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How To Make $6,481 With Affiliate Marketing In 30 Days – Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (2019)

How To Make $6,481 With Affiliate Marketing In 30 Days – Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (2019)

So you can see right here in the last 30 days it is September 27th at 1022 a.m I’ve made six thousand four hundred eighty one dollars in 70 cents What’s up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video. I want to expose the truth to you about affiliate marketing How you can actually make money with affiliate marketing? how it can work for you how it can’t work with you and Guys, I am gonna be completely transparent because if you followed my channel, you know affiliate marketing is not my main business So I’m not trying to get you to opt in some webinar training not getting you to try to buy some course about affiliate marketing Anything like that? I just want to share with you what has worked for me Over the last 4 to 6 weeks that I’ve been experimenting with this stuff what hasn’t worked what has worked And so if you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing you can have a shorter pathway to success now for those guys Who are like, I don’t even know what affiliate marketing is I just clicked on this video because I want to make money affiliate marketing is basically a way where you can promote someone else’s product and For promoting their product and getting sales for them. The person that owns the product will pay you a commission So let’s say for example, you’ve got a hundred hour product and you send somebody to out go and buy that product well the person that owns that product they’ll pay you like 40 50 60 % of Whatever the sale prices so that hundred dollars They pay you 40% You will make $40 for referring that person to that product Now a lot of people love this strategy is like man I don’t have to worry about fulfillment about support about creating a product anything like that But from a pure marketing standpoint there’s some things that you should definitely be aware of now before we dive into the details of this video of what works what doesn’t work and things that you should know about Affiliate marketing. Let’s rewind thirty days ago so you guys can see exactly where I was and Where I am now and the things that I’ve learned in the last four to five weeks spending over twenty thousand dollars on Paid advertising. I just want to document this video right here. I’m gonna be doing some tests over the next couple of weeks With affiliate marketing and I want to be able to share with you guys on my youtube channel So I just want to come down here. This is click funnels affiliate program and Give you a dream car so like they give you like some money towards whatever car you want if you get 100 people to sign up for Clickfunnels, and I think it’s like 500 bucks a month you get a hundred people sign up and then if you get 200 people sign up they give you $1,000 per month towards a lease or if you’re gonna buy the car you can do that So I just want to come over here. I just want you guys to note. Look. It’s August 28th 2019 it is 2:30 9 p.m At the recording of this video and I currently have four of the 200 members haven’t really started doing any of this stuff I was just like You know what? This would be kind of a little fun side hobby to kind of just check out see what I could do And so I wanted to document this August 28th 2019 to 39 p.m only 4 of the 200 members and I’ll check back with you guys here in a week or two and Let you know where I get to and if it’s actually working then I’ll share with you guys here on the channel All right so let’s jump forward 30 days now and you can see it is what’s the September 27 so that last video was August 28th that you guys saw and now I’m up at a hundred and seventy two of the 200 members right here. This is actually 178 the other day It looks like several people dropped off which you know We’ll talk about that here in a second And then if we come over here to the earnings page right here You can see the last 30 days six thousand four hundred eighty one dollars and seventy cents Okay, so you can see right here. This was actually clickfunnels their five-year birthday And so they had this announcement and they launched like this platinum program that’s why the spike right here because basically they were upgrading their $97 month account users to 297 a month and So that looks like a lot of people upgraded right there, which was pretty awesome for me to have nearly You know $1300 in just one day or nearly $1400 and so basically you guys if you guys want to learn Exactly the strategies that I’m not gonna go over and create that video all over again I launched that video about two weeks ago of what worked what didn’t work all those different things but coming down here the cool thing is This monthly recurring revenue. We’re gonna talk about that here in just a second over 12,000 dollars created a monthly recurring revenue and if you’re looking to get an affiliate marketing that is probably the number one thing that I would actually Focus on in your business. All right So let’s dive in now and expose some of the hit and miss the truth about affiliate marketing and guys I don’t have any hidden agenda with this because I don’t have any training Webinar no course for you to sign up anything like that I just want to share with you what I found over the last couple of weeks of going through and experimenting with affiliate marketing So first what I would say is you got to pick a path Do you want to go fast or do you want to go slow and fast? There’s a little asterisks on that because Fast is different to all people I know people want to go through and make ten grand a month in 30 days and all this crazy stuff But if you’re gonna do that You actually have to invest quite a bit of money into advertising Which probably is not always the best route and if you’re gonna do that, there’s some things that you got to keep in mind So let’s first start out with the slower more long-term passive way to be successful with affiliate marketing now I say slow or a long term because this is gonna be about 12 to 18 months before you really start to see things kicking in but this is the only way you can really succeed if you’re only promoting the products of A company if you don’t have your own products You don’t want to worry about product creation support fulfillment any of that stuff? You pretty much have to go this route and that is going and making youtube videos that’s making blog posts Maybe an Instagram following that’s creating organic content on a specific topic that relates to the product that you’re trying to sell So for example with click funnels, they have lead generation campaigns lead funnel sales funnels Entrepreneurship business all that stuff. So you’d maybe go through and make