 business days but in China the longest processing time is five business
days and you can get it by paying 60 to 70 US dollars if you want to get it quicker given also you can pay more to get it in 3 business days, even one business day it’s very very useful information. As I
understand there are differences of getting visa in USA and China. In China the process is quicker and chipper Thank you very much Xinran very much to you for watching us and see
you see you again see you see


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