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How To Make $500 Per Day With Clickbank

How To Make $500 Per Day With Clickbank

hey hello everyone this is Diana Castillo
from money maker area dot com and in this video I’m gonna share with you how you
can make $500 per day with Clickbank if this is a very first time you’re in my
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water travel what you are enjoying life click the big freeze link in the
description because that’s gonna be my number one recommendation of how to make
money online but now let me go back to the topic as I mentioned before I’m
gonna teach you how you can make $500 with Clickbank by the way we all know by
now that Clickbank is the most popular marketplace all over around the world
so this means that this is gonna be a worldwide opportunity right click man
has several categories so you can decide which one is gonna fit you right because
you need to be in a niche that you feel passionate about right okay so this is
Clickbank right now what most people don’t know is that they can make good
money with certain offers most of the time people are like maybe I’m gonna be
doing ten dollars on this offer maybe I’m gonna be doing twenty if that’s okay
but no there are what I can tell hi tickets here well it’s not really
like hi tickets but they’re products that are paying well okay their products
are I’m paying well do you have to go to clickbank what you need to do is that
you need to click here where it says average dollar presale and you’re gonna
type in here at 150 okay every extra dollar per cell it’s gonna be a dollar
in fictive you can choose the language that you want to look the opportunity
for in my case it’s gonna be English so I’m not gonna change anything else and
as you can see I do have opportunities here in which you can make a hundred and
sixty dollars per cell four hundred and seventy two seventy two dollars per sale
over five hundred dollars five hundred and sixty dollars per cell two hundred
one hundred and sixty-seven so as you can see these are great products and
here told at this one seven hundred dollars per sale okay so as you can see
you have good products here right that you can start promoting okay you can
start good products that you can start promoting and if you’re like god tiene
okay I’m not sure if I can have people who are gonna afford this okay this is
not a product that you’re gonna make money by quantity okay you’re not gonna
be making money by quantity but by quality because let me put into
perspective let’s say that we’re gonna go with the super affiliate system okay
by the way this is a great brother okay if you are gonna be promoting the
regular Clickbank product in which you’re just gonna be making $10 per sale
okay increase you’re gonna be making $10 per sale if you want to reach this
amount of money you will need to make 47 sales if you want to get four hundred
and seventy dollars but here you just need one customer just one person who is
willing to invest this amount of money and believe me there are people out
there who are willing to invest in their education talking about this product
which is the super affiliate system okay if you cannot do it right now it’s just
you it doesn’t mean that no one else is doing it because as you can see here the
gravity it’s 51 so what does that mean that a lot of people are making money
with this product the higher the quality the gravity here that means that most a
lot of people or more people are making money with this product okay you need to
understand this the other thing that I check out is a they do happen a feel
it’s page okay if they do have an affiliate page and if they do have
affiliate support contact as you can see most or maybe all of these products do
have affiliate pages why because these are serious people that they know that
the value of the product is not regular okay it’s not a regular money-wise okay
so they need to be in contact of their affiliate they need to provide an all
the information okay that’s something that you need to understand lets me show
you the super affiliate system by John Christiana okay here this is
the page with the affiliate page as you can see it’s a high-ticket evergreen
business opportunity product on Clickbank okay
the average cost per click it’s ten dollars and they are selling that this
product even convert with cold traffic on Facebook so it’s real great so as you
can see here they say okay the JV which is the joint venture Commission right
it’s four hundred and sixty dollars per sale the average webinar conversion rate
it’s sixteen point five percent that means that if you send a hundred people
sixteen of them are gonna purchase it and remember that I told you that you
just need one so imagine right sixteen oops
six in here and that causes was 450 so you’re gonna be sending one hundred
people six single thing I’m gonna convert so you’re gonna be making over
seven thousand dollars which is crazy okay
the average attended value it’s a hundred thirty-two okay the average
attending value is one hundred thirty two dollars this is gonna be paid with
Clickbank actually you’re gonna get paid net three okay
this works for practically any type list okay high converting webinar with recent
history they have over 60 plus video testimonials video testimonies are
really important because people actually relate with other people when they see
them on my video they have a hundreds of reading testimonials okay really easy
really simple here we already identified the offer this is just in case that you
find this and you are not on on you know on click man
okay this is a brand-new webinar here is all the the details about the offer and
here he says works on coal traffic we have been media buying culture I think
on YouTube and Facebook okay here are the top marketers hear more details
right so people before killing it with this product people are killing it with
this product let me scroll down because this is something that I want to show
you okay here are some customer testimonials really important you can
use this testimonials these are video testimonials so you can use this video
testimonials as well so this is nice this is really really really important
especially if you are gonna be doing the follow up okay here is about the the
product what I said so if you want to know more about this product we’re gonna
get paid four hundred sixty per sale okay that’s 50% of the Commission 90% of
the Commission oh are paid automatically within two weeks so nice okay here is
how to promote it they are teaching you how to promote it they’re teaching you
like if you can do it on with a live webinar if you’re gonna do paid traffic