a youtube channel talking about a chiropractic lead generation funnel or how to make sales for your Shopify store with sales funnels or just different topics like that or you maybe Make a blog post and then at the end of the blog post Maybe you share the funnel that you’ve used or have them create a 14-day trial So the click funnels account or software or maybe some of the different products or trains that they have and if you look at this This is the slower longer way because it’s gonna be about 12 to 18 months before you really start to see things kicking in and you have to be Extremely consistent with this because this is all betting on the fact that you actually have a following people are watching your videos People are reading your blog and you can’t really do that. Unless you have multiple pieces of content spread out over a long period of time and you’ve gained a little bit of a following where you’re able to rank your blog or your videos on YouTube or Google search engine and so over time you’re gonna get website visitors and Organically, they be can become leads and they can buy the products that you are promoting Now the great thing about this is is that after you’ve kind of gone through that initial twelve to eighteen months You’ve got all this content. That’s just building and building and building Well, it becomes to a point where all of the money that you’re making with this blog or this YouTube channel or whatever organic strategy You’re going with is pretty passive because you didn’t have to worry about product creation. You don’t have to worry about support fulfillment and if you get people on to a monthly recurring Software just like clickfunnels, which if you go this route or even the paid route You always want to have some type of monthly Recurring revenue some monthly passive income think about like real estate. Okay, so real estate It’s not something where you go through you put some money down and you make money back one time Can you pump up money down into a rental property? And then you’re making a monthly cash flow that’s coming in every single month And obviously there’s work involved and that’s a great thing about affiliate marketing with the right software company with the right month recurring revenue stream Because you like there’s literally zero work involved. You don’t have to go through fixed toilets You have to go mess around with the lawn or anything like that that it just it’s all taken care of by the software company But obviously the cons of this is it takes some time to go through and build up and you’ve got to be consistent with it Just like I’ve experienced with my own YouTube channel in the first several months I was making maybe 20 cents per hour for every alpha that I put in Whereas now it’s really built up to a point where it’s making a good amount of money But in the beginning it was very difficult to stay consistent with it and keep making videos because the payoff just wasn’t there So if you go to the organic route with affiliate marketing you got to just have that long game that long term mindset in Place of at least 12 to 18 months before you really start things see things panning out But the way I like to think about all this stuff if you were to make $1,000 per month in passive income with real estate You’re gonna have to put like a hundred grand down in cash whereas if you just put a little bit of time if you don’t have that type of money right now a Little bit of time into making videos writing blog posts or some of these different organic strategies Well within 12 to 18 months time you can have that same Monthly cash flow that same passive income as if you put a hundred thousand dollars cash into some real estate investment now let’s switch gears here and talk about the faster route the paid advertising route if you have some money or you’ve got your own products or services or you want to create your Own products your own trainings anything like that This is a solid way to grow faster because we have money to propel us forward now once again the thing I love about click funnels are any a Software affiliate program is that if you have a monthly recurring revenue You’re building towards something that can Continually come in month and month out where you can get to a point where you don’t have to put $1,000 $10,000 $20,000 into advertising every single month just to make money, okay? Well, you can initially start putting that money into advertising but then after time that monthly recurring revenue starts to build and build and build to the point where you don’t have to necessarily Invest more into advertising and you can still have that monthly cash flow coming in to your business now Like I said earlier guys the way to do this It’s not necessarily creating a landing page and going and promoting all of clickfunnels different trainings and products and all that Because it just doesn’t work and go back watch my other video I done a ton of tests on all those different strategies and I can share with you guys exactly what I did What worked what didn’t work but here’s the deal. Here’s what you need to do. You need to go through create your own product I know you’re getting the affiliate marketing business because you don’t want to create your own product You don’t want to do a support or fulfillment But if you really want to scale this thing fast and not just make it a side hobby or side business and make real Passive income real cash flow that’s coming in every single month You have to have your own product and at that I would suggest Having a higher ticket product and what I mean by higher ticket is a product That is at least eight thousand dollars. That’s gonna allow you for the most optimal scale in your business and ultimately is going to help if your product let’s say it’s a training a digital train You’ve got a course on how to do X how to generate leads for chiropractors real estate agents dentists. Whatever It is relates to the software or affiliate program that you’re promoting so you’re making money on the front end with those high ticket courses to be able to pay for your advertising and back out make Sure you at least break even and then on the back end you’re starting to build the monthly users on the software So that you can have that monthly passive income now I’m sure you guys heard about a lot of different types of sales funnels of tripwire sales funnels and low ticket offers and Honestly this past month That was what I was experimenting a lot with I was thinking that you know I’ll have this simple opt-in and I had this opt-in that guys. I know it works extremely Well, I was getting leads for two dollars or less per lead and then I’d have like a little forty seven dollar product $24 up one-click upsell and I had this full-on sales funnel. My average cart value was $90 Okay, which was pretty good for like a low ticket sales funnel and I think it was like