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How to Make Money From Home using Affiliate Marketing in 2020

How to Make Money From Home using Affiliate Marketing in 2020

hey what’s up my friend calc and i here
and in this quick video I’m gonna share with you some ideas around how to make
money from home in affiliate marketing in 2020 and really in 2020 and beyond
right so even if you’re watching this video in twenty twenty one twenty twenty
to twenty twenty six a lot I believe a lot of what I’m about to share here is
still going to apply because it’s applied over the last several years
not a ton has changed since then it applies today and like I said I
predict that it will also continue to apply for quite a bit of time going
forth from here so let’s get down to business
a couple of things that I’m going to cover one I’m going to first go over at
a high level and high-level overview of what affiliate marketing is at the heart
of it and then I’m going to talk about a very specific strategy that you can use
right away to start getting results fairly quickly alright so first let’s
talk about affiliate marketing for those who are new to this and again if you are
already an affiliate or familiar with affiliate marketing stick with me I’ll
talk about some strategies here in just a moment that you’ll probably find
informing all right so what is affiliate marketing in a nutshell well basically
as affiliate marketers we generate an audience will use this circle to
represent audience so an audience is basically a group of people that has a
desire that they want fulfilled or a problem that they want solved right and
then we find an offer that will solve that problem so this little square
representing an offer so let’s say that we want to help the idea the audience
that we identified is people who want to lose weight get in shape that’s an
immensely large audience in one of the top three niches that exists and we want
to you know instead of us creating a product and trying to you know fill a
warehouse full of inventory or deal with any shipping or
customer support issues merchants ting and all these various things that go
along with building a traditional business as affiliate as affiliate
marketers what we do is we identify an audience we identify an offer and
eventually what we’ll do is place these tiny little ads right well let’s erase
that for just a sec here make it look a little bit sexier than that right so
we’ll play some ads on the internet that will so those ads might be on Facebook
right YouTube Twitter Google Yahoo / Bing we could do email drops which I’ll
talk about here in a bit or what’s also called solo ads so anyway there’s lots
of different places that we can place ads on the internet we want to basically
identify where are these people hanging out we placed some simple ads in front
of them and we send them over to the offer so as an example let’s say that
the offer is weight loss soup recipes right so basically some soup recipes
that people can use they cook a soup they use it as one meal replacement per
day and they you know lose ten pounds over the course of a month on average
let’s say that that’s the offer right let’s also say just as an example that
that offer is $50 and it pays a 50% commission or 25 bucks well what we’re
doing is replacing some ads on the internet so let’s say that we’re
replacing some ads on Facebook we might be targeting people who are interested
in working out losing weight getting in shape their actions their interest their
behaviors show us that they’re interested in that that’s fairly easy to
target on Facebook and maybe we deliver an ad to them and says hey want to strip
ten pounds of fat without starving yourself or breaking a sweat
check out these fat burning soup recipes right so then they click on that ad they
get sent over to the offer if they buy you know we earn a commission right so
that is affiliate marketing in a nutshell it’s essentially identifying an
audience that we want to market to which is a niche right and then finding offers
that are going to fill that niches desires sending that traffic to that
offer and earning a commission every time we generate that customer so let’s
say that for these ads we’re paying $1 I’m making it very keeping the numbers
very round and simple year let’s say that we’re paying $1.00 per click on
that ad and for we got 10 percent conversion rate so for every ten clicks
we get one sale that would be relatively high but it is possible I’ve seen that
and better so for every 10 clicks we get one sale well in this in this case we
would be paying if we’re paying $1 a click we would spend 10 dollars to get
the 10 clicks and for every 10 clicks that we sent here we earn we get one
sale so we earn 25 Commission’s $25 commission so we’re spending $10 to make
$25 right if you had a money machine that every time you put $10 in you got
$25 back would you be excited about that money machine of course you would if you
had a little box that sat on your nightstand and for every 10 bucks you
put in you got $25 back or in other words for every dollar that you put in
you got two dollars and 50 Cent’s back would you you know how much money would
you want to put into that thing probably as much money as you could find right I
mean I don’t know why you buy go knocking on all my neighbor’s doors and
telling them to give me all the dollars that they can find and I’ll give them a
dollar and 50 back and I’ll keep the extra buck for myself right so that’s
basically the game of affiliate marketing is what’s called arbitrage our
bid I’m trying to remember how to spell this year arbitrage right which is
basically we’re paying to in this example ten dollars for a total of ten
clicks or $1 per click but every click is worth based on the conversion rates