they’re telling you exactly what you need to do so if you want to do with the
webinar reply here email swipes everything so this is actually great
this is a great great great product to promote okay and they’re even back and
offers so you can even make more sale okay this is a great product to promote
and they do have it in several languages so this amazing this author probably
don’t bender see code if you’re in the bed industry this product is for you as
well so if you want to give people you know tips online of how they can make
more money by betting you know the predictions everything you can promote
this product they do have the affiliate page as well which is this one okay
which is this one is recurring commissions payouts the
average Purcell is six hundred and seventy three dollars multilingual
promotion so if you speak any other language than English they have here the
Commission structure they have the email sighs let me show you so you can see
they were running a contest before okay here all the email swipes okay here
depending on the industry that you are okay here are the email swipes so here
all the details how the products look like what while you’re promoted why is
it’s easily be sold okay so this is actually good good good good a good
product okay so you can have several products is here depending on your niche
depending on your industry you can choose either or right you can use
either or and you can use the best traffic shirts that you want if you want
to go with YouTube if you want to go with Facebook if you want to go with
Google Ads but the secret here is that you are not gonna miss Pam in this links
okay you are not gonna be spamming these links if you really want to make money
with this right no one’s is with their credit card they like hey yeah yeah yeah
I’m gonna best thousand dollars right away the first product that is gonna pop
up that’s the one that I’m gonna jump in no okay you need to capture these
people’s emails right you need to capture these people emails and you can
start following up with them okay you can start following up with them
so the best strategy for me it’s to create a bridge page okay and my
favorite fundal builder it’s actually this one
it’s gonna be its builder oh okay by the way if you haven’t tested out I’m gonna
leave a link below so you can check out all the bonuses that I’m offer if you
decide to go and jump in in to build your all and again get a paid account or
if you want to test it out yourself you can have a seven day free trial now
create a core require okay so bill drill is my favorite funnel
builder right now the only thing that I will need to do is go here to builders
Drakon drug pick so perfect and then I’m gonna click here where it says cell
phones so I’m gonna have all the funnels that I need in this particular a
scenario I will be using a bridge page okay I’m gonna be using a bridge page
why because I want to capture them right I want to capture them maybe I’m gonna
invite them to the webinar like hey do you want to join a free webinar in which
we’re gonna teach you how to be a super affiliate okay let me rename an email
and then I will send them to the super affiliate system offer okay maybe I will
I will do that the other thing like if I’m on the betting industry I will do
something similar right so the only thing that we need to do is click here
which says select funnel and I’m gonna land on this page okay which is the
bridge phase funnel it’s a three page tutorial sorry through page funnel
you’re gonna edit it in 50 minutes here is a brief description of how the funnel
works but basically this is what I will do
okay I will drive traffic using my favorite traffic routes right then I’m
gonna capture their name email I will have a video of myself this is I will do
it if you don’t want to have a video of yourself that’s okay but what I will
have a video of myself because I want people to connect with me I want to let
them understand that when I’m suggesting them it’s really powerful that it’s
gonna change your life forever right and then the Thank You page is
gonna be the offer the actual offer but as you can see we’re gonna be sending
emails okay if you start to be working on this project right now the only thing
that you need to click it’s edit template and you are gonna have all the
elements here on the Bolero back office why do I like build year old because
it’s really easy it track and drop big early if you want to it they did
something is drag and drop it’s worth like Microsoft Word so if you want to
change the font size the font I the colors and everything it’s really
easy and the other thing is that it’s already include its own email
autoresponder which is called main Limbaugh so I have everything including
on one price I don’t have to worry about integrating with the third-party
solutions or anything like that well this is how I will be making $500 per
day with Clickbank okay so let me recap so I will go first to the marketplace
the Clickbank marketplace I’m gonna go here an average per sale and I will type
150 right depending on the niche depending on my industry I’m gonna pick
the product that I would like to promote I’m gonna check on the gravity to make
sure that there are a lot of people who are making money with this not just one
person who is crushing it I’m gonna make sure that they’re gonna have an
affiliate page and if they do have an affiliate support contact that will be
awesome most of the time they don’t have the affiliate contact here but they do
have it on the feeling page right I’m gonna review it I’m gonna check it out
I’m gonna see if they provide me everything that I need so that means the
english wives the keywords review about the product right once I already have
the product that I want I will go to build roll again if you want to test it
out I’m gonna leave a link below and I will choose the preach funnel okay with
the bridge funnel I will start editing it my recommendations to record a video
of yourself talking about like why did you suggest the product why did you
suggest them to attempt the webinar in the case of the super affiliate system
right and start sending them emails okay start following them on email great to
remind them about the benefits of the products to use the email site that you
were already provide and that’s it okay so if you have some comments some
questions living in the comment area and I’d be more than happy to answer them
if you find some golden nuggets on this video please give me a thumbs up that’s
gonna help me it’s gonna help my video it’s gonna help my channel do not forget
to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification well I don’t
want you to mix the next video

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