about a two percent conversion rate But even with a cost per lead as low as it was it was very difficult to even break even Not even on just the initial sales funnel But even having three to four follow-up emails getting them back in reminding them about the offer we initially made It was still difficult to even break even now these courses everything that I was testing was all geared towards promoting Click funnels in the sense of hey here is training on how to run Facebook Ads Which if you’re running Facebook Ads you need some type of sales funnel lead generation Campaigns and so I would have all of that training in there where once people would buy my course for the forty seven dollars Then they’d be able to go and see okay I need a software and so they’d go click on my affiliate link get the software and then that’s how I would get my signups But as I just mention a little bit earlier guys, that’s actually still pretty difficult Even if you have a full-on sales funnel I had the forty seven dollar product a $24 one-click upsell forty seven dollar upsell after that and then a two $97 upsell and Even with all those products in place. It was still pretty difficult to break even initially month one I usually like to break even week one on my advertising whereas I’ve got a lot of experience in the course space of selling via webinars higher ticket product, so thousand dollars for And the margins are just a lot better on those products. Okay, you’re gonna be paying a little bit more per lead So I’m usually paying about eight to ten dollars per lead Whereas I was paying $2 per lead with this other funnel But I’m actually seeing a lot better margins because if you think about it, if you’re selling a thousand dollar product you can spend $800 on advertising make one sale and you’re still profitable whereas with a lower ticket item if you’re spending $800 on advertising and you only make one sale You’re screwed and if you’re really a beginner with advertising You’re like I have no idea how to make this happen And the higher the ticket item that you’re selling the more room for margin of error that you have So like let’s say you’re selling a product that is $3,000. Well, you could absolutely suck at Facebook Ads Google Ads YouTube ads whatever it is and spend $2,500 to acquire one customer and you still made $500 now Obviously that’s not going to get you the sheer volume of people signing up for a software an affiliate program like a click funnels But that is the overall concept and strategy So my happy medium where I’ve kind of found for the ideal price point is around that 997 which I’m sure you guys have seen all over the place That’s pretty much what everyone else is charges to maybe you could drop down to 497 but typically what I’ve like to do in my experience and what’s worked the best is if you’re like I don’t know if my products worth 997 will stack on other bonuses make it worth at least $1,000 and honestly at the end of day make it worth at least 5,000 to 10,000 dollars So your product is a no brainer so you can make more sales make money on the front end with your own products and then on the back end offer a Service like a click funnels and then you can start building up that monthly cash flow from having a software based business but not having to deal with all of the support the Development which guys I know from experience that can be a headache and it’s actually very difficult very expensive to get everything set up So anyway with all that said guys, I hope this video wasn’t too scatterbrained I just wanted to share with you guys my findings over the last several weeks it was pretty interesting going through and testing out all these different strategies gave me a lot of insight of different things to implement into My own business my software company and so it was really helpful sometimes Nice to be able Ike step out of the box sometimes from your main business and then jump into something else and learn some different Avenue strategies and then see how you can take them back into your own business. So just keep in mind there You’ve got the slow the fast route You got the slow which is the organic methods, okay? Or you’ve got the fast which is more of the paid advertising a little bit higher ticket item But the key to all this if you want to get into affiliate marketing Do yourself a favor and pick an affiliate marketing program pick a software that’s gonna pay out on a monthly recurring basis if you’re just gonna get an affiliate marketing and sell these like a little one pick ticket offers these one-offs of like even if It’s like a thousand or two thousand dollar item that you get fifty percent of its not really gonna be as beneficial as if you get someone on a monthly recurring Program to build up that passive income to build up that cash flow this coming into you no matter what whether you’re traveling Vacations like whatever you’re doing that money’s coming in So anyway guys with that said I hope this video was helpful if it was give it a thumbs up Also, I launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell and if you have any questions on anything I did I’m an open book So just drop a comment down below. I’ll respond to each one of you guys personally And with that said I will see you in the next video


I just feel like people who sell their courses for $997 are doing that because they don’t even know how to bring their CPA down lol. Love what you doing btw man, incredible value all the time!

Hey Jason thanks for being so transparent , The truth truly is to stay on the course and think long term 1years time to get some real results in affiliate marketing and keep making content around that think organically & slowly it builds up and the results show up to treat it like a real estate passive income, the best is to sell a software to have a recurring revenue every single month .

I did watch your previous video where you shared your strategy and results, it's pretty interesting how marketing works, literally, you can sell your training and on the backend make a software business via affiliate and cover the cost of ads through low ticket training this is awesome stuff.. learnt so much thanks Jason.

Online real estate can be done with 12 months free hosting in Google Cloud. My follow up emails will keep you informed.

Awesome content, bro! I'm tempted by the idea of spending $10k in ADs, breakeven the first month and then… set & forget with that kind of recurrings.

Love it Jason, first time i've seen your channel, nice video! I've actually just interviewed someone on my channel about how to go about starting an affiliate blog – Slightly different method of course, i feel like trying to rank a website organically is less intimidating than spending money on paid advertising, i hope to get to this point though once i've got a little more confidence!

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