of that offer we’re paying $1 per click but every click is worth two dollars and
50 cents in other words for ten dollars or ten clicks we’re making an average of
five dollars or $25 commission that’s basically the game it’s a just a game of
arbitrage right and the beauty the attractive piece of it and the reason
that I love affiliate marketing is a great way to get started online versus
some of basically all of the other ways is there’s not a huge amount of risk
right there’s very little risk in that I don’t have to license any product I
don’t have to you know order a thousand units and fill it up full of inventory
send that I don’t have unlike with Amazon I don’t have to create product
and fill a warehouse at Amazon and hope that I’m able to sell that product and
make that money back there’s a lot of risk involved in that even if I’m paying
two dollars for a freaking water jug or something like that but I have to order
a thousand of them in order to as a minimum order from the manufacturer and
I can slap my own label on them that’s still two thousand dollars worth of
product up front that I’m then getting to Amazon at their fulfillment center
and hoping then that I can sell it plus I got to be able to sell it for a profit
figuring out figuring in that there’s gonna be some advertising cost that
potentially at least if I want to scale it there’s going to be fees that are
paid to Amazon and their fulfillment center for managing that for me and so
and then there’s a little bit and you know maybe I sell that thing for 20
bucks and for every 20 bucks $20 sale I make I keep two or three maybe four
dollars on the high end right with a lot of risk involved versus affiliate
marketing there’s not a ton of risk upfront right doesn’t cost me anything
to be an affiliate of that weight loss offer as an example the only thing that
I’m doing is then putting I’m spending on advertising now here is a piece that
a lot of people forget okay so I’m going to take the same concept this audience
that we talked about say that the offer is the same the offer is you know weight
loss soup recipes or whatever it might be
and instead of just placing these ads online and sending traffic directly over
to the offer what we’ll usually do is we reverse-engineer from here and we put up
these simple little websites in between now this website would be called a
squeeze page or an opt-in page or a landing page these are all various terms
for essentially the same thing and then we reverse engineer from this page we
create the ad itself so instead of sending the the people who click on our
ads directly over to the offer we put a page in between and I’ll explain what
that why that is here as we go forward so so stick with me and this is where
the real money is right so this squeeze page the purpose of a squeeze page is
basically so imagine that we have a weight-loss offer here fat burning soup
recipes that we talked about a minute ago on this squeeze page I might say
something to the effect of tired of counting fat calories and you know
running miles on the treadmill for barely any result enter your email below
to get instant access to fat burning fat burning soup recipes that will help you
strip strip 10 pounds in the next 30 days without counting calories or ever
breaking a sweat okay so that’s the headline something
like along those lines right and then on that page I say you know enter your
email right so they have the opportunity then to enter their email address when
they enter their email address on that page then they go over to our offer page
then they go over to the page where they can actually see the offer maybe watch
an informational video they can read about it and they can decide whether or
not it’s for them now the reason that this is important is would you agree
that most people the very first time they maybe see something online they
probably don’t buy it right away right as an example I very
recently ordered a pair of Yui Ultimate Ears custom headphones
so these headphones run 800 to 1500 1800 dollars they’re custom molded to your
ear canal they’re like what a lot of the the major performers musicians use on
stage you’ll see them with those wires plugged into their ears or listening to
the sound of their performance on stage anyway I saw those online and I kept
seeing them for months before I was finally willing to pull the trigger now
granted that’s $1,000 but we’re like 1,300 bucks so it’s gonna take me a
little while to decide whether or not I want to risk $1,300 on some headphones
right but I did it so I didn’t do it immediately after I saw that
but over time seeing the offer I was eventually convinced and I eventually
pulled the trigger and purchased well most people are gonna be roughly the
same they want to do a little bit their due diligence they want to do some
research they need to be warmed up to the idea before they buy if we just you
know place an ad and send that traffic those visitors over to the offer they
might buy or not buy and if they click away they could be gone forever
we might do some retargeting ads to try to bring them back but then we’re paying
to display our ads to them over and over again if you don’t know we’re
retargeting ads are don’t worry about it that’s a topic for another time however
by doing this what we’re doing is we’re sending the traffic over to a page where
they have to give us their email or kind of like a gatekeeper they give us their
email first before they go over to the offer
well now let’s say that we can we get 50% of these people to give us their
email address so we send a thousand video visitors over to this page 50% of
them give us their email they go and see the offer but now what’s more important
is when they gave us their email I have now 500 subscribers on an email list
