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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog or Website | Affiliate Marketing Guide

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog or Website | Affiliate Marketing Guide

Hey everyone, Hardik this side and today in
this video, I’m going to talk about how to make money with affiliate marketing without
a website. But before we begin, If this is your first
time here, be sure to hit the subscribe button and click that small bell icon located next
to it, that way you won’t miss out any further videos from this channel. Let’s get started. The key with affiliate marketing success is
to present your affiliate link in front of a target audience. How you choose to do that is completely up
to you! If you’re planning to build a sustainable
online affiliate marketing business for a long-term it becomes inevitable for to launch
the website. However, if you’re just starting out with
affiliate marketing or simply not interested in building a website, there are many other
ways to promote the affiliate programs through various free and paid traffic methods. 1. Facebook Facebook is the largest social media platform
with more than 1 billion daily active users. If you already have a personal profile on
Facebook, you can start a Facebook page to start promoting affiliate products. It’s very easy to create a fan page on Facebook,
you simply need to have your personal profile on Facebook. Choose a topic of your interest, post the
content, images, and videos regularly and start building a fan base. Once your page starts growing, consider promoting
the products you know your audience will enjoy. Join the affiliate networks like ClickBank
or Amazon Associates Program to find the relevant products. Simply, make sure you’re in compliance with
Facebook’s branded content policies. 2. YouTube More than 300 hours of video are uploaded
to YouTube every minute and more almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every
single day. You deserve to get your share of a cake. It just takes a good screen capture software
like the one I’m using right now (Screencast-O-Matic) and some quirky or informative ideas to get
a channel going. Just pick a niche and create a video series
related to that topic, with related affiliate promotion. Ensure that the content has to be full of
value for viewers and it doesn’t look like you’re another spammer. You’ll see more and more people start to engage
with your videos by liking your videos or dropping the comments and subscribing to your
channel. Add the affiliate links into your description,
or over your video end cards, and convert some of those subscribers into the customers. 3. Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram Facebook isn’t the only social media platform
for promoting the affiliate products, You could also use Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram
to make money as an affiliate marketer. Focus on sharing the useful content first
and only include affiliate links when they add value to the information you’re sharing. Make sure that You share your affiliate links
on these platform by posting, pinning, or tweeting in a meaningful way. Abide by the respective content sharing policies
of each platform else there are chances of getting banned from their platforms. If your book is informative and useful, rather
than simply laden with affiliate ads, you might find that it spreads quite well. 4. Quora Quora is a Q&A platform where anyone can post
a question and get answers from experts on that topic from the community. Affiliate marketers can use Quora as a massive
source of free traffic! Quora has three huge advantages. First, it builds your personal brand. Second, it drives referral traffic. And third, anyone can do it. Simply, get a list of discussions on Quora
that are related to your niche. Search for your keywords, industry, etc to
find where Quora readers actively interact. Alternatively, you can ask a question and
start the discussion yourself. 5. Reddit One of the most popular websites in the world
and right now you are probably unaware or totally underestimating its value as a traffic
source to your blog. If you
want to get large amounts of traffic from Reddit, you have to keep your posts highly
relevant to the users and. This requires you to do a little bit of research
into your subreddit and see what kinds of posts are already popular. Get a feel for your audience there. Then you will be more equipped to create a
popular post of your own. Redditors hate spammers and immediately kick
them off their community. So avoid posting your links in your posts
too frequently and avoid direct marketing methods. 6. HubPages Building a “Hub” is a great way of getting
started as an affiliate without needing to build your own website from scratch. A Hub is like a 1-page mini website where
you can talk about a subject you’re passionate about (eg, your affiliate market and associated
products!). It’s hosted on the HubPages site, and you
don’t need to know anything about web design to make it look fairly professional. A Hub allows you to build a page on a topic,
insert ads, reviews and other content as you please, all without having to write any HTML. The best part, though, is that HubPages is
also the part social-networking site, so simply by being on HubPages, you will begin to attract
traffic interested in your topic and looking for recommendations. 7. Pay-per-click Advertisements This traffic method involves creating pay-per-click
campaigns through search engines like Google and Bing and promoting the merchant website
directly through your affiliate link. If you bid a large amount and write an attractive
ad then you might see your ad displayed, otherwise you can forget it. Increasingly the search engines are looking
at the page you’re promoting and deciding whether this offers a good experience for
their users. There are always new affiliates who see this
as a fast and easy way to get started, but I really recommend that you try the other
methods I’ve introduced first. So guys, This pretty much covers everything
that I wanted to share with you to help you understand how to make money with affiliate
marketing without a website. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you think I could provide value out of
this video and help you in some way, then give a thumbs up to this video, let me know
your thoughts around making money with affiliate marketing without a website in the comments
below, subscribe to my channel. Go ahead and Click the link in the description
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your own online business from scratch. So, by for now. See you in the next video.

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