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How To Get ClickBank Products For FREE As Review Copies For Affiliate Marketing

How To Get ClickBank Products For FREE As Review Copies For Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to get another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be going over how to get review copies of Clickbank products
completely for free in a super easy way guys in this video I’m gonna show you
the exact word-for-word email that I send its people to get review copies
from companies and from brands and I’m even gonna show you proof of this
actually works guys I’m gonna show you inside my personal email of course I’m
gonna have to blur a few things for confidentiality reasons but I’m gonna
show you the exact emails that I send any emails that I get back from
companies and brands that are more than happy to give me review copies of their
products with that being said guys I’m gonna show you how to do that by hopping
into my computer in just a minute but before you do that guys if you’re brand
new to the channel and this is the first time you’re checking out one of my
videos I encourage you right now to please subscribe for videos just like
this every single day and there’s one last thing I thought I gotta say before
you start as a little disclaimer this does not work 100% of the time of course
guys when you send an email asking a company for a review copy it’s up to
their discretion whether or not they actually want to give you one this does
not work with 100% accuracy so I have to tell you that guys now as a little
disclaimer it does not always work on return of the
time do not expect it to and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my
computer right now so I can show you guys exactly how to do this alright guys
we are now in my computer as you can see we’re in my gmail of course guys a lot
of this stuff is gonna be blurred out for confidentiality reasons of courses
is my personal email or you know one of my personal emails now on top of that
guys the companies and the brand is actually giving me the review copies of
course they’re giving me login details and a lot of other information that I
can’t draw on camera because of course if I show the login and the password
then all of you watching this video can go ahead and get the product for free
and I’ll probably get sued and I do not want to get sued so a lot of this tamiya
blurred I’m gonna show you guys everything that you need to see though
alright and with all that stuff being said I’m gonna show you the exact
word-for-word email that I sent and then the replies that I get from some of
these companies and brands actually giving me the review copies open this up
open that alright guys what you’re looking at now I me scroll down a little
bit actually in the school lunch like there I swore I was looking at now is
the exact word for what email that I sent to companies and brands asking them
for your view copies so I’m just gonna read it off to you guys really quick now
and explaining why I put everything that I do into the email I put hey there I
like your product and I would love to be an affiliate for it I plan on creating a
high quality review video and driving traffic to it with SEO I was wondering
if you gave me access to review copy of your products that I can create my
review video obviously I won’t actually show them any trade secrets of your
product but just some of the cool features enough to get them interested
and hooked in if you can help me out that would be great and I also put the
end I’m not just looking to get your product for free I’m an experienced
marketer in this time around 99 percent of the products I’m an affiliate for
hope to hear from you soon you guys I put a lot of stuff in there and there’s
a good reason for that because of course guys I’m just gonna send them an email
saying hey I’m gonna flake marketer give me your product for free I’m gonna give
them a few good reasons why they should give me their product for free and it’s
got a show that I actually know what I’m doing but I am an experienced play
market and I’m not actually just a scammer trying to get a product for free
from them because I definitely do not do that guys I actually only do this if you
plan on making a review copy whether it’s a blog article or a video you’re
not just going around scamming companies for Clickbank products like this I’m not
showing you guys had a scam products I’m just showing you in a flaky marketing
technique that I use in the past be able to get review copies or products for
free without having to pay for them alright so now that you guys have seen
the exact word for an email that I sent now you’re going to show you exactly
what companies send me back alright again guys a lot of this stuff is gonna
be blurred out for confidentiality reasons I just can’t show it on YouTube
without getting in trouble or sued but I’ll show you guys much like can and
with that said I’m gonna show you maybe this off to you guys this is pretty much
an email I got back from one of the companies that I sent his email to they
pretty much said thank you for your interest in promoting our products I
only refer to the attached trial for the review copy and to learn more about our
affiliate program does visit let me just put the link to their website and they
also give me the link to download their review copy up their product and it’s
really that simple guys all I had to do is send one one just like one paragraph
email and then they got back to me with like a day or two and then his gave me
every copy of their product it’s really not hard guys there’s no reason to over
complicate this it’s really that simple this will show you guys this really
works I’m gonna find another human now alright so this actually be another my
guys again so much for this to be blurred out I apologize
right down here you guys see the email I sent them initially and they pretty much
got back to me and said hey no worries access it below right there guys they
gave me a username and a password I can go ahead and sign in to their to their
membership to the program again guys this review copy again complete for free
there’s nothing hard about it guys it’s super simple all I did was actually
submit a ticket to their support team and said hey I have a question I’m gonna