that I can then email over and over and over and over again about this offer
here and potentially you know over the course
of the next week month year whatever I’m gonna get some of them to buy but here’s
what’s more important is I have the attention I have 500 emails that I can
send other offers to as well maybe they’re not interested in fat-burning
soup recipes maybe they want a simple weight loss shake maybe they want a
protein powder maybe they want a workout program who knows what I know is I have
500 people who raised their hand and said that they were interested in
something to do with losing weight and I can now send them other offers that’s
where the real money is made is in this list that’s the asset that we’re
building that is worth that has real long-term value going forth into the
future and as we continue to add subscribers to that list its equity or
value continues to increase right so here’s a concept that you can chew on as
far as how to make money in affiliate marketing in 2020 this is something that
we do currently in fact I’m working with a friend of mine as I’m shooting this
video right now I’m working with a friend of mine we’re partnering on a
project we’ll probably build another million person probably two million
person email list before this year is over in a specific niche with the
strategy that we’re using so let’s say we pick a niche like weight loss right so we know that there’s a huge audience
in that niche that’s a huge desire for people is to look good feel good be in
shape and instead of us getting married to the offer that we’re going to promote
what we might do is select a few different offers okay so I’m gonna say
this is offer one offer two and offer three okay so now instead of us
promoting just one offer we’re gonna put we’re gonna select 3 offers that fulfill
that need and now we’re run just a slightly more generic ad
right it says tired of counting calorie calories and running endless miles on a
treadmill wait until you see this now I’m not saying that that’s good ad copy
or anything like that I’m just giving you some thoughts off the top of my head
folks click on that ad on Facebook or Google or whatever it might be they head
over to our page or squeeze page so we still put the squeeze page here right
and now let’s say that that squeeze page basically says scientifically proven
formula burns fat fast without counting calories or breaking a sweat let’s say
right enter your email for more information and there’s an assuming that
that headline fits our offers right so we want to be as transparent as possible
as real as possible as authentic as possible with integrity giving them a
headline that’s attractive enough to get to generate the lead to get the email
address but generic enough that we can put multiple offers behind it so what
will happen here on this page is then instead of only having one offer that
we’re promoting we take this and we we put a link here it’s called a tracking
link or a link rotator and every time somebody that enters their email we just
rotate through these three different offers so on the other end of that page
every time somebody clicks they come to this page they’re going to enter their
email address on the page when they do that and they click Submit that is
directing them to a link that’s gonna split the traffic evenly across three
different offers so they’re gonna see one of these three we don’t know which
one right for any individual person it’s just gonna visitor one goes to offer one
visitor two goes to offer three visitor three goes to offer three visitor four
goes to offer one visitor five goes off or to visit and so on and so forth right
so they’re gonna go to all of these different offers and over time we’re
going to discover which one of these converts the best right so let’s say
that we send a hundred clicks to this one and we get us we get one sale and
make 50 bucks and say we send a hundred clicks to offer number two we make three
sales and therefore we make a hundred and twenty-five dollars let’s say we
send a hundred clicks to offer three and we got no sales and we make zero bucks
that could happen okay well no problem so that’s three hundred clicks right
let’s say then that we were paying a dollar per click like I was saying
earlier so one dollar per click on our ad we’re sending we’re sending a traffic
over to the to the squeeze page we get let’s say well we said we had 300 so
let’s say we let’s say we get 50% conversions here let’s say we sent 600
clicks okay so that we could get we got 600 clicks so we’ve paid $600 here okay
we’ve sent them to a squeeze page we collected 50% of the emails of visitors
to that page so now we have 300 leads on our email list and of those 300 clicks
that we sent we made a hundred and seventy-five
dollars right so on this one we made fifty dollars divided by a hundred
clicks so this one was worth fifty cents per click this one here we made a
hundred and twenty-five dollars for one hundred clicks and again I’m just
keeping the numbers round to make this simple so on this one we made a dollar
and 25 cents per click and on this one we made zero bucks right so we made no
money per click right okay so what we would consider here and again just I’m
not saying that this is where we would make the decision with only 300 clear
or 300 leads but I’m cute again I’m keeping the numbers round so what we
consider here is you know that this in this instance would be a the winning
offer right so now we’ve tested and we would say for this on this offer we’re
making a dollar and twenty five cents per click we’re gonna now direct all of
our leads at that one offer because it seems to be converting the best and
giving us the best earnings in return now you might be thinking well Calot you
spent six hundred bucks and you made a hundred and seventy five bucks in this
test between these two and so you lost money and that’s what an average
marketer thinks right well that’s not true I spent six hundred dollars to
generate three hundred leads right to build this asset here so I generate
three hundred leads in other words I paid two dollars per lead right but then
I made a hundred and seventy five dollars back i liquidated some of that
ad spend right so well I actually paid in that three in that six hundred
dollars I made one hundred seventy five back so 175 – I’m sorry six hundred –
175 is what 425 I believe right so I spent four hundred twenty-five dollars
to generate 300 leads how many early wali can you hand me I’m
just talking to my camera guy behind the phone
I’m sorry behind the camera I’m gonna just pull this up here we’ll just do
some real quick math so 425 divided by 300 leads equals I actually paid a
dollar and forty one cents per lead right to get a subscriber on this email
list I paid a dollar in forty one cents I paid $600 worth of click
I liquidated and received back instantly almost 175 of that of that cost I paid
four hundred and so I’m still negative for 25 or a dollar and forty one cents
per lead but I I have email subscribers for a dollar and forty one cents now
remember I’m gonna promote other offers to this list right over time and over
time so it on my list particularly I will tend to make depending on the list
and the niche I’ll tend to make anywhere from from fifteen dollars per lead to
twenty-five dollars per lead in the long run and I’ve had lists that did way more
I’m just giving you a very average range so would you agree that if I can pay a
dollar and 41 cents or two dollars per lead and make $15 to $25 back per lead
that I generate on that list is that an asset worth acquiring well of
course it is right I mean if you could put a dollar and 41 cents in and in 90
days let’s say get $20 back how much money would you put in probably every
dollar you could find right some people invest in real estate some people invest
in stocks some people invest in you know gold and other assets all of that is
fine as internet marketers affiliate marketers what we’re doing is we’re
investing in an asset that we build called a subscriber list an email list
so we generate this list of people who have raised their hand and said that
they’re interested in a particular niche they’re interested in something and we
put them on a list hopefully you know over the next few months I’m gonna keep
them engaged I’m gonna send them some additional valuable content I might send
them some YouTube videos I might send them some very some free offers I might
send them access to other people’s newsletters I’ll send them whatever
whatever I can to keep them engaged keep them opening up their emails from me and
at times I’m gonna send them another offer right
probably and related to losing weight and over time they’re gonna buy some of
those offers and and does that mean that every lead that I generate is going to
that I’m going to earn this much money from every lead no only a fraction of
those leads are ever going to buy anything but the ones that do liquidate
the cost of all of the others if that makes sense and it puts our business and
profit in the long run so a lot of times people think that they’re supposed to
make money right here right like they’re supposed to liquidate
their ad spend right away and make money out of the gate and turn that into a
profit just from you know that initial click on an ad that goes to a squeeze
page this was a you know breakeven or make money on that first initial offer
and while that is possible and I’ve seen it done and I have friends that are
doing it from time to time it usually takes a lot of testing and a lot of
dialing in before you get to that point and my only point here is that if you’re
a beginner and you’re looking at you know making building an online business
as an affiliate marketer in 2020 why not just focus on what the long-term
game is and the long-term game is here it’s building that email list right of
subscribers who are interested in a particular niche that you can own that
asset for you know a long period of time you can mail it other offers you can do
launches to that list I have somebody right now who’s reaching out to me about
doing a product launch with them it’s about two thousand dollar offer
they want to do a product launch to my list to give you some perspective on
that I’ve done similar offers where I have somebody who wants to launch a
product I promote that product to my list I maybe jump on a put them on a
webinar and we’ve made anywhere from five hundred thousand in sales to as
much as 1.2 1.3 million in sales in a week
launching an offer to that list right that wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t
have that email list so in the long run we’re going to pull out of it more
revenue than it costs us to build it and that’s the real game that’s the long
game right and so that’s at least one of many strategies for making money as an
affiliate marketer in 2020 and beyond obviously there’s a whole lot more to
this than I can possibly explain a one simple video somewhere around here there
will be a link to maybe a PDF or a webinar of mine that you can attend
that’s a go that takes us in a bit more depth and you can attend no cost it is
you know limited availability though I don’t know when we’ll keep that up but
you know you can attend learn much more about this learn how to apply this I
take it much deeper on that master class so if you want more information about
that you can find that link somewhere around this video in the description
perhaps remember to subscribe to get more content from me and I look forward
to seeing you in another video take care bye you


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