fill a question and then send them this one paragraph
on message and again guys they got back to me in like three days and gave me the
review copy I’m gonna show you guys like one or two more missing
I saw same thing I sent my email right there scroll down they said hey thanks
your interest here’s the page access the main product they gave me the link and
then they also gave me a name password to sign in with last one guys I’m gonna
go up here last one I put a same exact thing same exact paragraph again guys
the same exact message again I pretty much just copy-paste it you guys can use
this exact email if you want you guys can change it around a little bit it’s
really up to you we just have something along these lines and you should get
similar results again guys this is not work 100 ton of the time I can’t
guarantee anything it’s completely up to the discretion of the company and the
brand whether or not they want to give you a review copy I have to leave that
in there as a disclaimer what again guys I just sent my email out they got back
to me and said hey thank you for your support and they said yes absolutely
here’s where you can access the system giving me the link and email and a
password again guys now I get sign into their program again you guys are getting
review copies isn’t hard it’s really that simple guys with that being said
I’m gonna show you one more thing and I’m actually show you guys how to
actually get in contact with these um with these affiliate companies with
these brands not where I’m pretty much is gonna show you guys how to actually
get in contact them I find email justice to send to how I find the support
systems and all the other stuff I learned really fast that way you guys
can start doing this yourselves today I sorta actually get in contact and find
the email addresses and find the support systems actually contact these companies
and brands we’re gonna want to do is come over to clickbank because go over
to the marketplace and you send them find a products we’re gonna pick a
random one what you’re actually gonna want to do is you don’t want to go over
to their affiliate page right over here on new battery reconditioning whatever a
flip a just open that link let’s go over here I what we’re gonna do is we’re
actually gonna look around for an email address or something of that nature and
I got a stolen alright so if you want to email our affiliate team you can reach
us here alright so right here guys is their email
oh yeah it’s really simple just take that copy that we’re gonna go back over
into my gmail and compose we’re gonna throw that in right there for subject I
always put a Philly a question because it’s keep it like broad with something
open and they didn’t know exactly what it is it’s an affiliate question but
that and then I’m actually go over here and just copy paste my exact email that
I send and just put it right in there right there guys it is that simple I
might have taken me like 10 15 seconds to do all you see was get their email
there in there put the subject as something
like a flea a question I think it’s like I said you guys could use this exact
email that I send or you can mess around a little bit you can change a few things
of course it’s really up to you with that being said guys that’s the email
right there all you have to do is press send and that is it guys you were all
set of course guys when you’re doing this you’re gonna want to do this not in
mass necessarily but do this with multiple companies and brands because
like I said guys there’s not one hundred percent success rate with this sometimes
some days I don’t like fifty percent some days it’s like thirty percent of
companies will actually give you our view product it really depends on a lot
of things guys but again it’s fully up to the company actually determine
whether or not they want to give you a free copy of their products not because
of course they own it and of course guys at the end of the day the company is the
one who owns the product and it’s really up to them whether or not they want to
give you our free copy or not of course does not always work but definitely try
it out guys try it out for yourself your kind of results you can get and then
once you do get the review copies make sure you guys are putting out your
review videos or your review blog articles now were you guys can start
earning some affiliate commissions potentially and with that being said
though guys I pretty much wraps up this video if you enjoyed it or just got a
little bit about it definitely drop a like and a comment I’d appreciate it a
ton and guys if you really liked the video make sure to subscribe for more
videos just like this one every single day and with that being said guys my
name is Anthony Villa I will see you in the next one and I am out you


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That's great stuff Anthony! Thanks for sharing your knowledge…it's definitely really appreciated! I have a couple questions…
1) Do you do review videos yourself? If so, I'd love to see them to get some pointers.
2) Do you give bonuses to people who buy a product through your link, and what's the best bonus delivery system.

so lets say you apply to get a review copy. how often do you geet approved for a review copy. like lets say you apply to 10 different products

Hi man im from syria and i spent alot if money for an american paypal and a proxy can u please tell me what is the best website to earn per hour like 20$ per hour please

How would it work for a beginner without any marketing experience though? They would know when they saw your channel.

It's asking for my which I used to promote product before for promoting when I ask for free copy what can I do brother I don't have any websites

I want to earnestly thank you from my bottom of my heart because of the huge information you have given me of to get a review copy

I am starting as an Affiliate Marketer and a major problem I faced was how to promote the product without even knowing it.
I got to know from Clickbank that you can do so by getting a review copy.I was searching for the method frantically

Until I came across your video.

This video showed me a lot of light

Thank you🙏🙏🙏

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